Duluth Iron and Metal April 25 1908

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Duluth Iron and Metal April 25 1908 - favor­ an Edi­ ample on has field a two must...
favor­ an Edi­ ample on has field a two must secure better em­ it this feel­ be­ has help­ com­ the its Puluth predict to it is and and a average man, as a result electricity. is-h^ng, usea more and more. \r The superiority of electricity, .over. other lights nas long., been ajdmitted, on account of its conveniencecleanllress conveniencecleanllress and heaithfuiness, and-how.that, it is also mora economical there is no reason why it should not be' in every working man's house. In'fact thai, .is about the condition at presient in Diiluth, Diiluth, arid lis use is rapidly becoming univfrsa.'. The cost. has been reduced to a ninauni, and the entirfe expense for a year's lighting for an- ordinaryhome ordinaryhome will not run over year. This is less than the, •olci?kefo-: scne lamp would cost, to say nothing of the dirt and smoke and odor, and the loss of time and the annoyance caused by broken chimneys, etc. It may well be said that electricity is the working man's light and should be in every Loire in the city. DULUTH IRON AND METAL CO. The mission of this review is to set forth a few of the more salient facts concerning the present status cf the city as a living,. acting force and factor in the commercial and industrial life of this section. A thor­ oughly representative house, which has always had the best interests of the city at heart and has striven to advance its prosperity, is th|.t of the Duluth Iron and Metal company, lo­ cated at Michigan street and Third avenue east, where may be. found an in every way up-to-date. blacksmith and machine shop. They are dealers in new and second hand- machinery, bar Iron, steel beams, relaying1 rails, cables, iron and, stel scrap, etc. They receive and handle large consignments in these respective lines and by al­ ways making a point of promptness in their business transactions invari­ ably give satisfaction to their many clients and patrons. The trade territory of this company extends over the" entire Northwest, middle west and Canada and every-, where the name of the Duluth Iron and I4eta! company is held in highest esteem and the goods which they handle bear a reputation for superior- The Labor World predicts for the Duluth Iron and Metal company a career o| uninterrupted prosperity so long as Its affairs are in the hands of the* present able and efficient man­ agement. Tes»—Mad at him? Why he wrote a loveFrom loveFrom the Philadelphia Presa: ly tfbem to her. Jess—'Yes,' but sW never read It. When •he. saw the title or. It she tore "the whole thins up in a fit' of anger.* You see he cfeiled It "iilriea pn Mabel's Face." VFrom the Catholic. Standard: •v V'There's a wealthy Chicago pork paqfeer backing our. show," said -the tragedian, ''and ^he'a apparently 'confident that the venture will be a tuqeen." "Ah!' remarked the comedian, ."he's- got' jtalth in his' ability to. make money- -out of ham*,' eh?" ity in quality and workmanship. __ The. Duluth Iron and Metal com- "touch of the railroads whlJfc have pany haVe been In business twenty years and the officers are. Max Zalic, Hyman Y: Joseph and Louis Zalk, all practical men in their line. A call over either phone will receive prompt attention. Dt^UTH d. IRON RANGE RAIROAD COMPANY Minnesota jip fast taking her placa among ^tlre.$ti&a'lthty states of the Un­ ion,. because", of the facilities which are offered'.'her to develop the almost in^xhaustaj^ie°? courses of wealth which are contained ''in her borders. This never ,^vould have been possible but for the fact that.ihe railroads have ppened up avenues for reaching these storehouses 6f,£wealth, and for bring­ ing them to market. It' would be impossible to estimate the benefits which have come to the people of Minnesota from railroad en­ terprises. It is a popular thing at present with certain politicians to make capital for themselves by at­ tacking the railroads, but-the great mass of people' Tealize that these roads have been the pioneers of civil­ ization of the Northwest, and that the wonderful development of this ctJhntry would have been impossible hut for the enterprise, foresight and Courage of these1 men who have pene­ trated our forests and spanned our prairies by these 'arteries Of traide and commerce. Foremost among''' the enterprising roads which' ha£ve ventured into hitherto hardly" known regions, and have made possible the settlement and development of the state, stands the Duluth & Iron" Range railroad, whose officers are "among the most eourageous eourageous and aggressive business' men of the country.