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1962 drive-ins - A' 1 I ilk. " I 7 alK'YW WHO HK Ol 7' Haxlft...
A' 1 I ilk. " I 7 alK'YW WHO HK Ol 7' Haxlft Mills finds Alan Bates' hiding place in "W hislle pown the Wind" at Coronet. 2 Films Open Today 12 Other Attractions Hoid Over The Coronet and Regent Theaters both open vith fiit-rLn fiit-rLn fiit-rLn attractions starting today. ilaylry M.VS latest fclni. -Whistle -Whistle Down the Wind." is the story of a young girl who thinks an escaped murderer is Christ returned to earth. " Whistle'" is featured at the Coronet w:th Bernard Lee and Alan Bates as co-stars. co-stars. co-stars. At the Regent. Kerwm Matthews ar.d Judi Meredith team opposite Tonn Thatcher in "Jack the Giant Killer." Second attraction rn the bill is "The Boy Who Caught a Crook." OTHFR local movie houses a number of attractions are enjoying fxtended runs. ' Boys' Night Out." " Judgment at Nuremberg." and ' Ron Voyage," at Loews, the Cinema and the Falace. respectively, are row m their second week. " Only Two Can Play'' at the Little begins its second lap tomorrow. "That Touch of Mink" at the Paramount starts its thrd week today, joining "Search for Paradise'at the Monroe which chalked up that figure yesterday. At the Fine Arts. 'Majority of One" has fie weeks heh.md it and still going strong And the current record holder. " West Side Story," is in its 14th week at the R.wera. and Chrer v NEWPORT HOUSE ""l Q roio tet ' SPECIAL SEAtOOR " &Hh t tirl Vtti '" H.CDDINSS AT MARTINA PLAZA THEATRES LYELL ELVIS tJl!iMlV4i HJi!: JT'L'i ... Waring ALAN ROD LADD STEIGEn: PLUS "THE HELLIONS" Hesion Reels at Idea of Being Jobless Charlton Heston ip said, re- re- r, jose?h nvMG.w HOLLYWOOD IN Charlton Heston'? success in a gigantic notion picture like ' Ben-Hur" Ben-Hur" Ben-Hur" has no! yet wiped the memories of loan das when he couldn't find a job in pictures. pictures. "1 still can remember chronic un-rmplo un-rmplo un-rmplo men", ." laxing m the Luna room of his larco hn;ie which looks dow n a can on. ' I can not bp at ease when I'm out of work." said Heston. who won an Academy Award for ' Ben-Hur'' Ben-Hur'' Ben-Hur'' and now stars in ' 50 Days to Peking" being filmed abroad. Heston interrupts "Peking." a story of the Boxer Rebellion in China, for a quick trip back home to play .John the Baptist in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" later this summer. Heston looks upon his status as one of Hollywood's busiest actors as unusual and something to get used to. "I've only recently reached the eminence of having two jobs at once," he said. Heston was sitting on the floor, his elbow resting on a couch as he spoke. "I'm doing something you can never do right." he said. "A pitcher can pitch a perfect game but the actor never lived who did a perfect part. I never saw mvself in a part when I didn't think I could have done it. better." Heston described himself as his "own worst critic," and taking seersl small notebooks from a desk, he proved his point. ' You see these," he said, open.ng the books and pointing to notations on the paces. "1 leave these notes for nnself and thes're a lot