Tom Costello gets fired 2 saved

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Tom Costello gets fired 2 saved - KLINE CLEANUN To EXTEND TO' OTHER BUREAUS,...
KLINE CLEANUN To EXTEND TO' OTHER BUREAUS, Mayor to Continue Hiring and Firing During Week. MORE SHIFTS ARE MADE Hoey Goes to Oakland And Beebe Replaces Him In Latest Shake Up.. (Continued From Page One.) and later Joe Engelsberg and Harry Feldman. EVen with the assistance of Patrick O'Malley and "Jack" Snyder. Kline leaders in the Second and First wards. Coyne found the opposition too strong and the shift was made by Superintendent of Police Peter P. Walsh on direct orders from Kline. There was jubilation in the ranks of Coyne's enemies when the transfer was finally announced late Saturday. Engelsberg, was the only one interested to make any statement. "They can send Hoey to Calvary cemetery for all I care I mean, though as- a g-tiarl.7 (1.clared the Third ward hos, in an etoilhnatory way. him buried. Politic;A is not in:portant inotI h in my mind to wish any man a corpse." Superintendent Walsh and Pire Chief Richard Smith. in making tht transfers of 200 police and firemen. said the move was all in the reorganization plan which started on Friday with the demotion. hiring and tiring of 2Sl1 others in the two bureaus Nobody was tired in the last shakeup. but many involved said they con-- si(;ered transfers to undesirable posts as punishment for their political affiliations. Another Shakeup (. lllll ing. Burgess John Cavanaugh is said to Walsh in making the transfers an- have been responsible for him. Wilflounced airother shakeup for the po- ham litcLaughlin was named as cost lice bureau in less than Iwo weeks. clerk in the sheriff's office to Sue- This is to take in the detective bu- ceed Jose h A. Hey!. discharged by reau and at which time an assi h stant Cain. McLaughlin as been a deputy superintendent of police will be for many years and is a resident of named to succeed Leo D. Coleman. a the Twenty-first ward. supporter of the Leslie-Malone coMbination in - the recent mayoralty Gets Job Back. campaign The permanent appointment of Vincent Boylan. who with a num- William M. Miller. of 190 Moultrie her of others was discharged as an street. who succeeds Burke Read as enaploye of the county tax board, was chief clerk in the bureau of police reinstated by Chairman George d. was also announced J. Scha. Walsh commented freely on the Sheriff Cain has delayed filling shakeups and aid in defense of two lucrative positions in his office, s them. declaring: real estate deputy at $6,000 yearly, 'We are attempting to bring the and chief Zlerk at $4.800. He will con- force up to efficiency standards. It fer with Mayor Kline and several ward chairmen before the positions is hard to see most of these men go, but a majority of them are between are filled. 60 and 70 years of age. A physical It was admitted on Saturday by examination one year ago showed Kline leaders that the delay in mak- many of them in had shape and un- ing- other wholesale changes in the list of city employe is clue to the able to perform the duties satisfac- torily. It is their good fortune they fact that the ward chairmen are no-can retire on pension the same as able to agree on a distribution of the employes of big corporations do. choice plums to be handed out, This "I told sonie of these men to look also is said to be the cause of delay for positions after their physical ex- in making the shifts in the bureau aminations. but they did not heed of detectives and building inspection. my advice." Several changes are on the program In connection with Walsh' s state- in the office of the city ordinance ment it is said that 11 policemen and officer and In the bureau of sanitary firemen who were compelled to re- inspectorM. tire on Friday have been reinstate!) ' by order of Director Clark. They Called Un-American." took his advice and got themselves! The resolution of the Schenley ;Heights Methodist Episcopal Bible 'fixed" politically with their ward chairmen. t I classes, which was made public at- Those reinstated by Clark are Pa- Itacks the mayor's actions last week i- trolmen John Stack, John F. i as being '-autocratic and m-Ameri Bridge. John Schwahrow. Firemen i can" and declares that a large num- John Neelen. William Challis. Thom- tier of faithful and efficient employes , r, .1 1 were discharged or demoted for no - as James. Harry Sease. Bernar1 - ---' DuffyWalter I-tingling. Albert Ru- !better reason than the exercise of dolph and James Moran ; the constitutional rights of free speech and the free use of the ball. Never "On the Carpet." That the removal 'from public Some interesting sidelights on the tservice, of men of long experience veteran police officers who were will prove detrimental to the best in-forced to retire were observed after I terests of the police and fire depart-the first shock of the shakeup had Ments" is also charged. The resolupassed. It was noticeable that three tion also scores the mayor's action of the vets are over 70 years of ae by declaring that "if American citand have rc-ver been -on the carpet" : izens are to stiffer the penalty of dis- for any offense. These are Wagon- ; charge as the result of exercising man James Coen. Patrolman (Babe their legal rights. then our boasted Iluth) Costello and William Corliss. American liberties are a delusion. and All are active and remarkably well 'the land of the noble free' is a preserved. place of bondage." Anot her vetcran who was corn- scoring the actions of the mayor pelted to 50Z11- on the dott.7,1 line an again as in "imposition on the tax-ask retirement is Patrolman John C. payers" the resolution closes by lug. Pfeuffer. 