1965 drive-ins

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1965 drive-ins - Orcfiesfra, By IIARVEY SOUTIIGATE The Eastman...
Orcfiesfra, By IIARVEY SOUTIIGATE The Eastman Chamber Orchestra took off on its twelfth summer season last night in Kilbourn Hall with a program that promises new listening adventures under its new conductor, Richard Bales, successor of A. Clyde Roller and Frederick Frederick Fennell. It was at once apparent that persons who pass up these summer concerts will deny themselves some of the most enjoyable experiences experiences of the season in music music of this specialized type by a finely integrated, expert expert and thoroughly professional professional orchestra. And Conductor Conductor Bales, former Eastman Eastman School student and for a number of years conductor conductor of the National Gallery Gallery Orchestra in Washington, Washington, obviously intends to draw on a wide experience to bring fresh and stimulating stimulating new music. Examples last ni?ht were a concerto by the early 18th century Francesco Manfredini. a "Spielmusik" by Paul Hindemith, the modern German, and a very merry "Soirees Musicales" by none other than the usually usually long faced modern Benjamin Britten. Mr. Bales presented these, not with the air of trving to find something different, but of one who knows a lot of good new music that audiences audiences will like. Even the opener, the Mozart Mozart Serenade No. 9 in D Major (Posthorn) had been absent for a long time from a Rochester program. It is a 45-minute 45-minute 45-minute work in seven Stand-in Stand-in Stand-in Given Opera Contract LONDON W i- i- Maria Callas' stand-in, stand-in, stand-in, nervous at the prospects of singing for the ailing prima donna, went through her first rehearsal rehearsal yesterday. She was then offered a contract at Milan's famed La Scala Opera House. Marie Collier, a 34-year-old 34-year-old 34-year-old 34-year-old 34-year-old Australian mother of four children, accepted at once. She had been called in at 48 hours' notice to replace replace Miss Callas in three performances of Tosca at the Royal Opera House. As she went through the role director Francesco Sicilian! of La Scala was in the theater. 3rd and Final Week J. Garner Dick Van Dyre E Ssmmw A IVkinson "Art or love." color, P:0S 6 l.::)1-plus l.::)1-plus l.::)1-plus "THE WILD SEED" I Complete show late as 11:1! nee riaygioiinu 6 r.ayi.ut Ail Colcr Show I. !.w.s "THE TAMILY JEWELS" Rory Calhoun "Black Sput" Also in pfTFon "THE IMPERIALS" Sophia Loren "YESTERDAY, TODAY TOMORROW" Plus 2nd i'lt: "DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE' Walt Disney's "CINDERELLA" in c?:o-- c?:o-- c?:o-- -Q-:s -Q-:s -Q-:s -Q-:s 4 -n -n "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR" at 10:40 plant parking 1232 5570 JOHN WAYNE KIRK DOUGLAS PATRICIA NFJU. TOM TRTON PAULA PRENTISS BRANDON teWlLBt JIU HA WORTH DANA ANDREWS t HENRY FONDA dpi MiNOie way 12 noon-3:00-4 