Mrs. Dora Neiman passes

Mrs. Dora Neiman passes - TUT After :in lllnrs of two years Miss Ii'eiii:...
TUT After :in lllnrs of two years Miss Ii'eiii: Mulllsiwl, a member of mi old iiroiiiliieni l.&v.Teiiee county fum- il.v. .-in.I ,, wimi. v.ii.i had devoted her life to i-liureli nnd reform work, pa f: i iii t l h n iil.iy evenlnif. Her death "i-cuni'U in her apartments in the Mnll-laiul block ai TSVi Washington slrn-l alejuf 20 liitnutuK to H o'clock, mid was iiultt- sudden at lilt last. Klie 1 j :Li I been ccuilineii tn lied inosi or the time fur many 'mumliK and severul limes iiurlnt! her KicklK'KK she was ilwtielii in he vi'ry near LlenLli. Ht-r vitalliy proved wnmlerful. however, and she wnitlcl rally iml Improve. 'I'lii' iast four wpf-k.s she has been cniislderoalily worse but 1111 immediate loimlnii'.lim. (il her illness, ivm P!tiec-t-nil. Friday she seemed iinim restless. IIkiiikIi she talked as usual. About S o'clock i decided change for the worse vas noil'-cii and in less Uian two hours she l.ieallwil her last. Hlit- was I'liiisi-tnus unill the last anil lilt end was very lieu corn 1. Miss .Malthind wan a ilaUKhter of V.'ll.hiitl -N ami ruitiella iMaltland, pin-ne-rs ..r i tiia county. Her fulher, Wil li ,rn :!.,ii'nl:d . ; L 1 1 1 1 l 1 IT-ni-e from i.'iieHtfr county anil senled two mill"? north of Ibis eity mi a tract of land ... In . !) i :,. ,r-i! ,.m. II ilr- h'-.-ainn a largo properly owner and among olh i-r purrliusis of real estate, in JSti IiouhIiI the .Mulllantl square which IP n. m- rinlil in t lit- business heart or this elly. fop a yoke of oxen. .M Irk .Malilond's mother was a daugh-h-r el" Dr. Joseph Pollock, one of the Mi ai Dhysli tons nl ihis cky. Mise Irene w?is one of live children Ijorn to William a.-ld i.'ciRK-lla Mankind. One ol (lusc. Perry ilaliland, a well know i, -si.ii in nl ihis elly. died several yean utro. .Miss Mali' 'ni v.-jis h i : r r : mil L 7.0 l.orrn'-stead AURllst !lsl, IKM, and lived or i In- iiurenial estate, and Jniev In New Castle all or her life. She tonk II Kieal line! est in philanthropic work nr. ilevoled liep lite In making the world Ip-Urr, She was prominent In ihe Women's l.'hr.sllan Tempi-railce Union 01 I.awrcll.-e eoniny. lin'.-lnic leen one 01 lis most aeiive wnrkTK. For yearf she -ns ppeslllent of the Central Union ami fit hep death she w;iji president ol tin' New I'aslie nelon which she op-k:uiIi.-iI leeenlly. She was also eolmtj silperlulenilent of literature, and had s.-rv'-u t:l- laoiiiinaliun lor a l.'i:iu li:rn ns nress superintenilent. Vnr aboill Ihr'-e yeurs she edited and pnhllshee' a iilunlhlj temperance impel ealleft ''Tin; Dlmleni." laierary parsnits ap.-Ii.'llled to her and she liad a mind keen and v."'-ll inforiniid. . Slie "Alls s lll'"lep In ehurcli as well ns Iriniioianro wink and lalxired as-sl.Hiously In ihe Firsi M. JJ. Church, of wlik-li siie v.-us a nieiiila-r. Slie helunR-.- I to Hie Women's Home and Foreran Missionary fo. ielies aim to l!i- Ijuli-s' Ah! Km iely il I linL ehlipeli. r'nssessi-.l Willi an ampile r0mi)e1cnc( yhf was ahlo Ln ;ive hep means to helfi .ilini.e Willi many Im liis of nlillrnlhi-opy. 