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of In and by He she the Ho bric-a-brac, a also, I you Instead a The and eVit. returned. fact acquainted his and on tho on and the tho he the direc-ho ' SO UTHERN INDIA NA R 0 MANGE ENDS IN TRAGIC DEATHS The Bass-Tow Feud Is Recalled by the Killing of the Rout Brothers a t Bryantsville--First Outbreak in Spice Valley Township Fourteen Years Ago. BY A STAFF CORRESPONDENT. BEDFORD, Ind., June 18. Tho judicial circuit of Monroe and Lawrence counties will soon be called again to administer Justice to tho bad men of Splco Valley township by reason of the recent shooting nffray at Bryantsville. Bryantsville always furnishes moro than its share of the grand Jury work of Lawrence county and, since the days of the Bass-Tow feud, gun plays and fist lights have been so frequent that news of them no longer disturbs tho peace of Bedford. Henry Tow, who will bo tried with Dnvo Beasley for the shooting of Charles and James Rout at Bryantsville Inst Tuesday, Is a nephew of Henry Tow. who was kelled by "Doss" Moore at Mitchell In 1S02 and whose death ended one of the fiercest of Indiana feuds. The boy who is soon to be tried is a son of Frank Tow, now dead, who. strange to say, allied himself with his brother Henry's enemies, tho Bass family, In tho feud. Frank, Henry, Albert and Marlon wero tlio sons of old Leander Tow, one of the first sottlers of Lawrenoo county. He was never In any trouble, but tho old people of this community remember him as a man who had no hesitancy about his course of action when trouble was threatened, Henry Tow owned a distillery nt Bryantsville. With him associated in tho operation of tho business was Curtis Bass, a young man whose family lived In tho neighborhood and who still lives near Mitchell. Bass, Tow and tho others conducted a still with government consent, but many of their actions wero of a suspicious naturo and when troublo between them provoked it, each talked of the other, with the result that federal indictments wore found against several people from Bryantsville, Including Bass, who was confined In jail in Indianapolis, Whllo Bass workod for him, Tow liked him. Whllo Bass was associated with him in counterfeiting and distilling he was a boon companion, but when Curt Bass made love to his daughter Maggie, Henry Tow got mad. He refused to allow Bass to contlnuo tho courtship, but his refusal was Ignored and Maggie and Bass were married. Then the troublo began. Tho Tpw family out Curt Bass and his wife, and tho Bass family refused to. recognise tho Tows. Frank Tow, wliose son is now In trouble, stayed by his sister and became an onmy of hi brother. Tho first outbreak was In 1S!)0. Henry Tow was passing Bass's house, near tho Mitchell cross roads, one day In March when a laborer employed on the Bass place named Gabe Moffntt, fired at him from behind a shed. Henry Tow pulled his revolver aijd started for Mof-fatt. When he opened the gate, Buss and his wife appeared and Bass used n shotgun. Tow wont1 homo with his clothes full of buckshot, but not wounded. For a year afterward the court was engaged steadily with criminal litigation growing out of the affair. Tho various belligerents pushed the charges against their enemies and so it continued until Bass robbed Tow's still houso, or was suspected nf having done so. The robbery brought out a lot of Morion and they caused the federal indictments, i While tlio gang was returning from : Indianapolis after the trials they met on a Monon train at Greencaslle. Huns woim pulled and fighting began. Fifteen shots wero fired and Albert Tow was badly wounded. Curt Bass sustained a slight injury. When peace prevailed the Putnam county authorities got In with some arrests, but they came to nothing. One lawsuit against the Monon railroad ncin-d Bass $r00 In a Judgment for damages for tho railroad's failure to take care of him as a passenger.. Everything ran along smoothly until the summer of 18J11. Then it broke out again. Henry Tow was going Into his pasture from tho road one day when he was shot from ambush. His chin was carried away and a surgical operation to removo the lower jaw bono was necessary. Curt Bass was arrested for tho crime. It was shown that Henry Burton, who was Implicated In the last Bryantsville affair ' as a