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Horace Matlock on trial - THE DALLAB DAILY HEBALI), Y0L.XXXV1. DALLAS,...
THE DALLAB DAILY HEBALI), Y0L.XXXV1. DALLAS, TEXAS, SAIUROAN, JANUARY 3,-lf6. 1J? KSTABLlBtlH.!) KM PK1CK FIVE CENTS NO. 60. hPERA HOUSE TWO NIGHTS, R10AY AND SATURDAY, Ad Saturday Matisse, i January 2 and 3, 1885. e Fashionable Event of the Season. ,nly Conipnny having the sole and ex- LslverigiitUi Ihe groat Union Square Tho- ke Success, by Brunson Howard, the At Played Over 1,000 Timet I1TH A CAREFULLY SELECTED CAST. All the Original Grand KffteU. The Scenery eni rl-d by this Company la a Special Feature, pnlutrd from the original lodels The original Music , Magnificent ostuines and a Cas specially selected lo lu- rprot, man artlstlo manner, this, the most autltul of.m di rn plnys. Reserved enali on salo at Box Office throe ay In ailVHnce. AME-t F CltUHHEN Manager. p. W. lIAURI"ON Business Mm nger. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF HIK At the Close of Business, Wcdnosday, Dec. 31, lottl. TtESOUUCES. Loans and discounts. . . . Overdrafts Expenses paid Furniture and fixtures . Ciwihon IiiiikI fiuo from banks subject to our slghtdrufls I3B.34S Us fii) 0-J 5,373 II 07 IL'j.tMtl MAIULITIES. Capllnl and surplus I'rolHs, net, 1J months in,ri2 is 21.077 J 2,.V!) 15 fil 421 67 Deposits ... . . Demand ciTlillcitc. Duo bunks mid bankers. t bt.V.TO 4'l Ktnlitnf Texns, rnunly of Pallas: I, ltmnl A. Ferris, Cashier mid Sccrctnvy or the above limned hank, (l.i Miileiniily swear Ihut Ihe alsivo statement l correct totho best of my knowledge uml belief. Uoyai. A . Kkkhis, Coslilei and S eretnrv. L. s. Sworn tn and subscribed before me wis January 1. l.v.V i II s. Prkii. Tn k Kit, Nolnry Tublle. Dallas Ommtv, Texas. 11. 1 Mil & Co. DECKER Hit OS. II A IX ES It It OS. J. nii'IC. FIsniER. J. I). PHASE & CO. PIANOS ESTKY AND ItlMHA. L.L, ' Fo Ca a ogans, Lnwo-t JPrices an ! Bet Termr, call i d or address WILL. A. WATKIN & CO. Herald llullillnir, Main Hir.-et, Dallas W.CMoarus:, I John Y. Kaxkik. Mamwcr: wecii-tiirv; Kslatihshc.l iH7i, KsliiblWic.l I9. C. J. Tan.n Aiui.b, Assistant Mngr a..d Tr.aa, W. C. MOKM.VJi Land mi Cat Co. llrownwnod. Hrown I'oiiiity, Texas. Kauelies In Mcl.oiitinn and Limestone ou mm Mr iirec il g and suiti .1 all kinds oi took. l-u'.uslm sae hi puoitltie- 'o suit Surunois In ii ii v portion oi I hu slate, tlau Islands rati,e And horse on commission. Titles examined ami iM-rfected. faxes paid on lands any whom In the state. Abstractor sues renu. te.i owners or abstract of title prior the ' urulng of tue nss.nls of hrown ounly, IKHI Minif y to loan on long term ol year at a low ralo of In'tirad on uml unit land nobs. Farms lor sale and lo rent. Fine ranoi rnim s,ui o link iicns lor sale with plenty of water, tm s a d good pro ntlon at buna lis ''omi.nndnnce lleited. UeHt mere n" giV 'n wnen ieiiinl. C. Q-. PORTIER & CO. BDTIrtS OIP ides, Wool! ETC., ETC. Corner Lean ird and Voniinrrrn Btreete, opposite Howard till Mill, EaHt OnlltiH, Toxnts. P.O. Roi i7 ITxi.rciioNit No. m oaIiVkktITS, a"i:xH, i f. O. HmW. CntTMindiiw ami ('inislfnivnta ollrlted SCHOELLKOPF & CO. Maauraetnroraaiid DwUnmlts I Uiihw, SIiimi Fiydiii and Mikj Uardw in. md am -. . ... . .... .. gWm DAUGHTER ! fi OF 1UK fEXCIillE Bffl j . 1 J 1 UXAS, TKXAS, l( Aud Wholesale Doalera In 1 1 VAIAjAS, TKXABi 1884. THE ;argai OF DALLAS. Extend to one and all the COMPLIMENTS OP THE SEASON, and take this opportunity of thanking our customers for their liberal patronage during the past season. For the Ne.w Year we intend to further merit your support by offering a series of Bargains never before equalled, and as -we are now taking inventory, we are seven days below New York cost. So call early for anything in DtvY GOODS, HOSIERY, BLAN KETS, COMFORTS, CLOAKS and SUITS, FANCY GOODS, MILLINEY and our BEST WISHES FOR A. THE BA.rtC3 - i wm A. E. HAPPY wmm MOMS, 714 Elm St mm u THIS WEEK TO MAKE ROOM. All goods advertised below will be pi iced on tbe jeounters and show wsesso aa to ENABLE OS TO MEET THE RUSH AT THESE PilCES. 