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r.t ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 191S. r Celebratibg Thirteen Years of Progress in Rochester WATCH THE DAILY PAPERS THE GOVERNMENT SAYS: START YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING NOW; AND OUR THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE gives you MANY opportunities opportunities to select PRACTICAL GIFT GOODS at prices much less than regular. THE THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE "SPECIALS" IN THE CLOAK ROOM ' i ' . Are VALUES -In -In stylish models entirely out of the ordinary.! Newest and Most Favored Materials Newest and Latest Designs ' In all the correct colors. The EQUAL of these Dresses, Suits, Coats l or the PRICKS arc not to be found ANYWHERE. COME AND SEE Til EM. ' Silk and Serge Dresses Values up to ?25.00. NOW $15.75. ANNIVERSARY SALE 4 Serge and Silk Dresses, fancy or plain tailored, some trimmed trimmed with fringe; others with braid and buttons in all the newest shades. , SUITS " o5.C0 Suits. NOW $29.50. Suits in Serge. Yclour, Mixtures and Tweeds, belted or plain models; several'differcnt styles to select from. COATS Values up to $39.50. NOW $29.50. Coats of Silvertone, Pom Pom, Velours, Broadcloth and fancy fancy mixtures. Mostly belted models, handsomely lined and trimmed trimmed with fancy buttons. &SrorGOOD CORSETS In this Great Thirteenth Anniversary Sale No woman in Rochester should be without one or two GOOD CORSETS after this SALE for such values are not to be secured every day. On this occasion we were favored by the manufacturer manufacturer with these "Special" lots on account of the big regular business we gave him. NO DUPLICATES. Low bust and medium length Corsets, made, of heavy jean, non-rustable non-rustable non-rustable boning, two pairs of elastic webbing hose supporters, supporters, hook at bottom of skirt. Sizes 19 to 26. Sale price $1.49. A d1 Very low top and short Hi PlvX7 skirt Corset, made of flesh color coutil ; the correct Corset for the young miss ; finished with two pairs of hose supporters. Sizes 19 to 24. Sale price $1.49. Corsets for the stouter figures in the medium or low line and long hip, heavily boned with wide graduated front steel, heavy webbing hose supporters ; top finished with embroiderv edge. Sizes 24 to 30. Sale price $1.69. CQ Corsets of fine quality flesh color coutil, low bust line and long hip line, free hip model, for the more slender figure, guaranteed non-rustable, non-rustable, non-rustable, finished with pink embroidery embroidery trimming. Assorted sizes. Sale price $1.69. yQ cr" special lot of Corsets, made of extra fine Pu"( quality of sateen, low bust line, extra boning reinforcing reinforcing abdominal section, rust proof, finished with splendid heavy hose supporters, top trimmed with embroidery beading. Assorted sizes. Sale price $2.49. Medium bust and medium -length -length hip Corsets, made of extra fine flesh color coutil, splendidly boned throughout, finished with flesh color hose supporters and top trimmed with flesh color embroiderv edge. Assorted sizes. Sale price $2.49. At $1.49 At $1.69 At $2.49 THESE THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE Specials in Brassieres Should bring to the SECOND FLOOR a gathering of economically economically inclined women for OFFERINGS like these are certainly unusual. - Flesh color Bandeaux Brassieres in either front or back closing, made of heavy rnesh webbino- webbino- with ln. tic insert in back. 75c value 59. At 7Qr IUlSt SuPPrters of excellent quality, V-neck, V-neck, V-neck, with nl I L heavy cream lace insertion and edge "to match SI 5 alue, 79(i. Bust Supporters, made with the lo nor lln f "ir ilia At 59c At oe nl ?Ol stout figure, beautifully trimmed across back, bottom and top with wide heavy