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1962 movie listings - f" Actor-producer Actor-producer Actor-producer...
f" Actor-producer Actor-producer Actor-producer Dick Powell Allyson are shown after their announcement are calling off their divorce. Miss interlocutory decree a year ago who was "always tied up with business." "it was all a mistake," they'll aside. (Associated Press Photo) MOVIES Loew's "Pocketful of Miracles," Miracles," 11:30, 1:55, 6:45 and 9:10. Palace "The C o m a n-cheros," n-cheros," n-cheros," 11:45, 3:05, 6:30 and 9:55. Paramount "Flower Drum Song," 11:30, 2, 4:30, 7:10 and 9:45. Regent "The Errand Boy" 1:20,4:10,7:05,9:55. Cinema "Carry On Conk-table," Conk-table," Conk-table," Conk-table," 6, 7:50 and 9:45. Fine Arts Bill Travers In "Invasion Quartet," 7:25 and 9:30. Little "Call Me Genius," 1:40, 3:40, 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30. Lyell "Devil at 4 O'clock," 7 and 9:20. Monroe "This Is Cinerama," Cinerama," 8:30. Riviera "Babes in Toy-land," Toy-land," Toy-land," 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Capri, E. Roch. "The Devil at 4 O'clock." Waring "Blue Hawaii," 7:15 and 9:15. Empire Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In "Blue Hawaii," "Man Trap," and "Battle of Blood Island." Lakeshore Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In "Blue Hawaii." "Blood and Roses" and "Too Soon to Love. ho Mi. TnanPtti Ito Ik'ng no itlg for Mi. 3 BIG HITS TON ITE Elvil rVnlty, Joan llickmjd 1' "BLUE to HAWAII" Jtffrty Hunttr, Sttllj S'.v.nt 2. "MAM TRAP" Hon K.nntdy, Richard Davon 3. "BATTLE OF 10:4S TONIGHT BLOOD ISLAND" & iuc,, vT.t Love ' Quartet' Todays Opener a adventurous movie, Fine one of take teach for where show drama tomorrow. springtime Pari-sienne Pari-sienne Moreau) to do appear Errand week, Let's Bette in a of is in mob ro "Carry On, Constable" is headed for a third week at the Cinema. The comedy deals with the plight of a police force temporarily afflicted afflicted by a scourge of civilian civilian reserves, called up in a flu epidemic. Paramount is continuing "Flower Drum Song," a third-week third-week third-week occupant which tells of young love and old family in Chinese San Francisco. Francisco. The Palace has "The "Comancheros," with John Wayne, also in the third week. LAST 2 WEEKS! TONIGHT AT 8:30 SAT. 2:30 & 8:30 ttndtr ftn 12 3W CHILDREN 1 Res. Seats For All Perfs, Box Office Open 10 to 10 DOWNTOWN Box-Offic. Box-Offic. Box-Offic. Manger Cigar Stand Democrat and Chronicle Rochester, N. Y., Frl.,Jan. 5, 1962 12 mnra iooo cms mt mucins Elvis Presley in "BLUE HAWAII" 7.15 & 9:15 P. M. m s & m Carmen's A 1 1-American 1-American 1-American RESTAURANT IAST ROCHESTER, N. T. Butty A Hcklm, Iht Dionnn, Entertaining FRIDAY & SATURDAY NITES FOC3 SERVED ZtlLf johm reckless mumm... V!irtirflf CLASHING IH 4 KIHGDQN 1 S.;jJ- S.;jJ- Ukoshfp uapvin COLO t, DC LUU ClIMi mi ! mmiaiwjJlSS. Ti BKO GiFT TKXET BOOKS m-Uu m-Uu m-Uu $3 $VS10 GL 8-8523 8-8523 8-8523 Spenetr Tracy la Frank Sinatra "THE DEVIL at FOUR O'CLOCK" Filmed in Hawaii in Eattman color Skowa at 7:00 A f :24 P. M. i Ifiqpu mm jcssna FINE ARTS I""! 