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daily going ons - in 1 as c' penl iu reMl thil-l1' thil-l1'...
in 1 as c' penl iu reMl thil-l1' thil-l1' thil-l1' middles in strfi 4-5-1 4-5-1 4-5-1 4-5-1 4-5-1 fau:il Crst-i'1 Crst-i'1 Crst-i'1 sivciy w d h;: istcrc ord"-" ord"-" ord"-" gcu' ' I'houa u aau'" if aii;t- aii;t- wou to. sua"- sua"- ijjed- ijjed- A"- A"- rooms. in r state T pcc-rlc. pcc-rlc. pcc-rlc. ew- ew- ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11. 1918. ' ' ' I il TrtMnm f c-t- c-t- c-t- c-t- I " i - , - - ' : ..-., ..-., ..-., AUTOMOBILE fi rmXICABS Stone .US, Main 242S. - ; 717 YAft.ltuj tr, vgr tah. 117 Court sl 11 - TU E0.1?.- E0.1?.- '' ' ---. ---. ---. ---. l iw 1t hour in ... tKX tf Tlis II ... .t .. .. a Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. 313 SMITH 'JxX closcil tart, Stone S25-J. S25-J. S25-J. Ma In 2sin.v in SX takes ford touring, A-l, A-l, A-l, shape. 117 Cmirt st. Overland touring, 4 new tires, court -nl. 147 1917 I A 147 Kurd tourin; ourt-st. ourt-st. ourt-st. 1517 Ford roadster. Main 3$-w 3$-w 3$-w IO0. SALE Bulck, llrt cheap to-day. to-day. to-day. 3U Truii kllu at. r11' laii.ab co., 7 A. M. to I I'. M. - tor dilation fi Hjr. if 1011 SALE Fonipeedatcr. and It's a . .dandy. ;s0T- ;s0T- rankiiu st. lrORDS, 150 up; runabout ' and'tourin'siT. . Call to-day. to-day. to-day. So Stone t. 313 buys IDie Ford touring; speak quick! 311 nctec Mo- Mo- 212 HL.KK ruu-'toiit, ruu-'toiit, ruu-'toiit, ion unodcl, like new, ATL'XVU!i3.n?s.J-iSIcl:Bt. ATL'XVU!i3.n?s.J-iSIcl:Bt. ATL'XVU!i3.n?s.J-iSIcl:Bt. 213 CM65 buysW arren runabout.' C0 miles an JKi'ir. caiijvlay, so Stone-st Stone-st Stone-st J 018 Ford louring; bargain. Gen' J- J- tor Vehicle Co., 1W St. Paul-st Paul-st Paul-st "IfORD with I'e'uxe body, wire wheels; iateieit car incity. 117 Court.-l. Court.-l. Court.-l. "IfHH SALE All makes of used autos; we buy, well or tr;de. :;o Franklin st. ' l-OK l-OK l-OK SALE Htu model T touting car. fefynew; jStone :;t5 and 2S.S"j. 312 "IVjn SALE Cheap; 1-ton 1-ton 1-ton truck iu good - condition, Henncr, 1000 Main st. east. 313 TOK SALE The prettiest little roadster J Iu the city ; $25 takes it. 30 Franklio- Franklio- vOR -SALE -SALE Cheap; 1917 Kord touring in goou oroer. Meaner, 100 Main street - , v ..... i Ford couplets lu line (shape; wUl trade 117 Court-tit. Court-tit. Court-tit. -plS -plS Touring ear with starter, $300; 4 new tlres- tlres- 14 Court-st. Court-st. Court-st. ?OK RALE Ruiek, S-ltaTsclTger; S-ltaTsclTger; S-ltaTsclTger; $25 takP it: jx-rfet-t. jx-rfet-t. jx-rfet-t. jx-rfet-t. jx-rfet-t. :i Franktln-st. Franktln-st. Franktln-st. "JT'OR SALE 1917 Ford touring car. exeel- exeel- lent condition; cheap for cash. 45 Hamilton -Ft. -Ft. AUTOMOBILE SUNDRIES IOU KALE 12 tBlal kuiia truce tires. -89 -89 NoriU Juivn street. Collion & djcsiosob. , if V 1 x WHIKLDS, coupe glass and len sei ' hct while jou wait, at Ha&kins, Court aud Cortland. if TALKING MACHINES V,l'J,JSA taIking machine and records, 4- 4- .North Wagnlngton-st. Wagnlngton-st. Wagnlngton-st. 51 nVALKLNU inacliines nd 4ard, easy terms. 45 orth Wasbington-st. Wasbington-st. Wasbington-st. - , S16 TVJR SALE New cabinet grand ma'un-any ma'un-any ma'un-any t-ase t-ase t-ase phonograph, never nred. t i-.ae i-.ae i-.ae 41 K. WJ. Iuit SAUK Lsed tih Victrola, oak caw; price jjo. Arthur W. oster, Clin-tn Clin-tn Clin-tn avenue iouth. t;li yjl.L'MBIA Urafinnl., complete .. line! T ..v. urn... M ( U-k U-k U-k Vfl 1 IUR. ' CLOTHING 130 odd rests, jour choice iW Cox bldg.. . St. I'aul t. rmnU, 20 512 LXnt SALE Ijidy'is Alaska eeaJ coat. $4U. Acme Sales Co.. fc5 Main street eat. 14UIi SALE Ladies' winter coats; suits - skirts and waists, cheap. 264 Stale t rect. '.. . 7i2 OLD coatM and touts ana vests, $t.5t tu r-J.00. r-J.00. r-J.00. all wool. Paul!. 'Mi Cox bids-, bids-, bids-, o'i S t I'a u 14 51J 7 genuine Maulenock overcoats. ?j5 slue, jour rtVtice $10. Paull, JO? Cox bide. a St. 1'aul t.t. 51 V, - - . r19 hM witN to close out at fl3; come up hut 'ALE l.fied :a Grafnnoia. mah.?- mah.?- -L -L and look them over. Taull, -"OS -"OS Cox ,ro fae: price Arthur W. Offer, Idd., 30 St. I'aul-xt. I'aul-xt. I'aul-xt. . 512 nT"-."-- nT"-."-- nT"-."-- nT"-."-- nT"-."-- - yoRALgV-BTiemen yoRALgV-BTiemen yoRALgV-BTiemen overcoats Sf; ( i Jl- Jl- l. , jpfonla and records. $15. A suits. $4; children's suits and pants, Slisrhlty lled m:ifhinea at roil ii.-aH ii.-aH ii.-aH iTMfinnahla 7f prices. F.rhx, SIS Ames. 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o 7-t-3-o MPLEX atarlr for Ford car. $12.50! 'I'houe Stone -.lK9 -.lK9 U for dcuioustratiou. l.il uaklund-ei. uaklund-ei. uaklund-ei. tf H.U eAl.fc. 4v u . -ui'tueuLti -ui'tueuLti motor ir it m k. Colli&ou Ac Uicktuwn. &) east. 1,"V5RD. pasenper. 1017; nUo I'nrd run about i!u Sclo-fct Sclo-fct Sclo-fct Williams. "lOR SALE Seven Ford", roadsters ,nnd J touring; ch.-ap ch.-ap ch.-ap for cash. Rear, 23i ''''I. ' III. m vfrer? tf 1 E.SiT E.S. liiyiicist lest, popular prices, tar; wij, allow for o.d. llaskinn, Co?ir: aud CortlauH' tf tt-'- tt-'- tt-'- tt-'- i it ,L. ).; .v.- .v.- Iiu-JIVB Iiu-JIVB Iiu-JIVB Ul , t oilier cars. $00 up. See Air. Ltiyer, ir. s.mrh F t.hnir.i-si. t.hnir.i-si. t.hnir.i-si. if KEi'AlitlNti ione reasouaoiy auu quivtiy on all kinds of pbonograpna. itie I'atHephor.e Shod. 44 Clinton avenue north. .f ' i VK SALE Records, w e have a complete Mock of all the la.est elumhi:, i:r,u noia records. Arthur V on avenue tsouth. Uter. ls Clin- Clin- 1H FARMS FOR SALE CHit SALt carua toraale at A und Chronicle office t:uociat IHii fiALei t-l t-l t-l baraiB uocti 7 . Yrtlei aroi BuKetiu. i xco wii'iwrwi ifp.l. - r-m r-m r-m in fianie-t. fianie-t. fianie-t. IVJK HALE Uur new farm uulft-Un uulft-Un uulft-Un de- de- Edwards ale; free for the asking ' o.. tutler itldg. litU Ali'., aiui, from 4.iij acres to 3 acres, in and around Canandaigua. If looking for a roch! farm and near good mar-lets mar-lets mar-lets wntc iv, 11. iiofTiuau, Cananlaisua. i TOU SALE Tacr. farm on Mate roaiE - uew nine-room nine-room nine-room liotite, grain barn, horse baru, young orchard, four miles Jrom t-auauuaiiiua. t-auauuaiiiua. t-auauuaiiiua. '. a. Uunuian, Canandaigua. Canandaigua. FURN'HED ROOMS TO LET rpo LEr F'nrnished. Large room, for light A bousekeeptng. gas and bath. Vl Giubs street. rpo LEX Furnished large front room, in -- -- private home, llouie 'phone. 19 I'ark Jl.l i ilVi ,fP LET . unjUOied living, ttedrooto and, J kitchen; private bouse, central, 'phone. -'- -'- -'- . F-li. F-li. F-li. this othce. "lOK SALE 12 acres, near East Hvuri-- Hvuri-- Hvuri-- etta, 3 acres muck, batance gravel l lull dres and tuxedo uits. bilk lined. ' all wool, RocDester made, l'aall. W 1 loam; gooj bouse, fair barn. !ar? ouantitT tox bids., St. Taul-sl. Taul-sl. Taul-sl. . 5I' truit, tiartieid CouiDanv. 