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Mine explosion - THE LINTON DAILY CITIZEN Printed in the Heart...
THE LINTON DAILY CITIZEN Printed in the Heart of Indiana Coal Fields in the State’* Finest Corn and Fruit Belt, and in the Finest Trading Center of a 40 Mile Radius SIX PAGES LINTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1944 HUNGARY TRYING TO OBTAIN ARMISTICE Russian Armies Drive Through Chuin of Luke und River Rurriers Ivacua- iTZZTZZ'i sea- I HOSPITAL REPORT i y Nazis Attempt Evacuation Evacuation Of Latvian port Capital HOSPITAL GUILD PLANS MEETING Members of the Greene County Hospital Guild will h|ld their October meeting at the public library, Monday afterhoon at 2 o’clock, it was announced t'>day. Business of importance is to bo considered and it is important that all menribers be present. KILLED IN BLASE Mi's. Harold Burris of Jasonville was admitted for treatment Wednesday Wednesday afternoon. A boy weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces was born to Mrs. E. L. Tut- Germans Throwing Pilots ^ °J, ,;six^1 rff I ,No ha ^1 been Into Front Lines As Infantrymen (By ROBERT S. MUSEL) United Press War Correspondent LONDON, Sept. 28. (U.R) -The German high command said today that Russian forces had smashed across the Danube river into Yugoslavia from the iron gate area of Romania—a crossing apparently apparently aimed at a junction with Marshal Tito's partisan army. The Russians have been massing massing on the Yugloslav frontier for weeks since their swift drive across Romania, and a Danube crossing from the Orsova area as reported by Berlin would open the Morava valley to them. A German communique reported reported brisk fighting on both sides oi E DIES SUDDENLY NEW SHOE STAMP NOVEMBER FIRST WASHINGTON, Sept. 28.—(U.R> ; —A new shoe ration stamp will { become valid beginning Nov. 1, j the Office of Price Administration ■ announced today. The exact stamp to be used for this purpose will be disclosed later. Airplane stamps one and Seven Other Men Injured i two from ration book three are j In Accident Wednes- I now valid f°r ai* indefinite per- i day Night |iod Allies In to Rlnst to Northwest Famed Los Angeles Evangelist Evangelist Died Of Heart Disease OAKLAND, Cal., Sept. 27. iiU.R) Aimee Semple McPherson, 53, famed Los Angeles evangelist, died of heart disease at an Oakland Oakland hotel Wednesday. Two doctors were in attendance attendance and a fire department in- the iron gate, the rocky gorge thru which the Danube tumbles, Acknowledging tiie river cross- ing, the communique appended the . customary propaganda claim that oaitGDOFn Alan III ISC morning. The baby named Billy Dale. Dannie Fish, 7 year old son of Mr, and Mrs. Olive Fish submitted to minor surgery this morning. Mrs. Thomas Yates, was taken to her home on Linton route 3, Wednesday. Wednesday. Bernard Hamilton of Bloomfield Bloomfield route 4 was taken home today. today. Peggy Jean Kline was dismissed Wednesday. Mrs. Herschel Alvey and baby noon, were taken to their home in New- | Physicians were summoned by berry, Wednesday afternoon. H. B. Kingensmith. Mrs. Marion Thompson ofi the Lemington Bloomfield was dismissed this hotel, who had i been notified of I Angela Sid, per- j sonal maid to j Mrs. McPherson, j that her employ| employ| er apparently l had collapsed in bed. SPARK FROM MOTOR CAUSES EXPLOSION Funeral Services To Be Conducted Here Monday NTENSIVE RAIDS DN PHILIPPINES INDIANA NEWS Newly Conquered Peleliu Used As Base For New Raids Vincent Barlick of Linton, was killed, and seven other men were injured in an explosion which occurred occurred at the Harmony mine near Dugger at nine o’clock Wednesday night. The injured men were Clifford Woodruff, 33, Jasonville, severe halator squad was summoned in burns about the face, hands and a vain attempt to revive Mrs. Me- , aims, shock; Geurnard Harrell, Pherson. She died shortly before Vicksburg, burns about face, hands bombers rained new blows on and arms; Earl Frederick. Jason- Mjndanao and carried out a ville, burns about the face, arms SOUTH BEND, Sept. 28. (U.R)— Two-year-old Sue Wincek choked to death yesterday when a peanut became lodged in her throat. She was the daughter of Sgt. and Mrs. John Wincek. The father is with airborne troops overseas. PEARL HARBOR, Sept. 28.