-—Th^jf have never hes­ itated at' any expense- which prom­ ised returns for the settlers along their lines and have always "been in the. front ranks of those who are push­ ing. the development' of 'our state. Statements of the wonder fur growth: and development of the country through which this'" road passes would read almost like a fairy ta,le, and if one could have Visited thisconntry a score of years ago When it was practically a. wilderness, and apaln when it is liped with happy prosperour prosperour settlements 'and productive 'farms, they would hardly believe that s'ujch a change- could have ..been brought about in sip short" a time. And neither could it, hag jt not been for the.nTji.glc brought ,this country into, touch with all .the1 rept/»f. ithe. world. For the investor, the country adja­ cent to this roa 4 offers unrivalled op.pbrtunities, op.pbrtunities, andfor the. home- seeker no better place can be .found.' There: are many .fascinating .resorts within a short distance of our city,, wherecitizens wherecitizens of Duluth can, for a small sum of money 'enjoy a pleasant pitt­ ing, and get in touch, with tjae many beauties of nature, as well a# enjoy, a delightful season's sport of. hunting A Duluth 13 to rb"e congtatulatfsd upon the pharactcsn her" business mten, who are active.^.a.ggriB$sive and progresslve, progresslve, ftn^ are 'morl'/ typical fenteriwlsingareTE^Bradof fenteriwlsingareTE^Bradof this spirit. 't'fian^ the office'rs the ley .president ^and treasurer T. Duluth & Iron «Range railroad, who hav5e pushed many.. business enter-' prises to a'! successful issue, and' whose faith In' t&s 'ec't'f^h/ .of the cotmtry has bee^^rthorbughi^ proven" by the large investments' they have made in property and bjisiness indusv trles on many occasions.1' The employes of this railroad are treated with the utmost" consideration and patrons are shown eyery possible courtesy. The officers of this road ar'e as fair lows: Frank E. House, president' and general manager H. Johnson, secre­ tary and vice president, general freight and passenger agent F. C. Marshall^ treasurer Thomas Murray, assistant secretary and assistant trea­ surer F. B. Kellogg, general counsel ahd J. B: Cotton, general solicitor. A" great corporation of this kind, which is liberal and generous with its employes, and which distributes such a liberal amount of money in the shape of wages aftd ior materials and sup­ plies, is of the utmost benefit to the community, and merits the support of all that ha\^ the interests Of the city "and state ait heart. ... The- Labofr World .unites with all classes of citizens "in wishing success and pr&sperity to tire Duluth & Iron Range railroad. DULUTH LOG COMPANY. We take pleasure in calling'the at­ tention of the union men of .duluth and the entire Northwest to the name of the Duluth Log company, a concern Which is worthy of the support and encouragement of all intelligent work-. •Inen. *The record of this splendid Company shows clearly that the offi­ cers have lii all their dealings with labor been actuated with principles of fairness an3 justice. A concern which pursues' a policy of this kind Js almost sure/ to "have a steady and healthy growth. The Duluth Log company Is en­ titled to the support and co-operation pt the uniOtt^ men ,of this city, and we take^l^a^re, jyl^dng the name of the .Diluth among', -.the' conce^Jlist .Sjf .our city who are .stfojig anij ^libstan^ai -.friends of conservative V-Organized labor. Situated.' as it is, t^e. ejet^eme west­ ern poiht of deep^v^erways^^^havigation, deep^v^erways^^^havigation, Duluth pass^sse^ natJVfe ad­ vantage-In the ma'ttfcr, pf shipping. Even in njipderp tlrtieswhen every tendency i-educe /the cost to a minimum, vitUs.inipossible for the rail­ ways to compete with boats In the transportation of cargoes to the east­ ern market. The lake still proves the most economical for the purpose of forwarding the immense volue of pro­ ducts to the east. They have a large yard at this -point, as well as at other points [throughout the Northwest) Where they handle a large and. carefully selected stock of forest products,, etc.. This company gives employment to a large /number of men, and distribute a large sum of money annually-, in form of 'wages, thus adding materially to the' prosperity and happiness of the workffngmen workffngmen 'of this section! The officers of this sucessful and. Bradley, secretary a nd. manager. The city of Berlin' has appropriated 112,500 toward the, fund for combating 'tutberculosis, 'tutberculosis, to- be 'named' in honor of D#. BobeptAbout |40,00MtiM .befcrt »abBcrlb%d »abBcrlb%d from pirivate ^oiircea. thj

Clipped from The Labor World25 Apr 1908, SatPage 5

The Labor World (Duluth, Minnesota)25 Apr 1908, SatPage 5
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  • Duluth Iron and Metal April 25 1908

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