15,000 yards Ottoman Ribbon, all colors, at 5o, 10e, lie per yard, former price 10a 00 yards Assorted Colored Satins nt 10c por yard, former prlco 1,5(10 yards Assorted Colored Velveteens at 46e per yard, former price yar Is Assorted Colored Hllk Velvet nt f 1 15, former prlco U0 yards Assorted Colon d l'lushosut 76o per yard, former price JWU) yards Assorted Colored Dress Goods at 5c per yard, former price 2,110 yards Assnrlod Colored Dress Uoods, nil-wool fllllna, at 1.1c, former price 2,iKl0 yards Assorted Colored Cai-linieres at 40c, former price S.isJO Kreinh Felt llata, all coloix and stylos, ic, foimer price 800 Plush and Velvet Covered lints and Bounetsat 75c, former price 1,000 Trimmed Hats, all styles, nt yourown prices to close themout, ltlO Ladles' Merino Vests at 5Uc and 73c, former prices 83o to Hr, PoslUTely at these prices before taking stock. E. BAU 706 Elm Street, We have jut raoelTed anoUwr owIimmI of fferat VKKT LOW FRICKH, Call and tee them. We soil on Installments. All or safes are mod of the Beat Material, and from the latest patents, and are abolotl F?R PWNiF Wo alao baTe asm Fire aad Borflar-Froof Haiti on na.1. Coll and ae ai at Ta Kim Bt, 1885. M HOUSE selling goods lor the next BOOTS and SHOES, with 1ST 3D IISr HOUSE. T to 25o ..I 76 .. to .. 1 75 .. 1 .. 80 .. .. 1 60 .. 1 60 Dallas, Texas. riHK-FKOOF 8AFBB, whloh we are able to BAUMAN'S MAN NATIONAL KKWS AUlES A Soldier that Went on a Christmas Spree With Army Funds TURNS UPO. K.AND SURRENDERS UiS Butch of Figures Puraded Show What to uncle saws debt amounts to A I.itetd explanation of the DiflT rences Jteln-een the liui Me it ml I be Senate, With Opiuiun hat they Will Continue riiehanged, MORE ABOUT THE RECEPTION. Wuxliiiiginn No'es. SOi.DII 11 y 1 UK'S SrtlKE. Washing imn, Jan. i.T iy master W. II. Smythe, wln (lin.iip.ii'e.il Irotit S:i-vamili with J5.000 govern meut luinls, appt nred nt tho w r ilopartiiieut to tl 'V aim viiiiiiitariiy S'irri iutnreu nimseil to the payu.HHtor general. He tiuiu'il over ii),M ot tho inonev ourned oil by him aiitl hit piy for 1). - eetuiier, fK), ana .flUil was paid tor him tiy a trionil, iimknij tlio lull Hinoiiiit. Mai. Stnvilio Have ho went oil' on a npi n on L'liriHtm is unit know nothing i.i his unburn until Im l.ninit hiiuselt in New Yoik. Ik' then li b uraiilied Ins rlork that no w.mlil it turn iiiniiedinlelv. Ho nltorwanlM, liowevor, conuiu.led to ennui to Waaliiiititoii unit report to the pay iiiiiMier-u,miei at. NO INMIItMAL, ('IIAKOKH Oil, LlniitetiHtit-Hoiu'rHl Hi.nrldan lias r-plied to Ooti. II.izhii, iiiliii-iiinj; him thai lei iillb lal U'ttino eitli llo l ilU'll of the in-lortiMl eharuHM Iih proierreil ugiiiiiat (Ion. MeKeover. If (Jen. Ilaanti winhos to iiii'-uo tlio uiattt r lurtlii r, It will b iitiochH ry lor liim t i utiier lotuial eluum s ami s(K'iti.ii inn a. M.lliK AI OUT 111 K It UKI'I'ION. At tlio pruMiinia's h im piion at the wnllo houxo yrMirda.v thu diplomatic representatives, hulli whito uiul uulored, many iieing in mil uiiii.inii, c tllid aim p tiil In ir rtapOL-tN. Ai 1 oVlouk tuc tjitijieio,' roeepiiiiii Iman. This ooiitiii-iii (I till '2: 15, lining all Uio lima allotoii lor tlio eitizeins to their ri-Npuuia ti. tlio iresitlctit. Id preaenltttivui ol'al-most alt grades of widely passed 1I1101114I1 tlio vitiiuu 1p.iiI.iim. Thu oin-ployiM ol tlio i'xitu in. niHUHion wciv 1 lie last, liifxti ml tli . Nu.v Year's grenl iiijs to tho cliiei eicciii ivo. When Hie penp o liad (. ,iu t( J ; , . mesiilMiil call' (I tor Ii s llui'ic hntl Idul; u aiiint ride. Ilo icliirn. (I 10 Hi. -wliiia lions ; and diiit'il Willi tl:e niuiiiliois of In. I.uiii y. Ne."ivUry KrcliiiKKuvso 1 enliirt.iino.l tlio tli). mi. tiic iMrj.n ol iircak usi. at 1-in. lin was -is-i:ci! ii .Mrs l'reliiitf UiiVMrii ami inn din, uii-r-, wlin had loll tlio leoepli.in at. tho l.iln house. Al I p. 11.. 