1956 drive-ins

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1956 drive-ins - Orchestra Again Wins High Favor By HARVEY...
Orchestra Again Wins High Favor By HARVEY SOITHGATE )1UCII of the appeal of the Eastman Chamber Orehes-V Orehes-V Orehes-V summer concerts in KU- KU- -tim -tim Hall derives from the balanced programs se lected by Conductor Frederick FennclL These are kept within within the scope of a small orchestra, orchestra, and the music, if sometimes sometimes slight, is never stodgy. So it was again last night as the second of this season's concerts drew a near capacity audience that was obviously in an expectant mood and quick to express its pleasure. The program began with the Concerto Concerto in D Major of Carl Thilip Emanuel Bach, third son of the great Johann Sebastian Sebastian and a composer and musicologist of top rank. In this cheerful, springy work one catches something of the spirit of the older Bach, which is yet not mere imitation. Granted that it does not have the great structure of the music of the more famous composer, it is yet ear pleasing pleasing and well put together. The Mozart Symphony No. :5, the "Haffner," was corn-nosed corn-nosed corn-nosed for a wealthy Salzburg family of that name to commemorate commemorate the granting of a title to young Sigmund Haffner. Haffner. Mozart is said to have completed it in two weeks, yet it is as perfect in form "as most of his works. He takes a transparent little tune, works it around, dresses it up with ornaments and builds it up into something ' really sonorous and nobly propor-, propor-, propor-, tioned. The orchestra, which throughout the evening played as if it had had more rehearsals rehearsals than the week be-bore, be-bore, be-bore, caught the delicacy and grace, the dancing sheen and the high spirits of the four movements. Mr. Fennell, we thought, found the right tempo tempo for each. The Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth by Dr. Howard Hanson changed the Scene, after the intermission, to modern style. This work has caught the fancy of Rochester audiences of late 'and it has been played a number number of times, always, we believe, believe, with David Burge, gifted gifted Eastman School graduate student, as pianist. Partly romantic, romantic, partly syncopated, at times almost jazzy, the music brings orchestra and piano into a well knit unity of mood. It has real audience appeal. Mr. Burge made the difficult piano part very effective. After the exquisite, deftly atmospheric "On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring," by the individual English com- com- poser, Frederick Delius, came :. "The Birds," suite for small orchestra by Ottorino Res-pighi, Res-pighi, Res-pighi, modern Italian com- com- ' composer. Fashioned from . bird sounds dove, hen, nightingale, nightingale, cukoo this music is descriptive, sometimes playful, playful, but never broadly comic. Skillfully written, it requires skillful playing, especially from the first desk men, and offers some charming listening listening on the light side. T JT if if ' 'I ' ... - Y- Y- v I , I ": r H I V"': v- v- - $ i - jjfi r ii ii m i niiiMMii v, ; s -m.sw -m.sw V i i-'-- i-'-- i-'-- i-'-- i-'-- irrin-iimynttiiMim irrin-iimynttiiMim irrin-iimynttiiMim J Sarah Scott Actor Fund Created THE Actors Fund which exists to help any actors who are down in their luck, will be made richer by a Rochester contribution in the memory of Sarah Scott. Rochester friends of the Arena Theater