'I'll.. Maltl 1 .Memorial Church, PPhn- llive .Melli...isi, on Ihe mrnnr of eioillh Mid .Miiltland si reels, is Iniill on proi-i lly ilmlalei! hy -Miss Maitlaud, who was nl-vj line of the hippo suhscrilieps Ic llie elnneh. The Kill I'roin Mist A'.iill.'imi ns a meinurial lo her pareats. .Miss Maitlaud was also a member ol ihe Almim Home Association, and ol Hie l-adles' Auxiliary o the Y. M. C. A. Hho wns an capiu-sl, tlpeless wark-.-r far Ihe heuernleiit nf hllmliniLy and In.,- Inss will lie deejily felt in this pom mnnily. She is survived hy two brothers anf inie sister, John II., who resides on lti nlil .Millllaud lirunestead, SIPS. U. C. i 'ai l. of I'assedena, f.'al., and Willlain M , of Nallll lta, Col, She leaves, also :i iniisln, l.ouls Polloek, now or Cleveland, hut who for a number of yeaPS has made Ids home with hep and to whom she was devotedly attached. -'he was a niece nl' Mis. It. W. ClondonlH, her mother and M"s. I'lcndenin hflVlhH .,.,.:1 :,;.... i ii ;Ln. t:i-.J n inmhi'i nf r.h:-r relttives in this elly. Funeral Jlolnloy afternoon al 1'. M, lulermeut at Greenwood ci I cry. David W. Cook. David W. Cook, used -tS, a liarber, eied at his home, 14s Cpotnn nvenue, Jliilldny afternoon ahout live o'clock, of liver Irouhle, after an illness or several weeks liuiatlon. Mr. Cook was hnpn In fieati'li Hill, Clarion county, nu.l had lived there a K'reai. part ol his in.-. lie hail only heeri a resident of N.-yt I'nsti- tor a short time, He was ii uiei'r.ljei- or St. .Inhn's Lutheran I'hiipeh, and was a man of ilprigllt i-lmraeler. kind drill devoted to his fam-ilv. an ubllglne nciglibor and a steadfast friend. He held the esteem of a larse eliele of aeiiualnlnnees anil and friends alike were pained 10 li-nril IhaL he had heeii taken from Ills e. ifc and family when Just in the prime Te. He leaves a Wire and four children, Clyde c, Kdnn, Hffln and Mildred. l.'uueral' services ai late home of the ili-ceaserl Wpiinwday evening at. V:M ii'el.iek. 'Phuisday uinpning Ihe re. mains will he shipped hy Funeral Dl-leclors Ofrull & Co. over the llalti-n:oie K iihfu ralliiiad lo Clarion county, where the Inlcnnent wdll he made. lira. Don Ntlmp. Mps, Dopa Nciman, widow o the Inte Henry sfelmun, flip over half a century a resident of this (jounly, passi away al Ihe family' iphiiicg In Ml. Jaek-sui) nl sl: n'eloek iMnnday inopniug. at I lie advanced ,ie of 7K years. Her deaili was due to a paralytic slroke.whli h she' sustained two week:; previous. Hhe hail Deep slnkiuj; ever rlnee and her death when It came was not unejrpecied. Mis. Ncin'uin was or Oerninn- htrth and resided In (he "rtitherlund" until she reached woinanliond when clpcuiii-sianpi-s led fo hot' dniiarlure fram her nailve land, never lo see it again. While living In the little Herman village shr was wooed and won Ijy Henry ffel-nillli and Ihey had nlanilei lo found a hi'iiie and unite their liven and humtile liirtimeB. Then her lover was drnftcd Into the nrniy and havluK a dislike fin mllilary sepvleo he tleil to the United f-' l n ten. lea.vltif woi'il Top Ills llnncee In rollnw him Imnu-dlalply. This she lllll and Ihey -were-married In rfew Topk. 