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1954 movie listings - Democrat and Chronic! '. "... ."PU'v:! f 1M...
Democrat and Chronic! '. "... ."PU'v:! f 1M eAII mi MKIN (m Watliif d. Jheppit Cuttf u&- u&- Jfc$.-J-:. Jfc$.-J-:. Jfc$.-J-:. Jfc$.-J-:. Jfc$.-J-:. A ' ft M Friday, Ian. 1. 1954 JAY AT CHILD U6 ALL COLOK PROGRAM ( 4 Ort Lit "LILT With LmIU Caron-Ml Caron-Ml Caron-Ml rm g k Plus IM Chandler THI 6RIAT SIOUX UPIISINA' IHUDSON i 14 HUDSON HA 117 TECHNICOLOR 3 MarUya Monro and fan IuhQ I" GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES" "PERILOUS 9 JOURNEY" i f IT1 Dwl Day la "CALAMI TT JANE" Hn "SIREN ! BA3DAD" TODAY w4 lATUIOAT $! All COIO P0AM ImU Coros u rmr IILV Virolnla Mav "QIVILS CANTON" NOW Dorlt Day, Howard Kwl "CALAMITY JANE" , Clor sir Tcklclr Edmund O'BrUa "CHINA VENTURE" WIDI FULL STA6I SOWN Cant. Slww Tdy Dsart 0 1:J $ : 1:01 WEBSTER AVE. ffiff FARKIHS ma WANt Bnor. "Calamity jane- jane- cwNrcbioR Plus "CHINA VENTURE If yen lik fo cry, b mod fe fdt inne-tutl inne-tutl inne-tutl theugbH . . . SUy Hon. TO DOROTHY, A SON, it net (or you. But if you lov io Uugh, thi ii your thow . . . you'll nv your-If your-If your-If bill. You can rotorv your Mft by colling lAkor '400 ... ond thoro oro many vaiUbla for avary ovaning, ty-tha-way, ty-tha-way, ty-tha-way, ty-tha-way, ty-tha-way, Happy Naw Yaar, Tha ARENA THEATRE FALL GUYS Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre may be tough pn the screen but here they are just a pair of tender fellows who have succumbed to the charms of Katherine, the new daugmer of Lorre. Mother is the former Anna Brenning. ARM-IN-ARM ARM-IN-ARM ARM-IN-ARM ARM-IN-ARM ARM-IN-ARM Frank Sinatra and wife Ava Gardner stroll from airport in Rome after spending holidays in Madrid. Pair reported reconciled, "cooing like doves." HUB THEATRE SEA IREEZI, N. Y. Fri. and Sat., Jan. 1-2 1-2 1-2 Spicltl Mit. TODAY 2 P. M. IH Chandltr faith Demorguo "Th Qr.it Slonx Uprisinc" loralta Young latin Foraytho "IT HAPPINS IVfRV THURSDAY" Jlamr ReuMtfAed jo Stat i Hayworth Lure to Fore in Loew's Fil m ' By .GEORGE L. DAVID "3JISS Sadie Thompson" old South Sea Island punch drama, "Rain," slimmed and thinned and iven songs and steps; as a vehicle vehicle for Rita Hayworth came to Eoew's big screen yesterday. It is likely that the Hayworth fans will go for this one in a pretty! big way, for the provocative star sells her specially embroidered brand of sex appeal here with rank and liberal hand. ' The original play, "Rain," adapted by John Colton from a noted short story by W. Somerset Maugham, had an early grip and power which mounted to a shattering shattering climax. Three previous films of differing degrees of effectiveness, effectiveness, were adapted from the play and the story. Each came Closer to realizing the Maugham conception and strength of treatment treatment than does the new movie. Resolved to make use of the story for Miss Hayworth, Columbia undoubtedly was wise to rework the thing Into