actress who died of a heart ailment last month at Corning, where she was appearing in summer theater, yesterday were gathering up contribution to the memorial fund. All Roch-esterians Roch-esterians Roch-esterians desiring to give in Miss Scott's memory were requested requested to send their checks to Mrs. Bernard (Ruth) Isaacson, 1940 Highland Ave. Mrs. Isaacson will combine all fJJJJJJ PARKING ALL COLOR SHOW! George Cabal "THE BIRDS AND . THE BEES" "WORLD WITHOUT END" the gifs in one check to be sent to the Actors Fund as a Rochester purse. Miss Scott, a veteran member member of the Arena Theater stock company. CINEMASCOPE and COLOR V GtXZ34 WEEK t : v:i v7 its d v. 1 1 1000 Cor Mil PAIKINft ALL COIOI SNOWI Gtorq Gobl "THE BIRDS AND THE BEES" WORLD WITHOUT END1 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE IZ Friday, July 6, 1956 la CItmScot W Ttclia'csJar Do.i Da'.Ur Cyd CharUn "MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS" Added: "Dog I The Orchard" LB 1 imaftca0 Color Ktchatd Burlo rtodwle March "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" "KILLER'S KISS ' AH CiiKfltalop Cr SKI "Thi Last Frontiir" Ytor'l la Stltuct Flctloo "World Without End" MATINEE TOMORROW. 2:30 STEAMSHIP EXCURSION SUN., JULY 15th $10 Includw 7-hour 7-hour 7-hour Toyoqo down boaulllul Niaaaia Rlvoi, acrooi LaVo - Omarlo to Toronto and an 110 milo but lour Ihiouqh tho Niaaara rruil boll. Muihi loava No. CUnlon al Main Sun., July IV at 130 a. m. Kotonrattont clooo July I. Mako up a party d onloy Ihn wokdoriul 1 day vacalion, SIMPLEX TOURS 34 Linden St. Phone Today BR 7731 Mf err . Burt LANCASTER Tony CURTIS Gina LOLLOBRIGIDA JITTERBUG Leslie Caron dances American style with French soldier in canteen scene from "Gaby," wartime romance story now playing at the Cinema. LOST HIS MARBLES HOLLYWOOD Dramatic justice: Lloyd Nolan, who por trayed the mixed-up mixed-up mixed-up Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial," ships aboard a river boat in Warners' "Santiago" "Santiago" without any rank at alL N PERSON TONITE Capiiel & H.C.A. Vicfor Htcordinj Sfer BOB MANNING fie Apptannq wiffc Bob Monttiag BEAUTIFUL KAREN RICH Oecco According Star Plus Our TERRACE DEBS Dancing to Our New Band "MEN ABOUT TOWN" TERRACE GARDENS 1149 Ridge way Ave. GL 4242 Dinner Shew t. M. No Admlssloi M-COKOmOMDitiwComfa M-COKOmOMDitiwComfa M-COKOmOMDitiwComfa l&ri&iA TWE BOSS rS tt !33fSrt3fi 1 S1UKU I IXIJ" i om.akaaw- om.akaaw- DOORS OPEN ANOTHER WALT DISNEY TRIUMPrr:S' fUK Inc ENTIRE FAMILY V I Walt DisneysVQ n if ML Ion. PonO RD. 6L.C095 T' SHOW STARTS 9:00 CLARK 6ABU JARt tussni ot VI IM nus 1 I i EXTRA Coi-toon. Coi-toon. Coi-toon. trL SnC ' . Phono E. Rochester 1000 f?4h Jf4 J V'n , i, . . EXTRA tSi'A 4l'M:iM! IW' i For th. Kiddin ond Old.t.r, too 4''rUll i 1 1- 1- - t 'U FREE LOLLIPOPS ! I? " il ' u m Mill llTm' -ik.'ittW'1 -ik.'ittW'1 , I I? I Kl X M Km. W: E:3 : KM .-mmmm .-mmmm .-mmmm If george Zanders . tjMMt aim oAiirwg i r er n' n n M MATURE MADISON PRESTOS f 1 k IQwbmaScoPE T 1 mi I I I I I At OOOMUM .aJ PI I DM "2nd WEEIC I 6t ".T7rusii..v vi II. -COLORS -COLORS CINWwyi I I l f I lUmM . I CVS l 1 1 Air-Conditioned Air-Conditioned Air-Conditioned to Comfort j jjS AT KI V V U 'r 111 Vw M Clnomaieopo k Color rll R . . 1 July 17-B 17-B 17-B "Mt.jfcti Morlorto" MAIN tOX OWCI, SKANEATELES, on It. M, Tol. 91 UlMOMMMnW Nmlyl JO 9M. MOA. Sua. I . 7 JO lot Mot. 1 JO Reatf the Wants IR0U 5Zw o 3 STRANGE GENIUS WHO FED ON LOVE HIS PASSION FOR BEAUTY .'