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ktk pi THE MISSISSIPPI TRAGED Y! ' how thly make wab on women ! ! DETAILS OF THE CHISOLM MURDERS ! 1 1 From the Jackson (Miss.) Pilot; May 19 We have been ; to considerable trouble obtain the facts, and our readers may generous in their views, and permitted Chisolm and Jus friends to make head- head- daarters at their store forj political con 8ultations.f The indignation which had already been aroused I against" Chisolm, McRea & Co.j soon extended to .Gilmer and his clerk Davis, for permitting such an outrage, and they were freely threat- threat- t ened with a withdrawal of public patron age. As time were on . the political personal personal -prejudice -prejudice against Gilmer and; Davis recame more and more intensified until implicitly rely upon the truth of the'nar- the'nar- in their spirit of independence which al-rative al-rative al-rative to which their careful attention 'is ways characterizes braye men when their earnestly invited. The reader cannot re- re- independence of thought -and -and speech are assaued turner anu javis, wuo nao Here tofore not taken an active part in politics, in defiance of an ungenerous' criticism, openly declared themselves the friends and supporters of Chisiolm. In 1871, one Hal. Dawson, a citizen o Alabama, and one of that class who have so frequently given trouble to the eastern border bf our Mate a man of dissolute the conclusion; that the whole affair concocted to get 4 nd of Chisolm Gilmer, who were the leaders of Republican party in Kemper, We invite special attention to the fact on Monday, after the killing, Rosen-I Rosen-I banm and Hooper, who were included in Covert affidavit with Gilmer and Chis-olm. Chis-olm. aDDeared for trial, and were, dis w x a, , . I charged, the Judge telling them" there I habits visited Scooba, and, learning nothing! against them. ,No judicial that Gilmer and Davis were Republicans inquiry had been made, and if they were declared that "no Radical ought to be al i i ; ni -I -I j i i. i. it . innocent, so,; ox course,- course,- were vmaoim auu lowed to live in temper county, and Gilmer, because all were alike accused by that he. intended to take upon himself the man Covert in his affidavit. But the task of driving them out of town. Gil- Gil- affidavit had answered its fell purpose j mer and Davis, having been informed of Chisolm and Gilmer had been adjudged his threats, prepared themselves for his guilty of being Republican leaders, if I reception. In a short time Dawson, pisto nothing else,1 and so they must die. in hand, went to Gilmer's store, meeting Judge Chisolm held higlromcein Hem-I Hem-I Hem-I Gilmer at the door, who asked him if he county for years, when there were j was looking for him. Dawson replied but white voters, ana it was only at I that he was not, that fit was Davis he wan he became a Republican that he began I ted. Gilmer warned him hot to enter the be disliked. We know with what vile I store,- store,- buft the warning was not heeded. Democratic . leaders, especially in I Upon entering he met Davis armed with rural districts, assail xtepuDiicans ; a shot-gun, shot-gun, shot-gun, and raised his pistol to tire, they accuse .them of every meanness Davis tired first, and Gilmer also fired, the , a " 1 1 ii j l i I ! - . . . , - crime unaer ine sun, ana now ine i two sliots killing JJawson. Democratic newspapers reek with malig- malig- j Gilmer and Davis were duly arrested falsehoods concerning them. Judge J taken to DeKalb and placed in jail, soon unisoim encountered all this, but his after which a body af masked men went political enemies could not but ad- ad- to Gilmers's store, and,-takiug and,-takiug and,-takiug his goods, that it was political tactics, wholly buriied them in the streets, and threats justifiable, because Chisolm was "a were made to take Gilmer and Davis out Radical, and jthey wanted to break up the of jail and hang them. Radical, party " by defaming its' lea- lea- Judge Chisolm, who at that time was If defamation of character, or fir- fir- Sheriff of the county, being notified of the pistols and yelling around j Republi- Republi- threats, telegraphed to Capt. Shaughnessy, houses at bight, and offering all sorts United States Marshal at Jackson, who mean, petty, contemptible insults by went to Meridian, and, with Capt. Yates,, did not drive a man out, then his of the Seventh United States Cavalry, aud was the next tiling in order, be- be- a squad of soldiers, proceeded to DeKalb, the Democracy are bound to have where they arrived just