Marital Troubles

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Marital Troubles - WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3. 1933. Marital Troubles The...
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3. 1933. Marital Troubles The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch Daily Magazine Of the Kahn Boys ceased. that, overboard. waves for a and glance graveyard been before bad in the idea of warily steamship to the twice he on are his love whom 15 been banditry," made Argels' Ambouyna actress. bring failed, assassin, warns one One is a Dignified Disciple of His Wealthy Father, the Other Is a Saxo-. Saxo-. Saxo-. phone Tooter, But They Both Failed ' at Marriage. not, at that time, very far along announced that so long as his fain fain his finacial career. ther objected to public perform- perform- He had graduated from Prince- Prince- ances, he would not appear, and so ton University, and then entered he confined his activities to sitting the banking business. Instead of next the bass drums, urging hU taking advantage of his father's orchestra to do its best position to obtain a sinecure, he began in a small way with a Job as HE paternai objections were clerk for a national trust company. I rem0ved. however, when the He worked his way up, and in 1930 A father realized that Roger had was made a partner of the firm of considerable talent, and the orches-Kuhn. orches-Kuhn. orches-Kuhn. Loeb & Co. tra played night club and vaude- vaude- Everything seemd to be going ville engagements until Roger was well for him, and the Gilbert able to open his own night club in Kahns, who have a three-yearrold three-yearrold three-yearrold 1926." daughter, appeared to be having a lt was a &ran(J affair.. called by very happy time of it. until the the pretentious name of "Le Per-newspaper Per-newspaper Per-newspaper notice. roquet de Paris." There was a The marriage and career of Rog- Rog- mirror on the dance floor: therei GILBERT KAHN . . .him marriage failed after 8 yearm. NEV YORK. Aug. 2. er was not nearly so conventional, were tables with glass tops, 'and gold fish swimming underneath; there were six parrots on hand; In fact, both contained a decided element of romance. First, Roger, now 24 years old, did not follow in his father's foot- foot- etena tT o nna rAntlw inherited thft THE two sons of Otto H. Kahn, mu3ical oC hSs father. where patrons of art international Gllbert inherited the financial in-financier in-financier in-financier and millionaire, were terests and so early aiapiayed an allowed to follow their own incli- incli- lnterest ia musia Not however, nations in the choosing of ooth grand opera such fc3 appeal6d to careers and wives. Gilbert, the OUo a Kahn but Jazz He took eldest, became a banker like bis tne saxophone, and when only father, and married into his own 1? organize(1 hls pwn orchestra. There was considerable parental JT "V 1 ' ' - t ' V-v V-v V-v Iff . V 1. S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- S,i'-''-''':-- i i i ,. i social set. Roger Wolff, the young er, became a jazz musician a.nd married a show girL One would opposition at first. appearance of the The opening orchestra was rant with a cabaret program by eight young ladies who were not told and defiantly. and You to suggested. there but afraid "If on a here on he con an Condi here Robinson here, I was are alone deal irrele into and expect, under those circumstances ...v,,,.,., fnr tt Kw VfrV -tfln -tfln mat Dorn wouia De iree oi trou bles, and so they apparently nave, so far as careers are conceded. However, despite the great difference difference in their marital ventures, ivith have had domestic upsets within a month of each other. The cause of the breaks of Loth sons with their wives have not ieen divulged, but that the breaks ere definite and unquestionable beoatne known in a very explicit manner. First Roger inserted a paid advertisement advertisement in a New York iaper announcing to the world that there after he would not be responsible for any obligations incurred by nis wife, and then Gilbert issued a sim ilar notice in a similar manner. Gilbert Kahn had been married eight years before his domsstic trouble came to an open break; Roger only one and one-half one-half one-half yeais. Gilbert, who is now 29 years old, was married in 1924 to Miss Anne Elizabeth Whelan, whose iather, Charles A. W'heian, beads a national national chain of cigar stores. The marriage was entirely conventional in keeping with the Kahn social position. The engagement was an nounced at a bridge luncheon vith Miss Whelan's mother as hostess, and the wedding took place at a fashionable New York hotel, with a wedding cake seven feet nigh shared by guests who made up a large portion of. the Social Register. Register. if-' if-' if-' ' k ' ROGER WOLFE KAHN . . . preferred preferred saxophone to banking. LYDIA LINDGREN . . got nothing. rpHE only thing about the match 1 there were society and stage celebrities celebrities on hand for the opening night, with a $25 cover charge. The opening was delayed, at first, because on the scheduled night a fuse blew out, and the goldfish under the tables were not properly lighted. The orchestra was led by Roger, who also had charge of hiring the entertainers for his cabaret. One whom he employed early in his night club venture was Hannah Williams, a pretty, slender auburn-haired auburn-haired auburn-haired special entertainer, and Roger and Hannah became good friends. However, there was no romance The elder Kahn was vet Thev were twn mued, but HANNAH WILLIAMS , married Roger suddenly, left him mame way. there stie married Charles Kaley, Roger had taken up artation who also was an orchestra leader, following the closing of his night but not a millionaire's son. club. He had tried to round up Roger returned from Europe, the best dance orchestra in the went back to his orchestra leading, city, and though on tour the or- or- and gave signs of more than a chcstra received as much as $5000 passing interest in Virginia Franck, a week and Kahn was paid $500 a Broadway dancer. There were each for phonograph records, hlgii even r-nors r-nors r-nors that they would salaries and lack of patrons on a marry, but the afffair passed over, $5 cover charge ate up