11 K'"iierHl , "t-i.il'iu liPL'an ai tll homo ol tli- s 1 111 v of statu. Ail 1,10 cabin. I la lies, 1 Ii ill'-o vcpiinn 1,1 Mrs. Lincoln. iii.aj 111 alii r recently d:e.l, cniert.i in d 11 . a 1 iluriii tint uf. eiii.. 11 hi (1 ovciiin, . Mrs i-eu, Slior-i l.iii, .Mrs A I mi. .11 i' .r'i i an I a nuiii- tier 01 wives 01 cou,:i.!.siiioii ul.so i- ceivetl. Oil 1 WI1AVOL1 :. i !. -M KKHS. TIlH Slltr hrtWI 't 1C, ,.:! of ailtK'.'il liisio (tnr it ' inoiit.i- lli.ii) lietwci-u the Iioiimo and aeimio si oni to increase rather than diminish, it has readied 11 J. tree in w hiuh ii ti li' Nuiitiinont uml ulllliiitiotiH are niiiiK in Iho opp jtiioii of 1. 110 Iiiiiiko to tlieoiM. r. IlKMuCltAIS A.Nll KM'l:i'.l,IOlN4 OFTIlU llot'HK Join incoiidcniiili u iim aetutto f rwhal they u rin h ilispiisifiii.i to usurp tlio on-'iro Ih:kI.iIivo I'uiicli.iiih oi ini(rchN. H'i pnm.iiioiil a 11 pii'Mjinalivo as Mr. llolinau said to-ilay tli.it iiudor tlio en eroai linioiits i,i tho Honute thu couHiitu: ion.it niuihoilsi of .euislalion was lelin; jirailuully re iiiKi il. Said ho: "llaii'nf tho revenue hills now con-K IV. mi tin. sennit', wlinriutH k" I ot'liiciu (.hnuld ortgiiiulu in the house." An. .tin r ropresenlatiVB sitting by, fluid: "Yes, tlio senate wants to bosh overythine;. Senauus, in order to keep theim-iilves l:i plaeo and power, aro try-int; lo run muikIi-mIioiI iiVnrtlin house." AWIltu 1 UK SKN 'tOHS tho (ipiiiiini seems tiii.iiiiiiiuus tint tho hotisM is arliiiraiy ai.il iliotatoriul, and tin ess tlio reuute -hall staiiil linn in the assei'tioii uf lis litflit-, it minlit ua well, as 0110 senator put 11 lo-.uy, "be content to ait hero and pass onlv a. tell bills as the li.uiso chooses to sen. I o or." This feeliu . does notariiiui well lor an Hiiucanle an llciiient of tho disputed nuvat appropriailoiiH. Cl.dSK Kill 1 N OS UK Mil. R N DAbL opt-Illy ileclaro it to be Ins purpose to maintain the grand ho haa taueii on that RtijdMc.t, veil ih.itijj;!) It may reatilt in tiib failure to sppropriate lor the present Heeds of tile navy. On tlio Iioii-o aide the prediction is freely made that the senate will back down, aa it did on the nsval bill nt the last session j but even in the Iio-.ihu an Udy tccliiitf dh'iiii to be art-inn over the inter-slate uouuuereo bill. A OuuiiHTatio iiietniier today said ton Star reporter: There are b'kooiI many m ho do not want legislation for the re-Kulafoii ol railroad truffle; there are perhaps more ineu in eonnross, either Uiroetiy or Indirectly lNTKHK-TEU IN RAILROADS:. than is generally supposed, aud ail that elasa is violently opposed to any such legislation. I have lie rd Home pretty 8U0114 talk 011 the subject, and I predict now that congress will not do any-tliliiK this bcshIoii beyond passing tlio appropriation bills. Mil. HI.A.ND AM) IH. JIUOKIHRR. The same paper haa the billowing: Mr. Hlaml, chairman of the lioiiso comtniltee on eiiimt, wolutita and uieaiiies, says lie does not think the committee will report Mr. liuckuer's bill fur the suspension of the coinage ol silver dollars lavorsblv. The coiinuit-tee inept next Wednclay to ctiJier the subject, and .Mr. Dliinil will oppose the bill, lie says w liunevet ther.- ahall be any s'lvor leglsliitiou It 11 .list be togivo iinllinlieil coinage to ail ver.but the question Hliould bo let hIoiiu this session. Mil. m'mim.an said to a reporter that he does not bnllove there is the least probability or the paMsane or any act remriotiiur Hilvor col uitRo this session. Ho says so far iih the houso Is coiicerne-l, oven if the Htickner bill shotil be reported from ihe roimii eoniinitiee, It would not pass. Ho thinks there would be twii-thii'ds or the vote of the Iioiimm against it. Mr. McMillan doea not believe Hindi a bill would pass the senate Tollhouse coiuiiillipe on coin a ire slissl flvototiveon ttin Ituekner lull, until the arrival of Clialrinsn Bland. Ilia presence makes the committee stand six In live aualust the bill! so there is verv little proapoct of its getting out of me eiiiiiiniiiee. Till! H !VTK FIMANl'R COMMIITKB havn a j reed to dclcr consideration ol the silver qoeatlon nnill the arrival of -en-ator Jones, of Nevada, wh Is ex"o ed very eoon utier tliereasienibllnguf on-gross. mniAM rt ntrmnii Out. Bteyeuiou, of the bureau of eth nology, who reoently spent several iiiontlis in ihe west, tuts brought back the largest and uiost diverse oollectiou ol ol j u R illustrative of the home life, industries and religious customs or the Pueblo I ndisns ever before made. Thev ill be fcoui u tho Now Orleaus exposV tion. FOR KOtlTtFICATIONS. The sub committee i.f the h'Umo com-luitlee oil appr priatious having In cli a rue tho for. iilr.t i-niH appropriation bill ii, tends to report lo the lull com- uiitteo the sumo uiea tire rep rted to the house by llm inaioi iiy of the appropriation collllliitlee last, session, wliicli appropiiiited about $7,0n,lXX. Iti'pieseniuine Sjifiii(;or, eUitlrnia.i or lliesub voiiiiiiitteo appointed toiuves- iigato tue coiitluot 01 Waishul Wright ai the Ohio eliHitn oi, today left Wash-ititttuu for Ciiiciiinati. Mea-irs. Van A'tityne and Mewart, the olh -r uietn-lei of tlio coiiimitteo. will meet Mr. Springer in that city. Tho investigation is to beiriu ou Monday uud cou-liniio two weeks. A HIUNAI, OIIHKK VATOItY CIIANOK. With Iho bcLiniilliK of the new vi.nr the tiino for takui; oliservittiotis by the Hignal aei vice was iiiaile eight minutes and twelve seconds earlier, ao as to conform to the standard or sevenlv- ft:th Meridian time, instead ol Wash-ingtou local time as heretofore. UI.N. HWA1M 8 TRIAL. The Swaiut coiiri-martial wss re sumed to-dny. ti, u. Swuiui made a number of ('.erections in tho report of his testimony, and his cross examina tion was then resumed, Uo Ictnitiedl tint he hotu stlv buiieves that Bateman it Co. owe him 1 limit fl.txiO. lie was shown a leuer wiiiten bv him from Kansas to Baluiiian.rcleriing to certain transiicliotis 111 tiicli llwy wore lit. 11 engaged, aud expressing the hope that! tliesu ti'ausauiioos wotiiii make up the losses thuy hail ausiaiutid iu the iwin-hoe and other iiauhuulioiis. Ho was asked what oilier Inssus were referred to in this letter, lie replied these were losses which lialeniuu knew about, and aiidi ii: "I also know et unothei- loss I didn't care to mention in this connec tion. It has nothing to do with this case." Witness denied having threat-oned lo "wjiict'iso" t'ol. Morrow at iho war department it iho brokers did not chip in and pay ins claim against Mor row. 110 icsiiiicti mat he Had heard lidin various suurws about Uatulnaii' alleged discreditable methods of noing business. Hudidiioi believe these reports ut Hie time, but buiieveil theiu ailei wards, w lioo he found 0111 thalsuh-a aulially iho sume tilings were being none iu his c.so. I no uiossexaiiiinaiion here closed and r.'-ilire.a began, but the dui l ailjuu.nud In line it was laiiiy under way. ii I K I' J, .Mi: I Kill. The following in the jmblic debt: s miflm oi 0 7LI), .IHi.llill 1HI,III,.SKI .ii.imo 14,i 11,111111 '.I'luinliug eerllfli'ute!! Navy pensions' luud ... .... Total Interest hearing debt. .Mai tire I debt la if -1 leiuleis I'ei'illleates.il'de' osl'. itoi.i a d siver ccrini.-al4js ... li'tacttonu currunoy Tol al without interi'Ht Tola dent (1,I1N,,1I7 4.'iU (l,.l.l,!l.'& !I-, S'Visi 2l,I.H,iHIII 2.'7,;:i,lil ll,lliT,M.I i.,:-i..l,:nlii.Mli l.MH, l,l.) Total Interest ; Cash lu the treasury ... .... Hem, Ic.-a 1 usii In tn, tr usury . . Increase du l.nf Ii cviiiljcr 1 lecivaso -b.ee .luiu -til tirreiit lliiluiltit interest due Hint uiipa.d I lent mi 11 hi.", liiK'i'Osl liasuuiised inure I ih reou 1 Id uud silver eet tllleaties United Mules notes lio.d lor re-deiuplto 11 (.crlliicalesuf deposit, ..' Crt-ii h. lance aviilla to ! 11,1 li-Vr.'.bfi l,-ll.n-,(7l III1..ISI 8,1s ,.ll, III l,IMl!