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 - .•' 2-A-^THE GASTONIA GAZETTf, Sun., Aug. 3,'...
.•' 2-A-^THE GASTONIA GAZETTf, Sun., Aug. 3,' 1969 FIND OUT — CALL US Furious? Curious? Let FOCUS know. to. ,rn at , St64 - S909 or ™ ite FOCVS > ™* O"* a»rf Ji h ; yC % T 9«f«°» has reader interest and can 6e angered, we'll answer it. Machine Q. Isn't thdre some Idea in the making for .banks to install install instant' money machines? C.B.S. A. Would you believe' (here is already one in existence? ' It's (lie Sumitomo Bank's liank-o-mal, a 24-hour-a-day money machine, in .Monterey Park, Calif. All you do is Insert jour cash card and a door swings oprn. Von tlicn lypc your rode number on a keyboard inside. Name an nnnniit! from one to five $20 bills, and out through a slot comes your money. You can't cheat the machine, either, li there's not enough money, in your Checking account, or if you have used the machine in the past S 24 hours, or if you've useil the \vrong coite number tlie Bank-o-mat swallows swallows your cant. You liavc ID reclaim your card'from the bank, The only machine of ils kind, It was loaded two weeks ago willi $10.000. Neither it nor (he few card-carrying customers have made a mistake, according to a bank official. It has been sala. Hie Bank-o-inal is the perfect hank teller in every way—no short changing, no chll-ehal, no overpaying ,na delays, and no banker's hours: Bumpy Road Ahead For Tax Reform WASHINGTON (AD - There are bumps in- Ihe legislative road ahead : for tho. tax reform bill, \vhosc sponsors promise-ultimate promise-ultimate $7-billion relief for low and moderate Incomes at the expense of the wealthy 'and business business interests. ' But it has .one claim for congreisional support shared by few major ; legislative cnacl- merits of the-past .20'years: it Congress' own product. \Vlien; the House Ways and Means .Committee opened tax reform hearings Feb. 18 it was acting on ils own initiative. No request for legislation had been filed by the Nixon adminislra- l\on or left by the Lyndon B. .Johnson administration. • '• There had been for a year an insistent clamor in Congress for closing what were termed tax- loopholes. It grew louder after •President Johnson proposed the income lax surcharge as an anti-inflationary measure. Ways and Means Chairman Wilbur D. Mills, D r Ark., sup-' ported Johnson's request but promised Congress the surtax would be followed up by action on tax reform. The bill that goes before the House Wednesday is the result. Specialists in the Johnson Treasury had worked up extensive extensive reform proposals. But they •were never adopted by Johnson. He left them for his successors, without, comment. They passed ..them on, 'by'request, to tho. Ways and Means Committee', also without comment. Somo found their way inio Ihe tax bill. The Nixon administration, after after the Ways and Means Committee Committee was well into its hearings, hearings, did come up with some proposals. Two major ones— minimum^ Income • tax a,nd low income allowance, were adopted •in somewhat modified form. M^^^ »afflffl^ Showers are forecast for today along lite northern half of the Atlantic seaboard, In Ihe central Plains and In WEATHER FORECAST /, ,. ;. ialf northern Plateaus. It will lie warm-to Ihe.Sbuiliwest and plalni the ami cool elsewhere.- * ,'.•'.•:". : .: *• v ;',.' : ; ABM Outcome In loubt WASHINGTON' (AP) - The Senate votes Wednesday on the Safeguard antibaUistic missile with the outcome still in doubt on the issue that has become a symbol of congressional efforts to curb the Pentagon and reorder reorder national priorities. Two aging senators in what may be their final terms, He- publican John J. Williams of Delaware and Democrat Clinton P. Anderson of New Mexico, appear appear to hold the key to the long, intense struggle. Neither has stated a position, and opponents' concede they need at least one of the two to attain the 51 votes required for a majority. . "It's one of those things that could go either way," Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield Mansfield of Montana said in an interview. interview. The showdown will come on an' amendment by Sens. '.John Sherman Cooper, R-Ky., and Philip /\. Harl, D-Micli., lo limit the ABM to research-its present status— and bar deployment deployment or site * acquisition. It would not cut the $759.1 million earmarked for the system. Sen. Warren G. Magnusoti, D- D-Alaska, who has declined to state a public position. '; But 50 voles would r.ot be- enough'to carry Ihe day, assuming assuming all '100 senators vote, since the amendment then would fail on a 50-50 lie vote. Vice President President Spiro T. "Agnew could vote in case of 'a tie, bul his vote against' the amendment would be largely symbolic since the Wash., is" (he latest .addition to amendment already would have those listed as backing this amendment, bringing its known •support to 49. And the two senators senators believe they also have the backing of Sen. Mike. Gravel been blocked. Williams, 65-year-old four- term veteran who has announced announced his retirement when his present terni ends in 1871, re- fuses to discuss his views, although although he says he has mads up his mind. Last year, he supported a similar- Cooper-Hart amendment, amendment, defeated 31-28, and also voted to cut site acquisition and construction funds. But many Senate observers think it unlike-" ly he would cast a vote that would defeat his party's national national administration.