the profits, and Roger took up aviation. He sold out. and took up aviation long enough to learn to fly. Then ABOUT that time, 1927. ha went back t0 directing an or- or- Hannah's first marriage ended chestra. in an annulment, and Hannah The first knowledge to the ex and her sister toured in vaude- vaude- tent of the interest of Hannah Wil liams and Roger Kahn in each other , came when the producer of "Sweet and Low" announced she was leaving the show in February, 1931. Then it came out that in January Hannah and Kahn had been married. The marriage was not an elope ment, it merely was unannounced. It took place at the Kahn home here, with only members of the family present. When Hannah quit the show business, at her husband's request. Otto Kahn made a formal announcement to a group of friends of the family, and the young cou pie settled down to housekeeping Until. the break, when Hannah moved into a hotel suite and ac cepted an engagement at Central Park Casino. The elder KaEn is having his own worries, besides those of his sons, Last year Mmei Lydia- Lydia- Lindgren, a Swedish singer, sued him for $500,-000, $500,-000, $500,-000, charging he had failed to keep several financial agreements he had made with her. She alleged that in 1928 Kahn had established a $150,000 trust fund for her benefit, and had failed to keep his agreement to replenish it. She asked $130,000 on that ' ground. She asked an additional $30,000 w-hlch w-hlch w-hlch she said represented an in- in- U 1 1 U IwVrlft ... ham htm troublem, come of $3000 annually for. 10 to- to- years provided for her in Kahn's will, and which she felt she should ville in a sister act Later Hannah nave then. The remainder she obtained a part in the musical asked as compensation for settling comedy. "Sweet and Low." and a slander suit against Mme. Julia looking dance witll the elder Kahn's means, Gilbert and his bride annn.mred I V I Bobbin. Coons 0 HOLLYWOOD. Aug. j FTEN the big problem lB feature comedy is not the semblin; of funny mater but the' paring down of excess matter to make the story film-able. film-able. film-able. Mack Sennett, who bad nearly a dozen different writers laboring over his new fea- fea- lr I -"'V -"'V f I -: -: : iiWi y ture. "H y p n o- o- 1 1 z e d . for months, found this situation ap parent lo an exceptional exceptional degree.' In fact sev- sev- ...... I 4 ...... iiSO waier MAblS SENNET; sequences. In volving sharks, whales and a 1: already completed in advai may not be used in the final p; ductlon, but will be seen, no dou in future comedy releases. . Virtually all comedians, notai Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, tv. themselves in the same predid ment and are forced to disca much funny stuff for footage t: is funnier. M: overlv clad . -Jb -Jb . ilV J V 1 1 O B i I! 17 V u - C ,n aim eacn or ratner. ne naa youngr folks in tlfe show business, nee.n in r-aim r-aim r-aim lur lie arrived th AntcHa A . m i . . " w miuw VVllllVllUUB. menu insieaa oi living in accor- accor- , tv.i ti v. . . . - ... . -.i.. -.i.. . T-i.. T-i.. T-i.. mimaii o iniucf was tx ciiauiieur, uecame lamous as cue singer oi v-iauaatu, v-iauaatu, v-iauaatu, ucia dmi, a. jcluu a i c xoung jvahn, was on the pro- pro- and her mother worked as a "Cheerful Little Earful," a song quest. v- v- ..... " T ...... ' . euaiu a a. sa.iopnuui&w uui ne meater usner,- usner,- in a small Pennsvl- Pennsvl- that became nonular with stage ine case was dismissed xor iacK are the " ,J" w VuuWU UCUui, vania mining town, shortly after and radio audiences. for ' 1" p. . ' , mex" for otto Kahn hastened to the res- res- Rdger went to Europe Hannah in "Sweet and Low" that she and but since then a new trial has been made unT a3 taurant and saw Roger. The latter went to Chicago to find work, and Roger renewed their friendship. ordered. that I Cham- Cham- Pined out. '1 do not receive vlsit-bers vlsit-bers liberty." ors at sucn an hour. I have lis- lis- i.iidn icnea to wnat you nave to say. I have given you my answer and told EANWHILE, "Hypnotized" under way, inaugurated w a trip to Ensenada, whi gave Charlie Mack (of Moran an a chance to get married, everybody, especially Mack, happy at last. Especially, too. I might add, t silver-haired silver-haired silver-haired Sennett himself, v- v- works harder than anyone elsejf his lot, and is toying like a to: parent with each "scene of this r brain-child brain-child brain-child of his. It's safe to say that nobody e Joys a Sennett comedy more th; Mack does while he's making After they're finished he scam bothers to look at them more th. once. " Every movie, whether the dire tor so wishes or not, has a hsi 1 heroine may die, the hero be tak off with the mumps, the big i mance may perish cold but it i winds up, and happily I'd say, ; mon?, That's because at M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M M-G-M at way all the raw silver reclaiir. from thousands of gallons ' "hypo" fluid used in actuati: chemical on film is preserved 1 a monthly consignment to t: Government mint. SO the next time you own new dime you might consid that it s nrobably a uan love-scene love-scene love-scene or a "Schnozzle Dt ante" wise-crack wise-crack wise-crack that's going buy your hamburger for the ti You might think that all actc love applause, and most of tht do. Paul Muni honestly doesr He likes appreciation, but han clapping it annoys him. In rec years he has consistently ref Jf to step out of character to knowledge it. For that reason, of course, : prefers pictures to the stage. N body applauds on a movie set, sic there isn't any audience but t camera and fellow-workers. fellow-workers. fellow-workers. Sheer Blue Chijjon Mrs. Silas Strawn of Chicago v seen on a recent visit to Wasl-j Wasl-j Wasl-j Ton in a oress or sneer viue cm. with a vest of white chiffon. E hat was white and blue- blue- that you neither of you give me credit for brains. Did it never occur occur to you as being a very unlikely Imitation Flowers Many smart women are wearing Brocaded Velvet Heavy net with a brocaded all-over all-over

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch03 Aug 1932, WedPage 26

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)03 Aug 1932, WedPage 26
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