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any double-column candi. or tn per "New extra. be Postal Letter. pub- pub- line q.a-x am a m SSPm a m p m a m p m t m 1 p m n.coam am p m a m 00a m p m pm P m am p.m. will p. m. after . ior the m ag 58 ..x8a2s .ax 8 15320 xoais as 6 -a -a ?I3 3 a'i-a a'i-a a'i-a - 2 59 4Q 75 4 50 00 .6oa8o .40345 6a7 60875 60 50 r .6 30 .20 ax 25 5 ..8 3.31x0 hav-' hav-' fif. nfe applica-'s or Pat-h Pat-h I AW EDITOR'S HOLIDAY. Trip to the head of the Iload upoa. Railroading Fine scenery irainut Cove, Past, Present and Future. (Editorial Correspondence.) As stated in Wednesday's paper, the editor took the C. F. & Y. V. train on that morning to make a trip "up the road in the interest of The Morning News. Owing to some trouble with a "hot crank-pin." crank-pin." crank-pin." which we do not know enough about to explain, we were delayed some half hour in leaving leaving the city, and in order to make-up make-up make-up the lost time the engineer indulged in some very lively running as far as Stokesdale, and. notwithstanding the delay in starting from Greensboro, we arrived at Belew's Creek, as tar as the passenger trains now run, on time. Just here we feel that it ought to be stated that there is not anywhere in the South a finer piece of railroad than the C. F. & Y. V., from Greensboro to Belew's Creek. Although new. there was no jarring or jolting worth mentioning. mentioning. Arrivingat Summerfield we stepped off, the train and booked two subscribe ers Mr. Jesse F. Hoskins and Mr. J. H. Siddings. The train sIods here only only five minutes. Reaching the next statio.n. Arch-dale, Arch-dale, Arch-dale, we found quite a crowd of people people assembled, on the platform, to see the cars come in. We went among them and took subscriptions as follows follows : Messrs. L. A. Southern, W. H. Barham, J. B. Dwiegins. Geo. Godwin, Geo. Preddy and T. A. Dorsett. At 12:20 we reached Belew's Creek. From this station to Walnut Cove the distance is six miles., Through the courtesy of Maj. Atkinson Atkinson and Treasurer R. P. Gray, who were going to the head of the road to pay off the hands, we were offered a seat on the construction engine. Maj. Atkinson and the writer' found seats in the cab with the engineer, while Dr. W. A. Lash and the handsome young treasurer m'ade themselves comfortable by taking seats on the. head-block head-block head-block above the cow-catcher,and cow-catcher,and cow-catcher,and thus, without'mishap an.d in due time we reached the town of WALNUT COVE. The Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway runs through this town. It is situated twenty-nine twenty-nine twenty-nine miles north of Greensboro, and is distant from the State capital (by rail) one hundred and ten miles. Town Fork Creek, a large; bold stream, usually clear and limpid, which passes nearly through the centre centre ol the town, is a fork of the Dan River, and was named "Town Fork" becauselt passes through Germanton. the old county-seat, county-seat, county-seat, before Forsyth was token off of Stokes county. Walnut Walnut Cove is situated in what is known as "Town Fork Valley." ten miles from Sauratown mountain, and eleven miles South of Danbury, the present county seat. Improvements commenced commenced here last September and at present there have been, and are now in course of erection, thirty five buildings. buildings. One hotel, splendidly furnished and well kept, is open and another is about to be opened ; nine saw mills and one giist mill within less than 3 miles of the hotel ; a large tobacco box factory ; two machine shops and one tobacco factory. Up to the 1st of September last there was only the country seat of Dr. W. A. Lash, who owns the large farm on which Walnut Cove is located, and at that time they only b.3d one store in operation which was kept by him, principally as a sup-t sup-t sup-t ply store for his hands. The Dan Valley Valley Coal Fields outcrop in the edge of the town. A number of pits have been dug by parties prospecting, and at present a four-foot four-foot four-foot vein of solid bituminous bituminous coal can be seen. A number of pits, which have, been filled with water and mud, show veins from foui to six feet thick. The Dan Valley coal consists of thirteen layers of fine bituminous coal overlying each other, other, averaging from two to seven feet thick and shows an outcrop of black shale for a distance of thirty-five thirty-five thirty-five miles in length. The town is being built mostly of. wood because brick material material cannot be obtained. The lime used in plastering, &c, is obtained within six miles of Germanton, where an abundance of white marble and blue limestone can be found. An analysis of this lime has been made by Dr. Dab-ney. Dab-ney. Dab-ney. State chemist, and shows 95 7-10 7-10 7-10 pure carbonate of lime. The thermal belt runs six miles north of Walnut Cove and is a fine fruit country on account of the quality quality and quantity raised. A large number of brandy distilleries distilleries are located in Stokes, but there whisky distilleries in the county. county. The lands produce fine grass and fine wheat, and in fact, anything can be grown, except cotton, the season being too short for that crop. Tl i: 11 . . ... aiic iiuuaic is excellent, we ven-red ven-red ven-red to suggest that now the neonle had railroad facilities thev mio-ht mio-ht mio-ht rtn a laVge business in gathering natural 1ce and shipping to the low country. The proposition was resented as a reflection reflection upon the country, and we were informed, that, although the last was the severest winter thev have had for years, ice did not form thicker than four inches. During