26 Mar 1949 Page two "Spring Reign"

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26 Mar 1949
Page two
"Spring Reign" - Pare t Albany Democrat -Herald -Herald...
Pare t Albany Democrat -Herald -Herald Saturday, March IB, 1949 Board Absolves Swink, Ferguson Coottnued from Pan Oat) of this association, and when Mr. Swink was solicited to undertake the supervision of the construc tion of the schools both he and the board understood that any Rex Hunsaker and Clyde Martin, Students Select Queen and Court (Continued train Para Onal Ivn Mishler. Harold Mnrnhv unrl Audrey Neilsnn. Ticket sales: .Tamea V I.nnn faculty: Hitch N-l N-l N-l Knn T.Vnrtnll Lovett and Virginia Looney. "Loud sox" day: Arthur Kirkland. fac ulty, and Don Wimer. Parade: contract for such supervision would be between Mr. Swink and his associates, the Ferguson Wood Products Co., on the one hand as supervisors, and the board as owners on the other. "T;ie board tendered a proposition proposition to the Drosp.ctive supervisors and in oper neeUng discussed the details of f proposed contract and the Contrjct was read into the minutes which were approved by a unanimous vote of the board. All this is being shown by the minutes of the board for the meeting held on the loui flay 01 march, 1H4, and the board was informed by Its attorney that they had thus entered into and created a legal valid contract between themselves and Ferguson Wood Products Co. and L. A. Swink. Following this meeting Mr. Swink and Mr. Fer-guson, Fer-guson, Fer-guson, with the school board's approval, approval, met with the engineer and started to lay out the foundation for Waverly school. "Neither Mr. Swink nor the Ferguson Wood Products Co. nor anyone representing them have at any time made any requests or claim for compensation for services services furnished to the board for consultation and advice requested by and given to the board up to this date and until the supervisory arrangement by these people and the board was made public no builders or other interested citizens the school district or elsewhere had ever BDDroached the board to give them any assistance of any kind with reference to the problem problem presented by the need for constructing constructing buildings and staying within the budget." The Swink-Ferguson Swink-Ferguson Swink-Ferguson statement asserts that the signatories "release "release any and all claims that they may have against your board for account of any agreements or relations that they may have had your board with reference faculty: Duane Dmshplln nnH .ti Jenks. Queen's float, E. H. Foreman, faculty, Dick Groesbcck and Stanley Stanley LB Chance: rnrnnntinn Wllm- Wllm- Spence. faculty. Lorraine Tnror. and Lugene Whitaker: queen's program, Charlene Burford. Jean- Jean- nette Allen. Katherin- Katherin- Pnlk.-t Pnlk.-t Pnlk.-t Muriel Mann and Alice Montgomery: Montgomery: Queen's ball. rlflrhnr- rlflrhnr- THIn-v THIn-v THIn-v faculty, Carol Nagel, Patty Craig. Margie Cordz and Mavis Peterson. supervises class Night Class night will be under the general supervision of Duane Mick and Evelyn Herr. fnrnliv Mable Howard, faculty, will be the dramatic advisor and Jim Darling will handle the photography. Curtain acts. Marirni-pt Marirni-pt Marirni-pt ni,i faculty, Shirley Dimick and Catherine Catherine Tomlinson; staging and management. management. William MIMroi.o.. George F. Perry and Arthur Palmer, Palmer, faculty, John Albeke, Art Cal-deron, Cal-deron, Cal-deron, Everett Belknapp, Bob Reimers and Bob Given Clara Voyen, faculty, Winnie Ky- Ky- oerz ana carina Lahlll; ushering, Dorothy Belders. faculty Elaine Wilson. Senior act, Virginia Harper and Tom Drynan, faculty, and Duane Brenneman: luninr art ttoihir.- ttoihir.- aigej and George Timmons, faculty, faculty, and Neil Bennett; sophomore act. Monica MnrNnmn ert Buchanan, faculty, and Janet oussara. O. and days uiea and morning, here C. and a. Eli-nore, rails, McVey bride vey Pendleton Elki Club Manager Dies in Crash PENDLETON, Ore., March 26. U.R) William L. Dolan, manager of the Pendleton Elks club, was killed and two others were injured injured last night in an automobile collision collision on Emigrant Hill, 20 miles east of Pendleton on highway 30. A car driven by Esther Lucille TO unit ers day bank, today. For. paper Fred In Pitney, Albany Monday, Curt the

Clipped from Albany Democrat-Herald26 Mar 1949, SatPage 2

Albany Democrat-Herald (Albany, Oregon)26 Mar 1949, SatPage 2
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