1896-02-19 - Stack Lee - dead mother

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1896-02-19 - Stack Lee - dead mother - TO SEE HIS DYING MOTHER. Murderer "Stack" Lee...
TO SEE HIS DYING MOTHER. Murderer "Stack" Lee Was Taken From the Jail. er SHE DIED TWELVE YEARS AGO Ha- Ha- Visited His Mistress and Bought Drinks in the Saloon Where Ha Murdered Will Jones. : ' "Stack" Lee. indicted for the cold-blooded cold-blooded cold-blooded murder of William Jones in Bill Curtis' ea- ea- loon on last Christmas day, was taken from the St. Louis Jail Sunday by Deputy Sheriffs Sheriffs Thompson and Langford to "see his dying mother. - His mother has been dead twelve years. Lee told a Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch reporter "Wednesday "Wednesday morning that he was taken to 2921 Bell avenue to "see his dying mother and re mained four hours. Deputy Thompson told the reporter that Lee was taken direct to 921 North Twelfth street to "see his dying mother, and re- re- Oia Taylor, in that women. the Wilmot. the tie All mained from Jail about two hours, Lee says that he was taken direct to the and avenue ana siraigni Dactt i ing house on Bell to jail, not stopping to talk on the way. Thompson says that the prisoner was taken to the White Lion saloon on Eleventh street, near Lucas avenue, ' before being returned to jail, because Lee's father works at the White Lion and Lee wanted to see him. "Stack" Lee's correct name is Lee Shel-ton. Shel-ton. Shel-ton. He has a woman known as Lillie Moore. She lives at 921 North Twelfth street. According to Thompson's statement, a woman was found sick in bed at 921 North Twelfth street, who referred to Lee as "my boy," and seemed much affected. Monday morning, after the humane courtesy courtesy shown the murderer. Deputies Thompson Thompson and Langford gave a pathetic account of the scene in the death chamber. It is robbed of its pathos by the statements of police officers and others who saw Lee and his custodians on the street Sunday after-soos. after-soos. after-soos. As the story goes, Lee and his guards and Lillie Moore left the woman's house and went to a place of assignation on Morgan street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, where they remained some time. When they came out they made a round of the saloons, which is the toughest spot in St. Louis. At Bill Curtis' saloon, where the crime waf commit ted, Lee made every one of his friends and the friends of his victim take a drink. The Moore woman had been sent home. Lee spent $2 at Curtis' saloon. Afterward on the street, the three men having returned returned for the woman, the party met two Solicemen on. . Eleventh street, between lorgan strCet and Franklin avenue. The policemen were somewhat surprised, as Lee, it is stated, was not even handcuffed. Lee was finally returned to the jail without without mishap, although the chances were f ood, while Lee was in the neighborhood, or rescue at the hands of his friends or summary justice from the friends of the man he murdered. For all this, Lee is said to have remarked, he paid $25. but tbe a to for by will a a All of which is denied by Deputy Sheriff Thompson, who says the entire story is a iacrlcatlon. "In the first place, I do not drink," said Thompson, who is the' only colored man on Sheriff Troll's staff of deputies. "We went direct to the place where Lee said his moth er was and staid there about an hour. A woman was in bed who called him my boy.' Whether she was his mother or not I don'.t know. We stopped at the White Lion saloon, because his father worked there. We did not take a drink the entire time, and did not take any woman to any house. The whole story is maliciously false. Saturday Chief Deputy Sheriff Huebler told me he thought I had better take Lee to see his mother, as she was dying. I said all right, I would, if he thought best. I told Jailer Wagner we were going to take Lee out and he said all right. W e signed for him and returned him in the same condition as when he went out, perfectly sober. It is customary under such circumstances to take prisoners out because it is only hu mane. ' Chief Deputy Huebler confirmed Thomp son s statement as to the manner in which Lees departure from jail was brought about and added that -the -the news of his mother's illness was brought to the Four Courts Saturday by two of his friends. A petition had also been presented and Judge tamunos naa given his veroai approval. Lee was asKed by a Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch Post-Dispatch re porter Wednesday how he enjoyed himself bunaay. "I went to see my dying mother." Q. Where did you go to see her? A. To 2921 Bell avenue. Q. How long did you remain and whatdld she say to you? A. We staid about four hours. She was too sick to talk to me much. Q. What is the matter ith her? A. Just worrying over this trouble of mine. I never took no drink and never stopped in no sa Icon. We came right back to jail. Some of my friends saw me on the street, but I never talked to them. Sheriff Troll was asked by a Post-Disoatch Post-Disoatch Post-Disoatch reporter Wednesday if he was going to in vestigate. "I will ir there is anything in it." renlled niyu nun. at sold fine, and is ever of per if 1 du bu Feb. and corn is private Minneapolis, quantity this 600 in bu. the few the can this not non He On toD of the "Stack" Lee affair, a storv is being told about the Four Courts that Deputy SheritT w ill Troll on Sundav after noon signed for Ross Lochman, sentenced to two years ior grand larceny, and took him from the jail to the top floor of the Four jourts, wnere two girls were awaiting them. To this story Will Troll replied Wednesday: "on sunoay a. young iaay came to me and said she was Lochman's sister. He was crolng to the "pen' and she wanted to see him. I got a pass from Jailer Wagner and took ner in. i nn was an mere was to it." Judge Edmunds stated to the reporter that he did not Know or Lee 8 removal. About week ago he told Chief Deputy Huebler, with reference to another case. tht h prisoner was in the custody of the Sheriff and out of the court's jurisdiction, arul that if the Sheriff would place the prisoner under strong guard ana safely return him to inil there would be no objection to his temporary removal.

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch19 Feb 1896, WedPage 9

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)19 Feb 1896, WedPage 9
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