27 years in the service. who ing the reconsideration of the actions has been policing the beat at Pius of last week and the "restoration of and Mission streets an of that tirne employes to the positions which they He never received a reprimand. He faithfully and efficiently filled in the simply chuelded to his four children oast." when he reached home after the or- Elias J. John. for 35 years emdeal. After he had zone through a ployed In the public safety departsPirlted sparring match with his on ment, is the treasurer of the SchenJerry. who is a student at Pitt. ley Heights Methodist Episcopal Pfettff,r Fflid Church. John was one of those ..T0() old. am I? Well. I never side- forced to retire. sterPed any of them 1111 hold my own with any man in T'illshnirah aupoimemioso -NW NUIPME wi!ling to put on the boxing ! cloves with Mayor Kline. and IJI ! take him. I am not afraH to tackle any man 20 years my Junior." Pfeuffer will start out today look- ing for a job and says he is contident be will find one. Considerable discussion has arisen over the claim that the pension fund of the police association may be bankrupt as the result of placing so many of its MPrrthers on pension. The payroll is increased between .2no and $3,800 monthly. ' Fund in Good Shape. A rpeent statetnent made at a meeting of' the association directors disclosed there is in the treasury between $1.400,090 and $1.500.000 This fund draws biz income annually from sound investments in bonds and other interest bearing securities in addition the annual income from the police field meet reaches between "-0,001) and $50,000 from the sale of .:chets alone. The condition of the firemen's pension fund, while not as flourishing as that of the other arm of the rvice, has alvvays been looked after oy council making necessary ap-ropriations The fund will be taxed ill.000 additional monthly through the enforced retirements, but Director Clark said proper provisions will be made to care for all of the pensioners. Fire Chief Smith announced 98 shifts to balance the bureau in ac. cordance with the enforced retire. ments and demotions and appoint. merits made Friday. Sixteen of these were transfers. Orders to lay off COO men in the bureau of lilzhways and sewers. department of public works. were tolt throuzh on Saturday by Super- 1 Intendent Charles Hillegas.. The em Plays at Concert I ,S, t : ',.;7:, .---- ,,,:4J,3i7::,,3),-1.': .,':;.:v 1 ,,,,?-4,---,;::1::,.-;::5-;"-.'''',.4.:' PII ,,,4,:-v,;'i;r:;',,-,-...r,..f.',.--..,,,-., , --,.:-.!! ,;404.,-- ,,',.,i:. 1,,,i0,,,,,,? ,,,:4 -;,,,z, .1 1 Ir t-",,,, ''-.. :1 7 - -,,?c- - - , 4 ,s , olL6 4.-?' i ,,,,, z'',.1 , 1 '4,1d ,i19o,, :,..i,As;7,....... -:7-,...r. - . .''i. :::::.. )::: ',0: ,.'-,4 r4s;4 ;4 w., . . Itw to I ' (,4rfolor ' J ''' '. . 41 1 , --: .,-;,,, '-,:',,i- ,.,... ,s,, .,4, :. ; ,-;;;,,.;6 i ' ''',' :- ';tr,,g-0010trJ . ,:;;: : A;',.',,-,...- ,, ,s,04::: , . : :4:15-V:14 i:e'r'4--:::.:,..,...,........... -. . . , -:, . ..... ..: ''. :-. . . , kkaA4Z;V' ;s4 :1(;tPA' I L471.1W.-Art PROF. ALBERT LIN N. BER Li N. Feb. 2.( Universal Service)Prof. Albert Einstein. expounder of the relativity theory, stole away from his studies long enough to give a violin concert in a new synagogue for the benefit o; Jewish charities. Einstein used the violin on which he learned to play as a boy, an inexpensive instrument which he has treated by a special process until it has a tone, some critics declare, as rich as a Stradivarius. ployes are to be limited to four days weekly during February and March. Sheriff Robert S. Cain continued to add Kline adherents to his payroll by appointing Samuel J. Little, son of Councilman Harry A. Little. a supporter for Malone for mayor who flopped into the Kline camp after the election, to the office of a deputy sheriff. The new appointee is a Northsider and had the indorsement of chairmen from that side of the river. Albert D. Rodgers, of Homestead, was another deputy appointment. Burgess John Cavanaugh is said to have been responsible for him. William McLaughlin was named as cost clerk in the sheriff's office to succeed Joseph A. Heyl, discharged by Cain. McLaughlin has been a deputy for many years and is a resident of the Twenty-first ward. 1 '' -21ri- elCOP I - i a - f, r . a 41 OS) v 14 - A Flo - lit3 in ' 116' al lioi 11 ,L:1,........ . OUR ' 11 , ' r 1'4' i i 11, ., WO f,Se3 ' hut , two ,.. - . ., - eyes tilted - 11 1 ; , ... ,,,. , ,, ,, , , , With . e , . , , . ), I , , pnir ..., ; -, DM , . sc. tint , ' ., 1)11t. . Charge ' Liberty 002 408 OUR We leliSe3 hut two iyei -lilted With pair tint 1)11t. Charge -

Clipped from
  1. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
  2. 03 Feb 1930, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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  • Tom Costello gets fired 2 saved

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