1 Ei- Ei- A etHian-v etHian-v etHian-v oi-ahon oi-ahon oi-ahon phonograph nl It) reffers or mackinawt, lo close' out at $3.30: come up, take the elevator. I'-mi:. I'-mi:. I'-mi:. -08 -08 Cox bldg.. St. Paul tt. 31-TANTED 31-TANTED 31-TANTED Coat, late model, ;-4t. ;-4t. ;-4t. tin. Hon ftcal lprr,l iv. full rvui-4l..ii rvui-4l..ii rvui-4l..ii larsand state price. h75! this office. '1- '1- KJ. I hi. n-hAl. n-hAl. n-hAl. f..n.j!.. , ' '"Tr iiiiniij. .iaw iriur felectian now and have deliwry made later, rrres from .?.yi; easy terms. l!3kom'g, I . Ij - Eij one used cord tire, 1L $10; thfee Ford tiros, .A).i 1-' 1-' 1-' 10. It Cunibcila ml trct. i:; iHiUE haly. -Setter -Setter ouy jour tires . now A while you cVn get them at les-s: les-s: les-s: tbau cost priceb. Htilicr'K, 14 North-st. North-st. North-st. XI rANTEl Will call and rcpiair jour lord, or call at IVXl Benton street. :' V terms 73 cents per hour I7IOR SALE-8 SALE-8 SALE-8 37x4 71"5 tires: two 36i4 1-2; 1-2; 1-2; five irasiiliiie taiikK. i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n i-hi-M-n fmr i"Hn. i i , - - - - - " -1 -1 - i reinrs. l-'mniers l-'mniers l-'mniers vhci-lv vhci-lv vhci-lv siinncut -M- -M- -M- V b takes four slightly u.ed tlrei and five . j (UKT w toner tunes l .'. Call 113S Clirrnnl j Wolf v n il o Mnnut' . i . j rig in. i-. i-. i-. ASH for late model l'ord lu good con- con- j -- -- " dition; Ftate lowest price and condition.! i.ni-.i! i.ni-.i! i.ni-.i! I! W, this office. O rud; and cuiluiu-i cuiluiu-i cuiluiu-i niutlc at t Wbaicu's where the prices are i'J M.. tlope-ae. tlope-ae. tlope-ae. Stoue t70. . lii "1 318 Ford tourtbg, like new; demountable -- -- wheels. tienesee Motor Vehicle '., 13'- 13'- St. Fayl st. 212 rANTEU We sell your used auto in seven days and charge you nothing, ro Franklin t. i ANLN Six, 3-passenger. 3-passenger. 3-passenger. l'.tlS "rfi; best bargain iu Rochester. scto-st. scto-st. scto-st. $7; liams. s: model. Wil- Wil- IIjFti tie-passeuger tie-passeuger tie-passeuger touring car in gool 'IX shape. Priced at a bargain. Aliin? A: Miles. 82 Stone-at. Stone-at. Stone-at. S1J JiVJR SALIC Ford coupelet with demountable demountable rims and electric starter. 4."'6 Uoodman-st. Uoodman-st. Uoodman-st. south. 31- 31- liOR f'ALE 1914 Paige touringr'A-1 touringr'A-1 touringr'A-1 con- con- - dltlnn; 1915 Olds four, touring; cheap I!wr, .33 Alexawier-st. Alexawier-st. Alexawier-st. 21. TANTED We advertise also clean your ' auto and sell it aud cuurtie you M.i.liing. 30 Fr.inkltu-st. Fr.inkltu-st. Fr.inkltu-st. -J -J 11S Briscoe, used as a deuionstrator ; cash -1 -1 or terms; used car department. Hen- Hen- 1000 Main street east. Tier. 513 !S &. Sou Co.. (or (-r (-r (-r ice wi utors. teudctB. hoods. LoU.v uents. jams, etc. ti Ormoud street. "l-houe "l-houe "l-houe Stone 044L, 01- 01- MICIIELIN tires and tubes, best intircs, very little difference lu price. Buy one at the Genesee Motor Vehicle Co.. list. list. Paul-st. Paul-st. Paul-st. ' 212 USFD tires Six 4sl, one 34v3 1-'-, 1-'-, 1-'-, 1-'-, 1-'-, ouc 37x4 1--. 1--. 1--. 1--. Open Sunday morning from 1u A. M. to 1 P. M. Dual Tire Co., 44t, Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. east. 212 2x.'l 1-2 1-2 1-2 non-skid non-skid non-skid straight side new Good J rii-b rii-b rii-b tires, this week $13. Open even ings and Sunday mornings. Dual Tire Co., IS Matn-st. Matn-st. Matn-st. east. 7! LTOMOB1LE painting ; -renew -renew tbeaii A pea ranee of your qld car; our painting is A-l A-l A-l and reasonable in price. Henner'ss Garage, 1000 Maiu-st. Maiu-st. Maiu-st. east. TJRINtl us your old top aud let us make -u -u a closed top out of it. for the winter at a verv low cost: all work guaranteed Wolf A: "Whalen. 122 ML llope-ave. llope-ave. llope-ave. 10 "IAXWELL touring, 1917, iu best of A condition at a reasonable price. Henri Henri 1000 Main street east. 313 JiUDSON four-passenger four-passenger four-passenger sport model l with wire wheels. Price reasonable. Allin? fc Miles, S2 Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. IOR SALE 1917 Maxwell touring, winter top, A V-condltion; V-condltion; V-condltion; 1916 Saxon four roadster. Rear. 'JXM Alexander-st. Alexander-st. Alexander-st. 212 UAXON, 1018, extra tire, etc.: a new job; - casb or terms. I'sed Car Dept., Over-land-Rocbester Over-land-Rocbester Over-land-Rocbester Over-land-Rocbester Over-land-Rocbester Co., 28 So. Union. 212 -1 -1 JlS light touring cars, driven 2,000 miles: A. cash or terms. Used Car ltept.. Over- Over- lann-Koclie'iter lann-Koclie'iter lann-Koclie'iter Co.. 2X South t-nton. t-nton. -1- -1- -1- IOli SALE Ulack electric brougham, in . good condition, new batteries. Tele-phono Tele-phono Tele-phono Chase :'.7B0-J :'.7B0-J :'.7B0-J after 6 o'clock. 712 1,"KR SALE For cash, 1017 model Dodge runabout, in first-class first-class first-class condition. 27 1 tundel' park. 'Phone Stone 5120-J. 5120-J. 5120-J. 312 SALE 1016 Overland touring car, good condition, very reasonable if sold this week. 27 Mudiaou-st. Mudiaou-st. Mudiaou-st. Stone 3770-R. 3770-R. 3770-R. 213 1 UTOMOBILE welding Satisfaction XV. guaranteed. Ask any garage or ma chine shop in the city. New York Welding Welding Works, 100 Westcott-sE Westcott-sE Westcott-sE Main 7C20-. 7C20-. 7C20-. 717 'HALKING machine records at cut prices; 1 ?1.23 records, nur cut price 73c; 7c lecovus, our cut uric We; $20 talking ma-chiue. ma-chiue. ma-chiue. our cut prtce $10. Deninger, price-cutter, price-cutter, price-cutter, :'S3 North -at. 1017 AriCTKOUV or grafonola, with 10 records, rented $1.23 per week, w ithout maehino $1; records chanced free; rent aiiDlied if purchased, within his weeks. Record K-r. K-r. K-r. change. 72 East avenue. 717 TT does not require a large investment --to --to --to own an Aeolian-Vocalion Aeolian-Vocalion Aeolian-Vocalion nhonosrraDU. 1011 can pay for it in convenient weekly or monthly terms. Come in and learn our plan ot payment: Balcom's, 3S East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. . 313 ALKING machines at cut Prices: easy terms. $10 talking machines, cut price. $iu; $20 talking machines $10: $1.23 records, our price 73c; 7.-M- 7.-M- 7.-M- 7.-M- reeords. our pnce j!,c. ueuiuer, 00 .ortb street.- street.- 101.? C-OMK C-OMK C-OMK where the stocks are largest, and J the service the best. Aeolian-Vocalion Aeolian-Vocalion Aeolian-Vocalion phonograph and Columbia Grafonolas In all -f -f the new styles. Make your Xmaa selec tion now ; easy terms. Balcom s, 38 Fast a venn e". 313 TRUNKS AND BAGS ODDS and ends, factory samples at half price. See our wonderful values In trunks, bags and suit cases, trunks, to to $23. Traveling bags, $1 to $40; dress suit cases, $1 to $2U. uuaranteed baggage. Zel-tcr's Zel-tcr's Zel-tcr's Trunk Store, corner East Main and South avenue. tf MOST paid for ladies' aud gentlemen's castoff clothing: $3 or more fi- fi- suits. C. Oavldson. rKK 'phones, 382 North-vt. North-vt. North-vt. tf bare 49 stout suits, absolutely all wool. TOUT choice J10.7."i: come no. looK them over. 1 'aull, 2iJS Cox blg., 30 St. I aul-st. aul-st. aul-st. 512 IjVOE. SALE 200 slightly worn ladles' and gentlemen's overcoats, $2, and better better suits and other garments, cheap. 382 North, comer Wood warn tf ALL wool blue serge pants, your choice .50 and $7: other reil tieavv panU $3.30 lo $3.30; corduroy pants included. - PanU, 20 t ox bldg.. 36 St. Paul-st. Paul-st. Paul-st. 512 cnange. lHJR SALE Farm, 100 acres, fruit farm. acres, full bearing apple orchard, 43 acres grapes, one acre peaches, located at Nesttield, N. X, flue buddings; price $32,-000. $32,-000. $32,-000. Address Wilson Rood, Wetfleid, N. - 314 TOft SALL High-class High-class High-class fruit and general farm, near Buffalo road. 31-2 31-2 31-2 miles from Spencerport, 9-rooin 9-rooin 9-rooin bouse with steam heat, basement barn: trice $13,000: terms to suit. Edwards Realty Co., Cutler Building. Building. 212 TOR SALE Splendidly- Splendidly- located 30-acre 30-acre 30-acre A farm, good tui!dioss, stated road, only mile and half from fine city; loam soil; I will exchange for city property or good busines. Aauress seller otrcct. U Oi. this office. 