peacemaker, had driven Bass part of the way to tho hiding place where ho waylaid Tow. A boy In tho neighborhood saw Bass returning from tho place with a shotgun over his arm. The jury, however, which was drawn from the county, failed to agree. Tho caso had been a bitter ono and feeling was high all over tho county. A new trial was ordered, but before It Tvas held Tow was killed. Tho story runs that ho was inveigled to stop lu a stairway In Mitchell searching for some clothes that had bpen stolen from him. "Dobs" Moore, tho marshal and a cousin of Bass, shot him from behind eight or nine times and then said he mistook him for a burglar. Bass and Moore wero tried during the samo torm of court, tho former for assault and battery with intent to murder Tow, and tho other for his murder. Bass's jury was out threo days, but It flnnlly returned a verdict of guilty and gavo him four years at Joffersonvlllo. The following day Moore'B Jury found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to seven years. Both men were taken to prison on tho same train. Bass is now living in his old homo with his family. Moore went to Texas when he wan releused from tho penitentiary. Henry Tow. the victim of the foud and the leader .of it, was township trustee when lie was killed. Ho was an Influential citizen, but was known by all . of his associates as a hot-tempered man. As a boy he frequently got into trouble, and was rated as a dangerous fellow to fool with. Buss was the same way. Ho, was a man that could look his friends and enemies straight in the eye and never shrink before an enemy. Ho was, the leader of tho croWd in Bryantsville, and although Tow liked him as a companion in their criminal operations, he did not desire him as n son-in-law and consequently thero was war between them. Marion Tow, uncle of the boy now under arrest, was killed in Martin county. He was buried in tho old cemetery In which Charley and James Rout were buried Wednesday. Davo Beasley. who, with Henry Tow and Milt Tow. fought and killed the Rout boys, is the son of John Beasley, now dead. Tho elder Beasley was a sympathizer with Henry Tow in the feud. A story goes that he enticed his own brother, Joss Beasley, out of his home while Henry Tow shot at him. Beasley served some time in Jail for the offense, but was released by a pardon from Gov, Porter. James Rcardon, still living, was a member of the Tow gang and a brother-ln-iaw of Henry Tow. One of tho fights in which all participated was in a hardware store in Mitchell, when Wesley Walker, the marshal, tried to arrest some one. A fight started, and a dozen men fought each other with Iron bars, wagon springs and knives, and when tho place waa cleared, men left it with blood in their shoos, Bass was the son of Solomon Bass, .a good citizen but a fishtlng man, too. Ho had tow boys, Gus and Hugh, In addition to Curtis, and they were with tho Bass family in the foud. Although only one life was lost in the feud, It was a bitter one and practically divided Bryantsville and tho township Into two factious. Tho Burton family Is related to tha Beasley family by the marriage of John Beasley to a daughter of Dave Burton and sister or Henry Burton. Henry Burton, who tried to keep thq fight down at Bryantsville Tuesday, was suspected of being tho man that took Curtis Bass to the ambuscade for Henry Tow. His nephew Is now In the Bloom Ington Jail with a nephew of Henry Burton for the killing of tho Rout boys. . The Routs are sons of Wesley Rout, who had twelve children. Thoy came td Lawrence county from Kentucky and, although they have never been In trouble, tho whole- family is known to have plenty of nerve. The two boys lu Jail will bo tried soon. Already It is tho expressed opinion of many people that they will not bo con victed. "Tho boys willconie clear," raid an olil woman at Bryantsville yesterday, "They killed them Routs In sHi'-defeuse, and no jury will convict anybody fur taking care of himself." If they do "come clear." jmt how l-nitf they will remain hi "Spire Valley much-tlonable. us then' arc futir living Rout uoya in inoTwmmip. ami mm now in (M army wuu wu uc nume a;'inq uuy

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis Star,
  2. 19 Jun 1904, Sun,
  3. Page 23

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