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Ref Harpers Weekly - a ; It a a ot fu in JTPE JCHISQLM JTR AGEDY...
a ; It a a ot fu in JTPE JCHISQLM JTR AGEDY Harper's Weekly tor Jane 28rd gives the portrait ot the brave Cornelia Chisolm, who lost her life while attempting to shield her father against the swage and infuriated mob that assailed him in the De Kalb (Mississippi) Jail where he had been imprisoned on tho charge ot having instigated the murder ot a political opponent. opponent. The story is in brief as follows: On Thursday evening, April 2G, John W, Gully, a citizen ;.ot Kemper. County, Mississippi, as , assassinated by un unknown unknown party. , On the Saturday 'follow-ing, 'follow-ing, two colored men made af&davit, that a Mr! Benjaman Rush, a'wbite man, was tfie euiliy party, and crimo Was instigated by Judge Chisolm; a well known and active Republican. His son, Clay Chisolm and ' three - other Republicans; Gilmer,' Rosenbauip, and Hopper, -ell whites, were also accused .ot complieUy in the -murder, The judge and his son were arrested 'and imprisoned at De Kalb and Mrs. Chisolm, her daughter, and .a -little . so a called Johnnie, instead on sharing their confinement. confinement. , . At r, the judges i, ... request, guards, were stationed ! in . the hall where,, he was confined.. They, were armed villi double-barreled guns, butit subsequently appeared that these with one exception, were loaded with powder and wadding only. This wus Sunday morning. ' Jubge Chisolm on being arrested sent for Gilmer, who came into the ' town on Sunday, and was immediately arrested. He was surrounded by (aninturated crowd On nearing the jail he made a sudden effort effort to escape, but was shot down and killed. Abaut three in tho afternoon several of the guards requesatd the sheriff to relieve them, and five retired, leaving their guns leaning against the wall. A friend ot jJudge Chislom's, a cotchmau named M'Lellan, refused to go for souio time, but at length acceded to the request ot the sheriff. Fie was delivered by that officer into the hands of the mob, who instantly shot him dead. The mob. headed headed by a Dr. David Rosser, then forced their way into the ball where tho judge was confined. A terrible scene followed.-Judge followed.-Judge Chislom seized the gun and retired to the farther end of the hall determined to soil his life dearly. Clay Chisolm caught up his young brother and endeavored to hide him behind a large iron , cage. The rest of the awlul story must be told in Mrs Chisolm's own words. "Belore Clay could spring hack to lake his place against the door, Johnnie cried oul."0 my father I and sprang between his father and Rosser, who, he saw, was in the act ot shooting him. Rosser placed his gun at the heart of my little boy, and fired its contents into its body. At that in3tanlmy husband obtained : the onlr loaded gun ihre. wl.icbhad been 1 irvg from was house, and killed Rosser. Alter the lock had been chopped out of ' the door, I sprang inside to give the alarm that the : mob had fired the jail. My daughter's face was (covered with blood from woundscaused by shot which had rebounded after slriking the iron bars. I told my htsband to fight his way through, not knowing then that the guns which had been left by the guard . had been loaded with powder only by the sheriff. . "With Clay's assitance I carried Johnnie's Johnnie's dead body down stairs, through the ha 1, to the outside door. Turning. I saw a renewal of the attack, and my husband Coming down with our daughter's arm around bis waist. At this time old Henry Gully was at the door, I urged him back holding - tho door with v'both hands He put his gun through the grating, : and Cornolia, throwing her arm around her father's neck, told Gully to kill her, spare her father. Gully placed the gun within a lew inches ot her and fired, her arm receiving the contents of both .barrels. Another guu was handed Gully, by a boy, which he fired, and shot , my husband. Phil Guely ran up with a club, but another shot finished him her husband, and he fell, exclaiming, "My precious wife, ' I uio luuuceai; my enure lamny murdered i uui u un v oi mv cnnuren live, I - want them to know I have never" done an act nor harbored a. -thmin-ht wMnh rn.i4 make them blush." " f ..- i t ... "Clay tried to stand Vni.wanfi Thim h is murderers, while Cornelia ' and I ran to ine poor to obtain help - to carry my; husband home,. The blood was, running from Cornelia's shattered aim. which she held up. begged for help, .The answer was a shot in -her leg By this time about, twonty-Cve of the crowd ran in. I hastened hastened back ot where my husband, lay, and' seized a gun. The eider started back and fired a shot at me. I then fired at him, and tho crowd fled again.' My " son and myself, with the help oi one of the demons who assistec in killing my hos--band, carried h'm. home.1 We we're pur-Sied pur-Sied by tha mob to our gate.Corneliakept her bleeding body between us and them. Arriving home. I found the. servants had fled with theieys, and wo had to force the window - open, through which k we climbed. A kind negro brought my dead boy home, but was afraid to remain." Cornelia Chisolm lingered a few davp, tenderly cared tor by devoted trieuds; but the shock was - too great ' for endurance, endurance, and she gradually sank in tofasleep of death.ShewasJdelicated and highly accomplished, accomplished, and had recently 'graduated' from a yoong ladies' academy-with honor i Her poblo' iicourage and' sad; late . have awakened deep yuipatby-4n every civile eed community but no -punishmeiithat vet overtaken the savages who murdered her or ,tho ofliciala,who were, ..oocomplhwa, Jo the .grime. V,L lit

Clipped from The State Journal22 Jun 1877, FriPage 8

The State Journal (Jefferson City, Missouri)22 Jun 1877, FriPage 8
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