- -.. Anderson, 73-year-old onetime secretary of agriculture, has played a diminished role in Senate Senate affairs since illness left him with speech difficultiei - Subscribe To The GAZETTE - o&ine, LEIGH'S CAFETERIA Regular Hours 11:30 A.M. 'M2:3tt P.M. and 5:09 P.M. 'Til 8iOO P.M. THIS WEEK'S MENU .MONDAY NIGIIT- V* FRIED CHICKEN Choice ol 2 Vegetables Hot Rolls, Corn Muffins or Garlic Bread 5:00 To 8:00 P.M. — '• = s TUESDAY NIGHT BAKED BAKED CHICKEN LIVERS Choice of 2 Vegetables Hot'Rolls, Corn Huff fas or Garlic Bread 5:00 To 8:00 P.M. : ^ WEDNESDAY NIGHT SALISBURY SALISBURY STEAK Choice of 2 Vegelables • Hot Rolls, Corn Muffins or Garlic Bread 5:00 To 8:00 P.M. ^? ^9; 69< PLENTV OF FREE EASY PARKING! 7,200 March In Charlotte Protest MONEY AT YOUR LINGER TIPS Police Procedure Q. Is it proper procedure for Ihe Rural Police to call someone someone end (c!l him to come to Ihe courlhouse lo pick up a warranl taken out against him for non-support? B.P. A. Chief William Brooks of (lie Caslon County Rural lice said both his deportment and (lie Sheriff's Ucparfment have been known lo call persons against whom Ihcy have war- ranis to bo served, so that Ilicy may come lo the courthouse to post, appearance bonds. But, in- most cases, they serve Ihe warrants lo Ihe person at his residence, ho said. Tfic court sends the warrants to the police and they must be served If at all possible, even in cases where the person taking out the warrant decides to drop (he rhargcs, according lo the chief. The police have certain procedures lo follow. However, lliere Is nolhlng unusual about asking the person to come by and this procedure saves him some embarrassment, ire urn; told. If the person iota not show up, thn chief said his department serves the warranl, one way or another. Teachers Fired Q. Can a board of education in our slale fire a teacher without citing any reason? B.N'.B.' ".'.- "'' '"; A. Dr. A. C. Dawson, executive secretary of:the North Carolina Carolina Education Associalion, said tile numbcr.;.of complaints received received from teachers blis been greater than normal this'year. The continuing coniract for teachers was restored by the IM7 General Assembly. Restoration of the continuing coniract was expected lo help matters since teachers were assured of n contract contract for the coming year unless .nolified otherwise by registered Idler prior lo the end of school. Dr. Dawson said the Inherent weakness o! Ihe present system Is that boards ot cducallon can still (crmfnale a teacher's employment-wlihouf citing a reason. The continuing contract law simply requires that a teacher be notified of dismissal, but It docs not require that Ihe board clle CHARLOTTE (AP) —Approximately —Approximately 1,200"' persons, mostly Negroes, marched through downtown Charlotte Saturday to protest a proposed 'desegregation 'desegregation plan for the Charlotte- iMccJtlenburg Schools v that would involve the busing of Negro Negro pupils. The marchers clapped, chanted chanted and sang freedom songs as . ' they treked through the heart " of the city. leaders decrying Ihe school board's proposal. The speakers vowed to-resist school officials' plans;.to clos« seven predominantly-V-Negf 6 school and bus pupifs -who had attended Ihem lo'outlying most; ly while schools. 'Second 'Ward is one of (he seven schools included included in the closing plan. ' At least Iwo women.--fainled during a 20-mlnute . speech by Ihe protest's . ceiilral personali- Pqlice on motorcycles and in .me'torferVegro^ayorai 6 ^ didate himself collapsed briefly after the rally but was revived quickly and was driven home hi" a police car. . patrol cars cleared the way as mile from the V. S. Post Office in the western'part of. Ihe city to Second Ward High School on East Independence Boulevard. • Authorities .estimated there were about 800 people in the group when the march began: Police said persons along the 'way joined the group and by the lime the march ended the number of protesters had swollen swollen to approximately 1,200. There were some whites in Ihe crowd, including groups ol white ministers and some union leaders. When Ihe march lo dramatize^, rejection of lha desegregation plan ended at Second Ward, the protesters listened to about 45 minutes of speechs from Negro Deaths ROY LEE HAYES Boy Lee Hayes 62, of 224 Mountain View St., died Saturday Saturday morning at his Some. Illinois Justices To Resign AURORA, III. fAP) _ Two justices accused of positive acts of impropriely announced Saturday Saturday that they will resign from Ihe Illinois Supreme Court. The decisions of Chief Justice Roy J. Solfisburg Jr., 52, of Aurora Aurora and Justice Ray T. Klingbiel, Klingbiel, GS, of Moline were made known a litlle more than 52 hours alter a special commission commission appointed by the high court had called upon the two men lo quit. Both men denied the commission's commission's opinion that they had committed "positive acts of impropriety." impropriety." Mon., Tues., Wed. Aug. 4th-6th • All foihlon-right ' ... create sty las ' exclusively yours! •.AlIpH<«cut : ...sav* now! , 'FROSTY DOT' POPLIN

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