iu time to save rule. 1 , Gilmer and Davis from the elntehes of m i No arrest have been made, and, as we threatening mob. These officers and sol- sol- before, we do not expect any will diers remained at DeKalb until Gilmer "We are certain not one of the mob and Davis were tried and acquitted. The ever be punished. Can there be a parties who bmned Gilmer's goods were doubt that the bhenff was fully I inrhVied bv the TTnitrl Stati fXrun.i Jnr- Jnr- Virf - Tiro a on nnnin ally embly of excited men. Very soon after the burial ceremonies the assemblage re paired to the town of DeKalb, wh(r3 an athdayit was made by Mr. Covert, a citi zen of Lauderdale county, a son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law of Philip Gully charging ,13. F. Rush as t 'h "ITT TTT MI 1 T-l T-l T-l Tt principal, ana vy. vv . jnisoim, oonn j:. Gilmer, Charles Roscubautn, and A. J Hopper as accessories, and upon this Cov Vert affidavit warrants were issued for the persons accused. Mrs. Chisolm and her daughter heard of the excitement in town and that an affidavit had been made im plicating the husband and father. They entreated him to leave the county and re main awav until the excitement should abate. The Judge refused to go, insist ing that his leaving would cause the com munity to believe him guilty. Early Sunday morniiifir the Sheriff went to Judsre Chisolm's residence and informed him that he had a warrant for his arrest, as well as for Gilmer, Rosenbaum, and Hopper. The Judge stated to the Sher iff that there was an excited crowd gath insr in town, and doubted whether the Sheriff had power to protect him from violence, and insisted on being allowed to remain under guard at home. With this reauest. and with positive assurance of protection, the Sheriff agreed to comply Judsre Chisolm at once sent a note to Gilmer and Rosenbaum, at Scooba, notifying notifying them of the issuance of the warrant warrant for their arrest, and suggesting that they immediately come to DeKalb and surrender themselves to the Sheriff. ATROCIOUS MURDER OF GILMER. Upon the receipt of Chisolm's note, of the intention of the mob when I arrested. brought before the court and placed Chisolm in jail ? He must pleaded guilty to the charge. They effec known the guns of the sham guard not loaded with shot, and with full knowledge jf the bloody intentions, let be led out of his house to the whicli proved a butcher's shambles. ted a conpromise with Gilmer by paving him for the goods, and the case was dismissed. dismissed. . JoluVW. Gully was an extremely bitter bitter Democrat, intensely hostile to all. Republicans, Republicans, and tllft lo.5il lftartar i-f i-f i-f liij rkrtlf- rkrtlf- THE STOBXIN DETAII. f in &e ' nt Abdu, tllis timfi ,,n. "V7e have been-at been-at been-at some pains to procure gaged in a personal quarrel with Judge W. Gully was never molested for attempt to kill Rush 1867 John P. Gilmer, one of the the late tragedy, engaged in a mercantile business at Scooba a town in Kemper coantf and em -a -a clerk bv tho tim At 1868 W. Chisolm: tl, aracter m the late massacre, assisted bv McRea. W. Ti ftQTr,u ' J organized the RepnbHcan party county. Gilfnpr a nl- nl- LlQ Confederate soiiw wereem atthat time, bnf ' u010: ' uuerai ana same gen- gen- Gilmer shaved, dressed himself in his best clothes it beiug Sunday and delivered his watch and papers to his wife, and as he did so he said: " Etfie, if anything should happen, and I should be ikilled, you would not bury me immediately, but would keep niv bodv for a tew da- da- would you' not C Mrs. Gilmer became alarmed, and insisted upon accompany in her husband to DeKalb. Gilmer, failin i ... . 1 ' 'C to pi'ocure a conveyance ior ins wire, as sured her that on his arrival at DeKalb le would send Judge Chisolm's carriagi for her that he feared no danger unti miriit, and bv tnat time she could be witti iim, and her presence might be a protec- protec- ion. Accompanied b- b- Kosenbaum, he proceeded to l)elvalb. Arriving at the residence of Mr. M. Rosenbaum. the fat! er of Charles Rosenbaum, who resided in the edge of DeKalb, they learned that there was an excited crowd in town, and wrote a note to the Sheriff informing him of their whereabouts, and that thev were prepared to surrender to the officers of the law. The Sheriff sent a deputv, Mr Britton, to whom, after the most positive promise ot protection, they delivered uieir pisiois anu starieu wun mm ro tne jail. As they weie passing Mr. Gully store, in the business portion of .the town, without a word or warning Gilmer was shot in the back with a load, of buckshot, when he cried "for Gods sake, don't surrender ed;" and saying to the Deputy Sheriff, " You promised to protect me," he was fired at again, but without effect. He then stag gered into an alley between two stores where lie received a shot from the front, 4-1.. 