1 212 rpO ' LET Large, warm furnished room, hot water, private entrs 33 North Plymouth. entrance, bath, central. HH) LET-Pleasant, LET-Pleasant, LET-Pleasant, furnished front room, x central, $1.30, piano, parlor privileges. 221 Chestnut street. fT U2T Two nicely furnLshcd connect ing ronis for light housekeeping, very central. 31 Elm street. " TO LET Nicely furnished Iroat also npfuruished room, central 1 nase 3.141. or 5 Bond st. rpo bcld rpo room , entral. Call 212 LlT Nicely furnished lower front room. Dome nviite: nhone. la cau- cau- ucia place, off sooth Union. " LET I-i I-i I-i irge front room, completely furnished for bonsekeeping. laundry. bath, central. 13 University avenue. "12 HOUSES TO LT. lO R itE.vr cards for aala at -A- -A- -A- and Chrontrla HX LET A Macr in.iulrle Exchange. Else your vacaat o uaroaja v fVj LET Desirable part booaea - $2 up. Owner, 1230 Orao; rno let A nth ward, SL50 per weak. Scveu room Powera bldg. borne 11 rno LET i rooniB, single boune, j Pleasant park, fa a week. C, 3076-K. 3076-K. 3076-K. or 4t47. ' "- "- ;"' j rno LET Eight-room Eight-room Eight-room bouse, I -A- -A- -A- furnace. Si I'awnon-Carrall I'awnon-Carrall I'awnon-Carrall furnace. . Powers building T) LET Single iiouse.- iiouse.- 21 Sax rooms. $3.75. Owner, 1230 Main 4.".M. TO LET Two connecting, furnished, heated, housekeeping rooms, bath. bid q LET Siugle house, newly i -a- -a- -a- to right party, $1. Towa Co., 410 Pow ers building. : LET Modem house. 8 roou - decorate-. decorate-. decorate-. $32.50 per month, i Carroll Co.. 41Q Pnwers Mdg. rTK LET Twelve-room Twelve-room Twelve-room house, 4 A landst., suitable fpr aeveral 1 rent cheap for the winter. Gcuej 'phone, every convenience. Main. 138 Glbbs, near rpO LET Single rooms, furnished orun-A orun-A orun-A furnished, heated. electricHy, running water. Arlington apartments, 33kl Court street. tf T Mi LET Furnished, three warm, clean. front connecting rooms to clean peo ple, all convenience for housekeeping. 203 Tremont-st. Tremont-st. Tremont-st. -13 -13 GOLDMAN pays best prices for ladies' and men's cast-off cast-off cast-off clothing, enoes, tools, Jewelry and everything of valoe. 264 State-st. State-st. State-st. Stone 2771-J, 2771-J, 2771-J, Chase 219S-R. 219S-R. 219S-R. 712 J FECIAL saving on macktnaws, sizes 8-40: 8-40: 8-40: also saving on trousers: prices to suit your pockets. Levine. 471 Clintou-ave. Clintou-ave. Clintou-ave. nortli,. opposite Germania Hall. Open evenings. evenings. 711 GENTLEMAN'S overcoat, 40-42, 40-42, 40-42, price $6: lady's long dark coat. 38-40. 38-40. 38-40. $8; fur neck piece and muff, $S: all in fine con-ciitior. con-ciitior. con-ciitior. ' 38 Rowley-st.; Rowley-st.; Rowley-st.; week days before 6 P. f. .., JUST received,' 500 men's . and young J men's suits and overcoats, all sizes: prices to suit your pockets. Levine, 471 Clinton-ave. Clinton-ave. Clinton-ave. north, opposite . Germania Hall. Open evenings. 714 DOGS, ETC. Vvttt soiUicr. and stulorg. keep mm Cu A with a Comfy Kit. Thousands now la use iu army and navy. Contains 17 stinkard stinkard articiei. sent anywhere on receipt of five dollars. Harry L. Zelter. Inc.. cornet km .ua:n aud South avenu-s. avenu-s. avenu-s. Uocbester. S. V -Ask -Ask for booklet. tf TOR SALT: Ferrets. Inclose stamp for price nsi u. &. ives, Honeoye Falls, N- N- Y. -717 -717 AT STUD Boston terrier Sonnie Rich-ford, Rich-ford, Rich-ford, A. K. C. A., perfectly marked, dark mahogany brindle. extra short head and muzzle, in' the blues under the leading juuges at Cleveland, Uetroit. Syracuse and Buffalo. 0O Ilazlewood terrace. 212 BUY good used automobile parts from Rochester's largest automobile salvage. New and used accessories at a saving. Rochester Auto Parts, Inc., 133 Culver-road. Culver-road. Culver-road. . tf AE have several ligfit tourings and i roadsters. Better have a. look at these before you buy. Ileiber's, 04 North-PL North-PL North-PL : - tf HUDSON Super Sedan less than a year old. This is the only ouo we have or AUTO tires at cut prices, .'S3x4 non-skid, non-skid, non-skid, 1 $10.30; 34x4 non-skid. non-skid. non-skid. $1S; C. O. D. anywhere; order them by express to-day, to-day, to-day, gel ihtm to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. Deninger, price-cut-tcr, price-cut-tcr, price-cut-tcr, price-cut-tcr, price-cut-tcr, 335 North-st. North-st. North-st. 1017 AUTOMOBILE tires at cut prices-34x4 prices-34x4 prices-34x4 non-skids, non-skids, non-skids, $20; 33x4 non-skids, non-skids, non-skids, $17, sC. O. D., anywhere. Order tbem to-day, to-day, to-day, get them by express to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. Deninger, price cutter, 3S5 North-st. North-st. North-st. 1015 AUTOMOBILE tires at cut prices: ;'jJx x3 1-2 1-2 1-2 Ford tires, nonskid, $3 and $10; 33x4 Overland tires, nonskid, $18. C. O. D. anywhere. Order them to-day, to-day, to-day, get them t o-morrow. o-morrow. o-morrow. Deninger, :i35 North-st. North-st. North-st. 1012 Altlv plugs tiait men cnumpions, oj cents; Bethlehem, 30 cents; 7-S 7-S 7-S inch Champions, 09 cents; Bethlehems, 33 cents. This week only. Open evenings and Sunday Sunday mornings. Dual Tire Co., 41S Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. east. 1 717 expect. to get. Ailing & Miles. 82 Stone- Stone- 31 OLDSMOBILE touring just like new; car is latest model and can be bought at a substantial saving. Heuner, 1000 Main Mreet east.- east.- ' 313 ITl'DsON Super three-passenger three-passenger three-passenger Cabrio AA let m excellent shape lirst-class lirst-class lirst-class enclosed car. S2 Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. Price low for a Ailing & Miles, 312 JTMJUD. F.ilS touring, very nice equipment, cau'f be told from new; cash or terms. I'sed Car Dept., Overland-Rochester Overland-Rochester Overland-Rochester Co., 28 to. C nlon. . vi with elcc- elcc- car in good running condition. Will take $300. Al- Al- liug & Miles, 82 Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. 312 - live-passenger live-passenger live-passenger touring car A trie lignta ana starter; WANTED Used automoDlles, gas or electric, regardless of condition; we pay the highest prices. Rochester uto Parts, inc. 1J v. uiver rouu. ui .nlEttCt-Arrow .nlEttCt-Arrow .nlEttCt-Arrow o-js o-js o-js touring car in ex X ellent condition iu 'every respect, coropletelv equipped. Will seii at bl; sac-ri9ce. sac-ri9ce. sac-ri9ce. Ailing V. Mies. S2 Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. 312 A MF.RICAN TaxIcrO to. needa more A rloseil cars to w rk on commission basis. A good business assured. Call and show us your car. 287 Central avenue. 7-1-34 7-1-34 7-1-34 7-1-34 7-1-34 TiXIR SALE One-ton One-ton One-ton Stewart truck, ii I ,1 11 f Inn mM-hfltiii-iillv mM-hfltiii-iillv mM-hfltiii-iillv mM-hfltiii-iillv mM-hfltiii-iillv anil H,o! for nuk-k nuk-k nuk-k sale, $650. White Motor Sales Co., ltt Scio-st., Scio-st., Scio-st., C. E. Winters, manager, 712 7ANTED Used automobiles, gas or elec- elec- flIRE bargains:i0x3 Goodyears, $10; 3flx J 3 1-2 1-2 1-2 Fisk, $13.30; Firestones, $17.30. 32x3 1-2. 1-2. 1-2. $10.23; 33x4 Goodrich, $21; 31x1 Fisk, $26.30. All guaranteed aud no seconds, seconds, 'ibis week only. Dual Tire Co.. 44S Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. east. 717 FOR SALE Used parts for all make cars at a saving from 50 to 75 per cent, of original cost, including tires, magnetos. carburetors, generators and accessories of every description. Congdon's Garage. 