.,,.iJ,,l.,M.n, BROUGHT THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD TO HIS ARMS ...HIS MUSIC BROUGHT THE WORLD 4 TO HIS J FEET I Jmmortal Story Of Wagner's Life And Lores . - in v YVONNE DE CARLO 'CARLOS THOMPSON fi RITA GAfMALENTlNA CORTESE .nd ALAN BADEL as Richard Wagner ImmortolMusic Against Old-World Old-World Old-World Splendor Hon., Tucs. JULY MAT. 2:15 EYNGS. 8:15 CLYDE BROS. CIRCUS ftfHOMUJL. 1 """ iir. iltm,- iltm,- . PRICES ALL PERFORMANCES GEN. ADM. SEATS RES. SEATS ADULTS ....$1.10 ADULTS ....$1.60 CHILDREN .. .50 CHILDREN .. 1.00 TICKETS on SALE ot. Four Corntrt Clqar Storo, 1 Main St. I. Circus Ticket Offico, Edgerton Pk., Optn Monday July 9th FREE PARKING SPONSORED BY AIR FORCE .POST AMERICAN LEGION r fwmmffi H MVHll IRANB .IfHUO FRANZ Willi!, "Doors Open 6:30 2 Shows 7:00 & 9:30' t Clnomaieopo 4. Color Clark Gablo Jano BuuoU "THE TALL MEM" At :1S ul 1 A.M. Dan Martin lrry L.wt. "SAILOR BEWARE" Show At 11:30 "i Hour Kiddie Show at l:1S Frre Playground Opeo al 7:00 Scottrrill. fU. Vpp. Airaort Tot CEa. 47 KEVIN Men DANA WYNTER Cinemascope & Color WUliara Hoidenolennifor Joooi "LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING" :20 t 12:45 "THE LONE RANGER" Shewn At 11:20 IARIY KID'S SHOW-IOLLIPOPS SHOW-IOLLIPOPS SHOW-IOLLIPOPS rxeo Hiddielond Plavaroun 2nd Hil! "World Without End"-H. End"-H. End"-H. Harlow. Guyadiioa "Las! Fronlier" Jane Russell-'Hot Russell-'Hot Russell-'Hot Blood' TONIGHT AT 8:30 ON TEMPLE STAGI Rock 'n Roll Stoqe Show featuring ROCK 'N ROCKETS TEEN-AGE TEEN-AGE TEEN-AGE BAND f.HUitum ttf TeL Hi). 222( ' Ciena Ford O Dorothy MeGuire "TRIAL" Shown At 9.20 h 12:35 Bory Calhoun Martha Hyoi "RED SUNDOWN" In Color Shown At 11:30 3 Color Cartoons Fri. t Sat. IHEE ! Hold ontoyourliats,folks Here we come for a gaweek oBmtt ajidVROliCl WW Ccx-cw Ccx-cw Ccx-cw bv TECMNICCXjOR CinmScop COIOt tt TKHMCOlOt ij - is. Jmyty wtK PEARL dJAlLEY. ""w rwirF sin. ai Zing wmt The Strings , Of My Hrt ' Hit Ih Rod Tft rimwnl.nj." pv.uc.d v r.etrtby NORMAN PANAMA 11:27 COLOR CARTOON AT 9 FREE PLAYLAND Electric Carousel, Swings, Slides end Swirls ... A Kiddies' Delight. Show Continuous from Dink. Kiddies Under 12 Alweys Free. Roe Office opens of 7 P.M. TaVS', it tias ni r'C. i S in Hil .V ightiest mm MELODRAMA of them all! &m v AWESOME! I S " v" "Will w Si ST W W H .. .' . J. . Sl' ft Htv It Raging through tho orld 0 on a rampagt of destruc- destruc- - tion!. .. An incrediblt Titan Kf . of Terrorf... Civilization it- it- self totters on the brink at self totters on the brink at 1 itt death rayt blast a ifl 1st J tr'!' jt j teething city of 6 million from the face of the earth! i Sentation after tensa- tensa- , i ,,UM IO ' ine mina... I astound the eye! - ftmitt tiphr lewis CofJknr wwi Mt ntti 4ncM fperjr(i k TKUCOLOR h twiclilrt rue kantnet DANGER! IMPACT! -r'-"afi -r'-"afi -r'-"afi -r'-"afi iRMumim nu.ia.... Iito .. c, w " ..ir. . ? ji fern speiRg m NOW RUl lOVtNTURE M THt HURT OF SAVAGf AFRICA I iff MANY OTHER - 71 , III Yrt0 M 1 Ml 1 IVJ . -W, -W, o a oeeeei a enk. RaWlewRl llltV llltll III It-Ill It-Ill It-Ill BalT-. BalT-. BalT-. IIILI LULU IV ILLL. ....,. Sr'M-SrSSS. Sr'M-SrSSS. Sr'M-SrSSS. MH CARRAOINE CNMLES MTOU w P 4 LOVE and VIOLENCE! c- c- - ''' - ' THE SWA2I WARRIORS MATUMBA Starts TODAY .yum mm

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle06 Jul 1956, FriPage 12

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)06 Jul 1956, FriPage 12
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