noon-3:00-4 noon-3:00-4 noon-3:00-4 noon-3:00-4 00 t P.M E Waring Rd. Pli HO 71897 Hocheeter Lerol Pleie Tnetr Continuom All Dayl DISNEY'S "CINDERELLA" 246810 p.m. plus 2nd Big Hit ontlnuogs oil doy showing 'BANANA rJPR til u "I Ifl JSUfcalL, English Dialog 1:403:405:407:409:40 AIR CONDITIONED , tuiunin 1 vm M M M - M M - W J t -l: -l: kiM Mi H.ld Over! ... I ft I I John Wavne Kirk Douglas 1 'U K "IN HARM'S WAY" W It I Dean Martin ,:r,a T irr li ! B ) Ml "WHO'S GOT THE ACTION" K : f ! , Hi J. Garner Dick Van Dyr,? J K R TorLOVE.coo,. M . rHARDHAVDN 'ft plus "THE WILD SEED" kV fl Complete show late as 11: 1C i t r . AINA-lTli AINA-lTli AINA-lTli m New Conductor Bow movements, not one of which can be spared, a work filled with Mozart's boundless imaginative zest, lyric charm and sense of humor. Bales saw to it that the different moods were clearly identified and the little subtleties of tone properly emphasized. Listeners Listeners probably caught the suggestion of posthorn notes in the second menu-etto menu-etto menu-etto movement. -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- THE MANFREDINI concerto concerto might easily be taken for something by the composer's contemporary, Johann Sebastian Bach. Even the use of the two trumpets and harpsichord makes one think of a Brandenburg Brandenburg concerto with its bright, rolling rhythms and counterpoint. Glen Bell and Roger Sherman took bows for their trumpet perform-r perform-r perform-r once and Madeline Ingram 4 ROOMFUL OF ROSES JL-rr JL-rr JL-rr 1 July 1-4 1-4 1-4 ANGEL STREET July 8-11 8-11 8-11 EAST LYNNE July 15-18 15-18 15-18 SHADOW AND SUBSTANCE July 22-2S 22-2S 22-2S THE MISER July 29-Aug. 29-Aug. 29-Aug. I w NAPLES, N.Y. 8:30 Thurs., Fri., Sat. 3:30 Sun. $1.80, $2.40, $3.00 Box Office: 315-374-6318, 315-374-6318, 315-374-6318, 315-374-6318, 315-374-6318, 10 f, r'iiT doth nniwcjiici. ii kT BOTH DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS fTATURCi SHOWN FIRST- FIRST- AT DUSK ATTME CENTBM. mmim JEWEIS ( JERRY LEWIS PRODUCTION) TECHNICOLOR also "BLACK SPURS" Come as late as 10:00 See a complete show ipi -kit -kit 'iwl J-f J-f J-f SCHiNC'S Air-Conditioned Air-Conditioned Air-Conditioned MATINEES Weekday! Sun. i Hoi EVENINGS Sun thru Fri Sat. I Hoi M0M10K J85 MONROE AVE. GR 3-0494 3-0494 3-0494 WEST HENRIETTA ROAD 2nd FEATURE ELVIS PRESLEY IN "IT HAPPENED AT WORLO'S FAIR" ? CONSULT MOVIE if 8.U ""Wu i ' i-Y i-Y i-Y r Aa y P W Z J(: - I iRiwMaclAINE vS-UfVk vS-UfVk vS-UfVk ,'""m""m-v'M'""-:' ,'""m""m-v'M'""-:' ,'""m""m-v'M'""-:' ,'""m""m-v'M'""-:' ,'""m""m-v'M'""-:' IIf SetMusic! I I EXCLUSIVE I STARLITE for her part at the harpsichord. harpsichord. The Hindemith "Spielmusik" "Spielmusik" is an excellent introduction introduction for people who think they do not like Hin-demuth. Hin-demuth. Hin-demuth. Its dissonance and jarring key structures are easy to take when one gets the feel of them, and last night's fine performance made it all very