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Little Hovey Lowman - MORE ABOUT LITTLE IIOVEY. Little Hovey Lowman,...
MORE ABOUT LITTLE IIOVEY. Little Hovey Lowman, of the Lawrence Journal, has had another attack of the cac oethes scribendi, and the subject is The Emporia News. We are annihilated com pletely "chawed up and spit out." We confess we hardly expected such a fate from one whom we nave alwavs considered a friend. This is another evidence of the in humanity of an unscrupulous political scrib bier. Hovey, you ought not to have done so to us. Hereafter, we claim immunity from your withering, sarcastic, bitter, elo quent and last, but not least, by any means your lying pen. Don't write about us, we pray you. Let us alone. Don't fill two columns of your paper, every week, in trying to make thi3 out a Lane paper, and in abusing us because you have no proof for your assertions. In your first attack upon this paper, you made two charges one was that we were trying to beat Sleeper, and the other was that we had lately been seized with what you facetiously termed the "Lane-phobia." We denied these charges, and established the fact that they were merely the fancies of your own brain, and that you had no foundation for making such statements. In your last issue, you admit that your state -J ments were lies, by dropping them and completely completely dodging the question, and going off in another strain. The principal part of the Journal's last effort is an extremely severe grammatical analysis of one or two of our carelessly constructed sentences, in which " little Hovey," by twisting, misconstruing and perverting our language, proves to bis own entire satisfaction that we are a "miserable pettifogger," a "toady," a "crawler," etc. Now, dear little Hov., if it is any gratification gratification to you to think we are that kind of a character, we are the last person in the world that will interrupt your enjoyment, by trying to convince you that we are oth- f erwise. Lowman sets himself up as an embodi ment of what a journalist should be in political political honesty. All his prate about purity of motives and freedom from demagogism, falls to the ground, however, when the truth is known in regard to his political action. We will state his case: His brother, Ed. Lowman than whom we don't know a better better fellow in the State is a candidate for Supreme Judge that is, if he thinks there is a possibility of success. Little Hovey, of course, wants to help him, and don't scruple at the means to be used. Lyon county has three delegates in the State Convention. Hovey wants 'em. He hears that Judge Bailey, of this county, has aspirations aspirations for the place he (Hovey) thinks his brother ought to have. He also hears that Mr. Sleeper is a candidate for Secretary Secretary of State. Hovey tries to get up sympathy for Sleeper, in order to beat Judge Bailey in this county, and thus get him out of his brother's way, and get Mr. Sleeper's influence influence in the Slate Convention. It is all a happily conceived plan, and shows great sagacity. - We should not wonder a bit, should the little ass promise Douglas county county to Sleeper. Isn't that disinterested, self-sacrificing self-sacrificing purity for you? Ain't you ashamed, Hovey, to compel us, by your brazen gabble about high-toned journalism, and about pettifogging, to publish this exemplification exemplification of your loud professions? Hovey, you ain't as sharp as you ought to be. You can't control big things. Your forte is in obeying not planning. Let Rob. tell you what to do, and then you do it. If your brother has any strength in the State, for the position he want?, he had better get get something in different tastes of our it is the duty of give a variety in further, we are firmly could not publish better suit the larger Lane's speeches. and indorse paper ? If you that you are the well as the biggest heard of. Again, the "If you do not system of ethics tion for giving the to the augmentation power?" We will answer asking you the most bitterly partisan made, in your paper 6ystem of ethics justification for giving his benefit of your Baonsist-ent, Lowman. The in your case as in But here is the dwells anywhere in . , , . ... man inhahits. uiau luuauus, "io educate mind, and divert of thought on matters which lead action, is our idea of political journalist Yaw 1 You are "political journalist" only about five feet as we can judge. generally get. But "educating and elevating what makes us to receive such pudence on a warm what kind of people they can be educated, you, they certainly We live in a very where the people you, with all your could not "educate," them to the language of one of our have originated in that you hail from to become a great this way don't you were to come "leading" airs, you "elevated." They "elevate" the of education Governor Robinson all that is good. man who would not Robinson question, and fair, dishonest and We own our office, dependent of both worship neither of the disgusting men which has politics but our entirely out of the feel that the people this fall, who cannot led by cither of want. But if such Journal persists in or Robinson upon it settled to his We have never a very great extent, men always setting dangerous enterprise; and observed that it ruins often have to Tesort

Clipped from The Emporia Weekly News26 Jul 1862, SatPage 2

The Emporia Weekly News (Emporia, Kansas)26 Jul 1862, SatPage 2
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