lace. $2.00 value 98. At tl flft SPecial lot of Bust Supporters, made of all-over all-over all-over m lUU heavy lace lor the medium and full bust line special $1.00. ' erv The Whole Store Is Aglow with Specials in Honor of the Occasion THIS TO BE A GALA WEEK It is just 13 years ago that the doors of the Edwards business were opened for the first time to the public in Rochester. During these years as you have good cause to know you will recall many of the memorable selling events, but it is our aim and desire that the present sale WILL OVERTOP THEM ALL. THIS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WILL LAST ONE WEEK and will prove to you the most attractive and beneficial event the store has ever launched. For in preparation for this sale our buyers visited the various markets to purchase merchandise of the kind that would prove consistent with the importance of the occasion, and it is gratifying indeed to present such wonderful values in the face of 'market conditions as we do, IT WILL BE A WEEK OF TRULY SENSATIONAL SELLING. Each day new lots or groups of merchandise merchandise will be added to fill the "gaps'-and "gaps'-and "gaps'-and the intense interest will be "kept up" TO THE CLOSING CLOSING HOUR SATURDAY NIGHT. .) Each Item Here Presents a Special Appeal in Honor of OUR THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY See THEM and also the hundreds of other attractive items unmentioned here. Bag Frames Bag Frames, metal and shell, also also bone rings; very large assortment. assortment. Prices range 29 to $2.98. Ribbons and 6-inch 6-inch 6-inch Ilairbow Taffeta and Moire Ribbon, all new shades; also plaids, stripes and dark fancies. fancies. Extra fine quality. Special at 25 and 29 yard. See the Splendid Thirteenth Anniversary Sale Specials in Furniture, Floor Coverings, Curtains, Wall Paper and Pictures ON THE FIFTH AND FOURTH FLOORS WE ARRANGED SOME TIME AGO FOR A HALF-PRICE HALF-PRICE HALF-PRICE SALE Of "Rogers Bros." 1847 SILVERWARE and the goods being HERE we will feature them in our. Thirteenth Anniversary Celebration RATHER unusual isn't it. for you to purchase "Rogers Bros." at HALF PRICE? WE FEEL SURE YOU WILL APPRECIATE APPRECIATE OUR DOING SO AND BUY GENEROUSLY. Teaspoons, 6 for $1.50 Dessert Spoons, 6 for $2.75 Dessert Forks, 6 for $2.75 Berry Spoons for, each 45i Coffee Spoons, 6 for $1.50 Soup Spoons, 6 for 3.00 Orange Spoons, 6 for $2.00 Sugar Shells, 6 for $2.75 Butter Knives for, each 50 Butter Spreaders, 6 for $2.25 Cream Ladles, each 75 Gravy Ladles, each $1.00 Oyster Ladles, each $2.15 Medium Ladles, each $2.75 No. 46 Pie Servers, each $1.00 No. 46 Fruit Knives, 6 for ..$1.50 No. 46 Dessert Knives, 6 for. $2.65 No. 46 Medium Knives, 6 for.$2.00 No. 46 Nut Picks, 6 for $1.20 H. H. Dessert Knives, 6 for.. $2.65 Tablespoons, 6 for $3.00 Medium Forks, 6 for $3.00 Food Pusher, ea., 45S 6 for $2.75 Bouillon Spoons, 6 for $2.65 Meat Forks for, each 75 Oyster Forks. 6 for $1.88 Long Pickle Forks for, each . . 65e Sugar Tongs, each $1.00 Cucumber Servers, each ...$1.25 Salad Spoons,, each $1.40 Salad Forks, each ...$1.50 Ind. Fish Forks, 6 for $3.15 lad. Fish Knives, 6 for .$3.65 Ice Cream Forks, doz $4.50 Potato Chip Servers, each ..$2.00 H. H. Fruit Knives, 6 for....$1.50 H. H. Bird Set, 3-pc, 3-pc, 3-pc, for, set.$4.25 H. H. Bird Set, 2-pc, 2-pc, 2-pc, set....$3.00 K. H. Soup Ladles, set $3.00 II. H. Fish Knives, 6 for $3.65 H. II. Fish Forks. 6 for .,...