John Killian, George Bates murder

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John Killian, George Bates murder - the t to waa the It GEORGE BATES IS KILLED; TWO...
the t to waa the It GEORGE BATES IS KILLED; TWO , ARE HELD FOR THE GRAND JURORS Father of Deceased and John Killian Are Held For Trial Evidence Introduced at Coroner's HearingVerdict HearingVerdict at Inquest. George liaira wns stabbed and J-miM J-miM J-miM Immediately killed t,y a knife thrust t.y A inly Hates, hi father, or John Kllllnn. about 3 o'clock yesterday yesterday morning In a little hollow not fifty yiird from hi home on Poplar street, according to the finding of the Jnrj at the Imiucst conducted yeeter- yeeter- id ay afternoon by Coroner E. R. Mor ris Ht lime and company' undertaking undertaking parlors. The Indecisive finding of the Jury woe caiifd by tha fact that the three principal witnesses who testified at the hearing swore that there wue a light between the father and the nn, both of whom had been drinking, and that John Kill Ian who bad alio been drinking, cam between the two for the purpose of separating the fighters. A the wit-neue. wit-neue. wit-neue. Including Kllllan, all awore that they did nut e any knife nor faee anyone stab George Bate, the Jury wa unable to definitely find who wa responsible for the death. The coroner' Jury wa composed of the following men: B. II. Pace, Chart 01s, U. C. Orindataff, B. P. Turner. U. V. Fresh and W. C. Craig. PTh verdict returned read as fol low: "VV find that Oeorg Bate George sld, 'It In getting hnv got to take these girl' ' r mm tsi tit. A ma t h hi m bnlfa Wnn nd In the hands of Andy Bate, or John,nd "nt l0' th jncw. Andy want- want- Kllllan. Detective O. M. Davenport wa worn and) testified follow! "About S.iO o'clock this morning w received a telephone call at po- po- llce headquarter to go to Andy Bate' horn on Poplar street. Detective Detective H. T. Dillingham and I went to Bates' home immediately. When we got there we found Andy Bat, his wife, Basle and Bessie, (Weaver, I have always called her, though om people call her Bessie Munsey), John Kllllan and Oeorg Bat, th last named dead on th floor. Sont for Coroner. "We then sent for the coroner. We asked who had killed him. Some aid they didn't know. W talked to Kllllan and he said that Anddy and Oeorg got into a fight below the house. Kllllan said he thought that Andy stabbed George. I saw th place where there bad been a st-uffle st-uffle st-uffle about fifty yard from the Bate house. Th Whole crowd of those at th house had been drinking though Beaal didn't went to have had mora than one drink. W brought them all up to police headquarter and after questioning them for sometime nlaeed Andy under arrest oharsrlna htm with u ana Holding the othsr witnesses. on where the eouffiins- eouffiins- and th mar on th ground where tha nht I said to have taken olac to tha cat noua waa about fifty yard, I guess, but I didn't step it off. I did tp off th distance to the sidewalk on Poplar street from where the fight looit piac and it wa fifteen or al. teen tep. Bctitt told u that thy were fighting and that George stag gered to where she and her sister were standing on the sidewalk and fell, aylng he was out. The other glr mad about the sam statement at police police headquarter. 'It eetifed to hay been a general row. On th way to the polioa sta tion, Mr. Kllllan said to, 'You must have stabbed George.' but Andy ay, I didn't do It.' From thr on to the latlon he denied It everl tlm. We earched Bat but didn't find any JCnlfe. Andy Bates had a skinned place on hi nose and forehead." forehead." H. T. Dillingham teatlfied that what he knew or the fact In the case wa practically a stated by Dtectlvo Davenport. He testified a follows: "When I searched Kllllan he had on a black overcoat. He had no knife. When I searched Andy hie didn't have ny knife on him. He said hi Inlfe wa on the mantle piece, but rhere was none to be found there, ffhi'r the fight took place, th prtnli of the shoe were burled deer n the ground and judging from th.? scuffle, In the dirt It looked as If ttio. who had been fighting were pret'y well yoked up." Beasle Weaver (Munsey) wa sworn nd testified that ahi Ktsle. l.-org. l.-org. l.