1957 movie listings

Many theatres closed down since 1955.

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1957 movie listings - JS 3 f ? r ft '"1m XI 'i C. I I 'J I " V 1...
JS 3 f ? r ft '"1m XI 'i C. I I 'J I " V 1 plays title Paramount. background. Signed Boss Inn on Jan. 2. Jock introduced them. I'VE JUST HEARD one of the nicest things about our most decorated war hero, Audie Murphy. When he was in Japan making "Joe Butterfly," Butterfly," he heard about a 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old Japanese-American Japanese-American Japanese-American girl and of her eagerness to live in America, so went to visit the child and her widowed mother. Thanks to Audie, the little girl is now here and has entered school. Her mother is planning to come to this country country as soon as she can make arrangements to live here. This is a wonderful thing for Audie to do. )()( SNAPSHOTS of Hollywood collected at random: Sir Cedric Hardwicke, who had a bad time following surgery, is not allowed any visitors at Cqdars of Lebanon Hospital. Here's hoping he'll soon feel better. Marlon Brando's business partner, George Englund, becomes becomes a father for the third time this spring. The Piper Laurie-Gene Laurie-Gene Laurie-Gene Nelson Nelson idyll is colder than the eastern winter weather. Piper takes off for New York to study at the Actors Studio for six months. All the friends of Lola Albright Albright and Jack Carson wish they hadn't started the New year so badly by separating. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Commerce and the motion picture industry. Adela Rogers St. John has been invited to replace replace the late Ida Koverman as liaison .between the two. Adela, who is civic minded, will do a great job. Mimi Henreid, 11-year-old 11-year-old 11-year-old 11-year-old 11-year-old daughter of the Paul Henreids, got off to a bad start in the New Year when she fell from a horse at La Quinta and broke her arm. The Rock Hudsons entertained entertained Phyllis' mother and father from Montevideo, Minn., over the holidays. U-I's U-I's U-I's gift to their fair-haired fair-haired fair-haired boy was a $9,000 redecorating job on his home. Candy Jones Conover, of the New York model agency, is here to investigate motion pictures and TV. July Baby is Good Omen Says Gna's Husband OME, Jan. 3 (IP) Gina Lol-brigida Lol-brigida Lol-brigida said today she is going to have a baby in July and is hoping for a daughter. Her husband said he hopes that if the baby is a girl she will be as beautiful as her mother. The shapely movie actress, Europe's biggest box office attraction, attraction, blushed like a schoolgirl schoolgirl as she greeted reporters at her fashionable home on the old Appian. Way outside Rome's ancient walls. Standing beneath a giant Christmas tree, she said she had summoned them to announce announce a "wonderful Christmas Christmas gift a child." Now 28, she married Dr. Milo Skofic in January 1949. Today's Theater Time Table DOWNTOWN MOVIES Loew't Clark Gable In "The King and Four Queens," 12, 3:20, 6:40, 10. Palace Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall in "Written on the Wind," 11:15, 1:55, 4:40, 7:20, 10. Paramount Karl Maiden. Carroll Baker and Eli Wallath in "Baby Doll." 12:20. 3:30. 6:45. 10. Regent Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis In "Hollywood or Bust," 1:15, 4:10, 7:05, 9:05. Cinema Walt Disney' "Secret! of Life," 2:30, 4:20, 6:15, 8:10, 10. Utile "The Silent World," 1:30, 3:35, 5:40, 7:43, 9:50. NEIGHBORHOOD Amett "Unguarded Moment" and "Showdown at Abilene." Grand "Undercover Man" and "Blazing Six Shooters." Liberty "Love Me Tender" and "Tribute to a Bad Man." Lincoln "Hot Rod Girls" and "Girls in Prison." I.yell "Between Heaven and Hell" and "Thunder over Ariiona." Madison "Between Heaven and Hell" and "Abdullah'i Harem." Monro "Between Heaven and Hell" and "Abdullah'i Harem." r, JERKY AND PAL Great dane, Baron, is constant companion to Jerry Lewis in "Hollywood or Bust" at Regent. Actor O'Shea Admits Shots At Tractor OLLYWOOD, Jan. 3 0P1 Michael O'Shea pleaded guilty today to letting his Irish temper get the better of him in a dispute but the actor insisted there were extenuating extenuating circumstances in his firing a rifle at a neighbor's tractor. The 45-year-old 45-year-old 45-year-old 45-year-old 45-year-old O'Shea, husband