'I'hey first located In I'ittriburf, anil Inter n uKived , to, Mt. Jekson where Ihey Imlh enflcil Ihelr liven. Mr, Nelmnii was h lunrinr atvl M lit He shop at Ml. JutkiHin wnn known and patronised by people from all aver lly home, SMi chlldien, all of whom are living, were the uuue of iheir union. They are Henry Nelman, of Pittsburg; Mrs. Kliuer Het'reary and George Neiman of Heaver Falln; Situ Agnes Shaffer and Mrs, John Houlette, of New Castle, and Martin Nciman, of Mt, Jackson. .Mrs Nclmnn waa a life long member or St. Paul's Lutheran Church, nf this city, and was a regular attendant there until old age and other circumstances prevented, Khe had a great many friends in New Castle, especially among the eltirelis ot German hipth, and was Invert and revered by all who knew hop. She was on unassuming, sweet tem-neretl woman, retiring, yet very pieas-.nt and genial, and very many in Mt. rai-kson and vicinity will miss her untie and pleasant greetings, Funeral frnm her laic home Wednes-lay afternoon at two o'clock. Tuier-neai In Mt. Jaekfon remeleiy. The serious Illness of Hirnm N'oth lurft, son of ilr. and Mrs. J. :. N'oih lurfl, of Lincoln avenue, which, fo .hiee weeks has caused the deepest so ieitude among the scores ol fi ieiids f the family, was terminated hy his tenth Wednesday evening. At I'eloek. The Mule form, wasted hy sick it&K and suffering, hec-ame slill and 111 ipirif of the younn hoy took its night 'roui earth. For nearly a week previous his con- llllun hud l,-'t-ii Niesi !' il i il .ii'.i! an,;ir. tad again his life vas dcstialred of. .'hen the boy would seem to tally ant! lope would again spring up in the leill'is of his :ii:ivr!1u anil frieuiis. ualy 0 be dispel led hy graver symploui During the weeks or his illness the: hoy nother has heen conltned to her be vith typhoid fever, mid the know ,13-; -il hii -'!r,i!s ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 j n ','i:s '( iy lying for her in her weakened stntc. Just ahout three weeks ago Hiram -lothdurft was sti ick-:-!- v. i-.h r ,!, ( ,i ;l ever, the same disease with M-hlch ds mother was suffering. The Aperlenced nursos wero seeupe..l '-.' y-.hhiK Kl."ii:i 1 ' N.-.'i.lii'iil i-'.'i'i n-:e vas resorted to save Ihe boy's life. BJite the best efforts oC the physh -ins he grew worse and a week befoi-e lis death peritonitis developed. It ras then II was known he had i- an vly i chance or lire, but his friends would mt give up hope until almost the Inst nomenls of his life. Mrs. Nolhdurft relelved the Pad word villi grem rorliTuile and Is heaping up iciter than her 1'iiends thouglil lxissl-de. Hhe Is still conlined lo lied hut is -.hie to sit. up a few moments each day. Hiram Noilulurfi was horn in iNew Jastle Vi yeaiu ago and hail passed all lis life in this city. He was a noble, nauly llllle fellow, nail was liked hy .Id and young. He was a studious hoy :t school and was greatly Interested in lis lessons und urieved while r-lek that in was missing school. He was a nemher of the First Presbyterian Church anfl sabbath School, and ihottgh vl'.vays a happy, aalur.i: child and fond r play as orhri-s. rmsscssed a deeply ovcrentlul spirit. 