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Leonard Hartman - Situa- Lateinold and Leonard Hartman, on the...
Situa- Lateinold and Leonard Hartman, on the follow-iug: vet that matter need have ' no weight with a jury sworn to try the I case uihju the evidence. The ruatLer of Mo-Calimont pay-able j THE COIKTS. j tuarter Session Judge Jttoue. Friday, Decemler 17. In the case of j William Hecker, indicted for larceny, previously reported, the jury failed to agree, and were discharged. ARNOLD AM) U A HTM AN. The District Attorney having announced announced that he intended to try the cases . I. i ',.,,,.n,n.un.Ilh i-ci i-ci i-ci tVilliu... 4 opening of Court the room was crowded almost to liuiloeation, so great was the interest manifested by the public in the matter. When the first case was called, Mr. Haines, counsel for Hartman, asked that the trial be lamtponed for a week or two, in order that the prisoner might have a fair and impartial trial, which tie tnought would be impossible at the present time, owing to the manner m which the city press had dealt with the a8air. No man, he paid, who read the papers could go into the jury box with hi mind unbiased. Tne Court thought tiiat although same a DOHtponeuieut was in the hands of the DKrict Attorney, and if he insisted upon going to trial the Court would not interfere. interfere. Mr. Pearson, the District Attorney, announced that he was ready to proceed to trial, that tho cases had beeu advertised advertised for trial at this time and lie was not disposed to agree to a postponement. The cae of the Com mou wealth vs. William alias ' Sriibim" Arnold, indicted for felonious assault, officer Samuel Anderson Anderson prosecutor, was then called, and to the astonishment of all and the apparent apparent dissatisfaction of the entire audience, audience, Mr. Coyle, attorney for thedefend-aut, thedefend-aut, thedefend-aut, entered a plea of guilty. Tne next case called was that of the Common weal tii vs. Ietuiard Hartman, indicLed for felonious assault, nflicer John Moor prosecutor, iu which Mr. Hay ues, counsel for the defendant, entered entered a plea of guilty. The Commonwealth vs. William alias "Smbba" Arnold, indicted for felotieous assault and battery, ollicer John Moore prosecutor, was next called, and a plea ot guilty was entered. Next was the case or the C mmon-wcaith mmon-wcaith mmon-wcaith vs. Leonard Hartman, indicted for felonious aaault sml battery, officer John Moor head prosecutor, in which a plea of guilty was also entered. Tne CHse of the Commonwealth ve. Hartiuaoand Arnold, indicted for felonious felonious h!au:t, Jenny Lieb prosecutrix, was next cal.e i, aud the defendants plead guilty. This ended the charg s and th Court proceeded to pass Kemencn upii the coude limed uidii. Arnold was requested to stand up anil Judge Stowe said he would say nothine at-out at-out at-out the facts of the caveas there had airea'lv ben enough aid under the circumstai.cs. The prisoner prisoner was then sentenced 111 the tirat case to pay a fine of : x conts to t he Common-wfrit Common-wfrit Common-wfrit b, the c ls of proeecution, and undergo undergo an imprisonment tn the Western Penitentiary for a term o five ysara and ten months, lu the second case a seu-tenceof seu-tenceof seu-tenceof six ye-irs ye-irs ye-irs in the Penitentiary, a tine of six centsartd cosi.saf prosecution, ttie sentencto tak etlr.?t and commence at ilia expiration of the sentence in the present cae. In the case of felonicus aKsan.t in which Hartmaa and Arnold were indicted jointly, jointly, they were sentenced, to undergo an imprisonment of three years in the Penitentiary, Penitentiary, pay the costs of prosecution and a hoe of six cent! each to the Commonwealth. Commonwealth. Arnoid was ti en directed lo take his seat, and sentence was pronounced on Hartman in the remaining ten cass. He v as allowed allowed to remain sitting In conaefjnence of the wound in bis leg. In the ee of leiiouious assault he was sentenced to pav a line of six cents to the Commonwealth. Commonwealth. theTpot of pnwtKMHwo tnil wn-d-rgo wn-d-rgo wn-d-rgo wn-d-rgo wn-d-rgo an impns mmeiit in the Western pomtenliarv b"r a period of live years and ten months, toe sentence to take ef-lect ef-lect ef-lect and ouuuiter.ee at the expiration of the sentence in the former cases. In the other cAe he aa aentencwi to the peni-lentiary peni-lentiary peni-lentiary for six years, pay a fine of six cents and the costs of prosecution, the sentence to take ettect and copi'uence at the expiration of the proceeding neu-teni. neu-teni. neu-teni. The pris ners wer tlien takeu m charge by the offi vra of the Court and conducted to the jail. The crowd In the rotunda was so lare (ht tt was with the greatest dfttlvnilty tho officers mtde their way through it, and had it not been for the assistance of Chief Hague and a numtier of his police, it wouid have teen utteiiy iijipsiblto have passed through the dense mass of people. Tiiey will probably be taken to the Penitentiary Uh d-y. d-y. S. S. Hager, indicted for aawauit and ba: tery, t at bar me Schroder, preecu-tr.x, preecu-tr.x, preecu-tr.x, was next placed ou trial, and the jurv reuirned a verdict of guilty. Jacob BauuuUer. mulcted ir felonious assault and battery, was permitted to enter a plea of guilty of unlawful cutting and wounding the proseutor, Wiiliam Barnes, aud was sentenced to pay the oots of prosecution, a tine of cents and undergo an imprisonment d fifteen months iu tiie West-em West-em West-em Pwimenliary. Caarles Kearney, indicted for laiceny, M. B. Emmett proww-utor, proww-utor, proww-utor, plead guilty and was sentenced to the work bouse f-.r f-.r f-.r thirty days. Mattie Mccracken, idicted for aggravated aggravated aault and battery, K. J. Benson, prosecutrix, plead emlty sn 1 was sentenced sentenced to pay a tine of l to the Commonwealth, Commonwealth, the costs of prosecution and undergo an in prihiioment of ten days m the county jail. lu iho case of F.d. Schultr., Indicted for assault aud bitterv, W. H tmi, prosecutor, prosecutor, a p ea of null contendere was entered, and the defendant was sentenced to pay a tine of $3u and coata of prosecutiou. th; a t. id -st Kon ha,ti:kday. 1 ) i ; i 1 A to oil to I a is fl-twing of

Clipped from Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette18 Dec 1869, SatPage 1

Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)18 Dec 1869, SatPage 1
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