husband of film star Virginia Mayo, admitted admitted discharging discharging firearms within the city limits, a mis demean-orchargebut demean-orchargebut demean-orchargebut he d e n i e d any intent to injure the neighbor's son and a friend who were ridina the tractor. Michael The shoot- shoot- O'Shea ing incident took place at O'Shea's San Fernando Valley Valley Ranch Nov. 7. The actor pointed to the fact that he merely shot up two tires on the tractor as evidence of lack of intent to harm its riders. "I CAN SHOOT STRAIGHT two shots, two tires," O'Shea told Judge Parks Stillwell in municipal court He then described a feud dating back to 1943 with neighbor Harold Morrison and his family. He blamed the 'bad blood" on Morrison's boys, 13 and 15, whom he accused accused of driving hotrods on their property and endangering endangering O'Shea's daughter, Mary Catherine, 3. "I tried everything in the world to stop this harassment," harassment," he said. "I pleaded with the father and the mother mother and their boys." Miss Mayo said the boys used "vile language" in her presence presence and that of guests and friends causing her to become greatly disturbed Both of the O'Shea's charge the Morrison boys with firing air rifles at their dogs and horses. O'Shea asked for probation and was ordered to return Jan. 21 for a hearing on his plea for leniency. He could be sentenced sentenced to a six month jail term if leniency or probation is denied. This will be their first child. Her doctor husband said, "according to my calculations the baby will be born about July 20. July is the month in which Gina was born. It would be a good omen." The actress was born July 4, 1928. Dr. Skofic declined to say whether he preferred a girl, but said, "If the baby is a girl, I only hope she will resemble resemble her mr.ther and be as beautiful." Gina said she had arranged with director Vittorio de Sica to postpone shooting of her new picture, titled "Dolls," in which she is to costar with Silvana Mangano. Rlalto, E. Roch. "Last Watzon" and "Unidentified Flying Objects." Riviera "Between Heaven and Hell" and "Abdullah'i Harem." Temple, Fairport "Teenage Rebel" and "Desperadoes." Warinu "Between Heaven ind Hell" and "Thunder over Ariiona." Webster "Ambassador'! Daughter" and "Hot Cars." West End "Away All Boats" and "Star in the Dust." World "Backlash" and "Secret of Treasure Mountain." BUTTONS STARS BURBANK, Calif. Comedian Comedian Red Buttons has been signed to make his motion picture picture debut as Marlon Brando's co-star co-star co-star in William Goetz' production production of the James Michener best-seller, best-seller, best-seller, "Sayonara." Buttons Buttons will play Airman Joe Kelly Kelly in the Warner presentation to be filmed on location in Japan under the direction of Joshua Logan. First Movie Set DeMille Barn As Historical By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 3 Ml Movietown, with a lurid but brief past, is bereft of historical historical landmarks. Fifty years ago it. was) marked only by orange groves, bean fields and a dirt road that led to the old Hollywood Hotel. When the hotel was disman-teld disman-teld disman-teld last year the final vestige of "the old days" vanished. But tucked away inside the walls of Paramount Studioi is a relic that dates' to the very first day a motion picture camera cranked out the beginning beginning of a new industry. It is the barn in which Cecil B. DeMille made "The Squaw Man," Hollywood's initial movie. j The wooden structure was fpotlighted this week by the otate of California when it was officially dedicated as Historical State Landmark Number 554. MORE IMPORTANT than the fact that glitterville finally has reached historical significance, significance, is the relationship between between an old barn and a brilliant brilliant movie mogul DeMille fondly recalls thatv he rented half the barn Dec. 16, 1913, from a Jacob Stern. The other half housed Stern's horses. "We began shooting 'The Squaw Man' Dec. 27," DeMille grinnerj. "The picture cost us some $15,000, including the expense of cutting down some orange trees on the property." Today that amount wouldn't cover one minute of his "Ten Commandments" which ran to $10 million. DeMille, in partnership with Sam Goldwyn and Jesse L. Lasky, rented the barn for $25 a month. He wired the news to Goldwyn in New York. The