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Long Island dealer - Dul-ers. over-bead, n vision as Ihc Brooklyn...
Dul-ers. over-bead, n vision as Ihc Brooklyn Motor Vehicle Vehicle lieiilciH Awh.m lui Ion. AlthcHirh the piil.ife may no( l.- l.- able to select the bountiful girls who Will be pas.-ieil pas.-ieil pas.-ieil upon for the flllliK Ihe actual winner will, however, be their choice, designated l.y tin- tin- v-.l-l;ig v-.l-l;ig v-.l-l;ig v-.l-l;ig v-.l-l;ig coikmis filtach. .1 to admission tickets piirehasi-d piirehasi-d piirehasi-d at the ticket booths In the wliow. I if great Inli rest In Ihe pill. He .ire nl her contests, fathered by different newspapers, Tho Brooklyn UHly Kaclc has i.HKed a "Treasure Mont" thai will M down in ihe ann-ils ann-ils ann-ils of auioinoi.ile shows as Ihe outstanding feature of ail time. This newspaper lias d)s. tclbiite.i an. s sun distributing lno.ilim kes, sev. nil hundred of which will open the lock of their treasure chest, which will bo housed In the automobile show under the supervision of their "Captain Kid.'." And what a Ireasuro chest! Over ?7,!)00 value In prlV.4. literally .pnk-Ing, .pnk-Ing, .pnk-Ing, will he distributed, tho holder of each key having the same opportunity opportunity of chance us another. The Brooklyn Uiilly Times has I" en singing an Interesting automobile automobile puzzle contest. Tho Brooklyn Standard I'nlon hus concentrated on the "(loddnss of Trunsportutlon" contest. As chairman of tho publicity com-mlllee com-mlllee com-mlllee of the Brooklyn Motor Vehicle Vehicle liealers Association 1 take this opportunity to express my personal appreciation and th.it of our association association for Ihe Interest and good fellowship fellowship shown by the Brooklvn press In this 1I2 exploitation' of our Brooklyn Automobile Show. . :ir, whl' h l.hh falrlo rr.e and c, Ionian. Ionian. I n big licure lu lis c ,.,M. Mr. Blank bus sin roini.,-. roini.,-. roini.,-. him-self him-self him-self with a force of very aide and clUdi'li! liMHoclales who hae bad a I leal many years of ep,-ilcn.e ep,-ilcn.e ep,-ilcn.e In Ihe automobile world lo mak.- mak.- them ipialllle.1 a ml adapted lo the t ;. ! which .Mr. Blank Intends to al.lv a-,- a-,- a-,- a-,- 'IM him III ll.e c.x ... l.'.l'.ll Of Ills lo lines of cars. The liar. III. T I '..i p. il.it bin he,, equipped Us sen Ice slufoll w ith all II e latct known tune i.n.l labor sav-Inir sav-Inir sav-Inir devices, w hich will ll.e, in a var ' aviniis o all own. is I .-. .-. .-. uh ;n li senile senile and also enable II l.. i. .... r in,-surpasse.! in,-surpasse.! in,-surpasse.! .senlie In llns conn, ctli.n F. A. BLANK ENTERS AUTOMOBILE FIELD WITH GARDNER CAR Frank A. Blank, formerly vice-president vice-president vice-president and sales manager of the Van Alstytin Motor Corporation of New York C(ty, distributors for the Iliipmoblle for the Eastern district, has formed it corporation of which he Is president, operating under the name of Cardner Long Island Corporation, Corporation, showroom located at 12'jl Bedford ave., where an attractive display of (iurdner curs Is being made. Mr. Blank has been associated with the automobile business In all Its branches for tho past 19 years, and Is well trained and versed in that Hold. The Gardner Corporation Corporation has secured the franchise from the Gardner Motor Company, Inc., of St. Bonis, Mo., to distribute Gardner Gardner cars In the territory for Brooklyn Brooklyn and Long Island and has ulso, In addition to this, secured tho territorial territorial rights from the Stewart Motor Corporation of Buffalo to distribute their trucks In this territory. Identified with tho Ilupinobile from Its start, Mr. Blank became sales muiiHger and then vice president. president. Be begun his locnl trade career career with the Itutenber truck In lliOH. before Joining the II. J. Koh-b Koh-b Koh-b r Company stuff In 1'JOS, who were, at that tlmo, distributing the Hupp and then followed the Hupmobile to Charles K. Itelss Company, to Mar-n.on. Mar-n.on. Mar-n.on. X. V., to Van Alstvne Motors In 1917 lo Jan. 1, 1926.' when Mr. Blank decided to enter the field for himself. The Ourdner Long Tsland Corpnr-ution Corpnr-ution Corpnr-ution has Inaugurated an extensive sales campaign In which It plans to toll the public about tho wonderful products It is handling, principally the tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne tlurdner-Klght-ln-Llne pleasure A Latest Velie To the Person Who Gives It the The Velie Motors Corporation wants Motorists of America to name its latest and of custom built type. The person who the most appropriate name will receive a of the show model, fully equipped-. equipped-. equipped-. See Velie at the Automobile Show in Space and 157-159 157-159 157-159 and then send your choice to the factory at Molinc. It Is Different and Better This Motor Car Transcendent In Beauty In STUDY THE NEW NON -VIBRATION -VIBRATION Possessed of remarkably increased Power, Acceleration, while retaining the unequalled quietness and long life for which the Velie has noted. It is absolutely Yibrationless. Should two or more persons submit the name selected will receive a cur identical with that offered. received by March 31. All namct submitted will be judged by SCOTT . SMITH, Crii,k.IJ A C. SAM SHKI.TO.I, Ulu, UolM A. U.YDI! BKNHAM. Minairr, Aumolln Dept. ... . Qkia JAMKH StllXIVAN, AaMaaM UUm ... . . . H JAHliSU.tUKU,Uutt,AggtitAdnniM,NrYoikHmli.Tnbiui KUNKEL AUTOMOBILE Bedford Avenue at Kergen Street, Telephone Prospect 1515-16 1515-16 1515-16 Sen-ice Sen-ice Sen-ice Station, 900 IJcruen St, Tel. 40"0 VE

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle24 Jan 1926, SunPage 90

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)24 Jan 1926, SunPage 90
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