-'JI U,;U,t,'i.i .lit,', i. !.,! n ii.ti.'ii 1,'i'l-,. T till . . S ta,7A,l70 Aviilliiblo assets and cash Iti tie aurv do. ids is-11 d to Pacific rullway c iiiira iv, interest p yable by Unllo.l Ht ites. prliii'lp.,1 otlt-lan Iiil, Intcestuu ru il ami not yet paid i 2,475,176 0l,t'2,!ll2 l,Uvs,,uj that 1110 t'OI'ION s IIK.MK In (Ictober last Secret urv Kreliug-hiivsin t.raiismitied Invitation- 10 a I f .reign govern tilents to send I 0;a'cs to purilcipate lit a m l Vcisal eottou eniivi ntiou, 10 be held in the gre it lull of Uio World 1 K.i.s-'ioi.,at New Orleans, ou February lo ii". l under the auspices 0' t 0 National Cotton i'tanlers' association, ot Amenci. It is snld at the sti-le depart incut that a large number ol governments have aceepied iuvit.iuon, among llieiu (Jreut llritaio, iiicluoing lnnirt, Kgypt, uml 'no lCnglisli colonies, llayti, It.t v, tho Netherlands, Norway and s.' . imii, Hawaiiii and Venezuela. The National Cotton Wlaiitcis associa-lias requestuil President Arthur to appoint two delegates from evcy congressional district in the union and a. ho bus hsUi d the gove'in.rs ot till the stales to appoint t(t doleuatcs from every county. Uiiitod Suites Commissioner L Ting Vvi I, tiv teipicst of Hie nssociailou, address inv itatloiis to all agricultural so-cii-iins in the United Males to send delegates, and Col. C. II. I'irknr, of NewOrleuns, secretary of the Naiiotial cotiou exchange, villi (111-le ivor to have delegatus sent by nil American aud lorelun exchanges. F. C. Moiehead, president ol thi N hiIoiihI Colto. 1 Planters' asso-ci u..n, now in tliis oily, says ii baa long Ii 'I'll the purpose of the association to nuke its next mi-inn l mo-ling tho nueli us lor a tiulvei sal cotton convention p. bo participated in by representative men of ll parts " the' world eng.g'd in grow-In, hand, log or tiniuifacturing cotiou, and likew Ism ihe Inventors and makers of improved iinplementsand appliances used or likely to prove useful lu the cotton indiiHi-y. Mr. Morehead says that while Hie convention is culled a cotton eiiiiventioii, il will inellldo all braiinkes of agriculture, because It la the aim of the association, byi' Sierlng diversilled industries, lo make cotton a surplus money crop. Ilo predicts that the convonlinil will have lryW delegates. Secretary Freliniihuy sen, lu his letter of lnvitstion to foreign governments, said: While the proposed convention Is tint by staluteol congress plac d under the patrousge ol' the Icderal govern ineiit, its relations to the World's Kxpnsliinti is siii'li as to make It pnvcr that this gov-eriniient should aid in all Hppropriatn wavs to uiaKe the con vent ion w bat It Is designed lo be su optsirl unity lor the mini tldrtuiin nf flaw ..I llit.iuut. Ia flula. I ..t..u I...... ull .....u ... .U...I.I gaitii ii.yiii nil ni .nui hull mil lu. On to Oklahoma, Calhweli., Ks , J 1111. 2.-0611. Hatch expects In im.ve on Oklahoma early next week. Seven troops of the ninth cavalry and 0110 tronf) of the twenty- nuiriu iniauiry aim torage stores for a inly days' campaign are being concentrated hero and sent to the front. There is no particular excitement here over the niatt'r. as Iho local boomers, having atiAiiilomietiud the idea of invasion, they await congressional e tloii. No couriers have arrived from the seat of war lu the past Tew days. The latest report Is that Lieut. Day is close to Crouch's colony, on the dinar-rou. Neither party I si rnng enough to capture the other. This child's plav will slop w hen Uen. Hatch strikes tile colony, H they do n t move peaceably. The Cnnint Conicih. NAsuv:i.i.r, Jan. a The return of Krlek' pomet. wm dlscoverel by Mr. V.. K. Harnsrd, at the Vaudnrbilt University observatory at 7:lTi, W-sh-Ingtou time, to-night. The position a 1. the time or d.sooverv was rluht as ceimb n, 21 hours, 61 inliiulss and M see- onus aeciinsiion, nortb degrees, 1 uituute ami M ecoiida, A MURDEROURS MANIAC. San Antonio Ilorrifted by tbe Ulocij M'orli uf Another SICK AND INSANE ASSASSIN. Result or lioraca JlatlorkN I'relimin-ary Examination. A MOB RUIN A RAILROAD TUNNEL Wilson, the Rapist, Denied a Xew Trial-Alleged Express Kotiber Captured, lu Conuueetlun