July 4 1909

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July 4 1909 - ' WeBt-lawn bal- to in Cal-lanan Car-denia. J j...
' WeBt-lawn bal- to in Cal-lanan Car-denia. J j I j QrATC ULHIU lil lil DECIOENG Great Batting Rally in Tenth Inning Wins Baseball Honors for Eli's Sons. VAN VLECK IS THE HERO. Makes a Timely Home Bun and Cuts Off Crimson With Two Great Catches. In a rousing tenth Inning finish which swept Harvard off Its feet, Yale defeated her ancient adversary from Cambridge, yesterday, In a hotly contested ball game which carried with It the honors of college college baseball supremacy for 1909. The final score was 5 to 2. and when the last Crimson player had gone out on a high fly to the outfield there was a hurrlcano of cheers from the ten thousand spectators spectators present at the Polo Grounds, and a rush of students to carry off triumphantly on their shoulders Van Vleck, the Yale pitcher, and rlgbtflelder. who turned the tide toward vlotory with a rousing home run to the back fence tn the eighth, and snuffed out Harvard's hopes of scoring In the same Inning by two dazsling catches tn the outer garden. Yale and Harvard had each won a game, and the contest was to decide the winner. Yale made Its grand finish In the tenth Inning, a slashing drive by Murphy, a bobble of Jefferson's grass cutter, a moment moment of unsteadiness by Pitcher Hicks In which he made a wild pitch, bringing In a run followed by a glaring error by McLaughlin, McLaughlin, which let two more runs over the plate, was all sufficient to end Harvard's Harvard's hopes of victory. Harvard made the first run in the third Inning on hits by Lanlgan and Simons, and garnished another tally In the fifth Inning when McLaughlin caught an out-curve out-curve out-curve on the end of his bat and dropped It In the rlghtfield bleachers for a home run. Three hits by Yale In the sixth Inning produced the first run for old Ell, and Van Vleck set the Yale stands wild In the eighth with a homer to center-Held. center-Held. center-Held. The Game in Detail. First inning Philbln Bled out to Aron-son. Aron-son. Aron-son. Fels strolled to first on four wide ones. Murphy went out on a grounder to Simons, who beat the runner with a quirk throw to first. Fels went to second on the play. Jefferson filed out to Brlggs. No runs. Lanlgan drove a liner to Fels and wbb out. Mallory made a circus catch ot Har vey s high fly. Cushman took Currier s grounder and got It to first ahead of the runner, making three out. No runs. Second Inning Logan was out, the pitcher getting his high bounder and Bhooting It to Brlggs. Van Vleck singled and took third when Dana let the ball get away from him. Currier caught Mallory s high foul. Cushman died on a fly to Brlggs. No runs. Simons out at first on a grounder to Cushman. Aronson made an infield hit and Dana followed with a high bounder which Van Vleck could not get. Brlggs singled, but Aronson made no attempt to come home on the hit. Jefferson got Aronson at Nie plate on Hartford's roller. Van Vleck took McLaughlin's chop hit and got his man. leaving three Harvard men on bases. No runs. Third Inning Sweeney was hit by a pitched ball and walked. He was out stealing. Philbln made a two-bagger. two-bagger. two-bagger. Simons took care of Fels' grass cutting smash, getting bis man by a step at first. Murphy fanned. No runs. Lanlgan hit for two baBes. Van Vleck left the box, taking Sweeney's place In right field. Merrltt going into the box. Harvey sacrificed. Currier popped to Fels, Simons hit one for three bases. Lanlgan scoring. Aronson out on an In field roller. One run. Fourth Inning Jefferson was out. Si mons to Briggs. Logan was hit by an lnshoot and strolled. Van Vleck singled, Logan taking third. Van