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I S'1 jl : I Jwvv -1 -1 lsl) ) 'H H 1 i" I y f o V: I $4$ n-i n-i n-i FRISKY 'CN4 li lmh...nlft-i lmh...nlft-i lmh...nlft-i itr kilty ttii). i.f "" m4 KauNMll" W n ZimMi. N.Y. Hwald-Trikim Hwald-Trikim Hwald-Trikim Addtd "STAGE DOOR MASOO" GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA VITTORIO DE SICA ciimton iouth t owmm Ftllurt t 1:00, J 55. i.id, 7:4S, :4S ml FOUR "OTHER MEN" James Stewart, William Holden, Ding Crosby, Cary Grant, from left, are shown with Grace Kelly in scenes from pictures which have lured fans of the lovely leading lady. She was seen with Stewart In ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, January 6, 1956 10 Guest Conductor, Young Violinist Acclaimed By HARVEY SOUTHGATE 'J'HE double attraction of a guest conductor and a violin violin soloist, both new to Rochester, Rochester, drew an audience to the Eastman Theater for the Rochester Rochester Philharmonic concert last night that may .have been moved at first by curiosity but certainly remained to cheer. Fernande Previtali, conductor of the famed Santa Cecilia orchestra orchestra in Rome, and Michael Rabin, 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old 20-year-old American born violinist, shared applause that brought each back for half a dozen bows and seemed to be a warm invitation to both to come again. This was indeed a concert made for rich enjoyment from first to last, even though or perhaps because the two major works, the Brahms violin violin concerto and the Beethoven Fifth Symphony, are as familiar as old and faithful friends. The program was to have opened with a suite from the music for Gozzi's play, "Turandot," by Feruccio Busoni, a work that would have been a novelty for many in the audience. As the complete score was not available, a last minute substitution substitution was the "Siege of Corinth" overture of Rossini; a likable old timer that has not been heard here much of late. Maybe if he returns Mr. Previtali Previtali will give us the Busoni piece. IN EVERYTHING, the con-ductor con-ductor con-ductor impressed his individuality individuality on the orchestra's performance. performance. Conducting without score, he had vigor and authority authority without theatericalism, a sound musical interpretative sense without overemphasis. One is inclined to associate the "Italian style" of conducting with muscularity rather than grace, and a sounder approach to opera than to symphonic music. Mr. Previtali, however, is quite in the orthodox manner, manner, and the orchestra gave him a splendid response in every detail. The Beethoven Fifth came through as the spacious, nobly communicative work that it is bound to be when rightly Movie Showtimes Today, DOWNTOWN t.Mw't Kirk Dougla tnd MaHenclH in "Indian Fighter,' 1:00. 4:00, 7:00 and 10:00. Palacf Lana Turner, Richard Bur-tnn Bur-tnn Bur-tnn and Frtd MacMurray in "Raina of Ranchiriur," 12:45. 3:50. 6:55, 10, Paramount Garv Cooper in "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell," 12:45, 3:50, 6:50. 9:55. Reaent Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis In "Anisti and Models," 12:45, 3:55, 7, 10:05 Cinema Gina Lolobrigida and Vit-torio Vit-torio Vit-torio I)e Sica in "Frisky," 2, 3:55, 5:50. 7:45, 9:45. Little Moira Shearer and John Justin Justin in "The Man Who Loved Redheads." Redheads." 1:45, 3:50, 3:50. 