3rd LAFF WEEK! aa , rgrpgM x f ""1 f py'MtiUkuii 3 BIG SHOWS TODAY fkiW SHOWN AT 6:00, 7:50 H i'V r AND 9:45 1 Carries on where Jc-di' Jc-di' Jc-di' "CARRY ON NURSE" left off! I STARTS TOMORROW MORE HITCHCOCK THAN HITCHCOCKI In Person! One ISight Only! SafiiTiiat, J (in. l'.Uh ARTHUR FIEDLER Conducting a Program of Sparkling Koston Pops Favorites ORAZIO FIHGOM, Piano Soloist Orchestra of 60 EASTMAN THEATRE SE4TS .NOW AT BOX OFFICE 11.75, (2.00, $2.50, 3.00 it f.t Lit 6-1 6-1 6-1 100 rnrnnirt mnnu 47l rnLumu rnHnun DICK CLARK J'. INAR&IIN EDDIE ALBERT Shown 8:33 -2nd -2nd itq Hit STEEVE REEVES !07&aK At 7ft 10:15 Mm hUSnmCOWT I ii CrMITU AT -i-X -i-X -i-X -i-X : I STARTS r. RoSer I 1 The J., if I 1 PerKiLrcr pc - 1 Sg fcwW W!8VMSKirMIONWlff.K)(iiu cauw-MAUI cauw-MAUI cauw-MAUI HMOCH MT UH J I -m -m Ftotur at 7:30 9:30 ' ' Complt Ptrfarmanct at 7:00 and :0S U ti v - -sv -sv v v v y ' v'---- v'---- v'---- v'---- ..'.". v.v.' .vnwwww itlw w rt.x 1 1 i,n,flr;w.;.-J i,n,flr;w.;.-J i,n,flr;w.;.-J 3 Cii'ic M title Aitoelatlon Pretentatlon l Tahse, a seen signed in Shakespeare presented in 15 tour the The is and preparing They Juan thus is the and and treatment also the Sergeants." the "Two "Fiorel-lo!," preparing for which hopes late shop-ing shop-ing The Jerry a "Its revelation of how and why it was ail done makes for a stylishly turned and diverting adventure." -Wilr, -Wilr, N Y. Tmtt '4 :4T i English Dialog at 1:45 3:45 5:45 7:45 9:40 km mm It ANNS MOREAU. tior of The lovers . "A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TENSE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER." -Baify -Baify n.. "Crisp, Clever film." -gum, -gum, douy m LAST DAY: "CALL ME GENIUS" DOORS OPEN 12:30 7:00-9:00! 7:00-9:00! 7:00-9:00! v1 5 SHOWS AT 1:00 4 rd. X e) Wk. -V -V I wee? A. 1 S i I -i -i J 'I 'M ' V' i U '-try '-try '-try m 1 rl II -: -: . i s.. MalffDisiteii presenu VICTOR HERBERTS RAY BOLGER - TOMMY SANDS ANNETTE-ED ANNETTE-ED ANNETTE-ED WYNN, 9S0W. mm mi TOMMY KIRK KEVIN CORCORAN HENRY CALVIN GENE SHELDON .. SATURDAY A Shine Thfatre OPEN TODAY 11:30 A.M. GLENN FORD BETTE DAVIS HOPE LANGS ARTHUR OTJONNELL NOW THE BATTLE FOR FIRST PLACE! TONITE 'AMERKS' vs. BUFFALO BOX OFFICE OPEN 'til IN THE FUNNIEST CAPER FF?ANK CAPRA EVER PULLEDI 1 ml i ma Tt PANAVISWN' COLOR I 1 Jk FRANK CAPRA'S Poctfu! Piracies iiusn tw uHirrs mwi HELD OVER 2nd WEEK 5 5 t teeeM )k vssaw 1 GAME 11 TIME t n 5. Games Played at The ROCHESTER War Memorial 8:00 K. a THE BIG, BAD BARONS! Sunday 'AMERKS7 vs. CLEVELAND 7:30 GAME TIME ROCHESTER DEMANDS A 4th SMASH WEEK! ItSThe Nut-At Nut-At Nut-At His Nuttiest! CRASHES HOLLYWOOD- HOLLYWOOD- ' RIGHT THROUGH THE VJ LAUGH BARRIER! ly- ly- Asj j lit DICK WESSON BRIAN DONLEW-HOWARO DONLEW-HOWARO DONLEW-HOWARO McNEAR DOORS OPEN 3 A. Lift. mhfmgs of (knee - f . .... fSMAIltll n,n !!! M IASTIMN COLOR i?3asK,JW BROWN FRANCES RAFFERTY NOW SHOWING 3rd RECORD-SHATTERING RECORD-SHATTERING RECORD-SHATTERING WEEK! a ROSS HUNTER SSL JOSEPH FIELDS RODGERS&HAMMERSTEINS most joyous Broadway Musical Love Story! .. Heart-warming Heart-warming Heart-warming romance.. .fabulous . splendor...tlie magic of San Francisco's exotic Chinatown! V ' v. NANCY KSVAN 7 IAMLL1 CU ntTA k h as m m m m m m i f m m m m w n m m bhb IYIIIUUII u v Lm STARRING JUANUA HALL JACK SOO BENSON FONG and (g'"'V 'tL!"" '".V ''IBf- ''IBf- V"'r-;j V"'r-;j V"'r-;j ir LATE SHOW SAT. NITE

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Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)05 Jan 1962, FriMETROPOLITANPage 12
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