interesting. interesting. Joseph Mariano and John Thomas, flutes, Daniel Daniel Stolper and Jason Wein-traub, Wein-traub, Wein-traub, oboes, and Tosca Kramer, viola, carried special special duties especially well. The '"Soirees Musicales." a suite in five movements "after Rossini," finds the usually solemn Mr. Britten spoofing the usually light mannered Mr. Rossini in five captivating movements, movements, a march, a canzon-etta. canzon-etta. canzon-etta. a tirolese, a bolero and a tarantella. Good fun and charming music. ( I tm .. THE RIVALRY Auo. 5-8 5-8 5-8 MYSTERY OF THE MING TREE Aug. 12-15 12-15 12-15 THE HEIRESS Aug. 17-22 17-22 17-22 TEACH ME HOW TO CRY Aug. 24-2? 24-2? 24-2? CLAUDIA Sept. 2-5 2-5 2-5 - 6 weekdays, 12-3 12-3 12-3 Sundays JOHN WAYNE KJRK DOUGLAS PATRICIA NEAl TOM TRITON PAULA PRENTISS BRANOON fcWILDI JIU HA WORTH DANA ANDREWS I HENRY FONDA Mono POfMINQft Alio "Who's Got The Action?" 2 SHOWS 2 & 8 ATTHC EMPIRC T til t I '::''! fTf'fUliiirf 5 JL tJL mum m m i r-x- r-x- r-x- r-x- ' a k I mv tODGERS HAMMERSTEIN'S f TWISE m 74 TODDAO COLOR it DtLun "f,NDREWS '"hristopher PLUMMER zzixzw ELEANOR PARKER tz- tz- iTTTniC ! R( IHERT WISE I RICH ARD RODCF.RS I,,.,, I S nn h . -..--rr- -..--rr- -..--rr- -..--rr- -..--rr- -..--rr- v if I inn roT r-i r-i r-i 1 1 1 tK' 2 P.M. i0 J2.00 I P.M. $J SO $3.00 NOTE: 2 SHOWS 2 I I DAILY I SUN. REG. WED., JUNE 30 2nd HAPPY WEEK! Filled with Fantasy, Fun and Delight! MARTINA WARING WARING ROAD PLAZA PLUS 2nd FEATURE "TEEN AGE" OTTER IN COLOR WALT DISNEYS 1 ! (fiLim DIRECTORY FOR SHOW TIMES t?CHfSa 1 JAMES BOND IS SEAN CONNERYr oo; wu TECHNICOL0R,M.. UNITED ARTISTS Added Featurelte! "England's NOW SHOWING... I PLUS I I "BLACK SPURS" I LIMITED ENGAGEMENT TONIGHT AT 7:30 AND 9:35 MATINEES SAT., SUN. AND MON. DOORS OPEN AT 1:00 P.M. TfTiTftirairialltr' SEAN CONNERY AS JAMES BOND TOWNE FREE PARKING GR WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! " 'ZORBA THE GREEK' IS A DECIDED MUST-SEE! MUST-SEE! MUST-SEE! Anthony Quinn's Zorba possesses all the energies and urges of the great ones of history and myth." Bosley C'owifier, New York Timet "A grand uproarious Bacchanalian bash" Time Mogaj'ne 4 0"f)lna AIR CONDITIONED FINE ARTS SOUTH AT GREGORY II MI00 2nd ... .....rr. I MtlKUUULUWYN-MATtK MtlKUUULUWYN-MATtK MtlKUUULUWYN-MATtK Vf' PRESENTS iw awATni f nr nRiiwwfti n ! nil ntlnlvLI. W(. ynwum'ti PRODUCTION STARRING REX I HELD OVER! BERGMAN I HARRISON ALAIN GEORGE C. OELDN 8C0n JEANNE OMAR MflREAU SHARIF CO-STARRING CO-STARRING CO-STARRING ART CARIMFY-WALLY CARIMFY-WALLY CARIMFY-WALLY COX-JOYCE COX-JOYCE COX-JOYCE MOIRA LISTER no EDMUND PURDOM written by TERENCE HATT1GAN cirected er ANTHONY ASQUITH produced by ANATOLE DE GRUNWALO In Panavision and MetroCOLOR LATE SHOW SAT. NITE! AT 10:30 NOW PLAYING SHOWN AT 7:20 & :30 BACK IN ACTION! nwmtrj Magical Lakelands" 7 & 9:10 Jerry Lewis FAMILY JEWELS TECHNICOLOR FIRST ROCHESTER SHOWING PLUS "RIO CONCHOS' 1 HONOR BIACKMAN AS PUSSY GALORE 