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News Strike Postpones 2 Broadway Openings By JACK GAYER NEW YORK (LTD Th Broadway theater started the New Year with announcement of a week's postponement of the official opening of Tennessee Williams' new drama because of the newspaper strike. However, the musical "Oliver!" and the drama "Hidden Stranger." whose scheduled openings last month were put off because of the strike, will make their bows next week regardless regardless of the status of the newspapers. Williams' "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here AJiy More" had been listed for a formal opening Jan. 10 at the Morosco Theater. The announcement yesterday yesterday said the play would come Into town from its tryout tour, which ends in Philadelphia tomorrow tomorrow night, and start a series of previews Tuesday, to run through Jan. 15. The new date for the official look by the critics is Jan. It. Showtimes Today STAGE Community Playhouse The FourposteT, 8:30. MOVIES Loew'i Doris Day and Jimmy Durante in "Jumbo," " 12:05. 2:20, 4:40, 6:50, 9:10. Palace Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis in "Taras Bulba," 1:50, 5:45. 9:40. Paramount Natalie Wood and Rosalind Russell in "Gypsy," 12:30, 3:25, 6:25, 9:25. Regent "The World of Suzie Wong." 1:50, 5:50, 9:50. Cinema "Doctor in Love,-' Love,-' Love,-' , 7.50, 9:45. Little Melina Mercourl, Raf Vallone and Tony Perkins Perkins in "Phaedra," 1:30, 3:30, 5:35. 7:40, 9:35. Fine Arts "Man In a Cocked Hat," 7 and 9:45, and "Two-Way "Two-Way "Two-Way Stretch." Fine Arte "Gigot,' 7:15 and 9:30. Monroe Anthony Qulnn in "Barabbas," 12, 2:10, 4:35, 6:40, 9:05. Riviera "In Search of the Castaways'" and H a y 1 e y Mills, 1:30, 8:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. Coronet "West Side Story." Capri "Music Man." Lyell "Girls! Girls! Girls!" and "Gorgo." Waring "Damon and Pythias" Pythias" and "Savage Drums." Producer Roger L. Stevens Stevens said the delay was decided decided upon in hopes that the newspaper strike would be over by that time. That was the reason given by producer David Merrick two weeks ago when he announced his "Oliver!" would have its premiere on Jan. 6 at the Imperial Theater instead of Dec. 27 as planned. The show will definitely keep that Sunday night date. It has been playing soldout previews since Christmas. Unless there Is a sudden settlement of the strike, Merrick will thus have to put up with the newspaper-less newspaper-less newspaper-less crtics previewing his show briefly on television and radio. He recently deplored deplored such appearances. Of course, "Oliver!" is In no immediate danger for lack of newspaper attention. attention. It has an advance sale estimated at $1,200,000, with most performances sold out for several months. This posed the problem of how to get the consider- consider- I ? 1 (151 vrf-yV vrf-yV vrf-yV ; Hayley rope Philharmonia Plans, Public Concert School conducting faculty, w ill conduct Dr. Holler con ducted the orchestra at its concert in Albany in October October before a State Regents conference, but this will be his first Rochester appearance appearance with the orchestra. The concert date was or- or- Iginally Jan. 18, but a 2 Drama Groups switch was made to avoid r conflict with student exam inations. The program will Eastman Phllharmonla, the crack student orchestra that toured abroad last win-ter, win-ter, win-ter, will give a free public concert in Eastman