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for Debbie June 1965 - Yegg Gets *6,640 In Dairy Robbery A safe...
Yegg Gets *6,640 In Dairy Robbery A safe cracker stole $6,640.34 $6,640.34 in cash and checks over the weekend after drilling drilling a hole through a VA inch steel door to open a heqvy office safe at the Golden Guernsey Dairy co-operative, 2101 Delafield st. The loss included about $500 in currency and coins $6,024.61 in checks endorsed by the company and ready for bank deposit and $112.32 worth of checks which had insufficient funds in the banks to cover them. Plant Supt. Ray mond Huebner, 1207 Evergreen dr., discovered the burglary at 9:45 a.m. Sunday. The last plant check had been made at 1 a.m. The safe cracker entered the plant by removing a three-quarter inch covering of hardware cloth over an open window, then climbing through the window in the northeast corner of the garage. garage. Then he walked through the truck garage, forced open a door leading to the lobby, went up two flights of stairs and forced open a open a grey metal cabinet, disturbed nothing but overlooked overlooked a petty cash box containing containing $95.36. The safe man drilled a three-quarter inch hole in a safe door 8 V 2 inches in diameter diameter and IV 4 inches thick. Dimensions of the safe are 16 inches, by 32 inches by 2 OV 2 inches. The hole entered the dial, which the safe man then knocked off. He removed the door at the hinges. Police said the loss included included $353 in currency, $39 in rolled coins, $3,03 in loose coins, $6,024.64 in endorsed checks, $112.32 in “not sufficient sufficient funds’’ checks plus another $108.35 in miscellaneous miscellaneous cash and checks but mostly cash. There were previous burglaries burglaries at the Golden Guernsey Guernsey plant Mar. 10, 1960 and Aug. 3, 1958. In the 1958 incident, two burglars were frightened away by a maintenance man as they were trying to move a heavy acetylene gas welding welding unit. They escaped with $76 from an office drawer.

Clipped from Waukesha Daily Freeman01 Jun 1965, TuePage 1

Waukesha Daily Freeman (Waukesha, Wisconsin)01 Jun 1965, TuePage 1
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