'Ihe blow rn his inrenis is a severe one. as he was their Ply son, and the hearirelt sympathy if the enmmunily will fto nut lo tii":n in help sad bereavement. The parents lave one other child, a llllle daughter '.Vllholminn. Funeral services at he family home in Lluetdn avenue. rriiiay aflernooli al avo o'clock. Interment at C'ak Park Mtas Alice Klmbcrly. AfLc-r ;l Ions pfrinU gT iH-hf;illl: -.Us-Mice Klmhc-dy, dauKlitor of th? Intr 'iK'l'h ivhiibtily, uf '.Ills ids. iK.-.ted i .m:l i . ii ill, hi;r il' iith ucym-rhitf ;il 'hi.1 -. lili'ii.-i; or !t!.ji ;!.itrlo, Tlici!iiii."t Kin l)ir-'V, No. CIS renrisylvaiiln. iv't'hi!!',- v-hui'i ;he made licr hdino, ' MonrlHy infivniny lhnrtly nftcr S n'rlnck. For llie imfii "wo nimuhH her frieiul knew 'JiaL she :oul.l no: rocuvf-r, jnd that (Ik- rnti wus "tut a. riiienllon or a few weekfi. TIk tie-line vvhich resulted in her duLh. InrL :d jlIiouL ilvp yraL-s Jiffo. A opt'ratinr viih perform eil, hut HiTordeil no pvr- elief. Miss KimhorLy wsfl borti In England ind had Fhc IIvpiI until Kovf-i'.sbn- Is;, .vould have bcn yenr.-t ild. fh ha:l ivprl in New Cnatlp Tor thr nnt 17 j'eni'P. She ,vas fin excelient (Christian ivoman, and helil the rerpec-t unil rlo'n if u. nf;n cTi:v of ncfiunlnlanefp. 9hc ivms a nieiiih&r uf llie Wiutlanii -W"-tiuiLLiI Primitive MethudlKt Churuli, ind until her health hrnko down, was x SahMlh School teacher and active wurkcr. i'f.-.r jarontft died tnany youra ign, nnd slnco rhmi ali hna nvirto her '.vn.h 'Hr itilI-:, TJrj ii :'.s K'.inv.i'M'- She Ik survived by three hroihor.-. Kiinherly, Ja,iiieK K'mherly Lnrl Samuel Kimberly. of YounRH'.iiwij, and llirce Klswrp who live in l-highinrl. Funeriil fsc-rvlces at the I'riuiitiV'j M( 'tli.'iil i.:hnmi Wnlnnrdny nflttrnnoa at. o'clock. Inlermt'nt" in ii?r.--:i-wood C'erriviCLy. Ja Mont Arm strong. J. Mont Armstrong, nged nhout. :) yftfirtf, a Pennylvitnla yard engincfr, whn has been mtfkinK hln lionii1 in (hi? pity for some time pniit, supcpnihcd tn that drend disrnne diphtheria, Phory Defort: noon Thursday. Mr. Ai'itHi rnf (loath ocrm-ied. at hlJi r-jarlments in the Hoyt hioek. lie war only taken ill last Saturday but the rtlseaHe wilb of u?h u mnlljErnanl. lyite that doctors were unable to dierk Its cmiriie and he Brew rapidly worse until death took plncc Frltlny. Tlie ile:easpd fnrmply lived in Mer-eer. Hp wnn well known among- the. railroad men ol this vicinity and was wuil liked by hia assuciate-i. His wife rllrwl nl-rout a year ngo. f-:t A. Free, of IhiF city, an employe of the Lawrence Laundry Company, was a brollipr-in-luw of the deeenMiNl. JTr. ArinHti,ong,"F parentP. who reHhle in IMeroer. survive him, and he Iiilh one hrot npr in Voungs-lown. His sudden dnnlh enme as a ifrefil wluick to hlH rnlfltlvea. Mr. John McQulrt. Ir.s. Katharine, wife of Jalm Mc-Quire, died: rather suddenly Friday cvenin at her home near "Wampum, aricr an Ulness nf nlout four morthfl-Dissolution resulted fruin a complication or illjuviaes, connled. with llto In-(innitlfn of advancing .year, an pJm wan m-iu-Inff Unit iJim;..sror-.' and leu mnrk. Khe waw-lKirn In this country nnd rc- niilfld for the f renter prl of her louir nnd useful life on the farm whero her death oecured, Mr. McQuire vkb whtahj nfl fvornbly known, nni (he nnrw ovr her fleiwrturv from this life will lp

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