a rather faLnt facsimile of the original. The ktter called for a depth and finish of acting to which the star Is not equal. In the first half of " the new version, she flaunts her hire gaily before excited, woman-hungry woman-hungry woman-hungry U.S. Marines at the island utpost. i : ; ! She does a torrid dance for them while singing "The Heat Is On," and also allows each of them to- to- swing her about with ardor. Other new songs are well done. THE STORY 'is taken outdoors much more than in the past, and the Technicolor camera work is excellent. Much of the first part also has convincing Pacific island atmosphere, and the behavior behavior of the Marines is true and more or less amusing. Trader Joe Horn, an American wed to a native, is back, and his story is believable. Harvey Bellaver skitches him well. Natives make for verisimilitude. The long, heavy tropical rain, wnicn did so much to help establish establish the heavy, shut-in, shut-in, shut-in, somber mood of the original, functions here for a shorter time. However, the new treatment doesn't create a correspondingly strons dramatic . atmosphere in the conflict which sets in between Sadie Thompson, the gay, free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men free-and-easy-with-men "tramp" and Mr. Davidson, the stern, sin-hunter sin-hunter sin-hunter who has made himself the censor of the island's morals. In fact, the Davidson involved involved here is not the original self-righteous, self-righteous, self-righteous, sinner-denouncing sinner-denouncing sinner-denouncing Reverend Davidson, but his son, who is a plantation owner and very influential on the island. He 'is, however, of the same uncompromising uncompromising and unrelenting nature. Soon after Sadie arrives from Honolulu, where she was a singer, more or less, in a notorious dive, Sergeant O'Hara (Aldo Ray) soon falls in love with her. He will get his discharge soon and per- per- isuades her to change her destination destination to Sidney, Australia, where he will join her. But Davidson learns that she was tangled in a police affair in San Francisco, and urges her to go back there. He finally persuades her to face her past, turn over a new leaf and live it down. It's a big change in her. Then he suddenly falls for her lure and tries to make love ;to her. She feels outraged and repulses repulses him. This sequence is so treated here that the gifted Jose Ferrer, ;as Davidson, can't make' it as jronically dramatic as it should be.- be.- In fact, the role is a pretty restricted on', for him. Ray gives a good per.ormance. Jl vastly naughjuM WEEK NOW FLAYING Direct from NEW yORK ROAD SHOV NGAGEMENT THE MASTIR Of AIL N101M PICTURE MUSICAW '1 t".t rjiii mness Keeps Two Wives Happy Alee Gumntit Vifenn Dt Car la The Captain's paradise -NOW -NOW Thii U ona movia you mum tia from tha Itginnlno. TOOT ARLENE ROSEMAHT Hope MAritn Bahl Clooxey AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD - FRED CURK HOBEHT STRAUSS I I? PAtf. JONES OA1TII BIMW t I, i, EDMUND HUmiiMV mi KM. MMTtR A RtHiMOUNT nCWtiX STARTS TODAY MAT. TODAY at 3 TONIGHT at 8:30 St SATURDAY MATINEE and NIGHT ONSTAGE IN PERSON fi - VW KM&IZ 1 xS5t r v5 m4 Gilbert fiSuHiran mSsfkStssgSi. io.m. M .