The Dover FArm Iron County Record 8 Sep 1911

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The Dover FArm Iron County Record 8 Sep 1911 - .,.,,, ' ' I I I '" "' ' II I - ....... ' WW -...
.,.,,, ' ' I I I '" "' ' II I - ....... ' WW - FMir Years1 Wrk Nukes Sfkrikl Pftertj. ' Caatalns 3 So Acre 55 Broken up Md Under Cultivation All fey Hard Knocks l .r . Tha Kaaord, reporter has bad re peated Ua'vltatioBs from, JobBvDaver to visit' his farm tonth pf town Had lat Monday decided to go and see What lie sad that was .wertb looking The aarpriae that awaited tha re porter was a pleasurable one, iaas- match aa he'' thought that be wauld Mod nothing but a few sores of arid laad brokea ap abd a few scraggy hill of dry corn. But to see is to kaoWaa'd wbat was seen at the farm Monday waa wall' Worth the riding out there. Pour years ago Mr. Dover pur chased the land, and nearly every one with whom be waa Acquainted predicted a. 'complete failnre on bis part in the redemption of the arid laad. It ia believed that the only person that gave him any enoourage- neat whatever was the writer of this artiele, who believed then, an he does how, that arid farming oau be sua eessfully followed in this locality, aad upon that belief encouraged Mr. Dover to atay with bis land, and ventured the prediction tbat he would succeed. But it waa not thought thut other tkaa dry laad cereal eeuldtba raised, it'WM ). that's email arw-wlaFsrajBayrthe laeta; which might be( sufficient fur domestic usee, oould be bad. Aa soon as the owner got his little frame house built be began' to con- struct reservoirs for the storing of this water, aud by oiiretul conserving got aulBolenc to Irrigate a number of aores. He immediately eet ont some shade tree,' which wore but mere whips, began to break upland for garden purposes, until today he has a splendid garden from which he hat raised thh'yeara large nutabor ot water melons, musk melons, onions, beans and other vegetables. He also set ont some fruit' trees, more aa an isperlm'ntf than with -any idea of be-lag be-lag suoee4aful They grew" so well that some of tha' treea have born' this year and all the otheta will bear next year. 55 nut of the 320 aores which be awan hnvu bopn broken up aad cultivated? ' Be has ralc3 several acres of dry land wh-at which has averased 18 bushels to the acre. Aores of good corn are to be found there tbla tall, the yield from which will equal Ruy tbet has been raised similarly. Tbn fnddei stands from 5 to G fast high and enob stalk con. talne to or mote eara whiob are well (II tod with plump oorn. This fans noror had a drop of water cxnnot that which fell from the hoavous. Nor did the' wheat. Four years ago iha peoplo enld "Dover, yoni're on-zj- to inontn out there, you em't make good." Todny they say, , "well, thut shows what genulno grit aud determination to succeed will' do." And during that fonr years Mr. Doror baa supported a aigo family by working at hie trade of anrpentry during the fall and wiuter months. lln begsu with only ennutrh money to pay for the land; never hud n dollar tocquander. and Romutlmes hardly enough to make end? meet. Yet he kept on and today owns h good an arid farm, consider-I consider-I ok its 7., im any iu the county. Every man of a brend mindfd dls boa4tiHiabould doff hia, list to Jobs bus eet and for his Mtiocr&B In cou querlng thn desert us he 1ijb done. A laige uo'iiber of our young nan oould do well to follow tlio example of Mr. Dover ncd pottle on eotro de sirabln arid lnnd, get huay and Btiij with it, mid within u fow abort years will becotno iudopenduut. 4 rooms to rent. Three down etalra. HENRI FRO YD. 1

Clipped from Iron County Record08 Sep 1911, FriPage 1

Iron County Record (Cedar City, Utah)08 Sep 1911, FriPage 1
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  • The Dover FArm Iron County Record 8 Sep 1911

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