-org. Bates and John Kllllan had met ab.m; 10:30 o'clock on Buttrlck street Sat urday night; that they had stopped at a lunch room and hsd an oyster sup per; and after visiting a fruit 'nd near Pack suuare hivtt gone on oui toi the Rates house, where, they ptnyed the organ, When It became lot tiiey left the house and Andy Hates fallowed fallowed them out the door, Whn they hud walked a short distance, she swore, George and his father rot ln(o a fight, following which George staggered staggered over to where she and her e's-ter e's-ter e's-ter were standing on the aldow&'k and Ksld to her. "ftahy, I am cut," and fell to the ground. ;otthyr T-ate. T-ate. T-ate. ICfwde Ttedmon wne sworn and testified testified as follows: "We. Oeorre, llei ale. Mr. Kllllan and myself wore at Mr. Hate's house lint night having a nice time and playing theorRn. Mr. Bates played It awhile, then I playr I a Wb lie-late; lie-late; lie-late; I home.' "We came out on the porch. Old man Bates. Andy Hates, came out as far as the door. We four walked on down the alleyway. Andy ram on behind us. We four were In the big road then. We stopped. About that time Hubert White came up the roud and Andy and he stoppod and were talking. George told Andy, 'Go back to the house, your wife and Uttl babies are up there and the house might get on Are.' "(leorge then told Andy he was drunk and he'd take him home. They walked together up the little alley way toward the house. They had some words. George wanted Mr, Bates to go to the house. Tbey had some words, but I didn't hear what they Mild. They got Into a light. They fought a right smart bit. Then George walked away from hi father and said h waa cut. He hollered It out. Then Andy and John carried htm to the house. Andy asked George what was th matter, but George couldn't apeak. "Then Rutledge Baa cams up there ed to go for a doctor, but someone said, 'It Isn't any use, George I dead.' That' all I know." In an awer to question by Coroner Morris and Judge Phillip C. Cocke, who rep resent Andy Bates, the witness eon tinned: "I waa on th sidewalk fif teen feet away from wbere the fight took place. Kllllan ran over to keep them apart. He ran between them. I never saw Hubert White any more. I saw them hitting each other, I didn't se Andy out George. I saw Mr. Kllllan run In between them. I never naked tbem who killed George. After I got to the house I fainted." John Kllllan, after telling of the movement of the party of four, swore that he had traded overcoats with George Bates; that he was sober, hut had been drinking; that he had witnessed witnessed the fight, and tried to part the father and son. His memory was poor a to what occurred at the time of the fight. He swore be had a lapse of memory after the right, but remembered remembered starting to help carry the deceased up to the house after tie fell. Continuing, h swore In answer to question: "Thre were only four witnesses to the fight There were no paasershy. Andy wa present all the time at the hous, from th time we were playing on tha organ till the time of the slabbing. After th fight I notloed my pant bad been out The flesh waa not out I did not discover my trousers ware eut until Deteetlve Dillingham called my attention to It last night at Mr. Bat house, i think I had my overcoat off at the time of th fight. There waa no trouble trouble between myself and George either before or after we got to the house. I didn't se any knife during the fight. "George was dead when the officer got to the house.1 I don't know who carried George Into the house. I have no Idea how the light started." Called Pollcei. Rutledge Baas was sworn and testified testified as follows: "About o'clock this morning I was asleep at my house, which I Just below where Mr. Bate lives. Andy cam to the door and gave It a shake. He said 'Oeorge 1 dead.' I dressed and ran up there. George waa dead when I got there. 1 then ran over to Kasley's and called the police department on the tele phone asking them to send an officer. That Is all I know about it" Andy Bates, who Is held for th action of the grand jury in Connection Connection with the killing of hi on, has been In the employ of the olty tn Its plumbing department a laborer for the past fifteen year. John Kllllan Is also held for the action of the grand Jury. George Bates was em ployed as a drayman and for years I WL lUVllllt III IIIW VI 1 J 3 0 OOXN'HXmON WITH THREAT. ATLANTA. Ga., Oct. tl. Fulton county police after an Investigation of the source of shots heard early today near the country home of former former Governor John M. Slaton, said there wa no reason to believe the disturbance had any oonnctlon With alleged threats against Slaton shortly after he commuted the sentence of Io M. Frank. The shot were fired, the police believe, by a bolsterou u-tomoblle u-tomoblle u-tomoblle party, or 'poseum hunters. Former Governor Slaton returned to Atlanta three weeks ago, following following an absence of several month. MOItOAX STTLL BI7TTE31. NEW YORK, Oct. SI. J. P. Morgan's Morgan's condition waa considered so satisfactory satisfactory today that no bulletin were Issued by the attending physicians. Members of his family said that the financier's rally from the operation for appendicitis performed last Friday Friday was very encouraging.

Clipped from Asheville Citizen-Times01 Nov 1915, MonPage 12

Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina)01 Nov 1915, MonPage 12
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