7:55, 10. NEIGHBORHOOD Arnett "Quentin Durward" and "Ynuna at Heart." i;rand "Left Hand of God" and "Bells of Rosarite." Lake "Female on the Beach" and "Francis in the Navy." Liberty "Kebel Without a Cause" and "Jailbmters." Lincoln "Trial" and Desert Sands". Lyell "Good Morning, Miss Dove" and "Man Alone." Madison "Good Morning, M 1 1 a Dove" and "Man Alone." Monroe "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Jailhusters." Riallo, E, Roch. "Queen Bee" and "Gun That Won the West." Riilera "Good Morning, Miss Dove" and "Man Alone.' Sun "Left Hand of God" and 'Ouentin Durward." Temple, Falrport "Shrike" and "Crooked Web." WarJng "Good Morning, Miss HAVE YOU TRIED THAT NEW TASTE IN TIP-TOP TIP-TOP TIP-TOP BREAD? f " w"wnwti wi, i ) ii ; ' j DE-E-LICIOUS DE-E-LICIOUS DE-E-LICIOUS DE-E-LICIOUS DE-E-LICIOUS T'P'TOP played. Mr. Previtali brought out the marvelous thread of instrumentation. instrumentation. One seldom hears the intricate texture of the final movement, with its closely woven harmonies and sudden changes of tempo, so clearly revealed as last night. Young Mr. Rabin, New York-born York-born York-born prodigy who played his first concert in Carnegie Hall at 15, had a full share of the spotlight. The Brahms concerto, concerto, much played as it is, has everything for both performer and listener. The performer last night explored this great work to the depths, tossed off the technical difficulties with seeming ease, brought out the extraordinary facets of the score. Here is a mature talent well along towards, the heights of the profession. One feels that already he must be classed with the comparative few at the top. AFTER THE CONCERTO Mr. Rabin yielded to the clamor of the audience to play an extra number an unusual concession after a work of such demanding scope. He played unaccompanied the No. 3 Sonata Sonata in one movement by Eugene Eugene Ysaye, a study in intonation intonation and harmonics requiring precise skill. "The . Siege of Corinth" music, which opened the program, program, is lively and melodious in the manner of Rossini, with dashes of Oriental color and a rousing climax. Mr. Previtali seemed to find this Italian music much to his liking. Last night's guest conductor was one of a number engaged this season to take over in the absence of Erich Leinsdorf. Next Thursday Andre Kostel-anetz Kostel-anetz Kostel-anetz will be on the stand. JESUITS IN MANY CENTERS NEW YORK, Jan. 5 (JP) About a sixth of American Jesuits Jesuits 1,195 are working as missionaries missionaries teaching, writing and preaching in 24 different languages languages at more than 1,200 mis sion centers, according to a report report by Jesuit missions. Dove' West." Webster "Good Morning, Dove" and Jail Busters." West End "Private War of Benson" and "Purple Mask." Mill Major World "Gorilla at Large" "Tobor the Great." and ADVERTISEMENT The miracle of your muscles When your baby toddles across the floor, or even when you scratch your nose, a chain of muscular reactions is set off, so complicated it baffles scientists. January Reader's Digest shows why we are what our muscles make us sick or well, peppy or droopy, and suggests what you can do to keep your muscles functioning well. GetJanuaryReader'sDigest: 39 articles of lasting interest, including the best from leading magazines and current books, condensed to save your time. TRY i . 1 ; BROKE All RE CORES IN LONDON! f t 1 FiMTTiMtOHAHYscREp.M,i . WA.CHii.PiUM m, Gueit Conductor ; KI-Smw KI-Smw KI-Smw V,iC3i-V V,iC3i-V V,iC3i-V IHIT 2 BfnAlin?r ROCHESTER U J y, . I -1 -1 1 W ARllUHJA ! PHILHARMONIC l, Ar, MM kWMf ORCHESTRA I ?f v I Dancing Girls MSZTr km CFPHWIrJ co-stamng co-stamng co-stamng tfSfeu BETTY SHAY 0 JJJUttJJ VJjWl , IHrSSC SCaSjB PATTY VAflOA BP" KHSV "QUEEN OF SPADES" IfJHM-,- IfJHM-,- IfJHM-,- IfJHM-,- Wl7 RHEA WALKER ,r, , ' i "Rear Window," as girl friend of photographer; with William Holden as wife in "Bridges of Toko-Ri"; Toko-Ri"; Toko-Ri"; wfth Crosby as wife in Academy Award-winning Award-winning Award-winning role in "The Country Girl" (also with Holden), and with Cary Grant Dr. Hanson Faces Rush To Deadline JJACK FROM a speaking engagement engagement at Atlanta, Ga., over the holidays, Dr. Howard Hanson, director of the Eastman Eastman School of Music, learned yesterday that he has just two weeks to complete a new composition