4-1.. 4-1.. 1 1 1 "J 1 1 . 11 If uie loau louiriuiT in niS' ureasr. rainno' LI ij O to the ground and attcmping to crawl under under a house, a man (i) stopped up to him, placed a gun to the back of his head and fired, the charge passing entirely through, literally blowing out his brains through instantly. Mr. Charles Rosenbaum. during the excirp- excirp- , o ment, ran among the crowd and saved himself, because they could not shoot him without endangering their friends. Mrs. Gilmer, late in the evening, still waiting for the conveyance to take her to her husband; husband; hearing the approach of a , vehicle, all anxiety to go, went to the door, and instead of a carriage she found a wagon containing the bloody remains of her murdered husband wrapped in a bolt of sheeting. This startling spectacle was the first intimation she had received of the killing. Without friends, with a young babe in her arms, the terror-strick terror-strick terror-strick George Fox and D. Hampton, who lived five miles from DeKalb, and who happened happened to be visiting some colored people who lived on Judge Chisolm's premises, -and -and by placing ropes aronrid their necks, endeavored endeavored to extort from them a confession confession that they had seen Ben Rush, and knew of the conspiracy to murder Gully. The inmates, of the jail hearing the shots that killed Gilmer, Miss Cornelia Chisolm asked permission to return to her father's house, which was granted. Hastening Hastening to the house she filled a bottle with gunpowder, procured some buckshot and a box of caps, wrapped them in a newspaper, newspaper, and fastening the bundle with trings around her waist under her skirts, and nlling her arms with provisions, returned returned to the jail, and was at first refused admittance ; but upon assuring the crowd that her f atlier and brother had had nothing nothing to eat, she was permitted to enter. THE ONE FAITHFUL GUARD MURDERED. In a short time after the killing of Gil-mer, Gil-mer, Gil-mer, the crowd proceeded to the jail and, informing Rosenbaum and Ilopper that they were determined to kill Chisolm, and exacting promises from them that they would not help Chisolm if their lives were spared, proceeded to shut them up in a separate cell. They then called out the guard, one by one, and informed them that they intended to kill Chisolm, and any attempt at resistance . on their part and pegged them to at least spare the body to those who loved him. Upon arriving at hoire, the Judge was found to be still living, and Dr. McCal-lahan, McCal-lahan, McCal-lahan, who was their next-door next-door next-door neighbor, did'every thing he could ; to resuscitate the Judge and to relieve the sufferings of his noble daughter. Mr. Henry Rosenbanm having arrived from ' Meridianv and a few of the Judge's relatives, who lived in another another part of the county, they sent to Scooba for a coffin for little Johnnie, and dispatched to J. M. Wells, Deputy Collector Collector of Internal Revenue at Meridian, for the best medical assistance that could be procured. Upon the arrival of the coffin at DeKalb, DeKalb, Monday afternoon, Mrs. Chisolm, with her own hands, prepared the dead body of her little son" for burial. The remains were carried into the room where his wounded sister lay, who, in great pain, raised us fand kissed the cold lips of her dead brother. Mrs. Chisolm havin obtained permission of the mob to bury her: son, the funeral cortege, consisting of Mr. Chisolm, a brother of the Judge; a nephew, and the Judge's little son, 8 years old, proceeded without a sermon, or prayer save that of the bereft mother, to the family burying-'ground, burying-'ground, burying-'ground, some 20 miles distant, where he was quietly laidaway. both, grieved1; and surprised to learn through this afternoon's mail, from Gov. Stone's private Secretary, that the Governor Governor refused us any protection other than that of F. C. Sinclair, who, with the pretense of an arrest, played into the hands of the mob. Having reat reliance reliance in your judgment, will, and feacjess bravery, I hasten to communicate the fact to you. I hear nothing tending to nve me quiet, and everything to the reverse Both husband and daughter are suffering severely more so then wlierr you