Demmler exhibiting Mother and Haniel Long portrait

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Demmler exhibiting Mother and Haniel Long portrait - OF PAIHT Private View Held in Carnegie...
OF PAIHT Private View Held in Carnegie Institute Galleries Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Scenes Shown. APPLIED ART ATTRACTS An exhibition of Kiintins3 by Pittsburgh Pittsburgh artists was opened last night at a private view in Gallery L. of Carnegie institute. Paintings by James Bonar, P'red Demmler, A. H. Gorson, Joseph Hugo. Georjse Sotter, Arthur W. SparKS. Charles J. Taylor, Will J. Hyett ana 'Christ Walter are included in the group. Pittsburgh scenej are exhibited by Bonar. Goraon and Sotter. Mr. Bonara "Cradle of Victory" shows blast fur-' fur-' fur-' naces with the hurrying tigui-s tigui-s tigui-s ot workmen doing their bit in the great munitions work being carried on in our , steel mills. Mr. Gorson's shows three canvasns of the mills at night, and a lourtii one depicting 'Winter on the Allegheny." Allegheny." Gorson's "Pittsburgh Bridge at NiRht" is very suggestive of the raystery of industrial Pittsburgh, with ita dark river lit by the fitful glare of the furnaces. George Sotter in his "Over the Top" has painted a Pittsburgh in snow seen through mist. The foreground is broken by the sharp spire of a church just below the hill, and in the middle distance are two echoing spires of a church in the valley; the rest of the picture is composed of row .ipon row of houses. So cleverly has the painter managed to give us many snow-covered snow-covered snow-covered roofs that we are never conscious of repetition either in form or tone. Mr. Sotter has a group of his paintings paintings on exhibition at the Museum of .Pine Arts in Toledo. This same group of paintings was shown in Rochester, X. V.. during this past winter. Landscapes are shown by Bonar. Will .T. Hyett. Charles J. ! James j Tavlor and Christ Walter. Mr. Bonar has two subjects from Ligonier that display a. sympathetic sense for the harmony of autumnal coloring. Mr. Taylor in his "By-path, "By-path, "By-path, Ravenrock. New Jersey," ha3 chosen a composition that has a strong decorative quality. The tall trees on either side of the path, the country girl Puts An End to Catarrh Troubles CITY S DPEII ARTiSTS EXHIBIT walking along the path, the ok! houses along the road, the sunlight tiitermg through the trees all make a pleasant picture characterized by a quiet -charm. -charm. V:11 J. Hyett. who has been painting at Gibsoniu lately, i.s represented by three landscapes recently completed. His "Nature's Workshop" shows a ieaiy bower in many gradations ol gieen. His other two paintings depict tlij time of winter that promises spring. In "'Deer Creek'" he has at-icmp.eii at-icmp.eii at-icmp.eii a diri.e'ult handling of t:ie and browns that one iecs in j February after the snow is gone, but j m "A lese; te.l 1 " he paints the. snappy blue of eaily March. Of the ngure paintings we lind some j by Charles J. Tay.or, Arthur W. Sparks. Christ Walter, Joseph Hugo and Fred Demniler. ilr. Taylor is represented represented by "Yours sincerely." a. re-lined re-lined re-lined interior showing a lady at a writ-in;, writ-in;, writ-in;, table. Christ Walters shows an Iudian, "Prom Distant Lands." Joseph Hugo, who has not be'ore exhibited with this group, has a figure stuiiy. "Melita." .ueuia has rea nair. wears a taupe gown and is posed against a vivid blue background. The whole makes a very good color effect. Arthur Arthur W. Sparks shows two nude studies. These paintings nre evidently a new venture, at least no others-of others-of others-of the same kind have been previously exhibited exhibited by Mr. Sparks. They possess an opalescent quality that needs a small i and intimate room for their appropriate j setting. Fred Demmler, who is perhaps I better known in Boston than locally. I snows two portraits. He has painted one. of his mother, sitting with her crocheting. Unlike many of the i toi. painters with whom he has associated, he does not depend accessories for his effect. He uses The only a simple grey background, poi trait is imbued with sincerity purpose and a thorough knowledg of of the successful solution of his problem-a problem-a problem-a beautiful presentation of a dignified woman. His other "Portrait" is a stud of Hanlel Long. Here is a portrait that has absolutely no accessories, attention attention is concentrated almost biutally upon the head. APPLIED ARTS EXHIBIT. Quite aside from the fact that the painter has secured an excellent likeness, likeness, one instantly lecognizes that the painter has seized the character of his subject with a vigor that demands admiration admiration for his skil' This exhibition of paintings by Pittsburgh artists will i continue until April 13. The Americanization exhdition which is being shown under the auspices of j the Phoebe Brashear Club in galleries K and M will continue on, exhibition through April 2S. This exhibition in- in- eludes textiles, metals, carved wood, jewelry, lace and other craft objects. All during the period of exhibition largj crowds have come on Sui.days to see the treasures that they have lent. It has, been In every sense u.i Americanization Americanization exhibition in that ir has interested interested Americans in. the crafts of our foreign-born foreign-born foreign-born citizens and 0.1SO in that it haa made the newer Amerimrw fee! that we really acknowledge the value I of the craft traditions they have brought with them. The applied arts exhibition represents the best craft work accomplished in li i I I 1303- 1303- I been ! rid-upon

Clipped from Pittsburgh Daily Post24 Mar 1918, SunPage 12

Pittsburgh Daily Post (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)24 Mar 1918, SunPage 12
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  • Demmler exhibiting Mother and Haniel Long portrait

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