31 May 1947 Comics

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31 May 1947 Comics - . So many the experimental at the State week...
. So many the experimental at the State week been reserved groups, director earl toured members club major work and pasture plot area farm of the H. A. and agronomist, tours of several farmers the station County of Mc-Minnville. Mc-Minnville. the crop the research Oliver, department. requested these of to be are divided kind and dishwasher." m. to No or for QIC'S TRAt'ir H?B;y""af NUgSE-1 NUgSE-1 NUgSE-1 CAW'T BEAR WHAT ACE J PffT 1 V'rcfyV A I 01 B BUAKU1.NO HOI SB BY GENE AHERN.. OCX OIK WAV BT 4. B. WILLIAMS ESAD, AtARTHA.' FORSAKE THOSE V TMVT VOICE- VOICE- PADDED WITH 1 QuiC I WH I JU9T V PUT YOU PiDu'T V ruUMASSy IMPLEMENTS AMD - PLDSH Pi?DRARlV MPAMS i ' SOMPEOir J tM TH' U -AlP -AlP TH4:r I TELL HIM MOT T0 1 30IM ME IU A. 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OKI-HAN OKI-HAN OKI-HAN ANNIE Bv ,AR01.D UB.T ! r HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING HU-M-M-EVERVTHING ( ...pjrl Lr s HLIMON' LOCKED PROM A NOT V)N!E- V)N!E- C-ECMS C-ECMS C-ECMS O. K. SP5 NOCE- NOCE- ( V Kt' I I THE INS'Dri ... KID'S I COME OM ( ANVTHIfHQ IN THERE? flOT YET- YET- 1 I fiT I PRCESAEk-Y PRCESAEk-Y PRCESAEk-Y IN TM6PE LETS PUSH- PUSH- , -T -T iT V J I 1 ! K ipt 1 - o C8u? U6AHO, BMOtlt V,t DtO HT-4 HT-4 HT-4 H VtW Ot IN OPAt. UTTL TOVMKi OUT WtT 1 AE V.W Atl? tMOU&ATO 5U IHt HUKNWi ftuanturlr J VlXt. IK-! IK-! IK-! SB LtfT 0;tre TO IK", c.nm t . TT 1 t. Ot?tWTtVW A HAU.S.N&5 i TO lOlltTY AMO THE IKS SAID ASOLVT Of? TO KltA i TAE S?At CHILD , A 'SOU! ta BT EDGAK MARTIN OU TOWN uE Pi lOWBLt t

Clipped from Albany Democrat-Herald31 May 1947, SatPage 4

Albany Democrat-Herald (Albany, Oregon)31 May 1947, SatPage 4
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