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Elizabeth Church Obituary - tliatjm.in is to stave off bgih. indeed tn am...
tliatjm.in is to stave off bgih. indeed tn am the inthe ti.Mn.n Hi.' tnff jim.IjiI! cth- cth- ,ot!ir j,, j,,,,, in-er in-er in-er ue-astires ue-astires ue-astires iu know i ratlitvil ,m'n ..... . ontli.t with de.ttb and the dear husband sand children, tht- tht- old-of old-of whom in 12 Years of ji-r ji-r ji-r men. ' - ' : r. : : . -viw.ai -viw.ai me iiegmning of " " - 01 .1, leges )e j y94 hhou)(, niournin-whilHulruif.., niournin-whilHulruif.., niournin-whilHulruif.., in!,;, t ,jve M(,r jr. and thrir dear mother wis : j, Ve onr Injlulnn,, UV breathing her last, ami the ' Ill'l 4IW I - . .... 11 ,1 LorwMl!i h or , M J father and mother, four for Kvpn ,)0(,y ht t( ,, j te,s nd three brother,, has . i, ?,n improve unless they are wick- i : Xo one can nffonl to',Uar ""I t left at only .lays oij. Mie also leu ves ! baii'l au.l e'lildren. ! tu.i 11 v frietnh ami is w i relatives unprove-trent is i en in examples for theyouriK ones to rollow. If old men drink whiskey and use prafane lan- lan- pua-je pua-je pua-je publicly, boys will le sure to think it all right nnd will le very apt to follow the M..n of mr-,,l,f. mr-,,l,f. mr-,,l,f. I'lo mourn ineir ll ren il ih ---uf,nv.wr-,.. ---uf,nv.wr-,.. ---uf,nv.wr-,.. ---uf,nv.wr-,.. ---uf,nv.wr-,.. ---uf,nv.wr-,.. "I lofs. i 111 Ilieir hss l her 1 itiii i- i- very api 10 IOIIOW Hie but 1 t. i . A if.aiiipie. 111 ine prese ur vear school1-.. school1-.. , ' 11-1 11-1 11-1 vMoer men her a prop in are Ex It er exam pie by refraining from bad habits of any kind. Let the boy-j boy-j boy-j and young men know that bad conduct in any shape will be frowned up on and condemned by the better class, and in all proba bility we will have a bettei set of young men at the close of the year. The Cans of Rhfumatini. An acid which exists in sour milk and cider, called lactic and, is believed by phvsicians to le me cause 01 riieiimatism. Ac cumulatitiQ in the blood it nt tacks the fibrous tissues in the joints, ami causes nffonizinc pains. hat is needed is a nm . edap to neutralize the acid, and 10 so invigorate tne kidneys and liver that all waste will -e -e carried Off. Hood's Siirsil inrillii is honr. ti!y recommended bv ma n v whom it has cured ol rheumatism. It possesses just the desired qualities, qualities, and so thoroughly purifies the blood as to prevent occur- occur- if nee ot rliminatic attacks. We suggest atrial of Hood's Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla by all who suffer from rheu matism. Mr. and Mrs. E. M is OBITUARY. Elizabeth, wife of X. T. Combs, was born Nov. 17th, 18G2, and died Dec. 15th, 1893, aged 31 years and 28 days, fche was reared in Watauga county, in the quiet home of her parents, Church. Having had the advantage of early religious training, she was happily converted at the age of 15 years and immediately immediately after her conver sion, connected herself with the Methodist Episopal Church, South at Union near which place she then resided, Rev. Mr. Crawford then pas tor of the Watauga circuit. She was happily married to N. T. Combs March 31st 18G0. This union was bless ed with six children. All of whom survived their mother. bister ombs was a sweet ppirited woman and was loved loved by all who knew her. Her acquaintances and warm friends were many. She was a warm hearted Christian, true to (Jod, loved herchurch, and was a consistent member. member. She bad been .for more than 4 .years previous to her I... ii. .. . ... ueu in, a suueier. nut" whi.e she suffered in bodv, i-he i-he i-he wus htrnnginFpiiit, and frequently frequently spoke of h r strong faith in (jod, her "consolation in Christ," and comfort in the a 1 1 1 k . . noiy unost. And better than all.uhe showed her