123 Alexander-st- Alexander-st- Alexander-st- Alexander-st- Stone S24. . .717 TTAND in your . classified ad J- J- copy for the Sunday Democrat Democrat and Chronicle as early as possible to insure insertion and correct classification. TKR SALE 123 acres, 8 miles Rochester, -- -- 1-2 1-2 1-2 mile station, 30 acres orchard, 6 acres timber, well watered by creek, $21,-00O, $21,-00O, $21,-00O, must be sold before January 1st: take oue-third oue-third oue-third Rochester property. Charles Carpenter, Carpenter, Spencerport. - 313 rpO LET To young man. furnished room A. iu private faintly, breakfast and Sund.iv TjHlll iSALE 75 acres, positively the best A fruit proposition in Western New lorK, all in bearing, cood bulldinzs: on account of death to close estate will take city or village property. Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Co;, 410 Powers bldg. 135 1(HR SALE 17 acres fruit and garden A truck farm, six miles tocitv. 8-room 8-room 8-room '.loute, hot water heat, tath, toilet, hot anu coia water, good barn, two - good horses and tools, will take some city property. property. Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Co., 410 Powers ul'IS- ul'IS- 1-3-3 1-3-3 1-3-3 1-3-3 1-3-3 rno LET Nicely furnished rooms, for A centlemen. alwavs warm, xileasant lounging room, shower, cool and tub baths free to tenants, $0 weew. turkisn nam Hotel. &4. North Fltzliugh-st. Fltzliugh-st. Fltzliugh-st. ill -- -- hot SALE 63 acres, 0-room 0-room 0-room good :-use. :-use. :-use. tiarn. silo. Ki acres hearini? fruit adjoining village near Rochester, 10 ueac siock, tools complete: will take one or two Rochester louses, mortgages for balance. Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Towner-Carroll Co.410 Powers "'OS. v 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 TOR SALE Excellent general purpose -- -- farm at a low price: $7.0Hi bnvs 1I2 acres near Elba,.Geuesee countv: good 9- 9- room house. 2 barn failing spring iu pasture; $2,0Tio dovn;"im- dovn;"im- iii-cuutie iii-cuutie iii-cuutie possession. Gartleld Company, lvuiriiesier. IOR SALE OS acres, twelve-room twelve-room twelve-room house, . . basement baru, four-acre four-acre four-acre apple orchard, orchard, four acres berries; near village, nve. miles to market, ten acres winter wueat, ten acres woods; price $7,500; will i-oc i-oc i-oc i.,uw payment, iv. 11. Uoliman, can uuuiiigua. 12 Tj0R SALE-S6 SALE-S6 SALE-S6 acres near Williamson -a- -a- -a- 8 1-2 1-2 1-2 acres apples, extra good house nun xurnace, Darn aud other good build, ings. Land in cood state of fertilflv Price $12,000, $2,000 down, or house in good location lor a home, i.d wards Realty Co., t'utler Building. 21: IjMR SALE 62 of Riga's good acres, all sloping to the South, . excellent drain age; very pleasant 9-rooni 9-rooni 9-rooni bonsc. excellent I gambrel roof barn on basv.ment; fruit for , lajuny use, aDout s acres wneat; wortu tne ; price; reasonable payment accepted. Gar i held -Company, -Company, 1 Exchange. 1 TiluK s LJ 125-acre 125-acre 125-acre farm, six miles from -I- -I- -I- Cauandaigua, ten-room ten-room ten-room bouse, basement basement barn 33x'JO, horse barn and carriage house, garage. JO acres winter grain. 1. acres woods. Good productive gravel loam soil; price only $i,oUj; will take a small payment, w. 11. liotiinau, cananuaigua. 212 PIANOS AND ORGANS AI AC'KIE piano, $13. -T-A. -T-A. -T-A. -T-A. t ton-st. ton-st. ton-st. 45 North Washing-510 Washing-510 Washing-510 TT FRIGHT piano $00. ingtou. 43 Nortb Wash-516 Wash-516 Wash-516 IBBONS &, Stone piano, $43. VJ Wast shington-st. shington-st. shington-st. 45 North A 516 4'iv!ARE pianos J North Washington-st, Washington-st, Washington-st, ITORD owners: investigate the economy in the use of a llenner Automatic Kerosene Kerosene system on your car. a proven way to save from 31 per cent, to 60 per cent, on fuel cost; ask Ford dealers anywhere, llen ner Automatic Oil Carb. Co., Inc., KO0 Main street east. 313 YtJII.l.lAMS. radiator and fender experts. vV We build and repair radiators, fenders, fenders, lamps, cowls and remove dents and jams from bodies. We employ only practical practical men of Ions experience with this class of work. Satisfaction guaranteed and quick service. 205 Monroe avenue. 717 BICYCL'S-MOTORCYCLES BICYCL'S-MOTORCYCLES BICYCL'S-MOTORCYCLES Sl'.CO.M-t-nautl Sl'.CO.M-t-nautl Sl'.CO.M-t-nautl Sl'.CO.M-t-nautl Sl'.CO.M-t-nautl bicycles. $4, $7. $.S, $12 and uu. Allen's. 520 East M:iin if fvio. 5J2ss WANTED 25 old motorcycles, , singles and twins; spot cash paid for them. 335 North-st. North-st. North-st. 1015 NATIONAL side cars to tit any machiue. Half down, balance weekly. C. A. Merkel, 162 North Clinton. tf Vi cash prices paid for junk cars. Cougdou's Garage. 125 Alexander street. Stone 0S24, Chase 21S3-W. 21S3-W. 21S3-W. 7-1 7-1 7-1 TUC'YCLKS tires, all grades. $2 to $5. 1 Fisk, Goodrich. Vitalic. etc.; complete line lamps aud supplies. Miner's Court and Clinton. -717 -717 TANTED Used automobiles, gas or v V electric, regardless of condition, highest highest cash price paid for 'junk cars. Congdon's Congdon's Garage, 125 Alexander street. Stone S24. Chase 2183-W. 2183-W. 2183-W. 717 HUDSON four-passenger four-passenger four-passenger Sport model, just like new; latest model, equipped with cord -tires -tires and one extra. . Has been used very little. Can be bought at big saving. Ailing & Miles. 82 Stone-st. Stone-st. Stone-st. 312 17OR SALE Used cars; 1915 Overland A1 roadster, 1915 Overland touring. 1916 Olds touring, 1916 Olds roadster. Mercer touring and many other good bargains at Meaner s, 1)0 Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. east; terms. 513 COUNTRY Club, A-l A-l A-l shape: three-passen three-passen three-passen eer roadster, like new: light runabout, overhauled, painted aud four new tires; all P.tlS models. Casb or terms. Used Car Dept., Overland-Rochester Overland-Rochester Overland-Rochester Co., 2S So Union. ' 212 YTE pay the highest prices for auy au ' touiobile, iu any condition; autos bought, sold or exchanged; tires at half price; parts tor ail makes of cars at sav iug 75 per cent. 538 Josepb-ave. Josepb-ave. Josepb-ave. Stone 2778 L. 5-6-12 5-6-12 5-6-12 5-6-12 5-6-12 TANTED To learn to run an auto-ill auto-ill auto-ill mobile evenings to enable my enlistment enlistment in the Mptor Transport Corps. State terms per hour (Including yourself as the instructor and the carl ana mate, c-40 c-40 c-40 this i.tfice. 1.R SALE Peerless 8 coupe, purchased eight months ago. 'with H-ord H-ord H-ord tires aud all extras, cost $3,300 new. Will sell at preat sacrifice to settle estate of late Dr. Richards. Inquire I'ark . 1103-J, 1103-J, 1103-J, or 1373 Highland avenue. '' 41i IJI'DSON super-six super-six super-six speed car, practic- practic- -A-a!ly -A-a!ly -A-a!ly -A-a!ly new, been driveu 2.500 miles, five 'Kouyear tires, two uew, fully equipped listing at over $2,500, for sale for spot aso. L. C. Smlh & Bros. Typewriter .. JP-4Main-st. JP-4Main-st. JP-4Main-st. JP-4Main-st. JP-4Main-st. east. Stone 2521. After ;: P. M. call Gienwood Ml-J. Ml-J. Ml-J. 611 pOR SALE Nice little Briscoe touring - wiin small tires, etectrtc ngnts ano; starter. Studebaker 6-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 6-cylinder, new ti"s. nocit absorbers and in good shape, fcA, Mnline-Knlght, Mnline-Knlght, Mnline-Knlght, $2500 mr In excellent con- con- "ition: driven bv owner and properly cared Tor; new tires. $'500. Auto Sales A Service .. 