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I J N-JS N-JS N-JS JH" ill I1IIH1MI JulieAndrews Jfi" ASniLLIC MaryTylerMoore Carol Claiming eJamesFox S N : JSnCavin Beatrice Illlie EXCLUSIVE ROCHESTER SHOWING COMFORTABLY COOL WARING 0. HAZA IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN I 4Ji ' . COMING BACK! ! ' ).) J I I WUW I THE GRADUATE DUSTIN HOFFMAN STUDIO 2 Clmtofl Av. Acfow from Siblgyt 546-88 546-88 546-88 ifsgBSCssss-l ifsgBSCssss-l ifsgBSCssss-l I W COMFORTAliT COOL m .9 novim'iu I BatHHEa ctYDI' I 7: jtYfLL-MT jtYfLL-MT jtYfLL-MT RttOPtftIA 45-l5?3 45-l5?3 45-l5?3 B i READ THE D&C WANT ADS EVERY DAY been going since grandfathers were youngsters. The Strates Carnival, about 30 years old, is operated by E. James Strates, son of the founder and a native of Corning. Corning. Attractions include a kiddie-land kiddie-land kiddie-land with kindergarten-size kindergarten-size kindergarten-size rides, a company of daredevil cyclists, a motordrome, side shows and revues. There are "Westerns" and "Westerns:' Every now and then comes a NEW kind of Western. This is "BANDOLERO!" f COMFORTABLY COOL 1 PARAMOUNT Pi MORTIMIH ST, 831-5630 831-5630 831-5630 NOW IN ITS 2ND i, xr IS ti '. w i TONIGHT H 7:10 H 9:28 I IT-DON'T IT-DON'T IT-DON'T MISS IT! THE THOUSANDS HAVE SEEN II J U HI I I ' $S TIMFS ARF TIL I & ,..v TECHNICOLOR' D'L 2n-PANAVISI0N' 2n-PANAVISI0N' 2n-PANAVISI0N' 84S;S Actor's Daughter To Make Film GALWAY, Ireland - Sinead Cusack, 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old daughter of Irish actor Cyril Cusack, will make her motion picture debut in MGM's "Alfred the Great," now filming under the direction of Clive Donner. She will be seen as Edith, handmaiden handmaiden to Aelhswith, wife of King Alfred of Wessex. Miss Cusack has been associated associated with the Abbey Theatre for two years. She has also made a number of Irish television television appearances. "V V IB" WmiJ M TOM1GHTI V Willi RKMeif On AND ONVf. GENUINE, ORIGINAL TECHNICOLOR' PIUS "WHERE ANGELS pUIS "THi THRCE DON'T MISS ALL THE FUN AT BOTH DRIV- DRIV- INSI HELD OVK llrUl STEWART r.1ARTRI raqie mm, wHca mm DAIlDOLEflO! I AND 1- 1- WALTER f 1 LingRd bet. Dewey Ave Greenleaf Rd 663 1443 kvp MAKES HELL'S ANGELS $'i$L WSf look like BOY scouts ry'tTm 'K' HELD OVER B4E 7 f:.JW : "JOHN Waywe TO sic HOW AT BOTH MARTINA THEATRES aCOMrORTHT COOl REGENT I 6 t5T Vt. i3?-78 i3?-78 i3?-78 I WHY 1? 00 1 30 5 00 7 70 40 Post Time - WEEKDAYS 4:30 P.M. SATURDAYS 2:00 P.M. Pick your time and come on out and be part of a horse race. That's right a horse race. Read D&C Want Ads GO, TROUBLE FOLLOWS" Unit HGS" f I WHOtEfAMItYj 'JT NoOneUnder 18 I AWE HEYiVOOD I Will Be Admitted! I OJtJ MATTHAU fDIVF:IN WashingtonSt.N.nearE Rochester 586-4866 586-4866 586-4866 FOR A 2ND EXPLOSIVE WEEK! fnllEM .BERB1S They bad to b2 the toughest fighting force on earth and the men who led them had to he just a little bit tougher... TECWXOtOTfJUUIrTW HAVin tJawssm STARLITE DRIVI-IN DRIVI-IN DRIVI-IN W. HfNRIfTTA D. 144 - 6R SHOW