composition for the Boston Symphony Symphony Orchestra. The work has been roughed out, but there is still a sizable job or orchestration orchestration and notation to be done. Conductor Charles Munch expects to play it on Jan. 20 and 21. Dr. Hanson was commissioned commissioned last year to write a new composition for the 75th anniversary anniversary ovservance of the Boston Boston Orchestra. Owing to steady pressure of other duties, he has been unable to complete the work. It is to be an "Elegy" dedicated to the memory of Serge Koussevitzky, for 25 years conductor of the Boston Symphony. Requirements of the commission are that it be between 20 and 30 minutes in length. Seven other American composers, composers, six European and one South American have also been asked to write compositions for this jubilee year of the orchestra. orchestra. At the 50th anniversary, in iyju, ur. Hanson, commissioned commissioned to write a work for the occasion, produced his popular Second (Romantic) Symphony. Owing to commitments in Rochester, Dr. Hanson was doubtful yesterday whether he would be able to go to Boston lor the premier of his new work. A UNA TURNER Ii the Rains of Ranchipur r I & richaro burton tnerteinsof y II RICHARD BURTON FRED MacMLfRRAY JOAN GAULFIELD A MICHAEL RENNIE must uamma lh& - funniest - m lowh.. W 1 V. if lis Veats ad f 'V I 1-ry.s 1-ry.s 1-ry.s cesri aaa CT H'TiViciftd (i martin a ta1Q DaKCrJE4ooc HURRY! POSITIVELY LMS 1 UAT. 1 Miit Tallchief Soloist in i M M j THE DYING SWAN j j J H TJl. 1 TL .Tl . v i jm II H f I wwntuima if UKVnliH r Wlittl TTIHI k I r i H JLD GIRLS ;; FREDERICK FENNELL MMM.si. lS0 I Gsitsf Conductor Iff STARTS TnnaV sat. m. I I 11 ft w . .... . w .wv... - - (-j (-j (-j .,t KIKIMOIA Liadov X 5UH- 5UH- 1 1 ISPANA RHAPSODY af t3 UWtJ 3 f TifT.'jr'l ' 'LE CID' IALLET MUSIC ! ' . S isfl VtrYTiri fl J trL--. trL--. trL--. trL--. TV Ar4 Other Fovoritti fv , f w. m m a mmw m t jW. m m m m..mm m 11 1 a i m sf.ss Lwy -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r -:-x-.-:-:r m :. WArriaVAl ZfD Thurs., Jan. 12, 8:15 U I m w uiiu in w wiav bi .iij m ' s mm . m. r-ua-- r-ua-- r-ua-- r-ua-- r-ua-- mm I IB SOMEWHAT tJUMJ I ) IIWrfS--n: IIWrfS--n: IIWrfS--n: IIWrfS--n: M ZABOUDA naughtyi - J J -,'?' -,'?' J;-S J;-S J;-S ( I IV r,l---m r,l---m r,l---m r,l---m r,l---m IWlr 1 1 '" s aajaaaaxfaaaaaaajajBaaaaajajBajaaaaViaAaxfaaiaxaaaa j,ysn She Lives According Will Grace Quit Movies, Filmdom Wonders Other Story, Picture Page 3 By EMILY BELSER JOLLYWOOD, Jan. 5 (INS) If Grace Kelly goes through with her announced plans to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco in April, it may mean the end of one of Hollywood's most glittering careers. For Grace as recently as a few weeks ago said: "If I ever meet the right man I'd be glad to give tip my career and all that goes with it." lost of Grace's friends and acquaintances in Movietown feel the beautiful blonde star is sincere in her fairy tale romance. "Grace is not in the habit of making and breaking engagements," engagements," one friend declared. declared. "I think she means to marry the prince and it certainly may mean the end of her career." . DESIGNER EDITH HEAD, a long time friend of Grace's, said: "Grace never does anything lightly and if she. says she's going to marry the prince, then she'll do it. "She's less likely to make a -mistake -mistake including matrimonythan matrimonythan anyone I know. Furthermore, she's not the type who would ever marry for money or position. She doesn't need it." Groucho Marx quipped: "This is probably some network's network's scheme to start a new quiz show and give away the bank at Monte Carlo." There are skeptics who are not convinced that the Philadelphia Philadelphia millionaire's daughter and Oscar winner will so 11 TTUlaVal I r I I VJ. I UNimaScoPE J( -m -m Mm i i -r-i -r-i -r-i -r-i - -da. -da. shew i mm : EASTMAN : H2-' H2-' H2-' -8 -8 r I III t'l THIATRI o AO CIBBS IT. . 