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1957 drive-ins - for opening night of season, it looked like...
for opening night of season, it looked like rain, some seats at back were empty. About middle of two a downpour dispersed crowd, closed show. Delights 10,000 at Park Bowl Halts Per formance SOUTIIGATE the Stars" under the the disappointment estimated 10,-000 had turned to enjoy year's opera Highland steady drizzle midway of "Hansel and Leonard stopped Even if the the rain, orchestra not. will tomorrow was especially because were thousands who had fairy character If the favorable, audience near record as it was, of the were seat Western Anthony LUDEWIG opened yesterday, Award as an who is Mexico to (in Monroe lawman lawman, Kallen is determined the job confides to never neither in job. Kallen arrogant and full ingredients, of contrasts two men viewer to job is Quinn's played is beautiful follows him have been excitement. spot them, come where murdered little girl. bury the through a I IeJN C E JNKS G E E Puzzle Finds Detail Trangres-sion Indian memorial Calabar alkaloid Ridicule Accomplished Glossy Scandinavian Summit Witticism Reparation Scramble molars Refreshed Perish Reciprocal Think Trader , Tv Cancel Terrible of a Distance: form ,-.'V . - if 4-'-' SKIES As Opera Under the Stars crowd gath ed on the grass as far away as South Avenue. Undismayed by two hard showers early in the evening or by threatening clouds that seemed to grow denser as the evening wore on, thousands arrived early and sat through to the end. Enough of the opera was presented to convince those who have heard all of the previous performances in a series now in its fifth season, that this was fully up to the standard set in the past. It is no longer news that these productions are grand opera in all that the term implies, subject, of course, to the limitations of a small stage and the difficulties of keeping voices and orchestra in balance in an outdoor setting. So far as the singing and the stage business are concerned, the productions are all that grand opera should be. JN THE ACT and a half pre- sented last night, the audience heard a good share of Humperdinck's entranci n g ot Regent Quinn prayer (neither has thought much about God, which in Quinn's case distresses a cleric relative of his girl friend). One little girl survives the massacre and Quinn and Conrad bring her with them. However, the little girl dislikes Conrad (the good man) and likes Quinn (the bad man). This little girl's love for Quinn eventually turns Quinn into a hero and gives the picture the proper ending. This is after the Apaches make another appearance, seriously injuring Conrad. The mood of the story, and some explanation, is given in the accompanying ballad which Eddie Albert sings plaintively on the sound track. The sepia photography also helps. Conrad doubled as producer for Associates and the Aldrich Co. Anthony Ellis wrote the story and Allen H. Miner directed. The second feature was a pleasant bit of nonsense showing a chubbier (yes, chubbier) and older Bud Abbott and a somewhat slimmer r and grimmer Lou Costello. ' But the two clowns retain their legendary sense of humor in a weakly plotted story involving an orphanage, the child welfare department, a gang of crooks, $200,000 in "hot" money, and a children's amusement park. The title is "Dance With Me Henry" which gives no inkling of the actual story. Showtimes Today MUSIC Kilbourn Hall Eastman Chamber Orchestra, Frederick Fennel) conducting; 8:17. DOWNTOWN MOVIES Loew's Robert Mitchum. Rita Hayworth and Jack Lemmon in 'Fire Down Below," 11.40, 3:05. 