With ttie Paeknge Mystery, THE DAY'S CRIMINAL RECORD. Another Murit.roue Maniac at Antonio. Han Awtonio, Jan. 2. Spoeial. -Francisco Arredondo, a poworful Mexican, who lives in the lower part of the eity, baa been suffering for some dnya with typhoid fever. This morning he became violent and swore that his family aud friends wore tryiug to poison htm. A physician was called, who placed Jose Valdez, a boy 1!) years old, to watch him. About 2 o'clock this evening Arredondo threw the cover off, drew a murderous knife irom under thu pillow, sprang to his feet mid exclaiming, "Viva la Mexieo," plunge 1 tho weapon in liis nurse's breast. He thou rushed on the street in bis underclothes and assaulted several clt'zotis whom he met. The doctor was sent for, and with the asslstau e of several nion, knocked him down, overpowered him, bound aud gagged him and took him to i ami locked him up, a raving ma- uo. V aldez cannot rocover. Itaplst Witsuu liuulml a New Trial, 811 nil 4 an, Jan. 2 -Hpei)Ul.l-The motion for a now trial in tho Wilson out rage case, after tnuuy p,)sLpoiioiiionts for the purpose of enabling the defendant to skirmish and ir possible ontain some evidence that might even tend to mitigate tho death penalty Inflicted, wus submitted to-day. irfiiigthv aiyu-meuts were made, but Judge Jlattbio eouiu not oe iiitiuo (I 10 see the mailer in tlio light presented by thcdcleiulaiit's aiUimeys, ami rolused to ilisturb the verdict of the ury. The new evidence that the (Icl'emlnnt expected to obtain 11 new trial on would, 111 the opinion of attcrnevs iuuiiiiur iiii inc cuse, valed thecase had jury trying him. ijiive only agia-U been before thu An app al will bo taken in lUn case, with ihe hope, but without the expocta-ilon ol reversing the Judgment. A HI oil Deslriiys a Itiillroad Tuunol. Coi.tlMnus, ()., Jan. 2. A Dispatch special says a mob Hied Jit l.stol tunnel, on the Shawnee division or the Lulta-more A Ohio road, early this morning, ml nearly 300 lent have caved iu, neoes-Sitiling a transfer of passengers. I n, guards wero run out by the mob and it Is tlio.ight ilyiiainiKi was used. The loss lo the company will reach thou-sands ol doll irs. James (I'Donuell was arrested atNewark while arrntiging tor the shipping of arms to thoso engaged in tiring ami destroying the property. Body Hamtcliera, St. Paul, Mi sit., Jan. 2. Iutonso ox- citetneut has boon crea'od at Choska, Carver county, by the arrest of Dr. Bhll-lock, a prominent physlulun ol that place, charged with body snatching. Paul Klilllotk, the doctor's brother, ami a fellow student at Minneapolis college hospital aro alleged to have been overtaken by Sheriff Dulolt mid pnsocattd compelled to abandon a body. That t'.xpies l'ackii; Myntery. iNPiANAroi.is.Jan . 2. This evening John O'Hara was arrested ou a charge of robbing the Adiinis Kx press company of the puekage or $3,sK) Inst Toon-day night and was committed to jail. It Is slated that O Hara s arrest la merely a blind, and that the olllcials have a clew, which they think w ill lead to the solution of the mystery. llnilook'a Examination. Arunoi js, Jan. 2.-ISpeclal.J The preliminary trial of lloraco Matlock for the murder or W. A. Youngblood was hold berore Justice llriiison to-day, and bis bond set at 3,.UK), which, at this writing, has not been given. I uarrnl uf Grn. Hancock s Sea. Rt. Louis, Jan. 2. Con. W. 9. flan-cock, accompanied by Lieut. Barber and Mr. Nicholas Gwynne, father of Mrs. Itussell Hancock, arrived here this morning. The body of Russell Hancock had already arrivi d and was at the Sum her 11 hotel." At 1:3(1 p. m. the body was tskrn to th church or the Messiah (Unitarian), where the ceremonies were connuetecl by Kev. Dr. Kl-llott, ciisncellor or Washington university, after which the tuueral cortege proceeded to Hello Fontaine cemetery, whom the remains: were placed in the tamlly vault. Uen. Hancock showed very pis nly tho suffering he had undergone since the news reached him of his son's death. Mrs. Hancock