1954 drive-ins

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1954 drive-ins - in Opening it , gracefully appealing Sinfonia...
in Opening it , gracefully appealing Sinfonia in theiB Flat Major by Johann Chris-not Chris-not ' tian Bach, youngest son of the 1 great Johann Sebastian; was fol- fol- , 1 ' , r T the. in F Minor of Scarlatti and the , , - . . 7 Symphony No. 34 in C Major by Mozart, two enduringly de quite The three oboe virtu- virtu- Deraocrct end 14 Chronicle Friday, July 2. 1934 NOW Edwin men. ideas, lightful works. The concert was the first of a series in connection with the Eastman School summer school, to be given on the five Thursday evenings of July. OM CARS Htl PARKIN6 I Wariaoj tL4. Shopping Caator Barry SaUrraas in THE MIAMI STOHY' pirn Ida TspiBo't "BAIT" the tricky J jj the I j" sro inl -411 -411 Color fnfrwm Doris DcxT Robert CoBBaslaao CINlhlASCOn "LUCKY ME" Rock Hudson) Barbara Ruth "TAZA, SON OF COCHISE iui.mn.Mi Morloa Brando. Mary MurpLf "THE WILD ONE" Randolph Scoff la Color ' STBANCER WORE ASM CLUB BEL AIR OKIES 1760 Seottsvill Rd. i Opaa Daily I a m. -2 -2 a.m. Jptcai'img l ITjDl AT RKO PALACE r ir Begins wner "ts. I NfiW Left Off! 441 Store St. i w i iiwti w tan ri i I Catarina to fartiti, lquh. I I KaMrvations Call GEn. 775t I ! music and Dancing Every Saturday Nit 9:30-1:30 9:30-1:30 9:30-1:30 RANK RIVERS and HIS RANDJ r Demetrius and CHICKEN In Th. BASKET HAM SANDWICHES FRIDAY FISH FRY Cararina to Partias, linquh. Ratarvations Call GEn. 775t SPARKY GILLON AND HIS SADDLE PALS Solly Montana Smokty Jo a tha boss oioctri suitor Evtry FrJ.-Sot.-So. FrJ.-Sot.-So. FrJ.-Sot.-So. FrJ.-Sot.-So. FrJ.-Sot.-So. Nit k haaai t Inu lt imm aiMx krKWw!UlU"t SNt I VICTOI. a. SUSAN I Mature-Hayward Mature-Hayward Mature-Hayward 1 MlCHAtt IENNIC . OEt'a G!T Keon . iai ioiinsoh Chlldren25C anytime! 2nd WEEK 992 Phono 2-730S. KIDDIE PLAYGROUND : PLUS :" daauSaaB BlIHJ WMtUBKt USH aWaK EARLY KIDDIE SHOW 3 EXTRA CARTOONS Th most amazing undersea adventure ever put on film!... All true!. .All real! All excitement beauty, weirdness and danger J . S -.LjjM.i.iiarq -.LjjM.i.iiarq ' Alt CONDITIONED J JLLtTJ JC11MI 1 k, I li ATT It IDSMada CU. 3609 n 1 j ill i n it) Ji li m A" c,m Sko H I 1 1 1 Wj2r If n "pinocchio" R j 111 V m U cw.. at o-ii o-ii o-ii ami 12:00 M m IX J M SJ coioiar M bUflUUaiai n II if sft nCMUKOWt B Showa At 11 P.M. Only ;E3 J i htonwiioc r M Playground Miniature Colin Jft WCHsSflf r jjoi,. Mitchum Susan Hayward U SHQWINM ,.WHIIE WITCH DOCTOR" H I H Bob Hopo Joan Fonlain H I U "CASANOVA'S y I n RIS NIGHT" n .'-iW .'-iW .'-iW '"""''il n " Te""leo,or Sl,,w n '-oN '-oN '-oN " x' ! ' ktV ilU Wall Disnoy'i Foaturo H .'i'r rlPWwllB "PINOCCHIO" tt J2 . l H Coml Wlldo Teroaa Wriahl H .v.1' ..7. TJ I D Tm irnniiiK rnwnnrT' Ls aV InM Q ory Kld's Show lollipopa 1 , fr-' fr-' fr-' Jll' O ' Jr S "PETER PAH" ' I iT lv?lfyrr "I G,- G,- Montgomory A. Storont ft '' al'-"-,' al'-"-,' al'-"-,' al'-"-,' al'-"-,' -L -L -' -' . ? - w 3 CARTOONS. . E &Z . J ' ... . JZT.r- JZT.r- T ! J Proa Chlldr..'. Rl. ....... J n Hi TT 1 !! iii Ff Inrai "Comparable to 'K0H-TIKI' 'K0H-TIKI' 'K0H-TIKI' -n.y. -n.y. Times FACTUAL UNDERSEA ADVENTURES THAT OUT-THRILL OUT-THRILL OUT-THRILL FICTION!

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle02 Jul 1954, FriPage 13

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)02 Jul 1954, FriPage 13
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