— (U.R) — Land-based fighters from nearly-conquered Peleliu have joined the growing Allied aerial campaign in the Philippines theater, theater, where southwest Pacific MICHIGAN CITY, Sept. 28. UP> —The LaPorte county coroner today today investigated an accident which claimed the life of John Sandiers, 60, .a carpenter. Sandiers was hit by a truck while riding a bicycle yesterday. morning. ORVILLE MILLER the elements across the Danube were smashed, On the northern front, Russian forces were driving over the ap- proaches to Riga, routing the Nazi rear guard fighting for time to evacuate the Latvian capital, Simultaneously, Axis sources hinted at the start of a great new Soviet offensive against East Prussia Prussia and reported that Russian columns were across the Hungarian Hungarian border in force less than 100 miles southeast of Budapest, menacing menacing Szeged, the second city of that Nazi satellite. The German DNB news agency Hungarian authorities had Ordered a general evacuation of l|he threatened border areas, and from Turkey said Buda- west again was trying to obtain an f^rmistice from the Allies, The Soviet early morning com* m unique centered on the battle for Riga and made no mention of the East Prussian or Hungarian fight- Buried At 10 O’Clock Friduy Morning Orville E. Miller, of Sandbon, died in the Freeman Greene county county hospital here Tuesday evening following a serious illness of five weeks. The deceased was born near Paragon on Sept. 6, 1868 the son of Robert and Mary Elizabeth Voshell Miller and was 76 years and 20 days of age. He vcas a member of the Sandborn Christian church. He had spent most of his life in Morgan county. Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Martha Nagle Miller, three daughters, Mrs. Ralph Eder, Knightstown; Mrs. Frederic Taylor, Taylor, Dalhart Tex., Mrs. Alvin Cast, Kentland; three grandchildren; The physicians in turn called for inhalator equip- | ment. [ »K 1 ingensmith j said Mrs. Me- j Pherson s son,} Rolf, had accom- I panied her here } for a weekend church ance. Aimee appear-, and hands; James Carty, suffering suffering from shock; Everett Goodman, shock; Fred Ford, Shelburn and Nolan Reeves, Dugger. All seven of the men were rushed rushed to the Mary Sherman hospital in Sullivan for treatment. Reeves and Ford were later taken to their homes. The body of Barlick was brought to the top about ten o'clock. It was reported that nine or ten men were working in the section j of the mine where the explosion occurred. Mine officials stated that from thirty-five to fifty men were in the mine at the time of the ac- j cident, but that the explosion was i limited to one small section. The gas blast was evidently touched off by a spark from a mo- j tor ripped through a section of the mine. 3,000-mile round-trip raid on Java, it was disclosed today. Beginning of' aerial operations from the big airdrome on Peleliu was revealed in a communique wrhich announced that Corsiar fighters strafed the northwestern area of Babelthuap Island in the northern Palaus Tuesday. (The Japanese Domei News Agency, in a wireless dispatch recorded by FCC, said 100 American American planes raided the Palaus Tuesday, concentrating mainly on Koror Island near Babelthuap.) The mission was the first from j Peleliu, where U. S. Marines and i Army troops have gained com| com| plete control with the exception of two small Japanese pockets on I rugged Umurbrogol mountain and j at the northeastern tip of the ! 12-square mile island. SOUTH BEND. Sept. 23. U.R)— Rites were arranged at Osceola today today for 7-year-old Sherry Squires, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Frederick Squires, who was instantly killed by a New York Central passenger train at an Osceola crossing yesterday. LAFAYETTE, Sept. 28. U.R — Services for Charles Follick, 56, Otterbein, killed in an automobile accident near here, were being arranged today. The widow and three children survive. MUNCIE. Sept. 28 (U.R) Interspersing Interspersing handshakes with a short talk while his special train made a 10-minute stop here, Republican presidential nominee Thomas E Dew*ey told 5,000 well-wishers yesterday that “it is time for a change.” kime* McPHer*** Semple McPherson’s name was splashed on the front pages 88 consecutive dajyt believed believed to be a record, in 1926 when she vanished while surf bathing, only to hike in from the, Mr Barlick was born in Aus- Arizona desert a month later with ] tria in lg96 and was 48 years a story of Laving been kidnaped., jj mQnths and 11 days of age. He America has seen few evan-q camc t0 Linton) direct from Aug. gehstic characters the equal of | 1920 , and was a member