$5.25 Among the many THIRD FLOOlt THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE "Specials" ARE THE FOLLOWING bnt come and see the UNMENTIONED UNMENTIONED ones also CHINA "White and gold Cups and Saucers, Saucers, $1.50 per set of six Cups and six Saucers; Japanese china. . Stone Crocks, 12i per gallon. One to ten-gallon ten-gallon ten-gallon sizes. Covers extra. White and gold Dinner Sets of 112 pieces. $25.00 per set. This Dinner Set has gold handles and gold band on edge of plate. This is the "Coin" gold. In the Electric Store THIRD FLOOR Electric Grills, will broil, fry, or toast bread. Ouly $3.59. Regular price ?6.00. ' Nickel Reading Lamps, complete with 10-inch 10-inch 10-inch white shade. You can have your choice in either finish, brush brass or nickel. Thie sale, $2.49. Mantles, your choice, either inverted inverted or upright. $1.00 per doz. MEN HERE IS A REAL THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY 'Special" for you. RAZORS $1.69 "Samples" worth up to $1.00. About 100 first quality Steel Razors In a wide variety of good styles and sizes. Values up to $4.00. During this sale your choice for only $1.69 each. Toilet Goods Dept. Main Floor. THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE "Specials" in NOTIONS $7.50 Dress Forms $5.98 Adjustable Dress Forms, well loade and substantial. A smart convenience to the home and professional dressmakers. dressmakers. Regular $7.50. During sale, $5.98 each. $1.00 Skirt Measures 69c "A-Just-It" "A-Just-It" "A-Just-It" "A-Just-It" "A-Just-It" Skirt Measure, that sells regularly at ?1.00. Priced at 69 during sale. $2.75 Muff Beds $2.00 Melon shaped down-filled down-filled down-filled Muff Bods, ruffled ends, ring handles. Regular $2.75 value. Price $2.00 each. 98c Muff Beds 69c Good-sized Good-sized Good-sized melon shape Muff Beds. 98c value. Sale price 69 each. 10c Crochet Cotton 8c 1,000 boxes of "Dexter's" dyed Mercerized Crochet Cotton, in white and big assortment of desirable desirable colors, all sizes, suitable for all sorts of fancy work. During this sale price only S per ball. MUSLIN UNDERWEAR REALLY you must see the "Specials" IN THE Thirteenth Anniversary Sale The material and workmanship is so GOOD and the garments are so neatly TRIMMED THAT AT THE PRICES WE ASK each offering is a REAL BARGAIN. MUSLIN GOWNS At I 1QIuslm Gowns of splendid HI 4117 quality, good full size garments, garments, round neck and sleeves finished with embroidery edge. Very special at $1.19. At "xtra sze usnn Gowns in HI J)1.4y the slip-over slip-over slip-over style, finished broidery edge. Sale price $1.49. ENVELOPE CHEMISE Envelope Chemise of fine pink batiste, with round trim of filet mesh lace and' pink and blue ribbon trim. Sale price $1.25. At 1 OK EnveloPe Chemise of sheer yoke of val. lace and herringbone stitching, 1 X deep trimmed back, val. lace edge finishing same, bale price $1.25. - - FLANNELETTE GOWNS At Cl A( Ladies Flannelette HI piF Gowns of splendid quality in plain white or pink and blue stripes, some round, V or high neck, finished, with fancy braid. Special 91.49. Co!ored Petticoats At $1 71? Petticoats of fine ni ?X.I J qUaiity Bateen, made with the tailored or fancy flounce, in black, navy or Copen blue, green or purple. Sale price $1.75. At $1.25 Flannelette if 7Qr Ladies' t c white and with deep fancy stitchine. 14 TA At $1.00 Petticoats Flannelette Pet-in Pet-in Pet-in pink and gray and white Btripes. flounces, finished with Special 7. Knit Petticoats in trrav and natural color with fancy trimmed stitching. Special 79. Knit Petticoats of excellent nualitv in white with pink trim and light gray with blue trim. Special fcl.OO. HERE WITHOUT FAIL With the Opening of Our Thirteenth Anniversary Sale Opens T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D T-O-Y-L-A-N-D DOWNSTAIRS AND while many may think "Christmas" "Christmas" lis a long ways off IT WILL BE HERE BEFORE ONE KNOWS IT-then IT-then IT-then why delay? Wrhy not start your Christmas Shopping- Shopping- NOW? Stocks arc NEW, FRESH and at their best. If you so wish we will hold your purchase for DELIVERY LATER. IN THE THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY SALE