weie here. Hoping to hear from you, or better, better, see you, I am very respectfully and greatfully, EMILYS. M. CHISOLM. JUDGE CHISOLM'S DEATH. Late on Saturday night, the 12th, whei J udge Clrisolm heard the result of the correspondence between Gov. Stone and Capt. Shaughnessy, lie seemed to give up all hope of ever being permitted to leave the county, and his vital power soon commenced commenced to sink. About It o'clock on Sunday morning, Major McMichael in formed Mrs. Chisolm that the Judge wa dying, and that it would be ' necessary for her to suppress her emotion, as the slightest indication of the Judge's condition condition would perhaps prove fatal to her daughter,, who was in the adjoining room. riband reliable statement of facts con- con- McRea, and as he was passing his (Gull A ,1 j ' . A 8 8 vtAth tiiAi1Am'KiA : v I uu c , A ,f shoot; 1 am unarmed and have v. w,w uUl4iu, viag&Kij in ivcm- ivcm- owic uicu uuui uarreis oi a snoi-guu snoi-guu snoi-guu xuii county, and the following, kindly in lus face. McRea returned the lire with us by Major E. H. McMichael, a revolver, but being blinded by his wounds be received as absolutely correctj in- in- failed of his mark .and missed Gully, as the narrative was written out McRea lingered some time, and finally repeated conversations with Mrs. died of his wounds. W. B. Gamble, who msoim. Ihis is the story of the wife I had been elected to the State Senate as a mother of her whose heart-strings heart-strings heart-strings I Republican at the general election in lbll. 9- 9- t-t t-t t-t rt-w rt-w rt-w a I- I- J 1 I ii Mdi e Mreicueu m agony as sue reci- reci- was also assassinated, as is supposed by a the ktory of the brntal butchery of her colored Democrat who had been hired to ones. . do the killing, and at a special election order th - " -VUUUIO -VUUUIO UiUI JVUVSTO tuc I A A. U " VUllvI , I -, -, UUUU X . VJ 1 1 1 Lie I 11- 11- r i i . . of, the difficulty which resulted in was elected to fiU the vacancy caused !y JVf 1 , ' ,"u m uup ni n receni aeatu ot at least sixvof the of Kemper county, we afe com to go back at least 11 years in the of the principal actors of the late 1 TT7T n T- T- -r -r - jtu.&b3 TULLUwmtf A BUSINESS QUAitKKL,. the year 1866, B. E. Rush and John U"UilV wer narfnora in a ornral twr. tj v r vmvau ails m BfcW--w BfcW--w BfcW--w BfcW--w -ukv -ukv business. ; It is said that their business was conducted very loosely ; that sold largely to creditors who never and, as in many other similar m- m- nrnll l-n l-n l-n - . i. 1 that-day, that-day, Rush and GuUy failed. This caused much cnmmation between partners, Gully charging that Rush appropriated .money to his own use, Rusi alleged- alleged- that the failure was about by the large mdulgence by Gully ; to his . special, but irre friends. An open quarrel soon between themand in a-few a-few a-few days was informed that Gully was look- look- i;-., i;-., i;-., .'.j i i"' . . . iur xiim, arraeu wim a snot gun, With to take his life, whereupon Rush himself, and taking position near Court-house! Court-house! Court-house! awaited the coming of who soon; , appeared accompanied Peter Gully and another friend on Peter Gully rode up to Rush 1 1 ir J... 1 i awcuiLiiu uisarm mm by wrench thfe gun from his hands. In the stratr. gun was! discharged,- discharged,- and Peter instanuy billed. John W. Gully fired uon Rnsli nntt;nf.-i nntt;nf.-i nntt;nf.-i j r into his body, and left him for In the course of time, however surprise of everybody, Rush recovered his desperate wounds, was indicted, subsequently' tried for the killing of GuUy, and acquitted upon the that the killing was aecidpW! for a time,) ended the controversy' up to this period, waa nf character. Safar as we know the death of Gamble. At the eral election in 1871 B. F. Rush was elec ted to omce of Circuit Court Clerk, and one night soon afterward was shot while going from his office to his home, and left for dead in the road. He again recovered, recovered, however, and said he recognized a son of John W. Gully as the would-be would-be would-be assassin. , THE MURDER OF JOHN W. GULLY. J? ailing to kill Kush m two attempts, as above detail, the GuUy clan next assailed the good name of Rush's wife, thus adding insult to inf ury, in tHat peculiar way so aggravating to a man of delicate sensibil- sensibil- CD widow had the remains of her husband Ping his arms around his daughter. II III r Capt. Wells engaged the service of I Erom that time until his death, every Dr.; Kline, and left on the first train for thing that could be done to