230 Wllllaui-st. Wllllaui-st. Wllllaui-st. Chase 51, Stone 77t 313 VVJE have on our sales floor a 4-p'assenger 4-p'assenger 4-p'assenger Scripns-Booth Scripns-Booth Scripns-Booth Newport sport model. J'M ont of fhe fiaint t-hop. t-hop. t-hop. cherry red. gold stripings aud white wire wheels, every v . Mble equipment; classiest job in town; will 'Kiisider touring car In exchange or terms, l.scliauge for Scrlpps-Rootn Scrlpps-Rootn Scrlpps-Rootn Sedan. A. M. tiinbrich's Motor Co., 532 East Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. v 512 SMITH motor wneels and Fliers are fast becoming recognized as the standard for a bicycle attachment. Agency. Miner's Indian 17 1910 bicycles are nere.. "aj 10 ou; iu down, $1.50 per week. The most service able fr tl,e money, t. A. Mei-ei, Mei-ei, Mei-ei, lb; North Clinton. tr TTSEl) Ilaileys, t-xceisiors, t-xceisiors, t-xceisiors, lnmans aua U Henderson mi-to; mi-to; mi-to; cycles, guaranteed. $35 to $230." Hirtiderson agency. Cash or rime VJ. A- A- i-ieriei, i-ieriei, i-ieriei, - .unu i nuu-u. nuu-u. nuu-u. il nnR SAIl-i SAIl-i SAIl-i i".i eiecinc equipnea oar J? ley-Davidson ley-Davidson ley-Davidson motorcycle, good as new. 275. cash or time C. A. Merkel, 102 N. Henderson ana icxceisior Agency 515 Clinton. Tlill'Yl l.r.c. eej..v uiiuie rLaiiun 11,1 I rinulit- rinulit- Columbia, Iver-Johnson, Iver-Johnson, Iver-Johnson, Len- Len- v Racvcle. I'ierce, Adlake, Anier- Anier- ' . a .... T i I . ,UvnlAa A ,.,.l-,.l ,.,.l-,.l ,.,.l-,.l lcl S;i IO ju-iiiit: ju-iiiit: ju-iiiit: aim ptnles: cash or credit Clinton. Miner's Court and 71T- 71T- $10 and upward. 45 516 A few geuume bargains in used pianos. -A. -A. Baicotu's. 3S East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. 313 1LAiER-piauos, 1LAiER-piauos, 1LAiER-piauos, $.12. and upward, easy terms. 45 North Washington. 516 FURNITURE w TANi'tD Furniture, stone 7824. .W TANTE'D Furniture, atone S3i8. 310 YANT!i Furniiure. Main y7tt-VV. y7tt-VV. y7tt-VV. WANTED Used lurniture and carpels. Main 1476-W. 1476-W. 1476-W. 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf 7-l-2-3tf V l.o f uruuuie. tkeii aeon Stone 6463-L. 6463-L. 6463-L. 'ru tH.i: your aousehold gooua. uiU -in -in 7ti-W. 7ti-W. 7ti-W. Drop card to 03 NorUi strei LTpright piano in solid walnut case, $TO, easy terms. Others at $20. Erbs, 34 Ames. 717. Pianola piano in your home will make a joyous Christmas. Balcom's, Oji East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. 313' YYTANTED To buy second-hand second-hand second-hand upright piano, will nav cash: no dealers. D- D- , this ofH-ce. ofH-ce. ofH-ce. 315 new shipment of player roUs just re- re- -' -' . ceived all of the late hits. IS East avenue. Balcom's, olo HINZE upright, mahogany case, $lbo, a genuine bargain. Griffin v Bailey, North Clinton, corner Mortimer. 74 . BUY your Xmas 1'iauoia piano now, while our stocks are complete. In struments held for Christmas delivery. Balcom's. :!8 East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. ol- ol- ri'VHOMPSON player-piano, player-piano, player-piano, mahogany, A. slightly used, fine condition, now $44o, bench and music. Grithu & Eauey, Aorta Clinton and Mortimer. 7-1-3 7-1-3 7-1-3 7-1-3 7-1-3 t IBBONS &. Stone piano, walnut case, ll splendid condition, has been rebuilt; a bargain at $200: Griffin it Bailey, Nortii Clinton, coiner Alor'-imer.- Alor'-imer.- Alor'-imer.- Alor'-imer.- i-l-J i-l-J i-l-J i-l-J i-l-J ONE of our $275 pianos will make yoru child happy this Xmas. Come in and learn how conveniently, you can pay for one. Balcom's, SS East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. 31o A moderate first payment and the balance payable weekly or invuthly secures a Pianola piano. Come-in Come-in Come-in and see how easy it U to own one. Balcom s, 38 East-ave, East-ave, East-ave, w is 31;, tiome tf . aiaiu street. tf TANTli,i Furniture and carpets, higli--nieSt higli--nieSt higli--nieSt higli--nieSt Prices wU1 be paid. Telephone 7440-E 7440-E 7440-E 17 "PJON'T give your household goods away ,.for be6t Pces. call Stoue 7S21 or Mam 20i-W. 20i-W. 20i-W. tf VATANTED I.urniture in whole or part house lots. Address Myers, 21 1 South avenue. 010 TANTED All kinds of furniture. I pay full value. Stone 7770. or call 162 North-st. North-st. North-st. - si IOK SALE Brass bed, spring and - mattreSS. Xlti. all i-nttnn i-nttnn i-nttnn mill i-otc i-otc i-otc ACi litiiversii v-ave. v-ave. v-ave. HMillEST prices . pai carpets, stoves. C st. Stone S34S. id for furniture, arson, . 218 North-717 North-717 North-717 PASU for furniture, stoves, carpets, etc.; v- v- goous excuangeu. Roacn, 216 North-st., North-st., North-st., 'phone Stoue 3077. tf TUST received two van loads of furni- furni- t ture; got to sell to-day; to-day; to-day; need the room; cheap. 102 North-st. North-st. North-st. 312 HIGHEST pricet paid for furniture, carpets carpets and stoves. FrivMtuaa's, 2t;0 ortn-si. ortn-si. ortn-si. stone sita-j. sita-j. sita-j. iuis TTIOR SALE Wood bedstead, spring, mat A? tress, bureau, willow rocker, plate rail, sell cheap. Call Stone 2941-R. 2941-R. 2941-R. 213 II TAN X ED Highest casn price uaia tor second-hand second-hand second-hand furniture, carpets sd Ill Qn9c II ei.. r 1 a Bluvcu. muu ioo. ,uii,it mwu 11 FOR SALE a .-1 .-1 .-1 .. .. , 1 T-lH T-lH T-lH SAUK rew auu ueu suuncaow, on . A kinds, Wile, 72 North streeL &S44. Main tf .. " a.: Ivl.. ..1 J V. t.n-A t.n-A t.n-A i- i- A Si A fell VI IMtltBOlUllU 17.F.T? u v- v- bender two anvils, vise and all kinds of tools. 'JS l'belps avenue top bell. 212 . 1 1 .... .1 f..o l.lprra a.siipl. 1-y.Ul 1-y.Ul 1-y.Ul SAIJi-rl""1"1 SAIJi-rl""1"1 SAIJi-rl""1"1 -, -, i- i- 1 nient, protect your bonds, insurance papers papers and other valuables. Puunett Safe Co.. IO St. Paul-st. Paul-st. Paul-st. ' 14 V-voR V-voR V-voR SALE Seasoned hardwood, cut iu -C -C foot lengths. $7 per rack, 12 inches by 4 feet by S feet, delivered at curb; both phones. Gallery's 555 Lyell-ave. Lyell-ave. Lyell-ave. 717 TOit SALE To -whom -whom interested" 1 geology, a Ixvuis XV. all glass cabinet containing collection of about 200 specimens specimens Apply apartment 3, 85 Atkinson-st. Atkinson-st. Atkinson-st. T7GR S ILK Rebuilt National cash regls-ters regls-ters regls-ters all models, easy payments, writ-.n.nraniiws. writ-.n.nraniiws. writ-.n.nraniiws. We buy all kinds of Na tionals and change hotel and saloon ma-rhi ma-rhi ma-rhi ies into penny keyboard. Wile, 72 North street; Main 5S44. - " INVESTING in a Pianola piano assures vnn of oermaueut satisfaction and pieas- pieas- tjome iu auu iimcuiiic "- "- u t . merits of this instrument. Balcom's, 38 Fast avenue. VXTEBER grand, ebonized case, used a short time, splendid condition; an exceptional exceptional opportunity to secure one v of these famous instruments at a big bargain. B.ilcoinX38 East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. 313 VoW is the time to make your Xmas se-JN se-JN se-JN lection of a piano or player-piano. player-piano. player-piano. If vou are too busy during the day we will i.e elad to meet you any evening by ap-"oin.ment. ap-"oin.ment. ap-"oin.ment. Balcom's. ;ss East-ave. East-ave. East-ave. ,n. miTK -overument -overument advLses to buy only us- us- X ful presents. Buy one or our S-'u S-'u S-'u oianos It is necessary for your child's education, and will bring p pleasure into ..v.i inline: easi itiuio. - T7HR SAEE Three-piece Three-piece Three-piece suite and Ubrary -l- -l- -l- table, genuine leather; Heavy inahog any grain, brand new. lie Eyndhurst-st Eyndhurst-st Eyndhurst-st 313 avenue. 