Billy Maroney of Lincoln Center Breaks a City League Record....

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Billy Maroney of Lincoln Center Breaks a City League Record.... - Macs Lincoln Overcoming latt - cjuarter margin...
Macs Lincoln Overcoming latt - cjuarter margin by Johnnie Cleaner, MeAuley a quintet eked out a 67 - 65 victory in a Gtr league conteit lait night at the Lincoln center gym. The Cleaners, in turn, had overcome a Mc - Auley'a lead at the start of the period before failing in the final momenta. In the first game, Billy Maroney, of Lincoln center broke a City league record ai he shoved 38 points through the hoop to lead the Lincolns to a 67 - 45 win over Catharine St. center. The loss denied the Cleaners a second place tie with the Pine Plains Bombardiers and dropped them behind the Macs in league standings. With a minute left, the Cleaners had a 83 - 01 lead. But alter a missed missed foul shot Tim Murphy of the Macs bstted home a rebound to tie the score. Then Richie Moran and Matt Murphy htt with successive baskets to put McAuley's ahead 67 - 63. Johnny Foster tallied the final count for the Cleaners. Moran led both teams In scoring with 21 points. Tim Murphy had IS and Charley Bogus 12. Tommy Brower had 17, Dick Wilton 16 and Johnny Manfredl 11 fc Johnnie's. Lincoln renter led all the way In declslonlng the Catharine St. team. The quarter scores were 1712. 1712. 31 - 20 and 53 - 29. Dick Oakley added 12 to Maroney's mammoth output Nelson Johnson and Jimmy Lewis led Catharine St The box scores. ' Nip Cleaners, 67 - 65 Center Scores Win 1 i1 ' aaDlFMaaaaaaaaA v9sOHBsflslsssssssssssssssssssssssH aaK V 4il f .saaaaaaaaaaaA IVC ?Ts3BP4SSlBHaaaaaaaaaa9aaaaaH eI; K row jIa tH usHIL - ssssssssssssE. - ' Yl Wk" Sr& aTlOa.rfaaaaaaaaaaael BBBBBBBBBBBBBalBBHBflaX Taaaaar - j - iiiiHPV!LriTBBBlL1kBBBBBBl aaaiaWfWalaHaMaLaaKAaaaaaaaalaSVPIaaaH JB Bl4 aBlBBPaW - "' - aaaaPiaW'4a'aaB HN 9BaaaaH8laB 'M' ' li' , lt'HyPIH aaK aaapaaaaaaP'aaaBPaaaaSaBBBBBBr nBBBBBBBBBBBat f Jam flkllBBBHaBBV BHE'l SSSSj 'v aBBBBaV'aBlnaBpBBnBaBaBBBBB. C TaaBBBBBBBBBBr w J' a 01lbbbbbbbbbbL JaaBBBai BaHt'liBs(ss1WkaaslaBtBBQPVVBBaH V Llaaaaaaaaar ' - arlVC' ''Xaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mlr - JH'dB ft R k'AkKlj Baft M i.aaaaaaaaaaaaaBaanr .V 9 BH CAGE CAPERS. As JOHNNY FOSTER, right. of Johnnie's Cleaners lets go with a one - hander last night at Lincoln center. TOM MURPHY 'right hand raised of McAuley's attempts to check the shot. In the middle of things Is DICK WILSON of the Cleaners. On Murphy's left Is. BILL JENNINGS of the Macs. Pouchkrtpci New Yorker rhote CATHSBINK ST. HM ro re rr ti Cm, U t s 1 4 JoMin. U T 1 I IS Gmi, rf 0 S 1 0 Holman. c lost I).. tt 4 I J la H.rdon. r( 1 1 7 ntynoldf. rs 0 I 4 a VtaDiun. U t 1 1 s IS T IS 45 LINCOLX CgKTKB CT o rp rr ti. ClampaiUoM, U 1 1 1 5 Mirmr, rt ) 1 M Smllh. c Ills O.kWr. Is 3 1 II Spadare, rg 12 14 Canra, rs S 6 4 S Wliftit. rs 0 S 1 S East Cagers Decision West IBM, YWCA Clubs Take League Victories 17 1J II 47 Scot at tat quartan 17 IS la faror of IC Scart at haU: II SO la lavar of LC Bcora at third qaartar: S5 - XS la favor of L C roula calltd a Uaroln C. 11. Cam. St IS Tim of auartara: 10 mln Rrirrora - Malanar. T. MasUL Tlnari Darrew. oor - r. Van Mack. IBM's Girls basketball team last NEW YORK fAP) George night defeated the Vassar Nurses Mikan ai the 19S4 National by a score of 47 - 36 at the YWCA Basketball association All - star court for its fourth straight vic - game was the greatest eer pliied tory and undisputed possession of anywhere. first place In the Women's Corn - George ought to know. He was , munity league. In the other con - picked as the outstanding basket - '?" M - """ curses aroppeo a The Box Scores TWCA (Jll ro re rr Tata. ball player of the last half century In The Associated Press poll. Last night Mikan was on the losing losing team. The East squeezed past the West 98 - 93 in overtime at Madison Madison Square Garden. Mikan personally personally extended the game the ex tra me, minutes. cloe decision to the YWCA. 31 - 43 I The standings: Tesm Won Lost IBM 4 0 Catharine Street 2 2 YWCA 2 2 St. Francis 1 3 assar i J ' Jan Plcllaratnpi. U Jana Calhoun, rf Shtrtay Garcia, rf Lillian Lana. rf Franraa Brinkama. rf Lola VanBuaklrk. eg Helan StlllwaU. rf Harriet Goth, rg Jaan MrManua. lg ST. rSANCl" UK Mary Cumminf. 1 Jean W.lon. U tg rp rr ti.

Clipped from Poughkeepsie Journal22 Jan 1954, FriPage 12

Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie, New York)22 Jan 1954, FriPage 12
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  • Billy Maroney of Lincoln Center Breaks a City League Record....

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