answer came back: "Fine-but "Fine-but "Fine-but don't make any long-term long-term long-term commitments." CONFESSING to a sentimental sentimental attitude toward the barn, DeMille says', "Perhaps it can be said that the whole industry has a sentimental attachment attachment for it, much as a man would have for childhood memories of the house that he CfiemaScopt Color Ollrla DtHavlland John rorijth "Ambassador's Daughter' John Bromlltld In "HOT CARS" too cars' nut fwm Cl. "BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL" 1:20 Clnomaicop nus 5 9 I I 'THUNDER ovtr ARIZONA 7:00 10:"0 inn EVERY NITE 1 1 Fvront U Except Mondays Enjoy the Finest in Dining and Dancing Dane To To U Muiie tt T DICK EGNER And His Orchestra Enjoy Thoso Fainoiii "TRITON "TRITON ROLLS" and dtllclom Danish pastry wt'ro to famous fori www Bobort Wagntr Tarry Moor "BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL" Gregory Hatoll Kay KondaU "ABDULLAH'S HAREM" ! Show at 7 "Bod Man" 8:00 "toy M Tnder" ?;30 ELVIS PRESLEY "LOVE ME TENDER" Tamot Caqnoy Stophon McNally "TRIBUTE TO A BAD MAN" CON'T. FROM NOON . Glonn Ford Nina Foch "UNDERCOVER MAN" Charlti Starrott "BLAZING SIX SHOOTERS" Glngor Rogort Mlchaol Rnnl "TEENAGE REBEL" Bobort Arthur Kathy Nolan "DESPERADOS" Jo!f Chandlor Julio Adama "AWAY ALL BOATS" John Agar Mamlo Van Doroa "STAR IN THE DUST" B . Wo'll lo Cloud B Hf Evory Monday I 1 f Until Furthor Notlc I rrc!" I 1 i ffcoBt B Dedicated Landmark was born in. He laughed and recalled that he was forced to place his feet in a waste basket to keep them dry when the horsies were washed down in the stall adjacent to his office. "The barn has never been out of use since the early days," he went on. "It became offices and a projection room. Later it was a storage area for props. When we moved it to our new studios it became a gymnasium and it's still used for that purpose." DeMille's barn has a new roof now and a fresh paint job. It sits on the Western Street set, three or four miles from its original site at Vine and Selma Streets, and frequently frequently appears) in movies. "I feel the story of the barn is peculiarly and wonderfully American. Out of this lowly beginning came a great industrial industrial and artistic organization," NOW j 1 HOTTEST WESTERN EVER! fa CLARK VIABLE ELEANOR PARKER TBS JTIGSSr UEENS ni am US pi ik ''TheGREATf' AMERICAN PASTIME TOM EWELL ANN MILLER THE STRANGE CASE OF Montgomery Clift This vivid personal story about the idol of America's women will astonish you. Why does Montgomery Montgomery Clift hate and torture himself? What roles do Elizabeth Taylor and a matronly former actress play in his private life? Rarely has so frank an article appeared about a movie star. Read Montgomery Clift, Strange Young Man, in McCall's. 1 -a -a raralTg r"'JN0W n-AYiNorc n-AYiNorc n-AYiNorc 1 iffil Srii 2nd Week THE GREATEST TRUE ADVENTURE PICTURE OF OUR TIME! pRk "One of the Year' 10 Beat" N. J . limn " . . I Mi rala u ........ .. , r."N,,, B"- B"- . KARUALDEN CARROLL BAKER ELI f A. 1 un r.i.uiuurr nntr I MIIM-MINIITF MIIM-MINIITF MIIM-MINIITF PDf(t 7M COUNTRY I DEAN ooLJEMY ! ZsJ MADTlM.f rum 3W1 ,Al0ft JZ"L PATCROWlfY KlMtlliMLM) ANlTAEKBERG ASTER BU 8-7270 8-7270 8-7270 m I MA. lay St. Corner atcona t. FESS PARKER Davy Croekttt t tin Rlvtr Plrottl Raymond GrtMUal "Whan Gangland Slrikis" J PHONE ftl. -0040 -0040 Both In Taclwieoior tathor Wllliamt Goo. NaiUr "THE UNGUARDED MOMENT lack Mahonoy Martha Hayor "SHOWDOWN AT ABELENI" ilH.UHII 1000CAl.HrAK.NO tkTTA .. ......... BETWEEN ntATEN AND HELL" Clnomaicop a' li0 nus 'THUNDER OVER ARIZONA" 7:0010:00 NOW 'Written BtiDSOIi-imilM BtiDSOIi-imilM BtiDSOIi-imilM m warn wrm mm warn Sua huntx hail si Bowery Boys a. n" f09 IJESDAV- IJESDAV- ary Cooper- Cooper- ws Mtnn smci hkk mot Winner of international filmdom's highest award of all... the Golden Palm! 1 ADEU MARA WALLACH l M '' ii'ianuM-gg ii'ianuM-gg ii'ianuM-gg LLi is! G McCall I 1""" TllnWHM Hi M "liBWmWmmmWmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmWmmm

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle04 Jan 1957, Fri[First Edition]Page 8

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)04 Jan 1957, Fri[First Edition]Page 8
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  • 1957 movie listings — Many theatres closed down since 1955.

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