THERE WILL BE THOUSANDS OF DOZENS OF Handkerchiefs AND in the showing are kinds for MAN, WOMAN and CHILD. Now, having purchased these goods EARLY the VALUES are simply splendid AND after looking looking the EXHIBIT OVER you will surely begin your Christmas buying; you will make no mistake mistake either, in so doing. . WOMEN'S Colored initial Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs, 6 in package, 50 Pgf- Pgf- Colored and white initial Handkerchiefs, 6 in pkg., 35 Pg- Pg- A large assortment of plain white hemstitched, with hand-embroidered hand-embroidered hand-embroidered corner, in both white and colored embroidery, at the special price 12V2 each. Linen initials at IS4, 3 for 50c. MEN'S All-linen, All-linen, All-linen, plain white, hemstitched hemstitched Handkerchiefs at 12y2. 15. 18, 25, 35 and 50c each. A complete assortment of linen initials at 25 and 50c each. Linen initials, while they last, 12V2 each. Fine lawn, plain white hemstitched, hemstitched, fancy initials, at 15p and 12V2 each. HANDKERCHIEFS Extra fine linen hemstitched Handkerchiefs, in and J-in. J-in. J-in. hems. Wonderful values, 35. 50 and 75 each. Pure linen hemstitched Handkerchiefs. The present value 40c each. While they last at 25 each. Plain white hemstitched Handkerchiefs. 10. 12V2 end 15 each. All-linen, All-linen, All-linen, white, with colored designs and borders. 50 ea. Handkerchiefs with colored and white initials at 12V2 ea. Initials in colors only, 10 each. Initial Handkerchiefs in both white and colored initials at 18. 3 for 50. Colored border and designs at 35 and 25 each. White Silk, 25. 50. 75(5 and $1.00 each. White Crepe de Chine, with satin stripe border, at $1.50 each. Colored Silk Handkerchiefs. 50. 75 and $1.25 each. Boys' colored Silk Handkerchiefs Handkerchiefs at 25 each. Boys' plain white hemstitched hemstitched initial Handkerchiefs. 12V2 each. The Art Department Second Floor Will celebrate the THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY with a special, showing of attractive FANCY GOODS, AND to add zest to the SELLING will FEATURE the following items-Ready items-Ready items-Ready made Combinations, stamped for embroidery, made of fine nainsook. Sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, for this sale only at 59 each. Stamped for embroidery, ready made Envelope Drawers, made of fine nainsook material. Regular 85c kind for 50. Stamped for embroidery, not made up, Envelope Drawers, stamped on fine nainsook. Special 39. Stamped Day Cases, on good quality 45-inch 45-inch 45-inch tubing, our regular dollar pair kind for 79 per pair. Sweet Grass Baskets, round flat arm Basket. Our regular dollar value at this sale for 69 each. TO CELEBRATE THE THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY Sale of 1000 pieces White Ivory, $1 ea. Some of the articles are worth up to $3.00 each. It is a splendid chance to secure handsome Christmas gifts at less than regular price. HERE are Clocks, Mirrors, Hair, Hat, Clothes and Bonnet Brushes, Powder and Puff Boxes, Picture Frames, Flower Vases, Pin Cushions, Jewel Boxes, etc. FOR HOME USE and ideal suggestions for Christmas Gifts and it is none too early to do your choosing NOW especially when you can secure such values as this. BEAUTIFULLY GRAINED WHITE IVORY PIECES ONLY $1 EACH BUYING THREE ASSORTED PIECES THE SALE OPENS TO-DAY TO-DAY TO-DAY AT THE TOILET COUNTER -The -The DOWNSTAIRS STORE Thirteenth Anniversary Anniversary Sale "Specials" ARE CROWDED OUT OF TO DAY'S PAPER but thev will be on displav AND it will pay you to SEE THEM. - NOTE :E. W. EDWARDS & SON E. W. EDWARDS & SON;

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle11 Nov 1918, MonPage 4

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)11 Nov 1918, MonPage 4
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