was too sick to make the journey rrom New York. Other members or tho family taking part in the solemn services, were Mrs. itussell Hanoock, the widow, her three children, Ada. Uwvnneand Myra, Mrs. Laura Tester and Miss Ada Uwyiine, a sister of the lareaveo laay. 1 hern were eight pall bearers, personal friends o' the deceased in this city. Uen, II uncock will probably return to New York to-night. State Capital Notes. Austin, Jan. 2. Special. Chartered: The SaltWorks and Tattle company, nf Albany, Texas; capital stock $100,000; Incorporators, T. C. Stcrrctt,T. M. Hich-ids, N. II. Burns. The Tyler Cottonseed oil mill: ca.ilul stock S.'iO.OOO. The report or tlio financial agent of tue penitentiaries for tne innntn or M) veinber shows the following: Cash on hand November I IIMI lit eel vetl from II untsvllln prison H7,W5 Kwelved troni Husk prlsou I7( To'al IM.M0 DIs' ursed st Rusk S T.4HI Dbbursedst Huntsvlile 1 iilvlt To'al .tmn Bs la ice on hand D'crmber 1 t 8 net The weal her continues cold anil disagreeable and work on the cspltol and oiuer uunuiiigs naa suspended. The I tn of Ihe Luna. Pbilai blphia, Jan. 2. Two Norwegian sailors ente-ed tho office) o' Mart Weslergasrd, the Norwegian counsel, to-day. These were the only anrylvert of the bark Lena, which went to pieces Vfl 'I Ishutd, Virginia, on Sunday last. Ihey relate that dpt. A bert Mortenseiie.of Hendal, Norway, when the bar,, sailed, lost Ins raariuJs la a dens f...g, which hung ver tho sea for davs, and was considerably out or his eoiirso. On Saturday ariemoou the for IV"'!1 a'!'1 lue weHi.r nUared. During the mate's waleh, abeul o'clock, the vessel shook from stem to stern. She had stranded. The wind was blowing a gale and the sea was running very high. In a moment the Lena was well 011 the bar, the waves beating oyer her with wild fin v. The we.it hw was bitterly mid mid tho re was a coat-lug of ice on the deck ami rigging, which made :he movements or those on hoard exceedingly peiil.ms. An effort was made to launch iho boats, but it was a disastrous fail-tir". H-ieh Was broken to splinUrs. by the raging sea. The crew then clung to the ship fully tweniv-'our hours, lin tr haiuls aud feel were benumbed aud irost-bitten, when the vessel wiiut to pieces, and every person on board was lu-eelpitiited into tiie waves. The two survivors and Anderson tsacksen and Peter A. Toiincssen seized some plunks aud were earned ashore. Tbe-bodies of Ciipt. Morieiisen hiiiI Abram Carissen, a sail-uiaker, were w.isIih.1 up and buried 011 th- beach 111 Hog Island. Noneot the oilier bodies wore recovered. I heodoro JnrgeiiHeii wastho mate, aud there were seven seamen, Tho captain leaves a wile In Norway. thk Losr is v 111 l. The ship Daisy Howilon. snmA Uro Cfi given up for lost, "artived to day. Till': iNEWS FROM WACO. A CITY BOND ELECTION ORDERED To Secure it Suweruyu nail Street I'siint tiind-A ISIaekstoiilaii llaniiiet A Sioall 1 lie ihe DUtilvt Court Ne", l ie,, Ktc, W.uto, Jan. 2. SjiCffiHl. Tbo city council, at, the niet'tiug held last night adopted n resolution oniering an eieo-lioiion I'ebrttarv 2. nrt.-xlimi. to tab,. th'i sense of voters 011 tlio question of issuing bonds 10 build new water-works, (to tie oh tied and operiitod by thu city) lor a system ol sewerane, ani lor grading and paving streets. Voters are to volenti euch of ihe three p.-oposinons, so, while it mm ho decided to issue "is tor sewers, thoso for WMter-works . ay la- voted down, or vice Versa. If the vote favorstho boudlnif policy, then the council will dco'do Uow large uu issuo, the rate of interest, olo. Tliero is cmisiilera-lileopposilionliero to bonds, but Ills he Moved a majority of voters will tavor tho policy. A motion to tssuo $20,000 iu bonds immediately, running twenty vents uid bearing 7 per cent interest, 10 iav ol! ihell eiting liidebioilness of the city, was detested. Also an ordinance 11 -.incusing tne salaries (,, mayor and al-nerinoii. Tne proposition to light tile city with the Hoiiiiiigioii ele.tlriu