1961 USAC race at Concord announcement

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1961 USAC race at Concord announcement - TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1981 from the... OX BY JERRY...
TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1981 from the... OX BY JERRY JDSEY & LANDMARK SPORTS EDITOR USAC CHARLOTTE—Bruton Smith's decision had been an nounced. He added, as a man would say when he has finally pushed across something that had been on his mind, that "I've been wanting to do this for a long time." But the question today in stock car racing circles is this: Will it become "open war" between USAC and NASCAR or will an amicable arrangement for competition between the two great racing organizations be forthcoming? Smith Sets Up Concord Event Easter Sunday By JERRY JOSEY Record & Landmark Sports Editor * Shantz CHARLOTTE Bruton Smith. veteran race promoter in the Concord-Charlotte Concord-Charlotte area, tossed a bombshell bombshell into the automotive racing world here last night at a press conference when he revealed ho was promoting a fno-milc VSAC It was quite noticeable that NASCAR was not mentioned ;Tniicd states AMU. club' race at 1 his New Concord Speedway on Lasby Lasby name but that "other organizations" was used. What will be NASCAR's decision in this matter? That is a decision that will be awaited by many—drivers, fans, ter Sunday, April 2. EDITORS Ing is sizing up the teams. By FORT The Bucw Smith's announcement could well . "Boat mean war between USAC and the .,.,,, () f National Association lor Stock Racing 'NASCAR', wild) a virtual stranglehold on racing in the south. USAC and NASCAR, promoters and the racing world in general? NASCAR 'the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) has had an iron-clad hold on racing in the South far a number of years. USAC 'the United States Auto Club" took over from the old AAA 'American Automobile Association) back in 1(155 when the AAA bowed out ot racing activity. USAC was formed to carry on the work started by AAA. USAC's races have mainly been a northern and western trend. Smith's announcement that he will promote a 100-mile USAC late model race at New Concord Speedway, a half-mile dirt track on Easter ! considered NASCAR territory ex- Sunday, April 2. will be the first USAC race in North Carolina, long the ' clusively—could bring Uic battle hot-bed of stock car racing. , out into the open. "1 feel that this is going to open up a new territory for a lot of 1 On hand for Smith's announce- track owners," Smith said. "We have done this, definitely not to open mcn i j as i night was Henry Banks, ! lowing and tliO'ir World Manager the two great racing bodies, have been at • n j s payers odds for several years and USAC's as .,; n j n •lo»g ; "We're ;he inva>ion ot racing "You that the nan! is director of competition for LSAC. up any fight with any other organization." In the USAC racing plan, larger purses are paid, drivers made more and tracks arc expected to make more. Practice runs will be held on Friday, $1,000 will be put up for qualifying runs on Saturday and a S7.000 purse has been established for the USAC l()0-miler on Sundav. April 2. i . , ., , /-i, \ ,, „,,•„ "This particular race is $7.01)0 against 40 per cent of the gate. Uonal 400 events at ( hailotto vvue It could easilv hit Sio.ooo or SI 1.000." Smith said. ( | The announcement has no bear- ' the ing on the Charlotte Motor Speed- !tt j,, again. of which Smith i.s general , some manager. The World (Hid and Nu- ;|: , ( | kn;;ek run last season under NASCAH's "It think that it is going to prove that drivers will make more i banner. money and tracks will make more," the veteran racing promoter | Smith has promoted several races races at Concord Speedway in the past yearh and the 100-mi.le t'SAC Munaugh asserted. On the other hand. NASCAR's purse for a lno-mile event is $4.200. which is roughly $000 for the winner, plus 200 championship ' pvenl ' w ju Dc ne id there on the "The l'Jf)9 L'SAC handbook shows that in 17 late model events cov- ' h^- 11 "" 10 dlrt . oval - ering 1,!«I4 miles, HIP pur.se totaled $124.310 for an average of $7,312.71 The race W1U marK or $65.04 per mile. Roughly, comparing the NASCAR purse of $800 for 100 miles, that's eight dollars per mile! Smith made an interesting comparison concerning race purses. Some 10-12 years ago. $1700 would purchase a car that had heavy equipment equipment and virtually ready for racing. Today, $5,000-$6,000 race cars are time that the t'SAC. which is first best known for the Indianapolis 500, has invaded the south with its late model division. Smith said the e\x>nt will attract many of the top Inthe Inthe order for the competitors. .' dianapolis drivers and would be Henry Banks, former Indianapolis driver and now director of _ _ ,„ VACPAR Hi-ivoi-c nn/-i t/» • • p t • f* * si i 11 • i i« i , OutII