of ! their strikes on the Philippines | the dynamic, sometimes brown « the Slovenian Benefit Association j and the protective bases as far to haired, sometimes blonde “Sister of Chi m and had s€rved one half brother, Voshell Summers | A.mee. Her spectacular appeal. with his own countrv during the of Paragon and a half sister, Mrs. | carried her from an old Ford on: firgt world war ‘ ; to Java — probably the longest Anna Steirwalt of Ft. Lauderdale. { the sawdust trail to big Angelus j Survivors are the widow, Mrs. 1 ever made in the southwest Pa, Pa, Temple in Los Angeles. Angeia Barlick, two sons Frank ! cific theater — was made Sunday The body was taken to the Through the years she held a Indianapolis and Andy at home by Australia-based reconnaissance The mine is the property of the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz said Linton Summit Coal Company and the two pockets were being is one of the most modern mines [ steadily attacked and also dis- in the state. It has been in oper- j closed that the count of enemy ation only a few years, and has i dead on Peleliu and nearby An* An* not as yet reached full production. ! gaur now totaled 8,537. ’ While Nimitz’ forces pushed the Peleliu campaign toward a conclusion, conclusion, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s MacArthur’s Allied bombers intensified A-l 3 GAS COUPONS during the initial stages of a major campaign. • Moscow dispatches indicated ongly, ho mans had shot their bolt in the Ijaltic states and were fighting only to cover the withdrawal of their .main forces southward into East Prussia. More than 200 German-held towns and villages fell to the advancing advancing Russians north, northeast, anst and southeast of Riga yesterday yesterday in a series of armored thrusts Does Not Incresse Ration; Ration; Coupons Good Until Dec. 22 With the new A-13 gasoline coupons in use, motorists were reminded reminded by the chairman of the Greene county war price and ration beard, that the coupons are now worth four gallons, instead of three as formerly. Some reports indicate a few motorists motorists by force of habit have ord- | . „„„„ ... _____,-----------„------------------------ ered three gallons from a services w>.l be held Friday morn-j she started a soup line for the t»rother Was killed during the* preS- i their* first assault on the Javanese station attendant, surrendering the south as Java. The 3,000-mile round-trip flight Fla. mg, a customary Russian practice Poindexter and Wampler Funeral , fanatic|lly devoted flock who hal- and two brothers, Frank and John j planes. They strafed Japanese Home in Sandborn, where funeral j lelujahed .approvingly vyhether 3ariick of Yugoslavia. Another ! buildings in the Batavia area for eamfi/iAo iimII L' , ha a I * « .. * _ r ... * will be made cemetery. ing at ten o’clock with the Rev. 1 jobless, or changed the color of j ent w John R. Kirk, officiating. Burial ! her hair. I The“^ody was taken to the M j. in the Sandborn j Mrs. McPherson was born Aimee Aikin Funeral Home and will be , Kennedy on a farm near lnger- ; returned to ,he family residence soil, Ontario. Canada, Oct. 9. 1890, j a[ E and Seventh streets north_ Her mother was Mrs. Minnie Ken-. wes, ,ate Frjday afternoon. Fu_ j nedy, who handlled the evange- \ i list’s business .affairs until T PLAN ID TAKE PART they quarreled. Aimee’s father died when she was a child. As a girl starring in school neral services will be held from the family home Monday afternoon afternoon at tw'o o’clock with the Rev. Father Strange officiating. Interment Interment will be made in the Fairview cemetery. j capital. I Other bombers from MacAr- j thur’s command again swept over • Mindanao and Celebes, 200 miles south of the Philippines, in a < series of raids during the weekend. weekend. Three more Japanese freighters w*ere sunk and five planes destroyed. In the raid on Mindanao, pa: pa: trol planes hit Davao and Zam- 1 boanga, destroying or damaging the new coupon worth four gallons. gallons. Still other motorists have reached the conclusion that the gasoline ration has been increased now that the coupons are worth more. The new books contain six A-13 coupons for a total of twenty four gallons until December 22. while the old books contained eight coupons totaling the same amount. 02886686

Clipped from Linton Daily Citizen28 Sep 1944, ThuPage 1

Linton Daily Citizen (Linton, Indiana)28 Sep 1944, ThuPage 1
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