6:30, 9:55. Palace Pat Boone in "Bernardine." 1:05, 4, 6:55, 9:50. Paramount Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe in "The Prince and the Showgirl." 11:30, 3, 6:30, 10. Regent Anthony Quinn in "The Ride Back," 1:25, 4:20, 7:15, 10:05. Cinema "The Ten Commandments," 2, I. Little "Secreta of the Reef," 1:45. 3:45 , 3:45 , 7:45 . 9:50. NEIGHBORHOODS Arnctt "Three Coins in the Fountain," and "It's Alwayt Fair Weather." Lincoln "Written on the Wind," and "Flight to Hong Kong.' Lyell "Top Secret Aftair," , and "Revolt at Fort Laramie." Monroe "For Whom the Bell Tolls," and "Yaqui Drumi." Kltlena "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Yaqui Druma." Sue "Fighting 69th" and "Magnificent Matador." Marina "Top Secret Affair" and "Revolt at Fort Laramie." Webiter "Top Secret Affair'1 and "'The Tattered Dresi." World "Men from Del Rio" and "Part Afrique." DHIVELNS Central "Teahouse of the Augiut Moon" and "Ounj of Fort Petticoat." Empire "Toward the Unknown," and "High Noon," and "Suddenly." Lake Shore "Muiiny on the Bounty" and "Bengal Brigade." North Park "Boy on a Dolphin' and "Satellite in the Sky." Rochester Toward the Unknown" and "High Noon." Startlte "Opposite Sex" and "Shark Fighters." Washington "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "Bengal Brisade." music and got into the spirit of the adventures of Hansel and Gretel as told in the familiar tale by the brothers Grimm. Unhappily, the rain came just as the children were lost in the great forest but before the lovely Dream Pantomine music which is the hallmark of this opera. Neither had the wicked witch yet appeared, nor the dancing angels (materialized for the occasion by Olive McCue's Mercury Ballet) nor the Gingerbread Children. All of these have rehearsed faithfully and on the word of Director Treash were prepared for a winning performance. Better luck tomorrow. It would have been hard to improve on the casting of the principal characters. Carol Dawn Moyer was physically a perfect Gretel, and she sang and acted charmingly. Marjorie Hall was likewise just right as Hansel, a part written for a mezzo-soprano voice. As the broom-maker father, William Duvall was in fine voice and acted with spirit, and Sallie Coss as the mother sang effectively and carried this part in the right mood. Owing to the rain, Carolyn Sixby did not get a chance to show as the witch, nor Shirley McGaugh in the double part of Sandman and Dewman. Evan Whallon, well remembered from past seasons, was the efficient conductor and Clarence and Betsy Hall again had charge of the scenic designs. William Gannett, chairman of the Advisory Committee of this city-sponsored project, welcomed the audience to another season of opera. Kirk Oouqlos 4 Susan Hayward 'TOP SECRET AFFAIR" Jeff Chandler & Jeanne Craln "THE TATTERED DRESS" Cinemascope & Color Alan Ladd "BOY ON A DOLPHIN" Plus This Is the Year oi "SATELLITE IN THE SKY" EXTRA CARTOONS JULY 5, FRL 8:30 P. M. Monroe Co. Fairgrounds Or. 15-4 . Henrietta Rd. MIDGET AUTO RACES STOCK CAR AUTO RACES Qualifying Hsati end Two 20-Lap Features Adm. $2.00 KIDS "",Vr