Theater at 3 30 pm. Sunday, Jan. 13. Dr. A. Clydo Roller, new member of the Eastman ESCAPE slides down Mills in get away from Maori fortress in the Jules Verne story, "In Search of the Castaways" Castaways" on screen at KIWcra. able number of tickets for the reviewers and other "press" when the Dec. 27 opening was abandoned. None was available in the near future. Merrick solved this by getting permission from actors' equity for the show to give an extra performance performance on a Sunday night, when Broadway shows do not normally play. The union allows eight performances performances a week. The actors will be paid two eights of a week's salary for this extra showing. First-night First-night First-night "regulars" will get most of the tickets. Schedule Play Tryouts Play tryouts are scheduled scheduled by two drama groups: Midtown Players will audition audition for roles in James Thurber's "The Male Animal" Animal" at 2 p.m. Sunday at the YWCA. 175 Clinton Ave. N. The play will be presented presented Feb. 22 and 23. The teen group known as TDA Associates, Inc. will choose the cast or "Christopher "Christopher Columbus," a musical, musical, tomorrow and Sunday from 2 to 5 at Midtown Auditorium. Auditorium. The show was written by Daryl Hanson of Geneseo and Bert Stimmel of New York and concerns Columbus as a boy. There are eight roles, including the title part, a boy of 11 to 14. Both auditions are open to non-members non-members non-members as well as members. include the "Magic Flute" overture of Mozart; the Symphony No. 7 of Bee-thoven, Bee-thoven, Bee-thoven, and the "Enigma" Variations of Sir Edward Elcar. The orchestra has appeared appeared only once this season season in Rochester at the annual annual United Nations Day concert in the Eastman. In addition to the Albany pearance, it gave a notab concert in Carnegie Hall, New York, on Nov, 16. Democrat and Chronic! 6 Rochester 1 4, N.Y Fri..Ian.4.1963 Ci ENTERTAINMENT ! "ridey. Saturday i I I Seadey Nltet l TWIST with tit Val Mar Trie! I CARMEN'S ALL AMERICAN I I Iff I. CaaaaaraJal St., I. Mktw I p- p- 1 1 ; le aT1 II DORIS DAY SIEMN BOYD JIMMY DURANTE MARTHA RAYE NOW I n o w L Y ELL n o w THI NfW mm4 WOGMSSIVI "JAPAN" n BURTON HOLMEI TRAVELOGUES I IN rtlSON OHir MAllCTT Aadltorlaaj CJ Mat. TkMtr 3 PM Tickttt! 1.15, 1.45. 1.4S Inc. tai JAN. 6 O All tha hssrt end hsscinssr "of tha crest Broadway hitllll t) y Roteiind a natcii QUSSS&E VJ6SD, 9 7 If 19 L coior v -SS -SS Q doors onn imp lu,) 14 popular, rarcatrhinc tone TECHNICOLOR. TECHNIR AM A Extra BeRut: "INCIDENT IN AN ALLEY" .GipIg! Toemr ISfELUl SIEeseEMYMMELGOOOWINssu sxZmml I Pint fh. plctvr that will tear H. ytll wt of yt "COROO" U smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM Final day at WARIMG -rrur -rrur g I SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW SAT. MATINEE I Now you can 3-0 3-0 3-0 picfurat with iptclal glass givan you at f tha WAKINv? to tea IME MASK a ona hour of Cartoons. I STARSATTivk FOR ADULTS 0NLT "THE CHAPMAN REPORT" thi faUOJCCL Leungi Proudly Prattnti for your dnc!ng and llitanlng plaatura tka HARVEY DORREN TRIO Harvoy Dorr Piono Mik Romeo Guitar Jo Pullto Bast FRI.-SAT. FRI.-SAT. FRI.-SAT. ?:30 to 1:30 2920 W. Henrietta Rd. BR 1-3901 1-3901 1-3901 EE Melina Mercouri HELD OVER 2nd WK. Star of "NEVER ON SUNDAY" Raf Vallone Anthony Perkins in Jules Dassin's production of phaeclH) I a violent drami of proftnt lovt NOTICE TO BIDDERS PROJECT: Monro County Airport Fochenter. New York NE SW Runway 4-2J 4-2J 4-2J Site Work Part II FAA Project No. 9-3(W11-14 9-3(W11-14 9-3(W11-14 9-3(W11-14 9-3(W11-14 A 1. Sealed proposals, in duplicate, for the aforementioned work will be received up to 11:00 A.M., E.S.T, January 28. 