Leo Kelleher 1908

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Leo Kelleher 1908 - I ! t' 1 V ALL OTHER PITTSBURGH MOBBING' PAPERS...
I ! t' 1 V ALL OTHER PITTSBURGH MOBBING' PAPERS COf'BlfiGD - WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER' 16, iooS. TEN i - r a or as j evl- list) th-s th-s by of divided of x .- .- A i r I' "IlLJ-.i Ffct f. tiff m -fr-j?-. -fr-j?-. -fr-j?-. -fr-j?-. -fr-j?-. -fr-j?-. r - - -; -; Upper illustration shows some of the geechvlew voters .. for. annexation. The lower illustration 'gives the .portraits of the election board. The -men -men are Michael ' McNally, P. It. Balllngeri td Kelleher, G. J. Lough ran, secretary of the annexation annexation comm ittee. and T. W. Hcbsqn. who started the annexation movement Fut Up Antis Poor Figlit Vote Is .Overwhelming in Favor f of Coining Into City. 7 -1 -1 I 1 M a excuse- j DCrs air. that unfortunately, IU the by this , Beech view borough, with its population of ,2,200, declared in favor of annexation wltlt Pittsburgh by a vote of 166 to 18 at the special election yesterday. Although Although a bitter fight , was expected on this, question It was confidently predicted by " annexationists that they would carry the day, but the large vote they .polled came as a surprise to even the mps optimistic. optimistic. . . ' , ' , The voters ipn the portion of -Uiiot3 -Uiiot3 1 "vn- "vn- geechwood pin at fc;a alio voted yesterday yesterday to come intii the city There were 54 votes for annexation and 2 agaipst. The territory Is contiguous to- to- Becchvlew and old West Liberty borough, which is'pow a part of the - NlneteeiHh ward of Puts- Puts- k'MAN AND BAB'Z Ball 1 illLrrrr, thxt rr r dtt. r " in r i CtrCIJ r-:t r-:t r-:t tery ta II. XT. Trr.it r 1 t-as t-as t-as til-a-.' j::t:1 rr. ei':" Uystery Surrounds ;Ilc:cr ;in. ;X7Ii!: ; IZrc. C . Gardner of (&$ri&Z:? Beechview auti-annexatlonlsts auti-annexatlonlsts auti-annexatlonlsts declared last night that since the majority of the people expressed themselves so .decidedly in favor of coming Into Pittsburgh, , they would not continue' the fight, but would join with the annexationists In rectiring to . the borough the things promised It befo: j annexation. George J Smith leader leader of the anti-annexationists, anti-annexationists, anti-annexationists, said: . ; . . " e are good losers, --and --and --and since " the people have decided by an overwhelming vt . at an election that they favor annexation, .Mystery surrounds the death -by. -by. asphyxiationof Mrs. Charles Gardner and the serious injury of her .husband;, and 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, 2-year-old-son, Carl. In . a; gas : explosion ia the Gardner home in Blackdale street. Cheswick, last ' evening. ' Gardner , heroically. heroically. saved the child from, death," but the explosion wrecked the kitchen, ' causing $2,000. Iocs.',." ,-'"",- ,-'"",- ,-'"",- ,-'"",- ":' - ,, v -- -- ''- ''- "-': "-': "-': ' It is s jppoved the baby accidentally dls-connwtt-i dls-connwtt-i dls-connwtt-i dls-connwtt-i dls-connwtt-i a' gas hose attached to stove while lis mother slept. When tHe father went hOiTts with . a lighted lantern In his hand the escaping gas ignited from" the lantern. Gardner and' the child -were -were burned on the face,-head face,-head face,-head and hands. The r father. plaCsI. his , Lattra . t floor and carried his 'i. ' t porch," Itetumlr- Itetumlr- t.:l' j t i.c::; and. then he saw tie. cs Cxoo fui tie '. lantern. :.Ee ' C'jnx.itnrf ; t-j t-j t-j t'- t'- : baby ; on the oor just' as" tie t'Z-I' t'Z-I' t'Z-I' ' z blue flame reached -him.- -him.- -him.- Dftria Crci tZ3 wrecked kitchen tell Csx-- Csx-- Csx-- n I ';n t 1 all r around them.' ' ; t .' . Dased by tte etpicjsion cV.'j::r .-err;! .-err;! .-err;! outside to a yard and fell Neighbors cacae ruxnl njr r 1 t 7 .-1!: .-1!: .-1!: child on the floor with lis clcLl lf. ..They. drrrr -i -i it, 5-;'v' 5-;'v' 5-;'v' rs J quenched the Carres. Tja 1 f the body of lira. Cirdacr frcu cr: 1 1 Physicians-were Physicians-were Physicians-were csd at czce tl' I; j- j-

Clipped from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette16 Dec 1908, WedPage 1

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)16 Dec 1908, WedPage 1
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