313 I TOR SAEE Used 1 players and pit and iijins: rebuilt upright $3(M Crown ur '".,1 Th j H verc right. looKs iie '',--''. '',--''. '',--''. '',--''. 1-eautiful 1-eautiful 1-eautiful instrument. Swick and Son $120; n verv good piano. Boston, rosewood case. 17-. 17-. 17-. $tH0 Schaeffer player, used about moLlis. $3J. Almost new Werner . ill il tl"M II V .1 3r. O i ' - a I ' rU.'ht ' MHi. Milton upright, mahogany r'T'.i.. easv terms. Arthur W. Oster, IRS - Clinton avenue south. 16 TYPEWRITERS TfTFliTTLT typewriters from 512.0 to lj?67 30, all guaranteed. Mo-roe Mo-roe Mo-roe Tjje writer Exchange Co.. 73 South ave. 01 T ET us overhaul jour typewriter, re-I re-I re-I 1 ..oii-j ..oii-j ..oii-j rnaninteed one year. Monroe ATANTED I'pay spot cash lor compl;tly v V furnished homes and fiats. J. G. Ide- Ide- man, Bell Genesee 3771, 105 Brooks avenue. tf via lunvun, uiuiinii, um j i; , st oi.c, AL resilvering, desk, table and dressef tops. llaskius, corner Court and Cortland. 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 7-1-3-5-6 FOR SAEE lo0 acres general . purpose Dotato. cabbage and fruit farm, eicht miles Rochester, close two stations, state road, 24 acres bearing orchards, large group good buildings, very attractive and profitable homestead, $20,000, one-third one-third one-third Rochester property. Chas. Carpenter, Spencerport.. ") 41: FOR SALE Dairy aud grain farm, 220 acres, less than 20 miles from Roches ter, y acres apples, 20 acres wheat, nearly all tula'Die, good main and tenant houses. about liO feet barn room, 7 acres hay no mortgage, might consider good city House lor part purchase price. Towner Carroll Co., 410 Powers tildg. 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 1-3-5 IJVili SALE 15 acres, main road, 3 miles frcm Ilolcomb, 2-story 2-story 2-story house, natural gas. good barn, acre of berries, acre bear ing apples, otner small fruits, 7 acres al fa;fa. 2 acres wheat; price only $2,600, $100 down. When you see it, you 11 buy Free showing. The Russell Real Estate Co., Canandaigua N. Y. Home 'phone dinner if desired, home privileges. esee 4iS-J. 4iS-J. 4iS-J. Gen- Gen- 212 rpo LET Rosewood terrace, nis bedroom house, $6.50, weekly, 4 fuel cash, garage. Lludsay. 383 Kim . rpo LET S-rooni S-rooni S-rooni house, on Ftenae A opposite Shepard street, all t mcnts, coal and wood ia collar. lua 'p LET U put airs. 22 Spring ttt L room apartment for colored T rf) per. wet k. Arthur W. OsttA Clinton avenue south. T) LET Furnished rooms for . light housekeeping, also sleeping rooms with uoaro. luquire -mm -mm ueutrai-ave., ueutrai-ave., ueutrai-ave., or j Ctiinberland-st. Ctiinberland-st. Ctiinberland-st. TO LET A nice, furnished front room, for one or two gvntlemen, neat, gas and bath. $2.50 per week. 116 Savanuah-st., Savanuah-st., Savanuah-st., first house. off Monroe; side "entrance. V'K LODGE ROOMS WANTED Hall suitable for Sunday- Sunday- v school entertainment, about Decern her 28th preferred, dining conveniences. G. Arthur Henderson, liO Lexington ave. ROOMS AND BOARD rno LET Large, pleasant furnished front A. room, suitable for two. fine location. breakfast and evening dinner. pars. 11 Arnold 414 HOUSES FOR SALE TTwJR KENT cards for sale at Democrat j. aud curonicie othce. -. -. TMJTi SALE A-l A-l A-l houses. Garfield Co. tf IjAOR SALE 37 Park avenue. Particular, Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Co.. Granite bldg. tf "MR SALE Modern 8-rooui 8-rooui 8-rooui .house and . garage, 101 ni;v. inquire Ul t.ani tron-8t. tron-8t. tron-8t. 81s T7HK SALE 83 CbUi-ave, CbUi-ave, CbUi-ave, all improvements -- -- nve nedrooms: once low- low- terms nsv Owner, Chase 3005. 712 "HX)R SALE New side by side two-famUy two-famUy two-famUy house, in good location, with all extra iinp.oveinents. v-3, v-3, v-3, tins omce. 21 Tj'OR SALE 0-room 0-room 0-room cottage, mile circle. - orick pavement, $2,200, $3j0 down, real like rent. C M. Thorns, 131 l'owvrs block IjOR SALE tfeven-room tfeven-room tfeven-room house off Brook avenue, hardwood floors, electricitv coal and gas range, furnace heat, garage. uenesee 4i8-J. 4i8-J. 4i8-J. 21 IOR SALE In Portland-ave. Portland-ave. Portland-ave. section, 11 Mohawk-sL, Mohawk-sL, Mohawk-sL, price $2,930; street im provement paid ; $100 down. 4 or 1 nase ".,: ! Call Park -5-1 -5-1 -5-1 -5-1 TTiOR SALE To close estate, S-rooui S-rooui S-rooui bouse -l- -l- -l- fine condition,- condition,- mortgage $3,000 ca stand; $7.j0 takes equity. Co., 53 East Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. Neil & Farmolee 212 a, re a. I 'v rp LET 312 Weaver street, live . ui A new furnace. Khmloc lcnra t lona. BPh Holy Redeemer. St. Sto.n1sl.iuV v-SiJrfh'i v-SiJrfh'i v-SiJrfh'i $3.75 wi?ckly. Gienwood 8ta-v, 8ta-v, 8ta-v, . (J.', a".0 LET fagne street, near"! 90-Jer 90-Jer 90-Jer 7 room t-ingle t-ingle t-ingle bouse, nieel 1 art hrougbout. good floors, fine cali. ?. in' adults. Inquire 61 Maene rpO Li:T 6(7 Dewey avenue, rwi A lionf? arranged for two covl.s wr one family; neat, clean and dettrabie fo those wbo.will pet along f without ftrre r bath; price $28 per month with trtrCvge of subletting second floor rooms- rooms- adulta preferred: preferred: good references lncindi-1 lncindi-1 lncindi-1 4raloBS mnuiora required; read blgn in www rer key. ' t ' tf FURN 'HED HOUSES TO LET TO LET Part of nicely furniahH T'. fine location, two car lines. Pe call Main 2155. , i - APARTMENTS TO LET TO LET Five-room Five-room Five-room untreated apattmetju 411 East Main, flat No. 1. tT; rno LET Nou-housekeeptng Nou-housekeeptng Nou-housekeeptng apartment at -a- -a- -a- the Vassar. iM Park aveuue. 4-1 4-1 4-1 rV LET Beautiful uew steam-heated steam-heated steam-heated A apartments, furnished, at the Stan- Stan- wood. tsi Main east. 414 rno LET 4-room 4-room 4-room apartment. In Genesee- Genesee- st., near Bronson. $to month. Thorns, 131 Powvrs block. rMi LET Heated, new elegant -af -af ments, all modern improvemetta. liams court, 49-51 49-51 49-51 Williams-st. Williams-st. Williams-st. C C. M., 41 t-1- t-1- t-1- t-1- LET Six-room, Six-room, Six-room, apartment, in 1 t new four-family four-family four-family house. No. 30tfc. EL ! way avenue, all modern iinprovemet j. : .-jj .-jj .-jj ply 91Q Insurance bldg. 1 . 212 i , 7M LET Heated apartment. 3 roc-uis, roc-uis, roc-uis, i : A furnished, w itth bath, kltcbenet, t-f t-f t-f f tricity; re.fcr.nces and leaiKi. r-. r-. r-. -.rd. -.rd. ? liugton apartments, .tt3 Court-st. Court-st. Court-st. i " "t 1Mi LET Newly furnished, heated - lighted, two-room two-room two-room apartment, ylth pr vate bath, steam heat, electricity, ex elusive residential section. 1J East-ave.j East-ave.j East-ave.j corner Coodman-st. Coodman-st. Coodman-st. ,12 a0 ,LET Only $4 weekly rcut, Hgni ana - newlv decorated six-room six-room six-room apartment, g-ip. g-ip. g-ip. bath, A-l A-l A-l for roomers, Court-st., Court-st., Court-st., clo i William. Brokers, Neil & Faruielce Com-4 Com-4 Com-4 pnr.y, 53 Main east. 