worse than those anybody else could leave. "I'd better be my own worst critic. Who else will be' I fill one of these books each year. Sometime I'd like for my performance to finish the way I envisioned it in my mind " Heston also discussed professionalism as it applies applies to an actor, something that seems to have been replaced replaced in Hollywood by the immature conduct of a few stars whii have concern for nobody but themselves. "Somebody once told me the difference between a professional and an amateur," amateur," Heston said. "The difference is that the pro does something even when he doesn't want to." mM-lM mM-lM mM-lM crtr rrjtr riS- riS- 7 :'y. 11 ICO PALACE w mtrmiiffismtNPK! to Disney Mk-bs: Mk-bs: Mk-bs: CALLAN Deborah WALLEV . , lANDtS - IGRK- IGRK- CORCORAN KSTMTM! u.m0 Self BEST 1 IflbJr, L I If a , 1 mZ ,111 :Di TCVMilltVt. c. wi r I I P r, t ELVIS , I Ep!osii Generation" cJ&tt "l5UI LAST 2 WEEKS ' 'FOLLOW THAT DREAM' 't " s-1,0 s-1,0 s-1,0 V8, " s?., 7 t-i t-i t-i is n y Tfct newest ' 66l fT7M"yMTM7f"TI 'THE YOUNG SAVAGES' vturivt. . hmbmmdmA di5EAn FDn 1 KiM JAMES TONY IUcMiy Q PARADISE ' USi "OVflK CflRNER RHNDAUX i 1 L ,Vi 1 rf',ll ' L y M.MwMk I 5UV IN A MAST1N BANSOHOFF PRODUCTION i Cfcidrt. Varfcr 12 90e 4yim j IN CINEMASCOPE AND C?" .0 aw conditioned i 1, i METROCOLOR V" x r wiw. 1 1 'iiiiM5i-Mj 'iiiiM5i-Mj 'iiiiM5i-Mj i ir HiLoov? n 1 r ' I I lUllJKjjl'Ji VSJ V 2nd WEEK I v BOBBY VAN 1 - 1 '2 rVf--' rVf--' rVf--' rVf--' ' ' TONIGHT'S PERF. :30 lektr, N. Y. DU 1-1001 1-1001 1-1001 Acq do my A ward Vinnorf m STANLEY KRAMER S Judgment Co"inuom 1:15, 4 45 I 30 P.M. XOCNfSTfl flEMIflf NG J&f Mf NT NO RESERVED SEATS! 3 PERFOHMAHCES DAILY! 'mm : ami mi iTtooMnf-'- iTtooMnf-'- iTtooMnf-'- iTtooMnf-'- rl ffttli Now It All comes fantastically auve-The auve-The auve-The storybook aoyehture That Thrilled The World For CENTURIES! M.CES: WON. THKJ SAT. MT,NEES UNTIL 5 30 P.M. t 00 CHILDKEN 65c EfcS . SUN 1 HOI'DAVS Ji.M CHILDREN UNDER I?, 7Sc s coumsr tickets monoieo mon. thru fri. only r; i.:-?":rj i.:-?":rj i.:-?":rj 14th WEEK! TONIGHT AT 8:30 SAT. 2:30 & 8:30 Africa'! Itrjnjut mystery.. . EXCLUSIVE HELD OVER FINAL 2 DAYS WINNER OF 2 1 f j ACADEMY "9AWARDS i DUSTY tH funn etowrt i Hi in c aofl SftCKi Eiclutiv Waif Ditnty'i EYES IN OUTER SPACE" eoferi ROCHESTER",:1 1230 Sc.tHvill. ti .COMING NEXT WEEK "KING Of KINGS" , II I-7V2I I-7V2I I-7V2I BEST PICTURE! Winner of 10 f Academy Awards! W, rj V life WW SOUTH AT GREGORY FINE ARTS IR 1-5800 1-5800 1-5800 6th AND FINAL WEEK Meredith Willson Gefs Award HOLLYWOOD UPP Meredith Willson. America's America's "Music Man," was presented presented the Humanitarian Award for 1962 from the National Father's Day Committee Committee for his symbolic fatherhood to millions of fatherless boys. Willson has been active In Rig Brother and other youth aid projects. FRIDAY mm O K ML fWM Cvtr. All Wfitirn uwii OWtt AIR CONDITIONED -4 -4 Sehini Thratr 1 POT' Edward Small . Jade tie wait fo&lTFmMm nR-j nR-j nR-j Kpduam MaTHFWS "Ioi MEREDITH at CKifWfl Tin but If Ore TstPlOl Pan Frcn Med (hy Can Rtiurrl Sfalcb Mai Wr.pOf :ANTMlPFlTFM!nni (1R1 KPRWIKi Vllldr4k A,,"C0 "0BCRt WAS NEVER jQRiH HA LHLK JI SO COMPLETELY DISARMING! MXI.l H miUl ILU &TZ Bou Who Caught LrSSIiJJSL M vlOOU. It wewY WTTM W AJ ni 4CTKMI WtTM A HELD OVER Air Conditioned 2nd SMASH WEEK! Feature at 7:009:35 TJ AIR CONDITIONED TECHNICOLOR IK Wfftl mm SH'JE TOTEM. IILILJERS j iilAKETTErlLfflG'VIRGIMMASKEljL'' HELD OVER 3rd & FINAL WEEK! someone 3 go to gn'e ! UMMI fnfnrrurrriTrrfrin LinSd. tr' lfjvf( f rr C.I S cAI ihmsron St N. Mr rfam wO'WKldM44;LuKI Y C IrlJ JEfix:sK.r tudiowt, 4fex. SsmOi t vzK want a AiC-" AiC-" AiC-" t024.rWSLl HOCK HLDSU- HLDSU- - LLHt. BAiALL iKalANT PLAY6RQUNP-Children PLAY6RQUNP-Children PLAY6RQUNP-Children Under 12 FREE! 7V?e year's most Uproarious, Adult Sophisticated Comedyl DORIS MY THREE RIVERS INN NOW tdry July I TONY MARTIN loylon od We'd Cotdy i-d i-d i-d Hornt Honey Girli S T - t 30 i'd H !8 D rit. -ei -ei 4.30 Spd Your Vocation with U Com by Boot or Car Jgit of . E.:t 31 on '. 57 Coming July 13 tor 10 Days Sammy Davit Jr. July It lor 8 Doyl Jocki Leonard PIiobo Retervottont : Syracuse OL 2 2342 or OL 2-971 2-971 2-971 1 SOUL $ J BROTHERS $ Jr featuring J CHRIS JOHNSON f f On Vibes J ttunnq B4bc0 SpA'l K bi, j Sjki 1 ChoD!. J SIIFHI.ll! Lonnnc -K -K )f 404 Clinton Av. N. ! ' ' M i 11 I I I H Hlil 1J1 1 1 I:! H OS 1-3221 1-3221 1-3221 EMPIRE EMPIRE BLVD. BE 5-7928 5-7928 5-7928 Origlml ROCHESTER ICOTTSVILLE FD, OPP. AIRPORT CH 4 4941 STARLIYE W. KEHRIETTI RO. H 2 8152 North PARK 1550 HUDSON IVL CL 4 8381 CENTRAL 1700 long pona to. li u I l ap w. FREI KIDDII HAYRIDES COME EARLY Elrii Proiloy "FOLLOW THAT DREAM' Small Hayward Jlt Chandir "THUNDER IN THE SUN" ALL-COLOR ALL-COLOR ALL-COLOR SHOW EXCLUSIVE! HELD OVER til SATURDAY Kirk Doutjlai Tony Curtii (Cin-Color) (Cin-Color) (Cin-Color) "SPARTACUS" Plut Walt Ditny't (in color) "EVES IN OUTER SPACE" $ Duity Hi tunny clown ton it & 5pek$ E!th Prsiev Comdy Hit "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" Burt Lancoitor- Lancoitor- Rholly Winioro "VOUNG SAVAGES" KIDDIE KACTOON KARNIVAL 1 (10 ATTRACTIONS 1 1 Elvii Prtsley In "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" 2 Story of th U.S.N "THE X-15" X-15" X-15" 3 Jrry Ltwii In "LADIES MAN PLUS KARTOON KARNIVAL Elvit Pioioy Arthur O'ConnolI "FOLLOW THAT DREAM r-rm r-rm r-rm in a. y r,ow ur - i ' i UU 1;403:405:357:35-9:3S 1;403:405:357:35-9:3S 1;403:405:357:35-9:3S ij V I t' 555 P'CfZ BE 5-4820 5-4820 5-4820 , I I! II thurston rawgsasi I rt . j , II , STARTS TODAY-FIRST TODAY-FIRST TODAY-FIRST ROCHESTER SHOWING 1 i ' J , Hayley Mills-Star Mills-Star Mills-Star of Parent Trap" :5) M ,j MvV &iP i ! ' ' t1L V AtVJb.-l AtVJb.-l AtVJb.-l im i . - f I ,r,, A l.fir, ii II . ...F ' nl I III' VU X I . Al MiULl' 1 t l1 Sf .l 11 I BERNARD 1EE ififiWi( Ttf E Wff MHi HAPIR0,,tNATtM0NASTER DLBtRIMANN STNLEysHAPiRo'MRTiNwiw rokriwuhur lrtin Sinatra Doan Marun "SAHCEANTS 3". Color KIDDIE CARTOON SHOW AT 00 I. now iBffi) LATE SHOW SAT. NITE a

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle06 Jul 1962, FriMETROPOLITANPage 12

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)06 Jul 1962, FriMETROPOLITANPage 12
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