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Andover's Transfer End - Andover's Transfer BY HAL S( HRAM Free Presi...
Andover's Transfer BY HAL S( HRAM Free Presi Sports Writer Bill McCartney, the new University of Michigan assistant football coach, put it straight from the shoulder. "Our staff has seen more than 100 high school games in 1 Ul-Metro Ul-Metro Ul-Metro Team First Team H W 6-5 6-5 6-5 225 6-1 6-1 6-1 215 6-0 6-0 6-0 iv 6-3 6-3 6-3 262 6-6 6-6 6-6 221 6-4 6-4 6-4 230 6-) 6-) 6-) 6-2 6-2 6-2 5- 5- 8 6- 6- 0 fc Cleveland Jackson T Kevin Hart G Al Lesko C Lionel Vanatta G Kyron Williams T Mark Torzy (Capt.) F Jerry Meter QB Glen Moug B Dan Quinn B-Harlen B-Harlen B-Harlen Huckleby 15 Jim Kozlowski Second Train Pos. Rlcb Szydlowski. Hozel Pk. E 1 dward Williams, N'rthern T Joe Vicari, Notre Dame G Glenn Davis, Cass Tech C Syd Jackson, Mt. Clemens G Mike Mets, Sterling Hgts. T Tom Seabron, Cass Tech E Dave Stavale, B. Gall'ger GB Mark Schimmel, W'ren Wds. B Jim Wenson, Divine Child B Kevin Perry, Redford B 205 170 165 102 170 A Yr. School 18 Sr. Northwestern 17 Sr. Brother Rice 17 Sr. Royal Oak Dondero 17 Sr. Hazel Park 17 Sr. Southwestern 17 Sr. De LaSalle 17 Sr. Bloom. Hills Andover Redford Livonia Franklin Cass Tech Bishop Borgess 17 Sr. 17 Sr. 16 Sr. 16 Jr. Third Irani Curt Griffin, Brother Rice Elmer Whittaker, Redford Fran Scislowicz, Bishop Foley Jim Jarrett, South Lake Brian Sorge, Fordson Steve Chase, North Farmington Mark Harbour, St. F. Cabrini Marty Terry, Riverview Eldred Carter, Mackenzie Darrell Ives, Romeo Mike Cullen, Brother Rice Honorable Mention Encfc Sparks, Southgate; Varterasien, Livonia Livonia Ktanklin- Ktanklin- Lankford, Melvindale; Herusl, Bloomlield Hills Lahser: Lough, North Funninqton; Johnson, Gros'e rison, Cipatina, Dearborn; Villerot, Royal Oak St. Mary; Rote, Brother Rice; Brown, Bishop Foley; Girskis, OetaSaile; DeMartino, Notre Dame, Boisture, Bishop Borgess; Lilley. skis, DeLaSaile, DeMartino, Not" Dame; Boistu.e, Bishop Borgess; Lilley, Shrine; Stanton, Central; McDadc, Martin Martin Luther King; Oreen, Cats Tech; Brooki.i Redford; King, Murray- Murray- WrfghtiViorris, Cody. Tackl 'S Alluvato, Lamphere; Lapham, Livonia VtMuktn. Trenton; Bj-ker. Bj-ker. Bj-ker. Park; Rokickl, Roseville; Landa, jnorti bchalni, L'Anse Creuse; Mc-r.dsel Mc-r.dsel Mc-r.dsel Ford, Edwards, Plymouth Abbot, Birmingham Groves; Belleville; Wells, Warren Molt; Lake Orion; Barnauskas, Henry Reed, Kettcrinq; Armour, Martin King- King- RePit. Central; Tiller . rhH. sey; Corcoran, Finney; Morrall, Brother k ce; kius. Divine Child: Couls, Gabriel Richard; MasLean, Brother Rice; God wy, DeLaSalle; O'Conor. Redford St. Mary; Carr, Servile; Hulfmaster, Catholic Catholic Central. Allen Beck, otd; Luther Brooks, Mui ray-Wright; ray-Wright; ray-Wright; Trotter, Chad-sevi Chad-sevi Chad-sevi Fitrakis, Redford; McPeak, cathode Central; Rzenlk, Bishop Borgess; Ko-ChanSkl, Ko-ChanSkl, Ko-ChanSkl, Brolher Rice; Bonanno, Notre D.ime; Smith. Waterford Our Lady; Par- Par- I, Roval Oak St. Majy; Garlach, Pon-tiac Pon-tiac Pon-tiac Catholic; Bosco, Novl; Buccilli, Livonia Stevenson; Stevenson, River Houge. Quarterbacks Pink, Farminston Harrison; YanuSi Ha;el Park; Castignola, Trenton; Dillon, Plymouth Salem; Juslno. Southfield; Wichman, Southfield Lathrup; Foster, Waierford Molt; Porritt, Clarkston; Downs, Livonia Franklin; Dudley Northern; Northern; aoone, Kettering; Lee, Cass Tech; Scimeca, St. Frances Cabrini; Klein, Catholic Central; Fracassa, Bishop Foley; Nuss, Waterford Our Ladv; Hendricks, Hendricks, Brother Rica; Wangler, Shrinei Cnrianov.-ski, Cnrianov.-ski, Cnrianov.-ski, Center Line St. Clement. Back) Guards Moore, Central; Marsh, Northwestern; Lillard Murray-Wright; Murray-Wright; Murray-Wright; Humphries, Chadsey Ison, Cooley; Moore, Pershing, t.etci. a'ie, Osborn; Finazzo, Denby; De-Santis De-Santis De-Santis fiishoo Gallagher; Butterfield. Mt. Carmel; Collins, Brother Rice; Robertson, Robertson, Aquinas; Roe. Royal Oak Kimball; Kimball; Probst, Birmingham Seaholm; Jones, Grossc Pomte South, Reed, Mel vindale; Allen, Trenton, Smith, Rochester Rochester Adams; Battista, Utica Eisenhower, Coppola, East Detroit; Hill, Mt Clemens; Clemens; Woidbusch, Fraser; Berger, Garden Garden City East; Howard, Fitzgerald. t-nlers t-nlers t-nlers Lewis, Mackenzie; S Marshall. Southwestern; Simpkins, Western; Windom, Martin Luther King; Persell, Northern, Cage, Pershing; Hor-ton, Hor-ton, Hor-ton, Denby; Warren, Central; Kosladi-novskp, Kosladi-novskp, Kosladi-novskp, Northeastern; Lane, Central; Woodford, Cass Tech; Smith, Cass Tech; Horn, Henry