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 1-3-5-7 . Pl or -iz-i -iz-i -iz-i -iz-i . -12 -12 R SALE Small Missouri farm, $5 cash and $3 monthly: no interest or taxes. Gently rolling, highly productive; not wet waste land. Abundant rainfall; splendid healthful climate; good schools and churches; close to good railroad towns and three big markets; perfect title; 2,000-foot 2,000-foot 2,000-foot oil and gas test well being drilled near-by. near-by. near-by. Photographs and full information free. Munger, E-162 E-162 E-162 N. X. Life bldg., Kansas City, Mo. tf TfrOR SALE High-class High-class High-class stock and general A purpose farm especially adapted to potatoes, potatoes, eabbage and similar crops; 44 acres wheat for 1919, 330 pounds fertilizer to acre; 168 acres on main road within 35 miivs Rochester, one mile large village; three acres apples, about one acre timber: excellent 10-rooni 10-rooni 10-rooni residence, good tenant house, main barn 38x70, gamibrel roof and basenwnt, running water in barns: large horse barn, hen and hog houses. For quick sale, this property can be bought at a bar-urair bar-urair bar-urair ask for full particulars. Garfield Cooipany, 1 Exchange. HORSES AND CARRIAGES TTVOIt SALE Good horse harness and cart- cart- A' ing wagon, $100. 446 Tremont street. 212 FOR SALE One' good single harness, one horse, 8 years old, sound and right; delivery wagon and sleigh. Call 379 Ex- Ex- change street. 313 T7K)R SALE Do not forget the horse sale A' every Wednesday at xicuregor s. IMilt SALE First time offered, 8-room 8-room 8-room bouse and garage on Birr street; the owner built tbii for a borne and will sac rltice for lean than cost. Culver, 53 Ar cade. IjX)R SALE Rldgeway avenue near Lake avenue. . semi-detached, semi-detached, semi-detached, 0 rooms each side, strictly modern with electricity, etc. Price $6,500. Edwards liealty Co., Cutler Building 212 1AOK SALE Rosewood terrace, 8 room house and garage, all lirst class improvements, improvements, $4,7UO; local bauk mo.tgage, 5 per ccut. can remain. Neil Ac Parniclee Co., 53 East Main IjVJIi SALE 8-room 8-room 8-room single; 4 large slecp- slecp- ing rooms; bouse iu good condition; close to South avenue car line; in order to close estate will sacrifice for $2,200. Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Co., Granite iddg. 312 rpO LET Beautifully appointed three-A three-A three-A room apartment, steam lipat, electric ity. centrally located, in most attractive residential, section; references. 451 East avenue, opposite Prince street. 717 rno LET Apartments just completed. J A. large light rooms, private connectir hall, very commodious, ton minutes' wa, from Sibley's, 4"" Alexander-st., Alexander-st., Alexander-st., bet we University and Main, $00 and $55 1H month, lease. fil-"' fil-"' fil-"' n0 LET One of Rochester's new "fu.- "fu.- A 5-room 5-room 5-room heated apartments, near East av.r, sun parlor, extra maid's room an-ihntli. an-ihntli. an-ihntli. sleenim; porch, fireplace, laundry. . finish mahoganv white, $f7.50 monthly: occupant pu'blettir.g. 1077 Harvard. Park Uir.il-K. Uir.il-K. Uir.il-K. v 71S FLATS TO LET 1AOR iSALE iSix-room iSix-room iSix-room single, close to - Post-ave. Post-ave. Post-ave. and Thurston road car; modern, street improved; will sell on payment, payment, $200 cash, balance $35 monthly; particulars. particulars. Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Martins-Hall Co., Granite bids ' 413 IO It SALE rAvenue A, near North Clinton, Clinton, 9-room 9-room 9-room bouse, also barn and garage, garage, $3,10O, $700 dowai; exchange for small bungalow, Summerville boulevard, or near the lake prefeirad. Amberg, 019 Granite iJidg. r I7IOR SALE Just off Culver road, . modern, G-rooui G-rooui G-rooui home, every imf new, iprove- iprove- ment, well built, good location; we consider consider this very exceptional value at $5,5X; large lot, one-car one-car one-car garage. Garfield Company, Company, 1 Exchange street. TTOR SALE $4,2UO, only $200 down, new. A modern, 6-rooin 6-rooin 6-rooin home, the one best bar gain in 10th ward; electricity oak floors, tine modern plumbing, furnace heat, stationary stationary tubs, large lot, improvvd street; sple-ndid sple-ndid sple-ndid neighborhood. Garfield Company, 1 Exchange street. ' SALE First time offered, within mile of shopping district, near Monroe avenue, strictly modern borne with very large lot; house has 11 bright rooms, Adams floors, electricity, new decorations; prop erty in perfect condition; $8,500 for all or lot can be divided lowering price. Garth-Id Garth-Id Garth-Id Company, 1 Exchange-st. Exchange-st. Exchange-st. " - IIM.ATS for Renfcards for sale at Demff crat and Chronicle office. ; ' rpo LET Nice furnished warm room, use A of Home 'phone. 411 Lake ave. 212 rpo LET Flat, 5'.r2 Portland-ave., Portland-ave., Portland-ave., near , A Rosenberg and Menahaii factories. In- In- quire store. 3i2 Portland-ave. Portland-ave. Portland-ave. rpO LET liirge turnlsJicd rront room A with alcove, suitable for business men; references. 4M Alexander-st. Alexander-st. Alexander-st. 313 rno LET Furnished room, suitable for X two, hot and cold water, private eu Inquire vi t uui-ave. uui-ave. uui-ave. -vcr -vcr will trance. rno LET To-ibjy, To-ibjy, To-ibjy, 1 have the onlv iieated flat that l have bad to oifei this fall, three rot detail. Main IWHl lai 1 nave uau 10 oiiei,-; oiiei,-; oiiei,-; oros, complete in evrr liny day after 1. " ' J lower flat. $4.5u weeklyr. 5-room 5-room 5-room upper flat. $3 weekly, 230 South! avenue, newiy oecoiaieu, uew piuiumii,. , General Realty Service. 23 Maln-st. Maln-st. Maln-st. east. 71i ri-v ri-v ri-v 1 let Attractive furnished suite, in ex X ceptionally superior home, steam heat, owtricttv. centrally located, in best reii Uential section; references essential.,' 451 Kast avenue, opposite mnce-nb mnce-nb mnce-nb m FURN'HED FLATS TO LET Stillson-st. Stillson-st. Stillson-st. Bring iu your horses. of buyers waiting. 81 Plenty 212 WANTED Floor mirror, must be in good condition and reasonable; state size and price wanted. Address A-13, A-13, A-13, this office. - 312 FOR SALE Dining table .sideboard, w.lt-iug w.lt-iug w.lt-iug desk, 6 chairs and pictures, must be sold quickly and' reasonable. Chase 22W)-W. 22W)-W. 22W)-W. 312 FOR SALE 3 horses, weight 700, 1,100 and 1,400 pounds; also 1 reach wagon and 1 platform wagon. 140 Ward-sL, Ward-sL, Ward-sL, corner corner North Clinton. Stone 5688-J. 5688-J. 5688-J. 212 FOR SALE Grand Union Tea Company having punrcbased auto must tsll four horses, weight 1,000 to 1,300; ca? be seen at gl'StUlson-st. gl'StUlson-st. gl'StUlson-st. or call at store, 410 East Main-st Main-st Main-st 212 WANTED I pay spot cash for completely completely furnished homes and flats, most reliable. reliable. Dave Levy, Stone 7617. Main 1683. 123 12 Nortii-st. Nortii-st. Nortii-st. tf NOTICE To parties moving out of town by motor van; I make return load trips wberer you want to go; also will buy anything you do not want to take alou-. alou-. alou-. D. - Mailer, Main 084. 717 a lot 1JHR SALE I want about one and half van loads to complete car shipment of furniture to Los Angeles, Cal.; party can sae aoout i- i- Dy snippiu: in car lot. Mr. Maher. Main iS4. i!7 POULTRY AND EGGS iy)H SALE Last chance to get some nice 1? White Leghorns at $1 each, till 12 u'clook to-day. to-day. to-day. See Hildebrandt. Lake ave nue and uiune nu. : - - ' . w 1. ....11.,,.- ....11.,,.- H'i-,nrinll,s H'i-,nrinll,s H'i-,nrinll,s IrMJlt SALE -Marc -Marc 11 yuncy.-. yuncy.-. yuncy.-. 