Combination problems 2

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Combination problems 2 - a . 1 l.-p The closing of the hoiiae followed...
a . 1 l.-p The closing of the hoiiae followed the police court bearing of Ijtn lleed a bartender of the Combination, on the charge, of atrlklng and bcalVS a woman employed .icre. Reed i fined fifty dollar and thirty dnys In Jail from which sentence an appeal m taken, to the circuit court. Reed's aHirney wan Thoma K. Harvey of i.ead. John H Russell, city attorney, r"P resented the city at the hearing, which wa at time sensational In '.: nature lr Harvey, attorney for th' il-feus,.. il-feus,.. il-feus,.. wa helllKeri'ni. from the ou.-j ou.-j ou.-j e.i. and niade personal remark con j ceralng the city attorney and Home ot the wlinoow for the city Me ly used lusuitlllg expletive In r"fr ring to ome of the women concern I d In i ) ce, and Mayor Mcltoinld. ! wro wa present, remonstrated. At! thl Mr Harvey cail.d 'In mayor a I bluffer," ami made other perou:il ; appliratlon Tbv nmyor lift the court room, alter gltlng the chief ot .ipollce intruUon to clone tbr C'ulnbl- C'ulnbl- nation thi-trr. thi-trr. thi-trr. In a 'temcnt made during the al tcrnooD Mayor Mi lamalil nald hi al I mole toward men who atrike anl U-ai U-ai U-ai aomen well known, he ai 1 be had frequently lnlormel the man ager of the ( ombluaiiou theatre tftV. 'he iuut conduct hi plai e along or !d'T line. a long a be did he 'would le rm:i '.-I '.-I '.-I to run, but that If 'womaa t aii'.g w. r p. imtttrd In bt 'liii'i-i' 'liii'i-i' 'liii'i-i' he ".mJ m: ,n,rne.ti!-ly ,n,rne.ti!-ly ,n,rne.ti!-ly clo '. d I i I Vii I mat iou tln-atre tln-atre tln-atre 1 clo.d iu ,'i r. ma n t .om d a long a 1 am rn)..r. .ir ! 1 i,i.;d na.d. 'vi-.iVi.iug 'vi-.iVi.iug 'vi-.iVi.iug to a . -oleer -oleer Time repre 'eii'ai.n- 'eii'ai.n- in i.,.' pro.nic of Mr . manaferer of U.e ( omninat j in. 7 i,e tua.tor a rii'i b ;u r at .n 'be n II.1II.I he nia-b nia-b nia-b No'atthiiftding that the ; In-e In-e In-e hi I I;, or. Sired to i Inn- Inn- .t d.ori aul - p !h.-m !h.-m !h.-m cloa.-d. cloa.-d. cloa.-d. It to oM-n oM-n oM-n t.!.t to i' r s-i,ar s-i,ar s-i,ar t . a

Clipped from The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times25 Apr 1903, SatPage 1

The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times (Deadwood, South Dakota)25 Apr 1903, SatPage 1
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  • Combination problems 2

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