it) *N /Aov,'/» J v inJNLij ctii'i IAJ presTgaThering here 8 °" ' * "'^ °* announccmenl \ any other driver who LS in good "Before taking this event, we polled our leading drivers to soe -standing with LSAC. what kind of cooperation we could get. It's been enthusiastic," Banks "The United States Auto Club said. By Cleveland "Roger Ward, one of our champion drivers, had planned to be ! O f granting temporary permits to pi cp .ty here tonight, but illness in his family prevented it." Banks said. "Paul any non-L'SAC driver who is in deci^o'is ''' 051 ° f y ° U k " OW h ' m ' t0ld me hC WOU ' d aPPear in h ' S ! " t tii will continue its established policy O f the h ' S ! good satndin " vvith them to P artici ;; ing their ' I- SAC was formed to take care of five main divisions of racing: a!cin lh<ir alc ,, , Mi the national championship 'The Indianapolis-type cars': late model Smstn &ald ; Hc aclrlc ' d thal Li>A stock cars: sprint ears; midget races and road racing. Also on their permits drivers to run a.s many as list of events is the annual hill climb at Pike's Peak. three races on temporary permi.s "The response has been tremendous to USAC's entry into the before bang required to join the south." Banks said. organiza'.icn. . The for t .. (n A 87,000 purse has been set up Norman Nelson of Wisconsin, the present USAC late model champion, along with Jim and Dick Rathman and Tony Bettenhausen, f 0 r"the'"evi i'r wH-'h will be a'new are some of the USAC drivers expected for the April 2 race at Concord. ' . , , ich f '.. "ij, () nvl(l htp mod . "USAC has a policy to welcome drivers and car owners from "fcoici ni{,n lot a IDO nvK la e .rioo /^ ,,. S 7;s . the other .organizations to compete." Banks said. "We will naturally wel- i el race in the Sou.li. NASCAR'.-, come drivers and car owners in'this area to compete on April 'i. We want IOC-mile events carry a standard it to be a smashing success. 1 am sure we will have a real fine race $4.200 purse. on April 2 and I am sure it will open the way to better and finer things I Smith related that he knew sev- in racing in tho South." Banks said. oral NASCAR driver.- who would One of the ton drivers in NASCAR was on hand for the session last like to run against Hitso Indianapo- night. Buck Baker, who has been the NASCAR late model champion jj s u ni , e ,. j m , R at i im .,, in R 0 "er and one of the top competitors for several years, had this comment u '_ rr ,'. ,'(,-„ J...| i< . n . )nn , l ..'. im . fl ,. ."., on racing, regardless of organization: "it's just a way of making' " ald K " „'r, 'n , r- , I monev for me" fa ' runner-up in I960', Paul Goldsmith, "Smith, in making .the announcement, said "I hope people from Ton - v Bettenhausen and other USAC other organisations feel likewise. Maybe this in some way will bring • pil'-.s. them 'USAC and NASCAR" closer together." i NASCAR, however, has a policy "1 bet it will." was Baker's comment. I tlvat call.-, for suspui-icn of drivers "We're looking for one terrific crowd over there on April 2 who race in non-NASCAR-sanction- nnd we're hoping to pay the biggest purse that has ever been paid for , e d event* a 100-mile race." Smlih related. i " Banks said 40-45 drivers are registered in the late model USAC division. With normally some 20 races on the schedule, 30-odd events have already been scheduled this year. "I can see the tremendous interest in stock car racing. \Vc arc really going to get behind it," Banks asserted. What will be NASCAR's reaction to drivers of their organization appearing in the event on a date which NASCAR does not have a race scheduled? "Well, they let them boys run with us at Daytona and 1 can see no reason why we can't run with them." was Baker's comment. Suspension from NASCAR ranks appears to be the main item for tin ned Monday 12-5 Francisco first a 13-3 seven triumph Dodgers. Perry four them in nine ig and to lead Wclfpack Drops ,11- GH (UPli—N( that will be confronting present drivers,'if Bill France, president ot • lina S a.e NASCAR, decides drivers can not compete in the I'SAC events. \ innir.gs to It could bo an open war in stock car racing—with USAC on one i Da:".mouU end and NASCAR on the other. But in between will be the deciscive factor—the racing fans. In a final analysis, it's what they want that counts. RALKIGH (UPli-North Caro- sc;;rcd 11 ru ..< in two to win its i,per.u' agjiji.-: , mouth 14-4 Me.'.day. ' Every man who came to bat for the Weil pack had ai least 11:10 hit. The b^g scoring lor Vic Sorrel Sorrel !'s team wa- m the 7th ;uul !i:h iriniiigs wlu n Uie WuTiKiek the exhibition C'oa'es . hits 1 snapped ! and in 10 the homcr, .Hector 1 had a Dodgers. Stan that ble

Clipped from Statesville Record And Landmark21 Mar 1961, TuePage 5

Statesville Record And Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina)21 Mar 1961, TuePage 5
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