394 Jefferson Rd. Opposite Soufhtown 3-7660 3-7660 3-7660 2a C Ms, ry.P.B ANTHONY QUINN AUN BATES-IRENE BATES-IRENE BATES-IRENE PAPAS MICHAEL CAC0YANNIS PRODUCTION ZORBA THE GREEK n . ..LILA KEDROVA in ini(ni0L CLASSICS niiiu Sowmft'Sch Album rHb"t n 20t CffuT foi MtCO'rfl TONIGHT AT 7:15, 9:45 CONTINUOUS SUN. FROM 2:05 SMASH WEEK GRENPELl Til lUJWSSkv Btit L rj.. i.i ink.. ifvi W..' 41 a 546-5383 546-5383 546-5383 "HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN" Plvi "DIAMOND HEAD" 1:30, 4:30, 8:30 Lad es F'ee Tues. t THu-i. THu-i. THu-i. Open Daily 12 Noon 11:30 LATE SHOW FRI. I SAT. Late Show Starts 10 00 JOHN WAYNE KIRK DOUGLAS PATRICIA NEAL TOM TRY0N PAULA PRENTISS mm Li BRANDON de WILDE JILLHAW0RTH DANA ANDREWS & HENRY FONDA EE wav - AN OTTO PPEMINGEQ FILM u I and TfyJ -J.1- -J.1- -J.1- &x Mlll..- Mlll..- fete-is fete-is fete-is Donna Butterworth EH . NEWMAN . end na iS V ( L. r EiKEWM Jf2 litj II lt M FOLLOW US and find the answer to the comedy question of the year! PRICE SCHEDULE Thi-. Thi-. Thi-. Engdnpmpnt Only Evps. Mon. Thrj Thurs. I 10 Fri., Sal , Sitn i Holidays $1 75 Mali. Lit., S.i". & Holidays 51.10 tTHeL enmaN A j MALAMC COCO' PLUS 2ND V 'VI 1 , ' . SkS - HH . IRl lfiii. I RKO PALACE "Show Place of Rochester" 71 CLINTON AVE. N. 325-5298 325-5298 325-5298 "THE ART OF LOVE" AT 1 1:30, 2:57, 6:24, 9:51 "WILD SEED" AT 1:14, 4:41 AND 8:08 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT Friday, Jaly 2, El J Boi Office Opens 7:30 HELD OVR John Wayne Kiri Douglas "IN HARM'S WAY" Dean Martin Ln Turne "WHO'S GOT HE ACTION i I THEATRES rs m mm mm ' V fh. .v i JR. Akt A. I Lana Turner Cliff Robertson w Idrive-ins Idrive-ins Idrive-ins Charles K. Feldman lJ Bk.T.1 l 1 Peter Sellers Peter OToole Romy Schneider Capucine Paula Prentiss and fa1 bul not latl Woody Allen Ursula Andress They're all together again! (for the first time!) EXCLUSIVE ROCHESTER PREMIERE All CONQITONfO BR I I78 1 aiNioNvnAuooDMN ' ' EXTRA! "THE PINK PANTHER IN PICKLED PINK" .. DICK IAN DYKE PIRffT FROM Hl5$ENMTlWfll I f I fir 1 - h 2, - - a I if I tmmmmu POPPINS Us -.si -.si FEATURE "WILD SEED" AND CHRONICLE 195S 5D FOR YOUR DANCING AND LISTENING PLEASURE IN PERSON fHIOAT O SATURDAY "The Imperials" plus en our screen Jerry Lewis "FAMILY JEWELS" "BLACK SPURS" WEiAsiracEsg TECHNICOLOR R"lcci;cd hru UNITED ARTISTS TONIGHT 7 30 AND 9 45 CONTINUOUS SAT., SUN., MON., FROM 1:45 , 6 OP, wo Footloose Americans TURN THE City of Love INTO A Playground OF FUN! CARL REINER PIERRE OLAF MUKOTAKA n TECHNICOLOR ! MICHAEL PARKS w vis .i I NORTH PARK OUTDOOR THEATRE HUDSON AVE. N. RIDGE Fl 2-5152 2-5152 2-5152 "THE ART OF LOVE" AT 9:05 AND 12:45 "WILD SEED" AT 11:10 (LAST COMPLETE SHOW AT 11:10) ;

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle02 Jul 1965, FriMETROPOLITAN EDITIONPage 37

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)02 Jul 1965, FriMETROPOLITAN EDITIONPage 37
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