the summer they have the benefit of the mountain breezes and the best water in the world. Besides the mail facilities furnished furnished by the C. F. & Y. V railway, the mail from Winston to: Danbury passes Walnut Cove daily. A large .caaemy. tor males and females, will be erected during the summer, the roa- roa- icnais ior which are now being hauled to the snot. Fifte sold for stores, eight of which are now in course o.' construction. One Epis church and one Methodist church have been built, and lot 00- 00- tainea and will soon commence to build a Missionary Baptist - church. ine stores here are owned by Dr. W: ' Waily w'der & Adams. v. N. Blackburn. Jones & Withers. Geutry.Brothers and J. R. Foust. New residences have been erected by the following persons: J. W.Gentry. Mr. Bell, S. N. Gentry, R. p. McAnally. T. A Freeman. N. A. Martin. Mrs. Ec-cles Ec-cles Ec-cles Benj. Fulton. John M. Gaston. Mr. Rayburn and others whose names we did not learn. Just north of Walnut Walnut Cove a "coloicd" town, called London, has been laid out. and quite a number of very neat buildings have been erected. The forests around Walnut Walnut Cove abound in all kinds of hard wood, hickory, dog-wood, dog-wood, dog-wood, sour-wood, sour-wood, sour-wood, persimmon, some manle. walnut cherry-and cherry-and cherry-and the pine, (original growth). ".,.v, is louna m great abundance, is very valuable, on account of its fine texture, and is preferred to the tur pentine pine of the low. counties. ine annual meeting of the stock- stock- Vr!ners the CaPe Fear & Yadkin V alley Railway will be held in vi Cove on the 5th of May next. On this occasion; a grand time is anticipated. The Greensboro Cornei Band has been engaged an.d quite a, number of eminent eminent speakers will be nresent anH ad dress the Deonle. Snpri.-il Snpri.-il Snpri.-il train - 1 1 . -j- -j- -j- tuiiia ifiii be run from the lower end of the road, and a crowd of not less than 5,000 are expected to be present The town of . Stokesburtr hall mile from Walnut Cove and re ceives its mail at the Walnut r postoffice. The two towns arc r.r about euual size and are .narat from each other bv the railroad and Town Fork creek, which run parallel between them. Stokesbunr heintr nn the south and Walnut Cove on th north. The people of the two Dlaces visit and fraternize with each other in social and religious matters. On Wednesday night, we in company with a large number of DeoDle from the Cove, attended a very interesting prayer meetine at the Methodist church in Stokesburg. ably conducted by Mr. J. W. Gentry of the Cove. A heavy ravine intervenes between the two places and at night, when these towns (set upon hills) are lighted, the scene is one of ereat beautV. 'The scenery of the surrounding country is grand and picturesque, and we doubt not the place will soon become a famous famous summer, resort. The talk is that when application for incorporation incorporation is made the two will be merged into one and incorporated under the name of Walnut Cove, the name Giv en to the place by Mr. W. A. Lash, Sr.. father of Dr. W. A. Lash, in the year 1833, when he first built and set tled here. It is one of the rare soots on earth and we predict for the town. great things On and after Monday next the pas senger trains will be run regularly to Walnut Cove.- Cove.- 7 The social event of the season was the grand ball given by the young men of the town on Mondav nicht. Among the ladies present we'note the following: Misses Cornelia and Mildred Mildred Hill, Miss Crews, Miss Kate Nel son, Miss Burchfield, Miss Gillie Chof- Chof- fin and Miss Poindexter of German-ton German-ton German-ton : Misses Josie Rierson and Carrie Hill, Wilson's store. N. C. Misses Rierson and Vaughn, Sauratown. N. C, and the ladies generally of the town. Dancing was kept up at a live ly rate until .2. a. m. The splendid supper was prepared by mine host, Lewis, of the Cove hotel, and on all hands it is conceded to have been the most enjoyable affair of the kind ever witnessed at the Cove. ST1TE JTE1VS. The high license law will crowd out several of our saloons. We learn that only about six out of the twenty, four will continue business. Mrs. P. H. Williamson has a little chicken that was hatched out to-day to-day to-day which has four separate and distinct lees. with a perfect body and head. auTte a curiosity in the poultry line. Webster's Webster's Weekly. In the Criminal court yesterday. Columbus Jeter, who made an at tempt to assault a nine year old col ored girl, at the graded school build ing one day last week, and who was captured in Rock Hill, was arraigned ior mat on 1 nursaay last, lie was found guilty of tho charge of assault, with intent, and was sentenced bv JudsreMeares to 12 years imprison- imprison- iucui m me . ouutt - penitentiary. Charlotte Chronicle. The Beau ford Record savs a resi dent of that town, who is over sixty years of age, served for the first time in his life on a jury at the last term of court. He Was raised in the town and was never in the court house before. before. He has never seen the inside of a church in Beaufort. The house and farm of a man in Johnston county county are to be sold under .a mortgage for $7.00. -The -The Durham Newt reports reports that exTCongressman Itied a in Toronto, Canada, and In very straitened straitened circumstances. A negro man named Dogett on Thursday last committed a felonious assault upon a white girLnear Forest City. He has beeh arrested and will be tried at the next term of court.' Shelby Era.

Clipped from The Morning News16 Apr 1887, SatPage 1

The Morning News (Greensboro, North Carolina)16 Apr 1887, SatPage 1
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