1 V " lis iJliiyHy.lHn'' ncKsm civic musk ismm ; I NT"f4 Wftni& r America' t Foremost II f A , ..-Ml ..-Ml ..-Ml T.m C.h,ic. Ballet Dancer" (I I I i V I i uj g K 'F "Bw-K':r "Bw-K':r "Bw-K':r I American j -the -the nutcracker ;! l J MmraMiaia.iHfak I s vuiiiii f m j n t I it V as American heiress in "To Catch a Thief." It was while filming "To Catch a Thief" that she renewed her acquaintance with the Prince of Monaco who was to become the real leading man of her life. to the Script easily relinquish- relinquish- her fantastic success. "Grace might marry the prince," a doubter said, "But it's hard to believe she'd ever give up everything she's worked for just to live in the South of France!" MISS KELLY'S announcement, announcement, which has caused the biggest stir since Rita Hay-worth Hay-worth Hay-worth wed Aly Khan, first was revealed to the people of Monaco, then was released generally generally by the parents of the bride-to-be bride-to-be bride-to-be bride-to-be bride-to-be in Philadelphia. The star's Hollywood studio, Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer, declared declared through a spokesman that "as far as we know she'll continue her career." Another spokesman said he had "no idea" what Grace's CINEMASCOPE COLOR Robt. Taylor Kerr Xandall "QUENTIN DURWARD" Also In Color Doria Day Frank Sinatra "YOUNG AT HEART" TTTTMOOO CARS FRU PARKING "GOOD MORNING MISS DOVE" nut ' "GUN THAT WON THE WEST" NOW TbidmvIm opened the wist! KIRK The IN D I AH FIGHTER' CineuascoPc TECHNICOLOR IMMHUta-eri IMMHUta-eri IMMHUta-eri li ajWW V I "TL I If niiilf III mmmmmmmmmiPt . - - im as "la.. iS- iS- : a ::4 professional plans might be. "As a matter of fact," he added, "no one at the studio really knows Grace well enough to hazard a guess as to what she might do." However, MGM publicity head, Howard Strickling, said emphatically: "Sure, she's going on with her career. She's due in here Monday to start rehearsals for her new picture, 'High Society' with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra." IIUB THEATER Sa Irttio Cltna Ford Dorothy McGulio "TRIAL" Tony CurtU Paulino Millar 'THE PURPLE MASK' The CHATEAU Monro Ave. at Winlon ' NOW PLAYING -aA. -aA. E 3 BIG SHOWS NITELY 7:00, 10:00, 12:30 DON'T DARE MISS THE FUN! 7as... -2Wy -2Wy Final Todiyi Gary Coopir if OK mnaS LfJ A GR. "A Pleasure! charming lark Expert cast . . N ...usatt. somethine Who n i i i i lx sr I : mm m rmmmr OtMCMI ADOID ATTRACTION' 'DOORS OPEN 4:302 SHOWS 7:00 & :30" 2nd Hit! Ray Milland Cavanlopg MTtUfOOB H. BOOAHT " OENE TIERNEY Roy Con't. from Noon H. BOGART OENE TIERNEY Crawlord Chandlar lorn Ewell "-.and "-.and "-.and ShereeNorl. in the hilarious story of a husband"' who pt-rTervous pt-rTervous pt-rTervous because his wife was in the service... land the riotous inings ne uiu to get her backl 0 HIE iVORE CINEMASCOPE feature In "The Court Martial of Billy a THERTRC Sparkling . . . bright comedy . . . Delights with bubbly fun . Moira Shearer refreshing!" to see! tfowtn. i. j. turn MOIRA SHEARER . John Justin-Roland Justin-Roland Justin-Roland Cuver Man me oved REDHEADS ag.;n...anrf again-" again-" again-" ag" --m --m --m asa" wuxn TECHNICOLOR also starring GLADYS COOPER DENHOLM ELLIOT "REPORT On LOVE i K1NSEY JEKXIFESt JCXS ROBERT STACK Mary Murphy "MflK ALONE" HIT NO. 2 BOWERY BOYS "JiilbmUn" 1 '"- '"- -) -) JAMES DEAN n Left Hand of God" Rogers "Bells of Rosarila" Left Hand of God" Gregory Peck in "Night People" "TH( SUN THAT WON THI WIST" Charlton Haalon Julia Adams "PRIVATE WAR Or MAJOR BENSON" . Tony CurtU "PUim MASK" "Female On The Beach" D. O'Connor "Francis In The Navy" -A -A -Ss., -Ss., '-V '-V '-V r ""Tf5, Rick Jason -Les -Les Iremayne STARTS YOM'W Mlrehill" plus "The Dark Man s A 1 A I

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