revive the fieKalb, where he has kW.p. rpmainp.n. dying man was tried, but without success. every assistance in his power to With a full knowledge of his approach- approach- he bereaved family. Dr. Kline went 1DS aissoiunon, and, with the grim mon- mon- verland- verland- trom Meridian, and arrived on sier conirontuig mm, lie repeated that lie Vednesdav. GOV. STONE VISITS THE TOWN. Gov. Stone, accompaiued by ex-Go.v. ex-Go.v. ex-Go.v. owers, arrived Thursday. Gov. Stone atistied himself that the 'family were in o further danger from the mob , but ailed to convince J udge Chisolm and his amily, who lay suffering with physical ain and mental anguish, fearing a re newed attack every moment. The resi dence was feebly guarded by a few of Judge Chisolm's relatives from the mob, who seemed determinad on the death oi Chisolm at all haz irds. Hon. R. L. .Leaehman, accompanied by Mrs. Christian Christian and her cousjn, Miss Caskon, from Meridian, arrived on Friday as nurses foi the wounded family. Mrs.' Christian cool became feick, and was compelled to return return home on Sunday. Miss Caskon. having wounded her thumb with a piect of ice, the virus from the wounds of Miss Chisolm penetrated it, and erysipelas setting setting in, she was compelled to return home' on the Thursday following, where she is hand of little Johnnie, stm s"ttering greatly. Her life at one rime was despaired or. MRS. CHISOLM'S FRUITLESS LETTER TO A courts, fec, arid for a little time succeeded succeeded in quelling the terrible excitement, But Dr. David Rosser denounced themob as cowards, and insisted upon the killing of Chisolm, stating that they had come ther:i for that purpose, and that he would lead them. Seizing an axe and breaking open the lower door that leads up to the jail proper, he seized a double-barreled double-barreled double-barreled shot-gnn, shot-gnn, shot-gnn, and advancing up the stairway, tired, first at Miss Chisolm and her little brother, who were holding the upper door. The shot struck the grating, causing the shivered iron and lead to penetrate the daughter's face. Failing by this to drive them from the grating, he fired ao-ain. ao-ain. ao-ain. shooting oft the who crawled to his father, crying, " Don't shoot my papa." Miss Chisolm, seizin"-the seizin"-the seizin"-the guns of the pretended guard, handed them to her father. JOHNNIE KILLED, AND HIS FATHER AND HEROIC HEROIC SISTER MORTALLY WOUNDED. Dr. Rosser advanced, and pushing open nie granng. nreu at judire Uhiso m w t . M STONY-HEARTED STONY-HEARTED STONY-HEARTED GOVERNOR. On Saturday, the 5th of May, Capt. nnessy and JVlaior K. H. Me- Me- c i l ' ; i i uew nounug oi nor nao any connection whatever with the killing of Gully, , and that it was hard for a man to die and leave such a demoted wife and children u n der such circumstances. A few minutes later he threw his arms around his wif' neck and murmured, " My wife, my precious precious wife,'' and quietly died in the arms of her who, had been his companion for 20 years. After the death of Jud.o-e Jud.o-e Jud.o-e niiLr.i,., everything had to be done veW quietly to- to- prevent a knoyledj-e knoyledj-e knoyledj-e of his death from reaching his d.iugnter, whose wounds were iitw considered to be dangerous. A coffin coffin was proeiired from Scooba, and the Ju Jges'srei mans were conveyed to their inal resting place, without jnourners out-dde out-dde out-dde of his own family. 5 Jufee W. T. Chisolm had held hon-rable hon-rable hon-rable positions in Kemper county in times agone, and his friends there-' there-' there-' were counted by thousands, as the special friend and guardian of the widow and orphan, who never appealed to him in, vain. He had been elected to the office , of Probate Judge consecutively from 1860 tol866, resigning in May,1867and indorsing indorsing John McRae, who was appointed to fill the vacancy, and who held the position until he was killed by John W. Gully. Judge Chisolm was aPDointed SI J ' -11. -11. VJL a gun which had been handed him bv his rfmovcd ro.m Kemper county Chisolm wrote the following Gov. Stone, which she crave Shaughnessy to deliver. letter to to CaDt. hnessy to deliver. Capt. Shauffh- Shauffh- nessy left at once for Jackson, and finding Itov. fetone had left; for Natnlior on a friends m the rear, striking little Johnnie, Johnnie, who persisted in standing as a wall in front of his father, killing him instantly, instantly, and the spirit of that heroic boy went up to his God who made it immortal. This shot also wounded Judge Chisolm, who with lus daughter simultaneously fired upon Dr. Rosser, shooting off the top of his head. The crowd, seeino- seeino- that Dr. Rosser had been killed, were struck with terror, and caught Rosser by the feet and dragged him down stairs out of the jail, exclaiming, " Some of the guns are loaded with shot ! They have amuni- amuni- tion!" Advancing again, the son of Jno. W. Gully fired twice, at Mrs. Chisolm. but witnout eirect. one, having procured one -temper -temper conntv. Both he and his dano-b. dano-b. dano-b. n . i . . m. I . - -,-- -,-- -,-- -,-- oi the guns lett by the guard, placed it ter ae suffering very much from wounds witnin a lew inches ot his breast and fired both ArJ.liol .11.."