Ford; Grimes, Northwestern. Northwestern. Hippie, Noire Dame; Hollway Andover; Andover; Robinson, U D High; Gaudette, Gabriel Ricnard; Weddle, Waterford Our Lady; Duquette, St. Agatha; Mizzi, St. Frances Cabrini; Jaremski, Bishop BoV gess; Sobocinski, Mt. Carmel; Gregor. St. Alphonsus; Hamilion, St. Hedwig Fox, Brother Rice; Skinner and Silvers Bishop Foley. Lee, Mt. Clemens; Aqnew, Plymouth Sa'em; Cline, Sterling Heights; Lentz, Berkley; Meier, East Detroit; Clary Royal Oak Dondero, Caurdy, Melvin dale; Olterbein, Southticld Loihrup; Pa tek, North Farmington; Casey, Livonia Franklin; Lukas, Lakeview; Lehmann, Gtpsse Pointe North; Wvborski, Grosse Pointe South; Pilkington, Southqate. Crysan, Northvllle, Lewis, Riverview. Andrews, nkster; Thorne, Farmmiton the Detroit area self ... I think we area." this season . . . I've watched 27 my-know my-know my-know who the best players are in the McCartney was asked his opinion of Jerry Meter the fi-loot-4 fi-loot-4 fi-loot-4 fi-loot-4 fi-loot-4 end from BloomfielH Hill Anrinvpr mini UnA placed on the 1974 Free Press All-Metro All-Metro All-Metro team been "He belongs there," McCartney answered, "but don't ask me about too many kids. I'm not about to tip our recruiting hand. Jerry would make someone a fine linebacker. linebacker. Michigan has seen interested in him for two years. Gary Moeller scouted Mm In Saginaw last year." Meter played his junior year at Saginaw MacArthur but iransterred to Andover this fall and helped lead his team to an 8-1 8-1 8-1 record. "I think of him as a throwback to the 1950s " says Andover coach Frank Buford. "He has the great instinct instinct and dedication. When I took the Andover job last sprin- sprin- McCartney was one of the first to call me. He asked 'Do you know what you've got out there?' I admitted I didn't but he filled me in in a hurry."' When the New York Giants came to town last Sunday they had two former Detroit Northwestern players in their lineup, Ron Johnson and Henry Reed. The Colts could have another professional of the future in end Clarence Jackson paired at the other flank with Meter. Jackson, 6-foot-5 6-foot-5 6-foot-5 6-foot-5 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, played both ways He caught 17 passes for 460 yards and eight touchdowns, averaged averaged 37 yards on 14 punts, his average kickoff went 49 yards he made 37 solo tackles, blocked three punts and sacked the quarterback seven times. KEVIN HART OF Brother Rice and Mark Torzy of DeLaSalle DeLaSalle earned the tackle spots. Hart was the only two-way two-way two-way player on the state championship championship Brother Rice team. He came up with 61 tackles and was a terror with his blocking on offense. Coach John Murnnto of DeLaSalle says Torzy can pla on "any team in the nation next fall as a freshman " He recovered from knee surgery in August to perform both at tackle and at light end, when needed, for the Pilots. He went all the way on defense. Kyron Williams of Southwestern and Al l.esko of Royal Oak Dftndero were named al the guard positions. Williams was a third-team third-team third-team All-State All-State All-State choice as a junior His crisp blocking and ferocity on defense reminds one of Keggie MacKenzie. A University of Michigan scout report- report- ;V l u,Sat eV6ry Southwes'ern practice for two weeks to watch Williams. Lesko has strength, phvsique and great speed to make it big m college. He went both ways for the Oaks and does the 40-yard 40-yard 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds. THE TALENTS OF 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3, 262 pound Lionel Vanatta who won the center position, are discussed elsewhere on his page His coach, Charles Skinner at Hazel Park, would , lh Jhs Lcomment: ""he'" take off 30 pounds, and watch his diet, he s going to be a standout. The boy is just starting to realize what the future really holds for him." rrSl SXS Wc uq"f !erbacked Redfri High to a second straight Public School League title, won the position hands down. Moug had one of those phenomenal years. He personally personally accounted for 1,90 of Redford's 363 points. He passed for UL yards, 18 touchdowns, eight conversions and ran know-plus know-plus know-plus know-plus yards, nine touchdowns and six extra points. Brian Huckleb of Cass Tech, Dan Quinn of Livonia KaSld Koz,owski of BishP Boress round out Huckleby, a swift and powerful tailback with a 3.5 scholastic - , - conversions. Northwestern the

Clipped from Detroit Free Press23 Nov 1974, SatPage 29

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)23 Nov 1974, SatPage 29
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