faith by her pious walk and (Jodlv conversation. About a week before her death hersuffering was intense, durintr which time she seemed every dav expecting her departure, and on luesday morning boing taken worse, she said to her eternal gain. F.ir theC.iiis- itian to live is Christ, but to die is g iin. A. .1. Rurruw. We are sorry to announce ihe death of R. A. HurreM, of the well known Harrell print inghoue at Weldon, N. C. Mr. Harrell was a prominent applicant for Public Print : at Washington, having th endorsements of 17.000 pu! In and private citizens. H-was H-was H-was 52 jeirs old at the tin. of his death, which oeci.rr. d on the 3rd inst., and only lied lied two weeks after he w n s striken with huirt troubles 'ottc8 of Dimolntiun. The copartnership hereto fore existing bet ween Clovd & .Johnson, of Lenoir, N.C. and II. C. Martin, of Hlowin Rock. N. C, and doing bui-! bui-! ness under the firm name of H. C. Martin Jt Co., is this day dissolved by miitu il cn sent. H. C. Martin and W. L Hoishouser buvimr the inter. est and good w'ill of ( loyd tC JohliSDli in said bnsineKM n debts due the old firm will l. collrt'ted by the new firm alio an naoiiites of the old linn will be met bv the nw. A I persons owing us either by dook acctmrit or note w 1 please come forward am miike immediate reivment The new firm will eontimiu A. 1 I louoDusintss at the same place and under . the s a m e name, and we ask a continu ance of the. patronage given rneoiu nrm. We intend 10 do a pay-down pay-down pay-down business, and by this means be able to irive our customers better b a r - gains tharrever before. 1'han I . i a . a kiiiu our iriintiH ror the ih-r. ih-r. ih-r. al patroH.-iire patroH.-iire patroH.-iire extended ns in the past, we remain, yours iruiy, u. v,. MARTIN & Co. Mowing Rock, Jau. Cth, '94 NOTICE. By virtue of a power of sale continued in a certain m rr-gage rr-gage rr-gage executed to me by Wm H. II. Greene on March 7, 1892, to secure an indebtedness indebtedness of f 290.00 subject to ceitnin ci edits, the siid in debtedness being for the balance balance of the tniiells mnnm- mnnm- cf the bind, I will sell for .-ash .-ash .-ash at public outer at the court nonse dour 1.1 Hoone on Feb o, 185)1, it being the first Monday in said month, a rrm-r rrm-r rrm-r ot i.-,mi i.-,mi i.-,mi on the waters of L iurel Fork of Watauga river, in Boone township Watauga Watauga county, adjoining the l.i nds of Wm. Hodges, Callo way tlodges an I others con taining 40,irres more or less. For a fuller description 01 h.i id land refer to book "IV pages 578, etc, of the records of Watauga, vonnfy where Bid riiortir(,jreis (.'ul'v record el. I his Jan. 1. 1894. J. P. HagMiuan. Mortgagee. Sp.iiiihonr & Coffey Attysfor MortgMgee. 1 1 NOTICE y virtue of a mortgage I uee'i executed to me byG. W. Clawson and fife and duly registered in the Registers 'if nee in lioone Watauga conn ... XT f 1 1 l .j.. l.t.ll. I., in HOOK I ; Oiiiru .;y, et-, et-, et-, ot mortgages I will onr ror sale lr the highest bidder for cash in hand on Vfllll.ir X.I. A F II . mother, "I will never get ; ' ' "V J"r " 11 01 , , H . J ). lienig the 1st Monday well." &he expressed hersed j i Ht,M morTth, the lands di hating to leave her' husband iitcr-ibed iitcr-ibed iitcr-ibed in said mortgage to nnrl rhilrlrin hn- hn- iruanurfui.t Isjitisfv n rlt.fi f oftln n., i .....iuvh) ..nil ..no pr7t ici i-i, i-i, i-i, '' "f "i ta'" virtual l.y resiDed to the Lord's will. Mtt duf by note unuooHt r t . . f I f hlM iictiri rri-.; rri-.; rri-.; 1 .. t . a. w " ur p. 111, piir-j piir-j piir-j 1 WO 1 This Jan. 1st quietly passed away. It wasj A. I. Mobetz Mortgngee. , tie yoa nd

Clipped from Watauga Democrat11 Jan 1894, ThuPage 2

Watauga Democrat (Boone, North Carolina)11 Jan 1894, ThuPage 2
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