..., I t.. T-.l T-.l T-.l TT I T , t" oyu- oyu- yKu.u temper county, July 2, 1870. bv Gov r :;wTs ?na& -vnisoim -vnisoim and his Alcorn, elected November, 1871 re-elect re-elect re-elect family they found greatly desired to be ed in November. 1S73 . 'J !!' ... I 7 . , licliilCU ill stating office until Jannary, 1876, when the State reCOV-I reCOV-I reCOV-I wont infA tli KotJ;, 4-1-. 4-1-. 4-1-. 4-1-. 4-1-. Pr knnr or-' or-' or-' tha fii. K n ..,..1 :i.-- :i.-- :i.-- a I . fiuvitun. in. iviumc mcil-cU mcil-cU mcil-cU a.ieiy 10 y AllfUSt 1876 which thoy were subjected, and also the Congrels in the' lack ot proper medical attention. Mrs. District that it wis impossible for them to recov- recov- j he was nominated for Third Congressional And yet, notwithstanding all these honors honors and trusts which had been confided to him in other days, when his remains were carried to the tomb no citizen of Kem nor pleasure trip, he followed, hoping to over- over- C onn? o0 them. butlike las boy, he A. . . I 1" 1 I lane mm at v lcksDurg, but arriving too late, the following correspondence occurred occurred by telegraph : Vicksburg, May, 9, 1877. To Gov. J, M. Stoyie, Natchez, Miss.: I am lust fi om .Tndcrn rfnolm'i in was buried "without ceremonv ami ntton,l ed only by a few members of Ins brother's brother's family; and all this because lie dared to be a Republican. M DEATH OP HIS NOBLE DAUGHTER, After the death iss to of Jlldtre Chisolm. vrnmn and her sister A1c Af, L. U .. JJevitt. who rp-sidft rp-sidft rp-sidft in DoTTolK s - - -UCJl -UCJl rs c- c- their and constant threats from the mob. It is credit be it written, k-irwllv k-irwllv k-irwllv aman.i fi. urtucib, ine wauuing snzhtiv AIceiJ' ast'erceu mat judge Uhisolm wi charsre ot and nursed Iiaa ni'e.i.n ing him, tbe gun containmsr no shot, neither be. permitted to live at home nm- nm- It' war tfttrmtnA fl.of I he mob then cried, Fire the jail" Ji8s to leave the county, alive, which threats consulting surgeon should be procured umsoim,. hearing the cries, lifted the man- man- "is tamily and myself fear will be carrier! and Jaior Mtafu-h Mtafu-h Mtafu-h a ' . . i,, , 11. . I J tc.o i-VIUCOtCU i-VIUCOtCU i-VIUCOtCU IU gl,ed remains ot her dead brother and car- car- out unless he is protected by the State procure it haste to Jackson for tW Government. A constant watch is kept, pose. Leaving DeKalb on Jonday e.ven-upon e.ven-upon e.ven-upon . the house, and a stranger going ing, with Mr. Rosenbaum, he proceeded there is promptly demanded his business to Jeridian where he recived a disnah-b disnah-b disnah-b . i him that Jiss Cbisolm linl ned them down stairs to the front door. and, returning, said : " Papa, they 'have fired the jail. It is better to be shot to 1 1 i l ,i . mi t i dentil umu uurueu to aeatn. inedndge informiner -l -l T 7. 1 1 a -4 -4 rfir s f ttrr I 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 inco. ah ecemueriast, iit, dolin VV. mieu as oest sue could, and as soon as trully was way-laid way-laid way-laid and shot from the possible went to Delvalb to assist the dis roadside. He recovered however, and, I tressed family of Judge Chisolm, where aunougn he never gave the name of the sne became prostrated, and now lies in a 1. . i i . I f . i i. ycieuu who snot mm, many circumstances mncai condition. pointed to Rush as .the cuilt v Dartv. .Rush. Lrr Aim f l . i I - . t auuw-jg auuw-jg auuw-jg ii. was accusea oi tne attemn- attemn- Aff- Aff- t,.,i ni - ..., te.d ainotl,, onA ti; k i i.-f i.-f i.