PARKING FREE MATINtE PRICE SXTENDIO U fM America's new boy friend in his first motion picture Qt utANJAGGER M EJfZEnsx iri TM B io I 0 cincic roatiiT IV A MAR I us TUCKER BARTOK GORING M Bit I 38. V.VJ Good Cast By PHILIP UNGERER HERE'S a "Fire Down Below" at the Loew's Theater and one can only wish that it were the script for this Technicolor, Cinemascope extravaganza. If ever a piece of stage writing deserved to be consumed by the flames it is the screenplay for this film. Fortunately, a strong cast takes up most of the slack and makes it pretty fair entertainment. Everyone must know by now that Rita returns to the screen in this one, though it's hard to see why. The three-year layoff Miss Hayworth took for herself has aged her considerably. However, we do have tough-type Robert Mitchum, fair to bursting out of his dirty t-shirt, and Jack Lemmon turns in a first-rate performance combining his usual wackiness with a bit of straight dramatic emoting. TRWIN SHAW must be cast as the "heavy" here, for he penned the script from the Max Catto novel. And Mr. Shaw spared not a slobbering word in establishing himself as the Carribean poor man's Nelson Algren. The low point is reached when Miss Hayworth, who is cast as an island trotter who has had a product on the market for some time, draws pnrve G6. -ooo By Request "THREE COINS IN A FOUNTAIN" Gene Kelly Dan Dalley "IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER" Doors Open 6:1 5 "Coins In Fountain" at 6:45 & 10:00 1000 Cars Free Port lea K. Douglas S. Hayward Together for First Time "Top Secret Affair" Guaranteed to Please Plus "REVOLT AT FORT LARAMIE" 'at DOC HAYES' LAKESSIORE INN West Lake Rd., Conesus Lake GECEL & JEHKS ENTERTAINING NITELY SCHINE'S Air Cooled Alr-Condltloned Con't. from 2 P. M. GARY COOPER INGRID BERGMAN, Academy Award Winner "AnastasJo by Erneat Hrmififrway IN TECHNICOLOR HIT NO. 2 Hod Cameron Mary Castle YRQVl DRUMS" NOW PLAYING JEWEL BOX REVIEW 2 Shows Nightly 9:30 and 12 3 SHOWS on SATURDAY 9:00 11:00 1:00 Make Reservations by Phoning 4-5758 Dinners Served 5 pm to 9 pm $1.50 and up LUIGI'S SUPPER CLUB Ontario at 18th St. Niagara Falls, N. Y. AIR-CONDITIONED CENEMA CLINTON AT GOODMAN TELEPHONE BR 1-1785 i ii. TBUTECHNICO' Ok? flST TIME AT THESE PCES FRI. I SAT. 10 AM, 2 PM. 1:30 PM AM I 2 PM Adults 90c, Children 75c t 30 PM ALL SEATS $1.50 SUNDAY AT 2 PM AND 7:30 PM ALL SEATS SI. SO TICKETS IN ADVANCE AT BOX OFFICE, PHONE OR MAIL FOR ALL EVENING PERFORMANCES AND SUNDAYS If sV 5 ijmM 10 A. M. SHOWS Ippl 2 P.M. TODAY p0 1 8:30 p Mt Sparks New herself erect and declares, "I have been debased." Well, anyway, the story has Mitchum, as a Hemingwayish bum, teamed up with Lemmon, an Indiana kid out for kicks, as co-owners of a boat. They are contracted to take the lady to the States from Trinidad or Tobago, or somewhere in the West Indies. Mitchum spots her immediately for what she is and treats her accordingly. Lemmon, foolish youngster that he is, sees only a woman who has been kicked around once too often. He offers sympathy and understanding. THE LATTER half of the offering, however, does provide suspense of a sort when Lemmon, becomes trapped in the smashed bow of a Greek freighter. Not only is he trapped, but the aft hold is full of burning raw rubber, which is fast getting out of control. Now that EAST ROCHESTER Today Doers Opel 6:30 Gary