Ludwik Kovar Retirement 1964

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Ludwik Kovar Retirement 1964 - Ford City, Pa., May 14, 1964 308 Ford Street...
Ford City, Pa., May 14, 1964 308 Ford Street Ford City DAILY LEADER-TIMES This Page Devoted to the Interests of Ford City and Vicinity Church Class Formulates Picnic Plans Plans for a family picnic were outlined as the Lutheran Willing Workers of St. John's Lutheran; Church met at the home of Ber! Ber! Patton, Members fixed the date of Aug.] as the picnic time at the home' June Smith. Further plans will; formulated before this picnic.! The topic for the evening, "A for Everything," was presented presented by Betty Faulx. The business meeting was conducted conducted by President Charlotte Cunningham. The next regular meeting will take place at the home of President Cunningham. After the session a lunch was served by the hostess, who was assisted by her daughter Chris. N. Lists Officers i members The Province of Manitoba, Canada, has 39,000 square miles lakes and rivers. RUMMAGE SALE Fri., May 15--9 A.M. American Legion Building Ford City Auspices T. N. V. Class First Baptist Churcli {Baney photo) LUDWIK KOVAR (Baney photo) RUSSELL L. M'MUNN {Coffman Photo) GEORGE SANKO (Baney photo) WILLIAM S. CLAYPOOL CLAIR SOLIDA photo) Teacher Monday at Presiding Weeter Mrs. chairman is The suggests time for of a slowdown 9 Veteran PPG Workers Added to Pension Roster FORD CITY -- Nine veteranjMrs. Everett (Dorothy) Fennell Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. em-;of Rural Valley, Mrs. John ployes retired April 30 with a'(Martha') Matus of Ford City, cumulative record of 296 years'Mrs. Mary Louise Craft of Mc- with the company. They are: Russell L. McMunn and John B. Lessire of Work 6 and Cla'ir'of his Solida, George P. Sanko, Victor Grann and Greensburg. McMunn plans to leisure time ames McMunn of spend muchj traveling. elude a trip to Europe to visit Slovakia. He also plans to visit a-hers of Center Hill Church of with his wife Katrina and their brother in Florida. the Brethren. They have two.l two children, John and Mary. Alii Kovar began his employment daughters, Mrs. Ronald (Blanch) are residents of Miksora, Czecho-' w jth the company in October 1923 Hileman and Mrs. Arthur (Hazel) ' as a cullet wheeler in the Works Armose, both of Kittanning RD 4. 4 grinders. In August 1933 he Claypool plans to devote much of transferred to the packing room his leisure time hunting and fish-| where he was employed as large ing and training hunting dogs. ! !glass packer at retirement. | SewelTs employment with PPG He lives at 1315 6th Ave., Ford hs S^n in September 1947 when} City, and is a member of Holy' he was hired as a laborer ^ the l Trinity Roman Catholic Church.- Works 4 P 01 house ' since en he , He has two children, Mrs. Paul has worked in various depart-! jj ur _ ments and was employed as a' Tren- 'laborer in the yard department! ·at retirement. Brazilian Addresses WSCS Unit 01 ms leisure time traveling. M'VILLE--Miss Carla Romona " c " a * c w u ^w*», »»*. Lessire began working for PPG| of Brazil) {oreigu exchange stu- (mt V J f n e ) Humenik of in July 1941, as filler in the| dent attending classes at Freeport bank ' ?*., and Albert of 3RD ANNUAL Geranium Sale SCOUT TROOP 625 DOOR-TO-DOOR MAY 15-16-18-19 PRICE 69c EACH For Advanced Orders CALL RO 2-9412 Bucko, Ludwik Kovar, Theodore . ,,,,, o r _ J. Greene, William S. Claypool Works 6 casting hall. He trans-' Area Seaior Hig h School, spoke at'ton, N.J Kovar plans to spend and Anthony G. Sewell, all of ferred to the optical department a ffieeting o£ women's Society of much of hls lelsure time S ardei: ' ! Works 4. Jin May 1955, and was la'st em-;Christian Service of Rogers Cha-; 1 ^' huntm S aild flslung - He " McNunn's employment with ] ployed as a glass shifter in that pe i Methodist Church at t h '' als ° church's parish hall. e ^^ planning ihis children. orville anr is a member of Saint! to visit with ^ tarv R° man Catholic Church, | City. He plans to spend | Ford Greene joined PPG in June 1933 PPG began in August 1929, when : department. he was employed as a laborer at' He resides at 1019 4th Ave.. Special guests of the group were ^ fish{ Works 4. In May 1931 he trans-[Ford City, and is a member of members of the Methodist Youth ; when he was hired as glass cut- " ferred to the Works 8 carraraf de-jSaint Mary Roman Catholic | Fellowship of Rogers Chapel and ter in the 'Works 4 wareropm. He STILL ,partment where he worked until Church, Lessire plans to devote j women of Clinton Presbyterian spent his entire time with the ! his retirement. He was last em-!much of his leisure time to fish- Church. ; company in the same department much of his leisure time boating' an edger. his wife Mary ployed as He and their home in Manorville and are members of Manorville Methodist Church. They have four children, ing and gardening. Solida" s service with Burning of Rubbish, Leaves, Trash, Refuse or Other Wasle Material Within Ford City Borough The burning of rubbish, leaves, trash, refuse, or other waste material in the open within the limits of Ford City Borough is hereby