1963. in the Board c Supervisors Room No. 407, County Court House, 39 West Main Street, Rochester 14, New York, where they will be publicly opened and read. A 2. Copies of the Plans, Specifications Specifications and Proposal Forms may be obtained obtained from the Monroe County Department Department of Public Works, Room 407, Terminal Building, 65 Broad Street, Rochester 14, New York upon payment of ten dollars for each set of Plans requested and two dollars and fifty cents for each set of Specifications re quested. No refund will be made to bidders for return of sets. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the order of Mr. Gordon A. Howe, County Director of Finance. A 3. The work includes tha follow big: a. Excavation, grading and subbase course for proposed Runway 4-22 4-22 4-22 and attendant taxiways and aprons, atorm drainage, underdrainage, rip-rap rip-rap rip-rap slope protection, concrete encased duct work, reinforced concrete power tunnel, top-aolling top-aolling top-aolling and seeding. b. Obstruction lighting at the east and of Runway 10-28. 10-28. 10-28. A 4. The above general outline of principal items of work does not in any way limit the responsibility of the bidder bidder to perform and complete all re- re- Suired work In strict accordance with l contract. An itemized account of tha work to be performed is given in tha Unit Price Schedule included in Section C, PROPOSAL of the specifi-cationa. specifi-cationa. specifi-cationa. A 3. Except as otherwise provided in tha contract specifications, all work shall be In accordance with the Federal Aviation Agency'a "Standard Specifications Specifications for Construction of Airports" dated June 1939, including Supplement No. 1 dated 1961. A 6. Copies of the FAA Standard Specifications will not be issued to bidders, bidders, but will be kept on fila for inspection inspection by bidders at the Monroe County Department of Public Works and at tha office of Seelye, Stevenson, Value & Knecht, 101 Park Avenue. New York 17, New York. Copies may b purchased from the Superintendent! of Documents, U.S. Government Print ing Office, Washington 23, D.C. at a coat of $2.73. ARNOLD WALKER. PURCHASINO AGENT. MONROE COUNTY, NEW YORK F 14-3-6 14-3-6 14-3-6 14-3-6 14-3-6 3t. BECAUSE ... IT'S GREAT! BECAUSE OF THE RESPONSE ! WE'RE HOLDING OVER FRI. NITE "A DRAMA OF TORMENTED PASSIONS . . . iir Dauia It is certainly an Impressive exercise in versatility ... a long leap from tha bawdy laughter of 'Nsver On Sunday' and tha itark tamion of 'Rififi.' World-Taiaajrani-Saa World-Taiaajrani-Saa World-Taiaajrani-Saa World-Taiaajrani-Saa World-Taiaajrani-Saa L rn Jl vii At 1:30 - 1.10 - 5 3S - 7:40 - t:4S SOUTH AT frueoitr FINE ARTS limp I I STARTS TODAY DOUBLE Hilariously disrespectful spoof TIME 'Highest rating' BR 1-5800 1-5800 1-5800 tmmmmmm FUN TEST la fee Boahtac Brae. aw ail KATE CAMERON.'OAILY NEWS 'Bright, witty comedy' crrrn f v. jpmwjnsBBwa I - -. -. I-..-.-., I-..-.-., I-..-.-., I-..-.-., I-..-.-., I-..-.-., I-..-.