&iimmw mW ' IV," Y""' ill , cxo.b,TECHNICOLOR f ' . 11 " f mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmA. , ' S rC ... Admission today: 1.00 tax incl.' -tii,X) -tii,X) fa w VVrSTU iffo? i i i i u ajfflena33m.Aas; (-Va (-Va (-Va ZO YEAlS-:a.Y YEAlS-:a.Y YEAlS-:a.Y FOUR I x I J WITH A KISS OF FLAME! V - 1?" FERRER i " to." TECHNICOLOR ' V f r ' ' ini on cinemascopi screin in tichnicoio 14" ST ' J Ainn RAY "VESUVIUS EXPRESS" f ALFRED NEWMAN CONDUCTING V!) A KwomCMKmATl(IHCTUl S ' AlUU llnl PI" "RUNAWAY MOUSE" 1 FINAL! OF ',1, J:i:f -m -m -Jymfm -Jymfm t&ZS W J ' Vl fcrMii Urn hr hmiy mm. . m, nomic 0 Hm, " A T.rryto.a Carton j "TCHAIKOVSKY'S SYMPHONY" Sg IAf' UTi U ON THE WIDE-VISION WIDE-VISION WIDE-VISION SCREEN WITH STEREOPHONIC SOUND l iifiT tijPtotiinl C rSMffl - NOW-Doors NOW-Doors NOW-Doors Open UWKM VM, M WX LlVTAi f.L..,L I1 rSchine'5 NEIGHBORHOOD Theatres W J TrrVrTr-VITl TrrVrTr-VITl TrrVrTr-VITl & DQT2B ' l FOR INFORMATION CAll LOCUST J U M T7f -IL -IL h '" ttiriM fflfflfl EHffliNow IXjJJMl SlMfw A I BURLESQUE SCREEN MUSICAL COMEDY SHOW I - . . . . I &'WS i&mrm it-ScN. it-ScN. it-ScN. 1 T- T- .1 -l -l "111 h UMm iiaaaMaMEiaEiBMWEiBM I ! Ra I ,' . 1 1 iiTIl'J r- r- A'J i faiHaH 11.11'alH alaaaaaaaBBBBaar ROB f Mimmm I fE A TvJRV RaT RR ERK ' wl fe ft"' o mggs o I o EB90 Dimension.... b?S'- b?S'- -at. -at. -3 -3 IE ..al nmnj f5CTnTERTAiNERSK PLUS THESE 2 GREAT SPICY GIRL HITS THE INCOMJ'AHABLE I . I HI WTICI ATTRACTION E. Otch. 11.40, IMi Laoaa 2 40i Bal.. Il.la. l in. MAT., Orch., SI.I0, S1.20; il.JO, S0e Tex Inc. CHILDREN UNDER 11, V4 pnea. 1 BATH SX-lLl SX-lLl SX-lLl MSI IN GORGEOUS COLOR IT'S JMunomu tXAOlT S PRESERTIS ON TNI WORLD F1MCJS SUNSET STRIF IN N0UYWOO0I C. Ji 'aaaJa I I Also 'SERPENT OF THI NILE' lota Fafiri aui4j.JUJi7ni.a-aii aui4j.JUJi7ni.a-aii aui4j.JUJi7ni.a-aii I.UB icnnicorr I TYRONE POWER ( A OKIE MURPHY PIPER LAURIE "Mississippi Gamblsr" SUSAN CABOT "GUN SMOKE" 2 BIG ACT ON SHOWS! JOHN DERCK ' Edmond O'Brlaa BRODER1CX ' Audr,T T'0,,M CRAWFORD "MAN "LAST ! IN THE POSSE" DARK" DORIS DAY I RANDOLPH 'By th light SC0TI of thi "MAN BEHIND Wwy Motii" THE OUN" J tht mountRi"- mountRi"- STns ADDED Net "King" Colt & Joe Adams Orchestra ( . t nrn AJ Y :M; Hjwjaajg j hero- hero- ii y iv i Bi m I f L 1 'r... fWAfW 79tmmtl09 0tAftrU9' I HUS J "HONDO" w.s fih-i fih-i fih-i i ,nf d' SEE THE ?UTfc f-I--fc f-I--fc f-I--fc f-I--fc f-I--fc f-I--fc :;v CHARLES WINNINGER "s. HRa. BRISHTAwy md ARLEEN MM JOHN RUSSELL STtPIN FETCHII EXTRA: FIRST "BUGS BUNNY" 3 DIMENSION COLOR CARTOON

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle01 Jan 1954, FriPage 28

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)01 Jan 1954, FriPage 28
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