Vleck stole second. Mallory struck out. Cushman out on a ny to Briggs. no runs. Dan's high foul was taken by Jefferson. Brlggs singled over second. Hartford fanned. Brlggs out stealing. No runs. Fifth Inning Cushman struck out. Philbln also fanned and Fels went out on a fly. No runs. McLaughlin hit for a home run'. Lanigan out on a fly to left and Harvey popped to the first baseman. Currier singled and Simons was out on a fly. One run. Sixth Inning Murphy singled. Jeffer son popped to shortstop. Logan singled. Van Vleck singled, scoring Murphy. Hartford left the box. Hicks taking his place. Mallory fanned. Merrltt fanned. One run. . Aronson singled. He was caught asleep off first by the pitcher, and ran down. Dana struck out. Briggs also whiffed. No runs. Seventh inning Cuchman out at first on a roller to Hicks. Philbln 'struck out. Fels beat out a slow bounder to third. Murphy filed to second baseman. No runs. Hicks out on a grounder to Logan. McLaughlin walked on four bad ones. He was out stealing. Lanlgan singled to right. Harvey filed to Van Vleck. No runs. . . Eighth Inning Jefferson's foul was taken by Currier. Logan fanned, the catcher dropping the ball, but getting his man at first. Van Vleck made a homo run, driving the ball to the center field fence. Mallory fanned. One run. Currier filed to Van Vleck. Simons was out on a fly to Van Vleck. Aronson drove out a slashing two-bagger. two-bagger. two-bagger. Dana popped to Merrltt. No runs. Ninth inning Merritt struck out. Cushman Cushman also fanned. Philbln made a two-base two-base two-base hit. Fels out on a roller to Hicks. No runs. Briggs could not see the strikes and sat down. Hicks singled to center. McLaughlin McLaughlin fanned. Lanigan out on a skyscraper skyscraper to center. No rune. Tenth inning Murphy beat out a slow hit to third. Jefferson's hit was too hot for Simons and he fumbled .It, the runner reaching first. Logan sacrificed. Van Vleck walked filling the bases. Hicks d a wd pitch tbe Dall hitting the 7.. -a: -a: .k .i. m ....V a" be Murphr.corinV Mai walked on tour .. Merrlt fanned, cufhman'g hit went through McLaughlin and jefferson and Van Vleck scored. Cushman got caught napping going to e(.on(j for the third out. Three runs. Harvey singled. Currier hit to second. lorcing narvej. siuiuu. uui "u .iwiciu hit. Currier going to second. Aronson out on a fly to left field. No runs. The score: Harvard. I Tale. Name. ab. lb.po.a.e. Name. sh.lb.po.a.e. Lanlg n.3b S 3 1 0 0 Phllbin.c... 5 2 6 2 0 Harvev.cf. 6 0 0 0 H Ftli.n 4 14 10 Currler.c 4 0 12 8 1: Murphy. cf. 5 3 2 0 0 Slmons.ss. 5 1 3 3 fll JetTers'n.lb 4 1 II 1 AronK,n 5310 01 ix.ijaii.8b... 4 1 0 1 0 uana.ii.... v u v n ..mr.ji.ii . - -Brlggs.lb.. -Brlggs.lb.. 4 2 10 0 i! Mallory. If.. 5 0 5 0 0 Hai tford.p S 0 I 4 0' Merrlt. p. . .. 5 0 17 0 Hlcks.p... 4 1 0 11 0ICushmn.2b 5 0 18 0 McL'lln,2b 4 12 0 HSweeney.rf 1 0 0 0 0 1 Totals.... 43 11 30 21 Ji Totals 43 10 80 17 0 Score by Innings. 123458789 10 Harvard Yale 00 1010000 02 0 0 0 00 1 0 t 0 3 Runs Lanlgan, McLaughlin, Murphy 2. Jefferson, Van Vleck 12). Two-base Two-base Two-base hits Philbln (2), Aronson, Lanigan. Three-badi Three-badi Three-badi hit Simons. Home runs Van Vleck. Mclaughlin. Mclaughlin. Hits Oft Van Vleck. 3 In J 1-3 1-3 1-3 inn-inRs; inn-inRs; inn-inRs; .fT Merrltt, 8 In 7 2-3 2-3 2-3 Innings: off Hertford, Hertford, 6 In 6 1-8 1-8 1-8 Innings; oft Hicks. 4 In 4 2-3 2-3 2-3 YALE in 1 20 In of Biff an net was as John W. D. B. F. B. H. H. A. L. J. H. J. W. A. play the Cup ore by Stewart.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle04 Jul 1909, SunPage 45

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)04 Jul 1909, SunPage 45
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