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prefer 8 over 6 - he has sold EIGHTS-IN-LINE EIGHTS-IN-LINE...
he has sold EIGHTS-IN-LINE EIGHTS-IN-LINE EIGHTS-IN-LINE EIGHTS-IN-LINE EIGHTS-IN-LINE SHOW SALES GAIN DURING PAST YEAR By RfSSEIX E. GARDNER JR., President Gardner Motor Co., Inc. Th automobll market Is chang ingand changing with incredibl rapidity. Before long It will have divided Itself Into three distinct seg ments one of whlari win oe reached only by 4-cylinder 4-cylinder 4-cylinder cars and light sixes selling at 0 or less; another reached only by ixe priced between $900 and $1,200; the third reached only by th eight-In-line. eight-In-line. eight-In-line. eight-In-line. eight-In-line. This division of the motorcar market has been coming for several years. It started with the introduc-tlon introduc-tlon introduc-tlon of the elght-ln-llne elght-ln-llne elght-ln-llne elght-ln-llne elght-ln-llne early In 19i!5. That It has Increased as car-owners car-owners car-owners learned the superiority of the eight-ln-line eight-ln-line eight-ln-line eight-ln-line eight-ln-line over all other type. Is evident from the sales gains registered registered by builders of eight-in-llii eight-in-llii eight-in-llii eight-in-llii eight-in-llii during the past two years. During 1J6 dv times as many eights-ln-llns eights-ln-llns eights-ln-llns eights-ln-llns eights-ln-llns were sold as .during th preceding year. In eight-in-line eight-in-line eight-in-line eight-in-line eight-in-line sale were approximately double thos pf 125. Virtually the ntlr ales increase registered by the automotive industry during 1916 was made by elght-cylinaer elght-cylinaer elght-cylinaer cars. Close students of th automotive Industry are generally agreed now that the eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line will show even further substantial Increases during 1H27 and that, as the eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line eight-In-line climbs In favor, high-priced high-priced high-priced sixes will slip back. Indications that this predicted development Is already Materializing ar evident from the sharp price reductions which hav recently been made by builders of six-cylinder six-cylinder six-cylinder cars selling above $1,000. These reductions In price are being forced by the growing public realization that todays eight-Inline eight-Inline eight-Inline eight-Inline represents as great an advance over the six as did the six over the four. Producers of six-cylinder six-cylinder six-cylinder cars realise that automobile history Is once more repeating itself and that they must lower their prices even further In order to forestall greater inroad on their olum by builders of eignis-in-imo. eignis-in-imo. eignis-in-imo. eignis-in-imo. eignis-in-imo. They are fully awake to the fact tH.t I'tven a choice between an eigh't-in-llne eigh't-in-llne eigh't-in-llne eigh't-in-llne eigh't-in-llne and a six at approxl muiciv th same nrlce. the expert r,ewi huver will choose th eight ln-llne, ln-llne, ln-llne, Just as wise buyers In other days chose tne six in pmrrm iu the four as long as these types were in the same price group. Th constant seeking after the finer things of llf. the desire for those possessions which reflect the social distinction and Individuality of their owners, has had much to do with the rapiil swing to the eight-in-line. eight-in-line. eight-in-line. eight-in-line. eight-in-line. And now that the performance performance superiorities of the elght-in-line elght-in-line elght-in-line elght-in-line elght-in-line over all other types has been proved beyond question, an even more pronounced growth In popularity popularity for this type of car can be confidently expected to manifest Itself Itself during 1827. SEW METALS. Twenty-six Twenty-six Twenty-six years ago, when motorcars were first built, very fewer fewer the metals now used In the In-ditry In-ditry In-ditry were in existence." Approximately Approximately 60 different analyses of steel are used In the manufacture of the modern car. General Motors research research engineers, working in co-operation co-operation co-operation co-operation with research men In the steel industry, created many of these metals. HAS TRAINED FIELD MEN. To Insure the highest typs ot service service to Cadillac owner the company employs fore of thoroughly trained field men who visit all the distributor In th country at approximately approximately 30-day 30-day 30-day periods, advising with them on Improvements in their sho; procedure. They also make special visits to distributors upon re-oucpt re-oucpt re-oucpt and are always available for advice on the installation of new methods. FOVR NEW BODY MODELS. Bexlde further new creation by Individual coach builder. lour en tlrely new body models have Ksen added to the Cadillac line of Fisher standard and custom-built custom-built custom-built cars. The new models Include a sport coup lor two, a port sedan for five, a convertible coupe, and a sport phaeton with double cowl and ton-ueau ton-ueau ton-ueau windshield.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle09 Jan 1927, SunPage 87

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)09 Jan 1927, SunPage 87
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