-f -uu -uu vmsu.m nau sen i me note 17Z'":F:Ym ms m t0 llmer nnd Kosenbaum at Scooba, and ..". wuBLicui, uauicei-, uauicei-, uauicei-, leit ine countv. i, ci. :cc -n -n on,! l,o i i t .., . V ",,uc "1C oneriu was sun ciuce uveu at xuisseiiviiie. Ark l .i ...,., . ... : 1 iwu kjix tne zbth ot April last, John W. Gully was again waylaid and this time WiIIpH And when found his .body had been rob bed of boots, watch, and pocket-book. pocket-book. pocket-book. It was agam charged, that Rush was "the assassin. Inasmuch, however, as Rush nao not been seen in the county for sever tried to persuade her to leave him, savin he would remain there and die alone, assuring assuring her that he was innocent of having any knowledge or taking any part in the killing of (jiilly as she was herself. She refused to leave him, and,', throwing her right arm around his neck, and protecting him as well as she eoqld with her person. proceeded with him downstairs in the face and kept under surveillance. f T 1 -"--."W. -"--."W. -"--."W. -"--."W. -"--."W. VIWOVJIU IlilU iiirs. uusDlm was compelled to obtain died under an attempt to her life by a permit from the leaders of the mob to amputating her arm. Thus passed away bury her son, slam in the lail. From one ot the most heroic and Rnrroli'o cm'n'lo motives of .humanity. I have followed vou that ever bricrhtened thik SnnfL,.n ..i;,n to tll.8 Place with the follnwinrr lofto She harl h nf ir"ir 4-1 4-1 4-1 t rwt A i 4-1. 4-1. 4-1. jlI t v w . . v i.v i iwiiuy :iauuaLtu wiin - from Mrs. Chisolni: To Hon. J. M. . Stone , Governor f Mississippi Sir: Believing you to be humane and desiroqs of preventing the needless effn- effn- ise, tne crowd Highest honors of her school. Beautiful and. accomplished, she was at once the hope of a fond mother and the idol of a cievQted father's heart Thus have passed away a brave and honest man, a good citizen, a kind hus- hus- and demanded carry the prisone a harness house companied by his earnest entreaties finally the Sheriff and his posse H.- H.- -i -i H . I itiikiiiiii u .1 i -w -w rri - - .i : wt L11C U1UU- U1UU- unvn near tne JOOD or the 8jon ot blood, 1 most humb v ann rn.f njcieuoeu in iiuiiioeis. i i ... lk . j that the Sheriff should T". - ere i reu npon, one bail iuuy appeal to you tor aid in protecting n a Roving father, and r to an out-house out-house out-house used as , tZ XT. 1 " -Um -Um "T,,USDana children, until such time Pot. tte now steeps w lit. ii n i ii' i i i. i-i i-i i-i i ill i i ii i Mir i i t -v-Ar-. -v-Ar-. -v-Ar-. -v-Ar-. -v-Ar-. -v-Ar-. i ijw r -v-v -v-v -v-v -v-v . i - i.l. i. i i i iwnritirii r.r. 1 1 r . . - i . l : to this place he was ac- ac- i.k " 7 " nui auie' WiLU ulose W lomuod in his M-juumigcm, M-juumigcm, M-juumigcm, yugnwr. s i i mi iinrn r- r- ii . sr iAi-.-Aimi.- iAi-.-Aimi.- iAi-.-Aimi.- iAi-.-Aimi.- iAi-.-Aimi.- iAi-.-Aimi.- ii - -.. -.. . i .-, .-, .-, .-. .-. .-. i - . i wife and children, whose I. k"i X . 1Ub ,T ura mV 8Pare to me' to leave the " mgmty "tije d iV-ft iV-ft iV-ft w.----. w.----. w.----. w.----. w.----. w.----. hie rviiuc, nnu. a oan wmuv ann r.neir nomp. n vnn oan airi 'Ji men laKiutr on s prevaneu. upon a genum ith his darling Can anything eep damnation to allow him to HZI Jl Z1 ? wa? oiixv uj uiic ui tne moo ni uie lace and on the head with his fist or the end of a S M. Bush, (who stiU re- re- ZSSt h to to Z if e bTke.nin? one of her . iir:M ill r hit v --v --v --v -i -i - nLi i ' tiiiii i iim iwi mr iw.n ---- ---- ---- ---- .--.-" .--.-" .--.-" .--.-" .--.-" .--.-" ; 1 1 1 1 r ai months. .. frW W " urn to ms own no use,w"ere ins lamuy, u : ' , "WJL geeintr that the crowd intended to kill him. sides in Kemper county,) dated and postmarked postmarked about the time of killing of GuUy, and it having been since ascertained that tvush wasia RnsKpllvillo of 1 , .... . ---.., ---.., ---.., ---.., mc tiuic ui Lliv Killing, it is clear that Rush ,nonl not have been the murderer.. In order that suspicion could not reasonably reasonably attach to Judge Chisolm, it is proof that for several days prior to the killing of GuUy he had been in the city ox mobile, making arrangements to send his boys to coUegeand attending to other business. He j : --" --" --" v- v- oauic uy tne assassination was at the same vrnlly was kiUed ry, die surrounded by his family ; the was The Judge, seeinsr the alarm of fir. false and only a decoy, turned to go up stairs, when the mob tired acrain. sending i i i , ..'r several, ioaas or buckshot 111 Ids left bin i.j ... ... tr auu aouomen, mortally woundin? Inm. Jl ..I. . " -5 -5 ' ana ne lell unconscious to the foot of the crowd, increasing in number and violence, demanded that Chisolm should be carried to, where all prisoners belong, thus evincing a clamorous determination to Separate him from his family. Judtre Chisolm finally consented to go to jail uu- uu- steDS der the promise, that a guard .should be , iuiuisueu io proiect mm. -Accompanied -Accompanied sniitvm to their pesolate home. oy a guard of seven men, one of whom Rosenbaum and Hopper, who had been ageu i:o.uwmaum, unnamraiiz- unnamraiiz- shut up in a pell, then carnedown, aqd by ed citizen named McClellan, his daughter permission of the mob, assisted MrL worueiia, ageu xo, ana two sons, aged re- re- Chisolm in carrying the body of her dead jsination was committed and T To , 7 V Ts . iC" VIUSOim m carrying tne ooqy ot hep dead time-the time-the time-the ner l h t vely 13 an4 X6, hoprocod to jafl, boy and apparently dying husband to his :n . .? mat and was locked in. It . was ascertained rnsilpnn. nm Inn .kaa -a -a k:ry t" yuiboim was anting on that, with' t.h CTOftnrinn t IiV-71 IiV-71 IiV-71 ' " v uw Jnius 1UJ1" -i -i r . . -- -- yuuier nau I enntampH rnW tnwA-. tnwA-. tnwA-. ..r.i 1, ir I nothing to do with th 1 L 1 . . iienaving been absent at St. Lonia fr some weeks, and had only returned 9n that fatal day, Thursday morning, when Gully was shot. - ! CHISOLM AUEXY ACCUSED AJSTP AEKE8TEP. ; Un Satnrday, April 28, at the burial of ennto i n a A tilling ! 1 Y"V rwuci "u uosnot &.v "y niflolm with her remainino- remainino- nhnA Fifteen or more of the mob fnllnwnd P.-.. P.-.. P.-.. j:. i . . ouiuk; uisianee, and made several at a hn-v hn-v hn-v I tfinrrntc t cU 0 o j j -v -v duwu uui, uxias vornena. with Or vears. wont tn. fl. inf jl 1 , , "v---v, "v---v, "v---v, "v---v, "v---v, mui - j , iu vuv nviofc ut ti uuioreo woman and left him. tellinj? him to there. She then proceeded to the iail. 1 J . . . , . J "7 wm-re wm-re wm-re auuiinance was denied her. ner race and clothes covered with UnnA and with her shattered arm rtanrlinr. of vim.ic xii drm. i O D her side, f uriated demons 4 r n .it Aar I - ' L . 1 t , im-n im-n im-n -iciecix -iciecix ueiween tnese m- m- Af, T , , , 1 "A -.-v -.-v -.-v -.-v Jl,nxJLXB nuu lit ff-Of ff-Of ff-Of Til A Iol 1 I 1 j i i ... r-wt r-wt r-wt 6"i . i . Imu un ioagea piored them not to pursue their bloodv and her. father, and im- im- Jn jail the erpwl seised two colored woi: W.rtJ3T2 - j - w no ucou yJl lAJ O? me in behalf of my wounded and dvintr husband and daughter, I would ask that tapt. JV1. bhaughnessy, or Jackson, be authorized to raise a body of men sufficiently sufficiently large to protect and remove us to Some pjace of safety. Mrs, y. w. giiisoM. No time should be lost. Please dispatch me here, M. SHAUGHNESSY. To M. Shaughnessy Yickshurg, J$iss ; 1 cannot consent to your proposition ter go 10 ivemper county with a body of armed ,men I will return as soon as pos-6lbJe- pos-6lbJe- pos-6lbJe- pos-6lbJe- J. M. STONE. in the meantime Cant. Sh bad secured the promise of a number nf gentlemen of Jackson and Yicksbnm. Iiriflv..4. -l!-, -l!-, -l!-, -l!-, ? Tinjvi4t u simcnon ot party, but nrinei- nrinei- pally Democrats, to assist him in his mis- mis- sion-of sion-of sion-of mercy. The above correspond ence shows why those gentlemen who o kindly volunteered to go to the rescue of the family, were rendered powerless to do so. bince then Capt. Shaughnessy receive receive the following letter from Mrs Chi. - - -w -w -4 -4 A soim : DsKaib, Miss., May, 9. 1877. Cajpt. M. Shaughnessy ; 1 r T"! . XVIND r RIENP OF MY, HuSIUJfD : I Another Homicide in Swain. Information Information has been received here that an old man named Calhoun was killed in Swain county on the 23rd ujt , by Phillip Jenkins a farmer. No cause has been assigned for the deed,. Calhoun f was a merchant at Rocky Point, on Tennessee River, in tfie eounty mentioned. DuFiog the trial of the counterfeiters at this place, in 1873, he was a witness in behalf of the United States. No further particulars. Asheville Pioneer. was Poor House Buildinq Burned. We are in receipt of a letter from Mr. J. B. Stanly, of Trenton, N. C, in which it is stated that all the buildings on the Poor . House lands, situated two miles from Tren ton, were burned on Tuesday night last. These buildings had b;en recently, put in good order for the reception of 'the poor of the country, who have heretofore been "put out" as laborers among the inhabitants inhabitants of the couDty. It was decided the Commissioners that the poor should remove to the buildings on yesterday, that in future they could be properly cared lor. It is supposed the fire was the work of an incendiary. The entire loss falls on the county. iVeir&ern Nut Shell, 1

Clipped from Weekly Raleigh Register12 Jun 1877, TuePage 4

Weekly Raleigh Register (Raleigh, North Carolina)12 Jun 1877, TuePage 4
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