Cooper "THE VIRGINIAN" Maureen O'Hara Tool McCrea "Everything Bui The Truth" plus Color Cartoon BUIVE') Ti--THEATRE IONS Pono RO. 6L.fe095 i SHOW STARTS 1:50 LOCATED BETWEEN LYELL AVE. ft RIDGE RD. W. ON LONG FOND RD. Marlon BRANDO : Glenn FORD : Machiko KYC m avert s lie Teahouse ; or the J CMfMASCrf t Mfrsoccxo : Eddie ALBERT PLUS "tOfdiort-iiwklrh" Aume Murphy TECHNICOLOft EXTRA EARLY KIDDIE SHOW 5 -CARTOONS At 8:50 GOLDEN GRILL 4775 Lake Ave. o Max McCarthy and ih DIXIELAND RAMBLERS every FRIDAY and 1 SATURDAY I 10 to 2 1 o Under the new management of Charles Anni gf "IO..eUMIMO...BXOITMlfTI I BIMMniN ,A I I JACXlIMMOIl W I I ROBERT MITCKL'St 1 A I IWsA''! Ir SfkT1 JJ namcaum'IM f Gun Crazy Kid! I Sierra Stranger V HOWARD DUFF J II Kal sft Mk -- ! ' 1 i S TjftpT-rEj en funnier lhn the ; ! HrsCivWT Pulitzer Prat play! i (eee Loew's Film seems enough for one man to put up with, but no, there's a middle cargo hold filled with nitrates, which if a certain temperature is reached, is a pretty fair bet to send the whole ship about 50 feet into the air. NEWPORT HOUSE frondequolr Bay FRIDAY SPECIALS French Fried SHRIMP $1.60 Deep Sea SCALLOPS $1.50 OYSTERS $1.60 tawHALIBUT $1.35 Abort Entree include French Fries, Cold Slaw Roll & Butter CO 6-9609 four Host, fuiter Cress HO 7-6513 IS TV M SCOTTSYILLI ttj CPPOSITI AIRPORT HI i-HH . W. HINIIITTA R0. COME larSf IMPIM IIVD. r I r FRII KIDDII PUYCROUNBS-CHILDIIIN UNDIR 12 HU STARTS TOMORROW 4 JS Wsto 7 ft tT-tT- 16SS ' it: at )ances. ufr h CinemaScopc JOHANNA MAT2 . TRUCOLOR RUDOLF PRACK LAST DAY: "SECRETS OF THE REEF" I L LAKESHOREaYASIiniBTDn LING RD. BETWEEN DEWEY AVE. I GREENIEAF ID. PHONE CHARLOTTE 1-2221 fmm long Pend Id. er Ml. Raod BVtL Mih .ccmibla via Dm? Ave. to Ung Rd. Prooi Lak. Av. to otoch Av. and OnMnlMf Rd. 3 HITS wtrsnu ml Clark m Charles Bock Arl.ne GABLE IAUGHTOM HUDSON DAHL "MUTINY ON "BENGAL THE BOUNTY" BRIGADE" at 9:50 In Color at 12:10 KARTOON KARNIVAL 4 in color at 9:00 . free lollipops LAKE SHORE extra . . . WASHINGTON extra THE DAY THE "tiip urnrwm p" EARTH STOOD STILL" infc WLHtwULJ Thrills at 1:45 Horror ': BOX OFFICES OPEN AT 7:00 P. M. SHOWS START AT DUSK KIDDIES UNDER 12 ALWATS FREI The J Prince and the Sfiowgi TECHNICOLOR air I KIM HUNTER em ron MERRILL RANDELL ZEN MARSHALL NOW SHOWING ANTHONY llf ;P! - W !SL 1 1. Douglas S. Hayworo Together for First Time 'Top Secret Affair" J Guaranteed to Please, Pies "REVOLT AT FORT LARAMIE" HITS ONI COMPLETI SHOW vauuh'OWABD The UNKNOWN" GcaraYc.cSX'"HIGH NOON" vTrroILd:irh"WARD The UNKNOWN" In Color "HIGH NOON" 4 Color Cartoons 8:30 On Magic Screen 2 Cinemascope and Technicolor Hits ft'.AcS"THE OPPOSITE SEX" K1ais.a.,.uir:''SHARKriGHTERS'' i COLOR CARTOONS KIDS' LOLLIPOPS J T,tOCHtSTt I 4wnwiMAi '.And her sonjj led to adventure, Intrigue and romance WASHINGTON ST. N. NEAR E. ROCHESTER HONE EAST ROCHESTER MOT ham RoclwtMr easay ucc.intil. no Foirport Rd, Penlild Rd. er tMea A. k Woihlngloa Si. N. (ran Han rielto YiaPiltilocdt.Waihimjteah.'t ONE BIG SHOW I mi ' ".air VJ I .-!:: XTVl " fj i iviariin ivionroe leaves all her hits far behind her when she stars with Laurence Olivier OAV AT AT I r I IT A flrT DsOOsLlVs I

Clipped from
  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 05 Jul 1957, Fri,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 8

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