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MMT 11 Sep 61 pg 2 - enate Votes 75-9 75-9 75-9 To Extend Mexican...
enate Votes 75-9 75-9 75-9 To Extend Mexican Farm Labor Program ! Our I J Styles l J VERY V f MODERN! 1 i I No Investigation Expected In 'Gag' of Military Heads Washington -WPD-The -WPD-The -WPD-The -WPD-The Sen ate Armed Services Committee Committee Is expected to ask its regular regular watchdog panel to check on any muzzling of military leaders instead of launching a proposed investigation. Well informed sources said the Senate group would shelve the proposal by Sen. Strom Thurmond charged that strong anti-Communist anti-Communist anti-Communist statements statements by military leaders had been softened or suppressed by the Pentagon. He asked that a special Investigating group conduct a $75,000 inquiry inquiry into what he called a conspiracy to gag the military men. Department activities in a time of mounting crisis. Testifying last week, Defense Defense Secretary Robert S. Mc-Namara Mc-Namara Mc-Namara said it was up to the committee to decide whether-and whether-and whether-and how any investigation should be conducted. He said, however, that he would be "less than frank" if he did not Washington-0IPI-The Washington-0IPI-The Washington-0IPI-The Washington-0IPI-The Washington-0IPI-The Sen-ate Sen-ate Sen-ate passed a two-year two-year two-year extension extension of the Mexican farm labor labor program today after tightening tightening up wage and work restrictions restrictions on the importation of braceros. The bill, approved on a 75-S 75-S 75-S roll call vote, goes back to the House for consideration of Senate changes. Under the bill, the program of importing Mexican labor for seasonal work on American American fruit and vegetable farms would be extended until Dec. 31, 1963. It was started under a U.S.-Mexican U.S.-Mexican U.S.-Mexican agreement in 1951. Before final passage, the Senate adopted, 42-40, 42-40, 42-40, an amendment by Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy (D-Minn.) (D-Minn.) (D-Minn.) empowering empowering the labor secretary to fix higher wages for both braceros and domestic migrant farm workers. The Senate, however, rejected rejected 49-35, 49-35, 49-35, a proposal by Sen. Kenneth B. Keating (R-N.Y.) (R-N.Y.) (R-N.Y.) which would provide for migrant American workers some of the same benefits-such benefits-such benefits-such as insurance, transportation transportation and work guarantees- guarantees- as are provided for the Mexican Mexican laborers. Keating and McCarthy said the proposal would still leave the Mexican laborers with more such guarantees than the amendment would give to American migrants. But Sen. Spessard L. Holland (D-Fla.) (D-Fla.) (D-Fla.) said the amendment was "impossible" "impossible" since domestic workers workers are not on a similar contract contract basis, and Sen. John Tower (R-Tex.) (R-Tex.) (R-Tex.) said the amendment would have the effect of "killing the bracero program." ALLEN D. STERTON Certified Public Accountant announces the opening of his office in ROOM 23...GOLDY BLDG. Medford, Oregon - SP 3-7426 3-7426 3-7426

Clipped from Medford Mail Tribune11 Sep 1961, MonPage 2

Medford Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)11 Sep 1961, MonPage 2
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