Altoona Tribune - November 28, 1904 PRR Bars Altoona city from Tipton Run

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Altoona Tribune - November 28, 1904 PRR Bars Altoona city from Tipton Run - by for signed Har- Har- and for gov en to con...
by for signed Har- Har- and for gov en to con pa dis by-means by-means of of sea guns loss per other to com of the of re of between the ap the officially the cir sea the responsibil- at of AFTER STREAMS! The Latest With Regard Altoona's Search (or Additional Additional Supply. BUILT DAM ABOVE TIPTON Force of Water Department Employes Were on the Scene Early Saturday Saturday Morning. ROCEEDEO AT ONCE WITH THE WORK Water Superintendent Gailey Was Later Served With Notices by Representatives of the Tipton Water Company and of the Penn sylvania Railroad Stating That He Was a Trespasser on the Prop erty City Had Dam Constructed and Water Running Through Pipes. d the contra- Wana- temper- In its search for additional streams to augment its present inadequate supply, (he board of water commis sioners of Altoona is having troubles of its own. Indeed these troubles accumulate accumulate with a rapidity equal only to the steady decrease in the visible supply of water in the two reservoirs at Kittanning Point. That success will eventually crown the board's endeavors endeavors will be the wish of every good citizen. The board having exhausted all means to secure an option from H. T. Shillingford, the reputed owner of the Tipton Coal company land at Tipton, and acting under the direction of City Solicitor Greevy and the authority of city councils, resorted to heroic mea sures. Friday evening a torce ot men with pipe, valves, etc., left the city for the objective point.. On Saturday morning on seashore express Water Superintendent Gailey followed.' He was accompanied by an engineer. On the way down on the same train with the superintendent were a number of Pennsylvania Railroad people. An exchange exchange of questions and answers elic ited the fact that they were going to Tipton run to do some surveying. Arriving Arriving at Tipton the city's force of is employes proceeded up the valley and there set to work and constructed a dam, put the water pipe and valveB imwsitton and -water -water was soot run- run- ning through. The work had been successfully accomplished. The superintendent and men then proceeded futher up the valley. At a o considerable distance u Mr. Gailey left the party, saying he would meet it at Tipton. He had not proceeded tar when he met a young man who hailqd him and ask:d him for his and name. It was given, lhe young man a .hen announced that he was doing some surveying for the Tipton Vy'ater company and served the following notice upon the superintendent: He Tipton, Pa.. November 26, 1904: You and xre hereby notified that by virtue of a for perpetual appropriation by the Tipton Water company of the entire flow of he waters of Tipton run and Loup tin, located in Blair county, Pennsyl- Pennsyl- ania, from the junction of said Tip- Tip- :on run with the Juniata river to the source of said runs and by authority jf its board of directors, authorizing he commencement and prosecution of .vork in the construction of the works 1 in jf said company on said Tipton run Uup run, as well as with the consent nine, if H .T. Shillingsford and John G. was VIcCamant, the present legal record .nvners of the lands in which said runs are located and of Samuel L. Kent, ana the vendee of said lands, I have enter- enter- The 3d upon and taken possession in the 'he lame of said Tipton Water company "am jf all the waters of said Tipton and nue, Loup runs, and all lands contiguous to he same and the water sheds thereof and (so far as the same belonsrs to the tery aid parties) for the1 purpose of con tracting the necessary works, build- build- tigs, machinery and appurtenances roper for the utilization of the said vaters, and you are hereby warned and notified to leave the said waters md lands as trespassers, and to de- de- jart from the same under penalty of the law. " II. F. HUEY, Authorized Agent. The superintendent then proceeded down the hill. When he came to here the dam had been constructed le found the railroad company had Assembled a force of about 100 Italian i borers and five railroad policemen With this force in sight he was noti- noti- :ied that he was trespassing on rail oan company properly and was or- or- lered off. He was further informed that the dam constructed by him .vould be torn out After arriving in the city later in the day a notice simi ar to the one served on him by the Tipton Water company s representa tive was served on him by Railroad I Mrs. 124 June ty, in was She a Ema the last days. oliceman C. W. Emeigh The water department had proceed- proceed- be eti aDout its work systematically. - he ground tor the reservoir had been staked off by an engineer in conform- conform- will uy to maps made by Engineer the W. Knight some months ago, and Uue. the city was in possession of the cov- cov- and etea point ruuy nve hours before the ranroaa company nad appeared on will tne scene. vary tn conrormiiy to notice which had been sent the members of the board of over water commissioners met in special Coxey, session Saturday evening. All the killed memners were present. A report of what had been done with regard to the building a dam above Tipton was made and filed.. It was substantially were as related above. What the board most will next do will be awaited with inter- inter- will esu. so iar as me condition or artairs burg, at tne city s reservoirs is concerned The there is no improvement. The visible Shade, supply of water is constantly getting vey's lower ana aany our citizens are being urougnt race to race witn a great press crisis.- crisis.- With no rain for weeks and Haven, no signs of any the situation becomes in graver eacn aay. the

Clipped from Altoona Tribune28 Nov 1904, MonPage 1

Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania)28 Nov 1904, MonPage 1
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  • Altoona Tribune - November 28, 1904 PRR Bars Altoona city from Tipton Run

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