June 12, 1940 Dewey-Mann Grammar School graduates - John McMaster

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June 12, 1940 Dewey-Mann Grammar School graduates - John McMaster - 157 GRADUATES GET PROMOTION Exercises of Dcwey...
157 GRADUATES GET PROMOTION Exercises of Dcwey - Mann ijrammar school Held I in Smcdley Auditorium Promorion exercises at the ucwey - Mann Grammar School held last evening at eight o'clock in me ouii'aiey bcnooi auditorium, Seventeenth and Upland streets. playing of the class match by Che orcEiesLra, - followed bv the singing oJ ' - America," by the audience. Rev. J. M. Morris, g the Bethany Presbyterian Church, pronounced the invocation and the welcome was extended by Robert Shaw, president A pageant, "Children of America," followed, the theme of which was "The Garden of Democracy." Tak ing part in ihis allegory were: Helen Deiewianka, Thomas Crompton, Fred Cornell, James Iacona, Nadine uopu as, u iieodore ozcr, Lillian l.y - bek, Anna Iascink, Edwin Sellers, Jchn Murrav. Anna Kinka. Bertv Clemluiiiiny. K a t h r y n Zayach, Anna Hudak, Earl Blnsynski, Betty Lee Gross, Mary Jane Desmond aiui .v.arie Uaimra. I u Scandinav ian group, representing - industry, was composed of Jane Eyre, Anna Olsen. and Melvin Rue. The Greek and Italian group, in the role of iiaoor, mciunoa aaivat urc - iacona, Jean Stockman, Mary DiCostanza, Antoinette Pompilii, nnd Mary Kyriakos. In the Polish and i.ikvan - ian croup, plavins the nart of Proc - ress. were Anna Nayria, Florence Poremsky, Theodore Soroka, Wll - ji.im ustuszeii, ana Lieorge Wasy - lyW.'Donald Hummel, as ''An American Oi'.i'.'e:'.," who recited a noem. "The Citizen," which he had com posed. KolJ'.nvine the oaireanl. n "Ave Maria," by Schuiier;, was suil; by Helen Curney. The presentation A.iiei ;csn Lcainn medal' award presented by Fred W. Marklin. Stevenson Post. No. 190. io Robert Shaw. Mrs. Hard, Bloom presented the American Legion Auxiliary nwiiia lu rtainryn bynet.ee z,ayncn. Tbe Wesley S. McDowell mizes for scholarship were awarded by the principal, a. H. She - waiter, to Helen u - . - rewiar - .Ka ana Anna Kinka, w;tti honorable' mention to Kadlne Do - pirak, Donald Hummell, Mary DiCostanza and Catherine Zayach. Mrs. Edward Armstrong next presented the Dewey - Mann Paten t - Toachurs' Association award to Marv DiCostanza, with honorable mention to oigo Hrycyk, Anna Hudak and - jcaneue uiaiuon. me boys' award: went to Anthony Schmidt with hon orable mention to Donald Htumr.ell, i - uter napun ana Jiuwarn sicKur - ski. and to John Olcksey with hon - orable mention to George Wasvlik, Walter Kaniefski and Theodore "so - Siuging by the chorus of Donl - zatli's "Day of Joy - and Kreisler's .'amiliar, "Trie Old. Refrain," preceded the presentation of diplomas ijv Georftc Carney, president tt the school board. This ecrranony y;as lua - .nviai ay ., be i oca. an uy me uewcy - Mann Orchestra, and 'by a few remarks by p. Herman Fritz, superintendent of schools. The chorus then sanr the "Soldiers' Chorus' front "Faust." Jesse Eaton aaee an address of welcome to the Chester lat'li sera, - , one p:r.jram eluded with the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner," by the The graduating class of 157, including 90 boys and 67 inrls, is as follows: John Edward Anthony, Joseph RDsario Barbato, Curtis Edward Barlow, Jr., Michael Baron, David I. Bell, Leo Berryman, Jr., Morris Elwood Bilson, Jr., Earl E. Blazynski, George Wolliam Bobon, Walter Bondreskik Thomas Nathaniel Brown, Anthony Brcziclci, William Burchett, Frank Blockson Cardwcll, Peter John Chaplin, Fred B. Cornell, Jr., Dominie, Frank Cos - t.aldi. Thomas Crompton, William DeMutnck. Wijliam juntas Eaton. Horace C. Ferrell, Robert D. Ferrell, Alfred Charles Ford. Raymond Nathan Frank, Nelson Winfleld Fry, Edwin Blair Harper, Peter Haschak, Stephen Hawrylak, Donald Edwin Hplcroft, Harry 'Howry, William Hubaj, C. Donald Hummel, John Hury, Anthony William lacono, Frank Eugene lacon ., James J. Taeona, Sal va tore J. Iacona, Wa 1 ?: .). Kaniafsan .Stephen Kokotavlo, Stephen Kriicnaj, Dominic Land. Gregory Harry Lucyk, Michael M. Luczak. William Kryka, John Joseph Maher, Michael Daniel Ma - mniko, Henry Masishin, Edward John McCarty, John McMaster, John George Murray. Jr., William John Nichols, Leon Joseph Oehry - inowicz, John Oleksey, James Edward O'Neill. Stanley Oryszcunk, Theodore Ozer, George Morris Falser, William John pastuszek, Benjamin Albert Petryk, Donald Fulton Phillip.'; Vaher Paul Pir.Ohki, Mich - - aei Pmkowjcz, William Pondok. Wll - William J. Presloid, Anthony Stan - Slemko, Raymond S. Sniep.hnski Theodore Soroka, Rodger