prohibited except between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. and between the hours of 4:00 P.M. and sunset on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of each week provided that such materials shall be burned on private premises and will be placed in a suitable container so as to prevent sparks, burning embers, ashes, or other charred materials from being blown or scattered. Burning of trash on the above mentioned days shall be prohibited if it causes a nuisance at that particular time. PATRICIA L. WOLFE, Borough Secretary ,,. ,, , i ,. ·,,_.! ,,,,,. Miss Romona spoke of culture in and was me £ pnera, in her.order he,pcr a. DANGER VIENNA' (UPI) -- Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella said in Czechoslovakia Wednes,'day Wednes,'day his country is "on the to socialism" but is still beean in November 1918 when he : h ome ^ an d- Mrs - Melvin Forring- He and his wife Mary live UI - iL * ' * l l u v t_lllAJV-L X ^ J - W , iril*.*. *"~ f _ I . tLf OW^iCmOlll UUt, 10 OHil GLlUalJ- was employed as a clean-up in'er was in charge of the program. 11421 5th Ave., Ford City, and ^ . capitalism Radio Works 4 casting department. Mrs. Forringer was also in are members of First Presbyten-; Prague rep0 rted ,, worked in various depart- char 8 e of devotions. A prayer,an Church. They have two daugh-; ( A s . s capi{alism has fl ments over the years and in July was devoted to a decreased mem- ters, Mrs. Glenn (Lois) Brown of si le stronRnold in Africa our I Ti T^. TliT^U.^.1 lITn^Jn T-. .* *~t:i._- _ « J "H ,T.«r« T7i.-il-.-i.» ^ . ^ ber, Mr. Mabel Woods. Mrs. Andy Deel, president of the ness meeting. The members de- to send $20 to the Jessie 929 transferred to the wareroom vhere he worked until his retirement. retirement. He .was last employed as a glass exa'miner. He and his wife Odette make: their home in Ford Cliff and are! Le e Home In Seward, Alaska, for members of Saint John Lutheran Church, Ford City. Solida's retirement retirement plans include fishing and other outdoor activities. Sahko was employed by PPG Ford City a n d Mrs. Victor f ree[ j om (Gloria 1 ) Arco of wiu WSCS was in charge of the busi- Greene's retirement plans include; as telling workers at a plant in earthquake fund. The WSCS will also purchase materials and tile to be installed in the rest rooms and hallway of the parish hall and doors for the in June 1920, when he was hiredjkitchen enclosure. Work will be as a helper in the electric de- don e by the men of the church. With the exception of traveling, fishing and hunting. Prague. Claypool began working for PPG in December 1943, when he was employed as a laborer in the Works 4 yard department. In January 1944 he transferred to he wareroom where he worked until his retirement. He was em- FORD JOIN OUR NEW partment. a few brief periods in the polisher department, his entire time with the company was in the electric department where he was employed employed as an electrician at retirement. retirement. He and his wife Katherine reside reside at 629 4th Ave M Ford City, and 'a"re members of Saint Mary NOW FORMING. FIRST DRAWING WILL BE SATURDAY, JUNE 6th CLUB WILL END NOVEMBER 21ST AND CAN BE USED FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, JOIN NOW AND BE ELIGIBLE ELIGIBLE FOR THE TWO BONUS DRAWINGS FOR CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS. OPEN FRI. SAT. "TIL 9 P.M. LADIES AND SUB-TEENS 419 FORD ST. FORD CITY A congregational dinner will take place May 31 which will be in charge of the WSCS. A sample fair is scheduled for May 12 at the parish hall. Tickets for the fair may be purchased from any member of the society. At the close of the meeting a dessert course was served by the hostess committee. ployed as a gla'ss unloader at ·etirement He and his wife Pearl live at Kittanning RD 4 and are mem- Ukrainian Club Tonight--4 to 6:30 CABBAGE ROLLS 15c each RO 3-4801 Please Bring Containers Roman Catholic Church. They have four children, Mrs. Clark Katherine) Owens of Irwin, Mrs.! Jarl (Dolores) Tenerowicz of| Azuza, Calif., George Sanko of Westport, Conn., and Rev. James Sanko of Wellsville, Ohio. Sanko's retirement plans Include Include visiting his daughter in California, a trip to the New York World's Fair, fishing and wood working. Bucko's employment with PPG began in October 1922, when he was employed as a washer in the wareroom. He worked in the pot house from August 1935 to February February 1945, when he again transferred transferred to the wareroom and was employed there as a glass cutter ' at retirement. | Bucko lives at 1134 6th Ave., Ford City, and is a member of Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church. His retirement plans in- TAG DAY Fri. Evening and Ml Day Sat. Benefit Ford City Band Boosters Club Business District Only and Various Markets Fruitland Superette McGRANN, PA. 3 $100 _ _ _ _ ,0,. I CHOOSE HER riedland in DRESSES . . BLOUSES . . DUSTERS . HANDBAGS SWEATERS HOSIERY

Clipped from Simpson's Leader-Times14 May 1964, ThuPage 4

Simpson's Leader-Times (Kittanning, Pennsylvania)14 May 1964, ThuPage 4
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