STARTS AT DUSKI BBBBBB1B COMPUTER DATING WORKS It can work for you For FREE application and information information sand stamped U-addreid U-addreid U-addreid nrlop to MATCH MAKER, 43 Lawn St.. Rochester, N.Y. 14607 PHONE 33T-1001 33T-1001 33T-1001 pri UST ROCHESTER. NEW YORK M Barry C. Tuttle, Producer fj TONIGHT 8:30 Thru Jl'LY 6th SHIRLEY BOOTH TO- TO- NITE 8:30 thru July the DESK SET . SANDY DEXMS KEIR D11LE. HAYLEY MH.T,S HLb IS (La ll n UUI JIM Huttow -PLUi -PLUi 2ND HIT AUDREY HEPBURN ALAN' ARKIN IN "WAIT UNTIL DARK" AT STARLIT! ONLYI ryPHONE 38M001 HELD OVER .SXtSS BandMMBBBBBBB: BBHWBBBBBBBHWiaEB X him im'i-J"f- im'i-J"f- im'i-J"f- im'i-J"f- - rt 1- 1- il i i E ln Agoimt oroni-btt employment based eccuoo-tionol Wanted and coiumns "Femol" of intended as or sex. HOUSING The Aoainst orohi-bits roct. the , Minimum M words II - Words For Additional S T Both Cards of - Each words) to Went ANNE Ramsey member's (A member ANNE Ramsey hamsters, for people BABYSITTER: hours o and Allandale Experienced. Long Pond DOGS: year, spayed, AKC M0) I10 Pond BIKES, Two size 3 condition. Mary Drive, 15, I WILL raking must Celluro, 12 vr. of all Mt, Hope Fisher, 173 PET Care: Pet. Contact: Suiy Mt. Hope BIKE 20" Flynn, 865-9866; ROCK any teen neo, 15. FLUTE, Excellent 16, 436-1945, 436-1945, expert-enced References call phonse BIKE, Messleno, 334-1751. 334-1751. 334-1751. responsible 13 any hours, children. Street (off BOY'S route; 32; winter lining, site GIRL Will babysitting. Kathleen Road, In and chemicals printer, Kevin Rans-ford Ave,, AURORA several Accordion, mother-of-pearl. mother-of-pearl. mother-of-pearl. mother-of-pearl. mother-of-pearl. 13, 663-8838. 663-8838. 663-8838. BABYSITTING enced Jane Van Age 14. NEARLY Swift" Excellent Gregory age 16. KENT cymbal and 63 Sheldwood BOYS 26" 26" Kor-peck age 271-5208. FOR guitar, Mint speaker. Ber-nard SCHWINN blue 2 Barb Bleacker ELECT RIC hol-lowbody Fender excellent BRiGGS h.p. carbura-tor, Ber-nord 225-0070; BABYSITTER, ences, Hampden MINI-BIKE: MINI-BIKE: clutch, pendable. full or all ages, BABYSITTER: able BABYSITTER: Merchants GFLRS-Boys GFLRS-Boys GFLRS-Boys boys 7, 5,' super 2it-2?2JedaoodJrrace, 2it-2?2JedaoodJrrace, BICYCLE: like new, Bren-nan, 36 BICYCLE: Excellent 463-3405, 463-3405, 463-3405, James DRUMS: Hi-hat Hi-hat Hi-hat and sticks, Stoier,76 HIGH work, Experienced. LvelJAvenue TWO boys' condition Colum-big 3-speed. 3-speed. 3-speed. Cong, 99 ELECTRIC finish, 704 Goodman WANTED books. McKinley SHOE " swimming Diane olj..1'"la BABYSITTER: Prefers babysit on pm. Diane Titus GIRLS Girl dolls, con-?llon). St., 454-6449, 454-6449, daytime Ish, 516 any-time, mer, 254 GASOLINE starter, $45, shoe comic m!;?iSu.fiC0.rf 2504 Chill WANTED: bass Must have 254-4677 254-4677 254-4677 will sell you

Clipped from
  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 05 Jul 1968, Fri,
  3. Metro Edition,
  4. Page 25

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  • 1968 movie listings

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