-., i . M mihh EARLY BIRD PRICE s TWO OR A CAR LOAD From 6:30 to 7:30 ON OUR SCREEN ELVIS PRESLEY 1 'GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS' WILLIAM HOLDEN 2 "BRIDGES OF T0K0-RI" T0K0-RI" T0K0-RI" CUE DANCING TONIGHT and SATURDAY At SCHINDLER'S 1331 ST. PAUL ST. "Celebrity Room alurlnf tht Hll( mntU of PAT CLEFFS ORCHESTRA Playing Authentic Boea .ova Late Dining & narkt w Daily Sri-ring Sri-ring Sri-ring LUNCHEONS 4 DINNERS tmnj Jt 4rMb Ttr 3 ) loaqaes I I Parties Showers C W.ddiaos i i ,w" i. .fir vi y it A WEEK MM hUl II I I II rRIiai .IIIIH II (regular prices trKvnW'rW No Reserved Seats liri Mv Shown at 7:00 9:40 I Note: I tril I I in urn i ii arrangements II I I THURSTON I CORONETi BE 5-4820 5-4820 5-4820 ! E 0 fl Y 1 iFTTT O -.itaTOP? -.itaTOP? hi ffekfel YtOUHO HELD Sear Patrs I OVER 1! GREAT B3U u tt a. insrvi j-;- j-;- j-;- j-;- Baas III 111 I iiaaai I II ID aaaiaBBaa. aai aaaBk. earn h aaa a mm SBBJ I I aT mw r aV a M kur w m li-V li-V li-V dARAddAS I 1 UafVUlLTUU UciV I I aaaaaraarf caommrmnmmmtomxuijvKirnBnooucticm I II aa iminini ninya BB I I I aMtMinuiii yuinii .imh 111 I J SILVAJLA MANGAN0 ARTHUR KEHHEDY I Iy lull I juHMUij BjMllaT nnuifCfla all lUlllu bAaaMAel II I I JACK PALANCE ERNEST B0RGNINE I I El ii innwOMuuwfwTiis.iwxiMrmpnrirr.-Hra innwOMuuwfwTiis.iwxiMrmpnrirr.-Hra innwOMuuwfwTiis.iwxiMrmpnrirr.-Hra H II X i I DOORS OPEN 11:30 ,a.ia - I vkrCaGr 'NOT TO BE MISSED' harper's:bazaa SHOWN AT 7:009:45 'WICKEDLY FUNNYIE 1 PeVeleis WILFRID HYDE WHITE UzFraser TYCHW STRETCH SHOWN AT 8:25 nnnnlB mm HHT I Mima I r KEtOFFICES-1740 KEtOFFICES-1740 KEtOFFICES-1740 BWaaaaaaaaaaaaBaBBBB a .11 of yott for Tear ' L - . ...a final " of tb. world. Sov -e. -e. - ...ir. ' bbbKAROLD HECHT mm mim EASTMANCOLOR aMDBIC mitT Academy Award Winner mm isiswnnniDiErjQ TWO AND TWO MAKE SIX" unaa ""TTumintui 23 119 SHOWS TODAY .00. 7:S0, :4S HELD OVER 3RD LAFF-PACXED LAFF-PACXED LAFF-PACXED WEEK. fir i lcsk- lcsk- ii i ii niirwiii-kii niirwiii-kii niirwiii-kii . j Ta W I -X -X I V Hall I "T.... St 1I1I1..I'S HSirfcui efwiticfii. jmlMvtrMii iNdUjoumalil Starrinf MICHAEL CRAIG VIRGINIA MASKELL JAMES ROBERTSON JUSTICE CAROLE LESLEY LESLIE PHILLIPS STARTS TODAY! iililLLLi- iililLLLi- The most tender and touching love story of our time! TEcraoior r;iiu fijiney aa SUZ'C W0N3 THEVCR.LD Of SUZai r Cjy and Sophia...in lova with tfa, each other, and Cary'a irresistible, irrepressible kids I ill iir" 7 a. I .zr cczm " f V 1 i ... I . Ill nil II m 'S ggs& uiDDVtiiiiiDniunWi TECHNICOLOR " 8BBBK OYER HELD 3rd Wonderful Week An Earthquake of Entertainment! Only Walt Disney could tell this incredible Jules Verne Adventure! Ml Trapped in a gigantic WATER SPOUT a-' a-' a-' 'Z'1 rwl "-- "-- "-- Engulfed by a TIDAL WAVE aVTl Carried off by a GIANT CONDOR Walt Disney mescnts ay JULES VEBNES In search of the MAURICE HAYLEY 6E0R8E WliniOHTM CHEVALIER MILLS SANDERS WHITE ar" l it 1 V irMWl TiWflClflR h ninmoou itimm nrininiA Mi WULTOUH am rwmontrtt aa Uf SWUIU UMu i laaur-ajtaAi-agiuiikaJMi laaur-ajtaAi-agiuiikaJMi laaur-ajtaAi-agiuiikaJMi laaur-ajtaAi-agiuiikaJMi laaur-ajtaAi-agiuiikaJMi IduaW It Ull I nimhM Ct bc-OIM; bc-OIM; bc-OIM; Bat at iictM CONTINUOUS SHOWS AT 1:30, 3:30, 5:30. 7:30. 9:30 FEATURE AT h) HJ'W 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 12;00-2:15-4i30-:45-9:00 tffrrr ,. "WB I V George CHAKIRISf - SAT. DOORS OPEN 9 SCOTT AIM LYNCH eAa Arf M AMPU HUE PARXJHft Jeckl LANE

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle04 Jan 1963, FriPage 6

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)04 Jan 1963, FriPage 6
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