1 and Rocks, weigh 4 Aod, o pounds; hand Picked Baldwin and Greeiiing apples. WiUiam Murphy. K Henrietta. -1- -1- -1- LOTS of people nave contracted laa "want" ad. habit aud are glad I ifc Typewriter Exchange Co., 73 SoutlMive. 'l'houe 53:.. 7J ' . .... .;..;i,l.. ...ii.n'.-ln. ...ii.n'.-ln. ...ii.n'.-ln. alA "TA life' I'l'iic i., i-t- i-t- i-t- i-t- 1 ' . . V mimeograph or letter duplicator. Must be cheap Tor casn. .-iie .-iie .-iie uia-c uia-c uia-c -uu -uu wna, i.rice. H-46. H-46. H-46. this office. X reparel. large stock of bieh grade machines machines lowest prices. Van Hoesen Type writer Exchange. 16 State street. tf. OFFI CE FURNITURE .tti A r- r- t.h Sles an- an- uBin Ibriuture. new and second baud. 1:k St. 1'ajl-nt 1'ajl-nt 1'ajl-nt tf VITANTED One or two large size safe W cabinets, state make, size and test cash price. B 73, this office. 313 1rOR SALE Cook stove, kitchen table, - dining room (walnut) table, library Table, chiffonier, new bed. hair mattress, springs: in fact all furniture in my flat. 36 Lyndhnrst-st., Lyndhnrst-st., Lyndhnrst-st., upstairs in rear; do not call Sunday. Jl 212 T7OR SALE Exceptionally beautiful A; birdseye maple folding bed with mirror mirror front and combination wardrobe; also hall and dining room electric fixtures: old mahogauy sofa. 457 East-ave., East-ave., East-ave., corner Sin-lev Sin-lev Sin-lev place. 717 tTTiSTED Mrs. Landlady, when you W want to dispose of your household fi-miture fi-miture fi-miture and furnishings and get their true value please 'phone r drop a card to J. G. Ideman. cash buyer, Bell Genesee S771. 105 Brooks-ave. Brooks-ave. Brooks-ave. tf CHIR DR. Windringer. bids.: foot tr grown nails rc F)R SALE Five horses and mares, ages from 5 to 9, weight from 1,200 to 1,400, price from $100. to $200: these horses are sound and true"; wUl take good., note or Liberty bonds. Cal at ous East MaJn-t-t. MaJn-t-t. MaJn-t-t. MaJn-t-t. MaJn-t-t. tth)K SALE Extra line Shetland pony, J- J- age 6, color cold black, mare - pony, kind and gentle for children to ride or drive, is not afraid of anything and will sel1 lor half its value, $100 in cash or Liberty Bonds. Call 24 Charlotte-st., Charlotte-st., Charlotte-st., near Scio and Main-st. Main-st. Main-st. TTIOR SAIJ: Te A1 weight 2,700, sound, price $230; also team Pereheron horses, nttie street sore, in fine shape, weight 2,80, $23o; vxtra nne team, mare and horse, ages 6, weight 2.70O, price $300; also mare and horse, weight 2,-50o, 2,-50o, 2,-50o, price S2O0. Call 24 Charlotte-st. Charlotte-st. Charlotte-st. near Scio and Main. - FARMER TO CONSUMER ITtOR SALE Hubbard squash in any A' quantity. v w.nrmon. ISoR SALE Hand picked Baldwin 1 apples, $1 bushel delivered. Main 34( or Postftftioe box 43. 3019 T7M3R SALE Carrots and manglewurtzel Jj hmiii 30c ner bushel. J. A. Harper. Highland-ave Highland-ave Highland-ave near Clover-sL Clover-sL Clover-sL Bell 'phone. -f.VR -f.VR SALE- SALE- X1. kin Apples, fall aud winter, all inds: come out the Ridge road to the second corner west of Parma Corners: brine baskets or bags, uc anu up per nusuei. OJ-I OJ-I OJ-I FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE 17M)R SALE Or exchange, law acre farm " near city for Jtochester property. Brad- Brad- street Realty Co.. Granite building. 7-2-4 7-2-4 7-2-4 7-2-4 7-2-4 I7OR SALE Or exchange, strictly mod- mod- ern block on Dewey avenue, free and clear, for farm near Rochester. Edwards Realty Co.. Cutler Building. , i Flat on Etner- Etner- year; T7K1R SALE Or exenange AJ -on -on street, rents for $480 per good bouse, in nice location, for farm of 00 to 100 acres. F-12, F-12, F-12, this office. 314 TTIOR SALE Or exchange. Cole - street, A. Boston flat, 12 rooms, all Improve ments, $300 down: exchange ior machine shop business. Amberg, 019 Granite bldg. TAOR SALE Or exenange, acres two ij miles north Newark, 10-room 10-room 10-room house, 2 ings. tine level land, price $4,700: mortgage rji Will -trade -trade equity or i:.sw tor good ' . ! I... -l. -l. T I . .... house in City. r.u ai uo c nj v. v., luuci Building- Building- ' -'- -'- -'- :prrjK SALE Or exenange, -mall -mall 'anus, A from 0 to j acres, au wnu uiii.uogs. Some with ail implements, ready for busi ness Now is a good time to hnd some thing for next season. NeU A Parmelee Co.. East Main. FOR SALE Or exchange. 61 acres two miles north Newark. lO-room lO-room lO-room house. 2 burns, stock and tools included. t-rtce t-rtce t-rtce $8,000. Will trade equity of $4,000 for Rochester property or smaller rarm nearer Rochester. Edwards Keaity co., .cutler Building. -12 -12 TRA DES A ND EX CHA NGES TR EXCHANGE 149 acres, general purpose and stock farm, lies almost level, A-l A-l A-l buildings, gambrel . roof base, inent barn, nine-room nine-room nine-room house, village bouse desired. Towner-CarroU, Towner-CarroU, Towner-CarroU, 410 Powers bldg. mo LET List your vacaat flat to-day. to-day. to-day. -A. -A. Many inquiries. Exchange. Garfieid Company. 1 tf STORES TO LET TO LEI store anu uiu, rwuu, -j -j Hudson-ave., Hudson-ave., Hudson-ave., old business stand, cheap rent. Inquire 325 Hudson-ava. Hudson-ava. Hudson-ava. fO EEL Large uouole olorc ceuirauy n J. eated. 66 North street, inquire Oral ;; floor, or 'phone 4543 Main or Stone. tf i TO LET Store, with electricity and 3 living rooms in rear, $.10 mouth; Lyell, a nvar VVhitneV. t". M. lUomS. Ul 1'OWMS i 1 block. ' rpO LET Store, with counter, shelving 1 1 x and 6 living rooms; lienvsee, near-v near-v near-v 'l I Bronson, $25 month. Powers block. C. M. Thorns, 131 414 ROOMS WANTED 7ANTED By a married couple, '-'tr- '-'tr- '-'tr- i j y nishel rooms for light housekeeping, West Side E4K7, this otlice. 212 aj.NTED 2 or 3-room 3-room 3-room modern furnished , VV heatvd suite desired, including kitchen-f kitchen-f kitchen-f ette. Call Bell 'phone Chase 1W8-R. 1W8-R. 1W8-R. 312 WANTED Youag man wants steam heated furnished room, preferably with board, within walking distance from Bnuscli & Lomb'a. or near Souta-ave. Souta-ave. Souta-ave. car line. B-44, B-44, B-44, this office. 212 OFFICES TO LET TO LET Office an all-window all-window all-window front room on first Boor, steam beat at 32 Sontb avenne. Inquire of the Natioaai Cioihins Co.. 115-117 115-117 115-117 Main street east. tf ! rno EET Office, part of 4th ffo', Unitetf X building, well heated and lighted, lowest lowest insurance rate on account of automatic automatic sprinklers. Inquire at office, fonrth floor. D-27, D-27, D-27, this office. 0k i ROOMS TO LET rno LET Four rooms and bath, 378 Mr-X Mr-X Mr-X ray stret. Inquire IU MyrUe-st. MyrUe-st. MyrUe-st. 212 with mr, O-Tl' O-Tl' O-Tl' lanre. pbsant room X kitchenette, furnished complete for, I ns kef-pin: kef-pin: kef-pin: all conveniences, ga range. 173 Spring htreet. CTDIST ui', X TTMR SALE Potatoes, $L23 per bushel. A; Darby Brothers. Rowe road, Sweden, five miles south, one mile wjpxt of Brock. lort. four miles north one 4 ante i en. A 212 J1 SUBURBAN PROPERTY boose. -TTvTl'A--Snbiirn3B -TTvTl'A--Snbiirn3B -TTvTl'A--Snbiirn3B -TTvTl'A--Snbiirn3B -TTvTl'A--Snbiirn3B bowse, not urer W jioivw, five iuit desciptioo in rtterT .1 i T" IUV H .!! . A- A- U. litis . -b -b - .- .- ..t ... i -1. -1. w. iir GARAGES rTHt I.E. 1 Hie nan uouuie jargf. cie.: A trie, light, water. 323 estlMlnaf er j

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle11 Nov 1918, MonPage 7

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)11 Nov 1918, MonPage 7
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