light was tabled, The In, ml issue, togeluur with the municipal election, which occurs iu April, will make local pm'iies red-hot Irmii now ou. The Waco IJ .r a-sociatiou gava its annual il inner In-day and elected officers as follow s nr Iho ensuing year: President, lion. J, ihu U. Winter; vice president, tiitgmi WiPiaois; su 'ro ary, A 1 1 red llaitlej Ireu-incr, V. II. J.jiikiu's, i lso live directors uud rix dolegstes to the eiening annual uu oting at Austlu of thu Statu bar asset ia'i.,11. A lire tiroke o it 111 1 o'clock tills moru-lilg in K. W. Vosny's green-liouso, orirfi-iiii.ing iu tlio furnace-rooni. It was cm cacti wllliout the (lostruuiion of the buildiug, ,(. hs, $l,HSl; insured for l.uou In tho I'onlinental, or New York. Dis'riet Judge Knnes, or Marliu, came up to-iluy to hear habeas corpus eases 11 tiidy, A. F. liar.ley's but tho slate "as not roudy for trial. Aevlilentiil Triiji'dy at Navasuta. Navsota, Jan. 2. (Special.) -The town was horrified yesterday by tho shooting of (ieoign Miller, aged 17 yimrs, son of C. L. Miller, by Herman Smith, agetl 1H years, a Saddler's au-prenll 'e, nf Hempstead, ou a visit to his iiirciits here. Tue-e boys, with Liuis Miller snd Will Mulleiuveg had gone hiinling, having Oeorge.'s gun, single barrel breech loader. Herman had the gun cocked, laying on his loll arm. (.leorgo was betore linn on a log over a ponu, and in handlingr the gnu carelessly it tired, and the load tore oh Oeorg.-'s lower jaw, the loncu ami pait r his upper Jaw and parlor his nose, and he foil In the pond, from which the liovs dra.ged hi tn. Ilo then walked half a mile home, nd alter inneli sull'ering, (bed to dav at I o'clock II 11 was a bi i.ht hoy, anil his icaui is iniicii -egreiien. iieriuan was arrested and gave bond. Ail imitnist is going ou, but lias adjourned till 0 to morrow. 1 list t lilo go Ksplosinn, Cihcaoo, .ln. 2. The eori.he of Cai. (Ireen, ol the lug Admiral, blowu to pieces In the river, night behire last, was found lo day iu a lumber yard, near the scene of the explosion. Thn body was thrown 2(o leel. and divested 1,1 il, cloihing. The lull leg a as br iken, and the head was nearly severed from the twiflv. 'I'ltu puiiiiiIi.u ..r l.t. II... are wi til missing. No r.icecan be found of the men, who, besides the crew of three, were ststed to have beon abuaid the tug. Enquiry to-day leaves but little doubt that thero wera 11 va vin. thus. t'olnti from Tecos. rncos, Jan. 2.-Speclal.l With com p'iments of a happy new year from the new county seat of Reeves county, Po-cos. The holiday a passed oil quietly snd pleasantly with many lnqulilesln regard to Pecos Hnd its ltiiure, wtiicb ia ungiit. A good school ODonml on thn 1st with forty scholars, and Prof. Jleaticainp a lesi-iif-r. Many would-be settlers are waltlnrr rorthu legislature to put the watered lands on t hn market to seeure homes. December shipments of hoefaiiiouiited to S.iK) carloads and many cattlemen are holding back for a belter market. To the Mmu.iry ot Kit Carsoa. Basta Kk, Jan. 2.-Fllteen hundred peoplo attended the ceremonies of dedi cating the memorial tablet over the grave of the great scout aud soldier, Kit Carson, iu 'loss county, N..IV MuvIa., tn 12 1-... A ... , .J Joseph, delegate In eongress, delivered an oration. The tablet was furnished bv the Hi and Armv or the Rsimhlinln Now Mexico, snd boars tlio Inscription: n 1 r . 1 1. -o , "b.eu M iy twij, "Aged Ml." Msvasnts Nines. JN avasota, Jan. 2.-fSMsolal.-Isldore Dock, dealer In furniture, was closed out Wediiasilay by R. Goodman. The weather Is cold and cloudy. Business dull. Kev. C. ''. Armstrong, the nevly appointed Meilnellst mlnisior for this place, arrived Wednesday night without his family and will preach here next Sunday. - The Itrculatluu fcsploidoa. Xrnia, Ohio, Jan. 2 The Cornlua mill, owned by Hie Miami Powder 00m- fsny, six miles from here, explode his morning, killing J no. Uinn, em-pluyeu lu the will. ii D

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