Body of Missing Girl Student is Taken From Lake, The InterOcean, Chicago, Illinois, 1 Oct 1904

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Body of Missing Girl Student is Taken From Lake, The InterOcean, Chicago, Illinois, 1 Oct 1904 - ood?.of lki;;g . GIRL STUDEdT IS TAKEN FROM...
ood?.of lki;;g . GIRL STUDEdT IS TAKEN FROM LAKE I Parkhurst Believed to Have Fallen From Dilapidated Pier in Lake Forest While Suffering Suffering from an Attack of Vertigo. LONG SEARCH ENDS JUST BEFORE PARENTS ARRIVE First HeeepHaw of the Col lev Year la Abandoned. f Memorial Servleea - for Dead Classasr- Classasr- Belief la Ufa-. Ufa-. Ufa-. eral That Death WasDae Katlrely ta aa-Aeriseat.'' aa-Aeriseat.'' aa-Aeriseat.'' ... . . . t -' ' A defective and rotting pier stretching 150 feet out into Lake Michigan in the rear of Ferry hall at Lake Forest has solved the mystery of. the disappearance of Frances Parkhurst. -the. -the. 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old the exclusive preparatory school on the north shore. The - body of the girl was found at 8:30 o'clock yesterday morning in twelve feet of water beside the fatal pier, whose rickety planking and construction brought on an attack of dizziness and seat her plunging plunging into the lake. i ' - Shortly before the Bndlcg of the body. Dr. and Mrs. Frank F .Parkburft. the girl's parents, parents, arrived in Chieigo .and Immediately communicated with President.. Harlan of Lake Forest university. Inquiring for news of their miming daughter. They. were told that Ehe had not been found; that 300 students students and soldiers 'arere Scouring the woods for trace of her," and that If she had not left the vicinity of Lake Forest altogether, some clew as to her whereabouts should soon be discovered. '' i"". - ramt. ArV TalS. . "No news is better than bad news," said the father, and. grief stricken and tear eye d, be and his wife hurried to the college town on the first train. ' " They were met at Lake Forest by President Harlan. The president told his sorrowful message. - Their daughter's body bad been found. She, had. faHen Into the lake and drowned. . Both 'pare-la 'pare-la 'pare-la -collapsed, -collapsed, and It was with amehdlffieaUy tbsl Un. Parkhurst was revived enough to stand the carriage ride -to -to tne college hospital. There she found it e body cf her dead daughter, from whom she had received a let ter full of hope and sonsbtae a few days be fore. Soon after a coroner's jut y assembled .verdict of a-ddeatal a-ddeatal a-ddeatal tenth was returned and then preparations were-asade were-asade were-asade for there moval of the. remains to' the girl's horce In Uanvers, I1H -f- -f- -f- Last night Re Id Memorial cb a pet at Lake Forest was crowded with foTmer clasamatee and friends of the drowned girl. ..Instead of the. first reception of the college year that was.tft bgve bren givepy the Lewis I)uranl ui-ray ui-ray ui-ray -nKfi-jvJ -nKfi-jvJ -nKfi-jvJ -nKfi-jvJ nor ( t r r1 services fur their cAvArrf itou:rde. Instead of lightly toning their voir to 'he fantastic music of the liance, with' teiVf-.l teiVf-.l teiVf-.l eyes they loiioweu wie wurus vi mc iauerai oymn. . Beside the white bier of tfc.:.'r dead sat an inconsolable mother and father and brother, Arthur., who bad hurried from hi studies at Celoit college to arrive Just iff time for the memorial service. President Harlan made a brief and touching talk and a hymn was sung by the boys sod girls the dead girl bad known. Then athletic arms of college friends tenderly carried the coffin from the chapel, and an escort was formed to follow u to the railroad station. -. -. Start for . Home. At 8:50; o'clock the train bearing the re mains started for Chicago, and at 11:40 o clock the start for Danvers was made over the Chicago ft Alton road. Sundav tbe funeral will be held, and less than three weeks from the day the suntblne of their home started away to school, happy and iuu oi anticipations in ber new snhere lather, mother, and brother will bun the. uaugncer ana sister. T A certain mystery enshrouds the sudden ana strange death of the trirl. There ,r. elements in ner lire which leave grounds for the belief of those who are so disposed to looa upon ner aeatn as one with suicidal In. tent. When all the facts are weighed, how ever, tne verdict of the coroner's Jury and the belief of the college authorities and the relatives of the dead girl seems the correct one. unless letters or otbpr evidences -ret -ret -v iprmisi moixra aesioiidnr!v and a desire to die are found wston the parents parents reach hame, the conclusion of accidental ueam win never Dscnanged. miss i-aranurst i-aranurst i-aranurst entered Ferry hall an a student early In September and on Sept. 14 she went to the school with ber mother to- to- auena ner nrst classes, tide came to the cnooi on ner own initiative and was n-rimi. n-rimi. n-rimi. to finish her preparatory court ln"-thrpe ln"-thrpe ln"-thrpe years, so as to be able to enter an Ra.t.emJ acnooi si tne ena or mat time. The mother 1 . k Jt . . inere was no indication mat she was brood Ins over the separation from her parents. ' Wu Xal Morose. Although Miss Parkhorst was lame thl aid not cause morofeeness. A few days ago she wrote to her father asking him for a remeay ror vertigo, wnicb was caused by a kidney trouble left by an attack of soariet fever last summer. By a chance of fate the medicine was mailed just before the father was nounei oi oisaaugnter's dlsannearanc and arrived In the post yesterday lust after id nnning or toe ooay. Miss Parkhurst was ill Thursday morning. (Continued cn Page 2, Column -) -) Frances I - - 4

Clipped from The Inter Ocean01 Oct 1904, SatPage 1

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)01 Oct 1904, SatPage 1
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  • Body of Missing Girl Student is Taken From Lake, The InterOcean, Chicago, Illinois, 1 Oct 1904

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