Arthur Tindall, Roland Dulin Tinley, William Valenteen Turek. George William Wakeling. James B. Ward. John Ramon Wasylik. Joseph Wasel Wasylyk. George - Wasyyk George Vv'Rtras. pan: Watras, Edward Anthony Wolenski, Harry Wolski. Joseph Peter Yori, Herbert Hartlv Yurkow and Tlieodore Yurkow. The girls graduated arc: Sclma Agnes Bell, Jeanette Iva Blanton, Marie Brochet, Lillian Janet Cac - Letters to the ) contribute U. S. CASH AID FOR PILOTS New York, June 10, 1940, Editor Chester Times; The United States has a desperate young men with a maximum of air experience who could be turned into military p!!o!.s with a minimum of addiliuna - training. The present plan giving 60 hours in the air at government expense is not enough. Six months or a vear Hfter, these phots are abandoned niiu uiey must nave more instruction before they can again take c plane in the air alone. It lakes manv hundreds nf hnnv for a pilot to gain air experience. He must have flown under various weather conditions over varying terrain. He must be able to navigate from point to point and be able to pick out good emergency landing fields from bad. He must have a consineraoie Knowledge, of map - rejiding, mechanics, and meteorology. To give really large numbers of eavimui ijnoia mis training, using government - owned ships in the National Guard or in the Regular ArillV Wholly At mM - nniP - r would be a tremendous addition to our already staggering national If we really want a valuable backlog of pilots, the quickest method, the one least costly to the government, will be to help make it possible for individual pilots to own 'hen own planes, It is to the eager sportsmanship, the initiative and 111 ' " ireea of the youth of Amenta that we must turn. Every young man and many young women long for the adventure and freedom that only flying can give. We might have scores of thousands of privately - owned small planes flying on L,l - J i - icm wecK - ciio or nonuay. keen and maintenance of n plane is less than that of a car. The obstacle is the fact that the youth to whom flying appeals has not yet enough levels to make it possihlc ;a - meet, 'he ja'aalanl.ial down payment and the heavy monthly charges of buying a plane on short Glider pilots of five years ago make up the present first - line fifjhl - ine Oilots Of thf Oeimmi m - mv Civilian pilot owners would make a oacKiog oi American pilots many times more valuable. My suggestion is that a finance plan be worked out that would reduce the down payment required to a minimum, and that would lengthen the time of Installment payment to 24 or 30 month Xurh - , plan would enable young people to - uuy .urn vy iot - iimn ptanes costing S1.000. Tf private pilot. - , agree to become part of the government reserve, the government might make a mileage allowance when planes are used for maneuver and practice trips under National Guarrf or nnv - e. nn'.enl i.i pel vision. Tne government might well agree to subsidize up to 40 per cent, or 50 per cent of the cost of a plane costing $1,000 or less, provided the pilot is willing to hold himself and his plane in readiness for further teaming and subsequent mill are dutv in case of war. The pilot owner would have to pay his half plus the cost ciatore, Helen Marie Chicoskv, Betty Irma Clendenning, Rose Anna c - nr. I.e. Wiiltamet'.e Coupuck, Helen.:: Marie Curney, Marie Antoinette Damica, Helen Derewianka, Mary Jane Desmond, Mary Jane Deveise, Anna DiCostanza, Mary Catherine DiCostanza, Nadmu Doairak, Elsie Jean Dowtl, Jennie Helen Dmvtryk Jane Evre. Rnl.h TCntherhn. hVm.t Ellen Elizabeth Gavan, Marian Louise Grcssek, Betty Lee Gross, Theresa Frances Handor, Murrell Mae Hewlett, Olga Hiycyk, Anna Hudak, Jane Louise Hurd, Ann Jeanette Tacona, Ruth Norma Jester, Mary Kitllan, Dorothy Anna King, Anna Petrolena Kinka, Star Sophie Komar, Prances Sophie Kurek, Mary Jane Kyriakos, Anna Pauline T.afcink, Catherine Leonard!, KatKeryn Joan Lesko, Dor - othie Ellen Levis, Lillian Margaret Lybeck, May Elmira Maitland, Charlotte Elizabeth Malany, Anna Prances McAbee, Doris Marie McCoy, Dolores Catherine McNcal, Anna Bernice Navda. Marv fl'Knn - ski, Sophie O'Konski, Anna May Grace Elizabeth Parramore. Margaret Virginia Paul, PhvlUs Pain. Man' Jean Pepe, Julia Polinchak, Antoinette Marie Pompiiii, Florence Rosalie Premsky, Doris Loretta Smith, Lillie Blanche Smith, Jean Stockman. Ann Tershovska, Anna - belle Gladys Thompson. Nancy Hedy Trczlak, Elizabeth Yacyshyn, Nellie H. 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  • June 12, 1940 Dewey-Mann Grammar School graduates - John McMaster

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