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1949 movie listings - DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. FRIDAY, JANUARY 7, 1940...
DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. FRIDAY, JANUARY 7, 1940 "Pathe- Octo- pro-; it to is a of television-on-film a ill injury. as at in in ' filT xxxSxXX J v.urtAv HE'D LIKE TO' USE FORCEPS Bob Hope seems to wish to apply the instrument to lady's tongue here in "The Paleface," now running at the Regent. Paramount s Amusing Film Owes Much to Stewart, By GEORGE L. DAVID "VOU Gotta Stay Happy," which the Paramount took on yes-terday, yes-terday, yes-terday, is a pretty steadily amusing film. It is humorous enough in nature not to need the added bid for favor offered in suggestive touches. However, the opportunity to introduce them was so inviting that the pic- pic- ture's makers could not forego' smudging a bit. This Rampart comedy owes its effectiveness to the situation, bor - rowed from a Robert Carson serial story, to the expert treatment of scenes by Scripter-Producer Scripter-Producer Scripter-Producer Karl Tunberg and Director H. C. Potter and to the acting of an admirable cast headed by James Stewart, Joan Fontaine and Eddie Albert. Miss Fontaine, who usually appears appears in dramas, reminds us here that she has decided talent as e comedienne. She displays again, as she did in "The Affairs of Susan," a keen comedy sense, and she turns in a clever comedy sketch, done smoothly and with tiptop shading and accent. Her Dee Dee Dillwood, uncertain and blundering. blundering. esDeciallv in romance till she meets Marvin Payne is a capital! comedy figure. Of course, the comedy abilities of Stewart and Albert are more easily recalled, having been shown much more recently. The dry and drawl ing Stewart ticks off the humorous points without fail all along the line, and he is an excellent foil for Miss Fontaine. Albert is somewhat of the glib type, and his reading and pantomime are a match for those of his costars. Wiilaro Parker turns in an admirable ketch of a stuffy fellow, Percy TCilhrirlo adds variety with his brand of comedy a a farmer again Porter Hall is right as a nervous embezzler overcome by his conscience conscience when a baby is placed in his arms, and Marcy McGuire, Edith Evanson and others contribute contribute well. Dee Dee (Miss Fontaine), the world's wealthiest orphan, is unable unable to make decisions and stick to them, especially in romance. Correct, Correct, eminently proper Henry Ben son (Parker) probably would be nice as a husband, she thinks, so she marries him. Then, when they Kathryn Grayson Set For Rome Debut Hollywood Kathryn Grayson, who has a God-given God-given God-given singing voice, will be eiven the opportunity of a lifetime next Spring, when she will sing the "Madame Butterfly" title role in Rome with the ban Marios Opera Company. She and Johnny Johnston win first do a two-week two-week two-week joint appearance appearance on Apr. 11 at the London Palladium, and then will take a quick tour of Scotland, France and Switzerland, before they go to Rome for her operatic debut . Yiddish King Lear' Set for Sunday The Yiddish moving picture "King Lear," done by Jacob Gordon Gordon and having English "titles," and Arturo Toscanini and Jan Peerce in "Hymn to the United Nations," will be featured in the third monthly "Film Forum" at the JYM&WA, at University Ave. and Andrews St. on Sunday, begin ning at 8 p. m. DEANNA DURBIN the of MAW S 'th EDDIE ALBERT ,: . 'yS. ROLAND YOUNG V RICHARD DtKN'.KS-e DtKN'.KS-e DtKN'.KS-e IRUDT UaRSHaU. i i l&k $ iA.:- iA.:- rfrrZunii i-iWititiibi i-iWititiibi i-iWititiibi i innimmr rrm iiimiiiiik iii Fontaine reach their honeymoon hotel, she knows that she has made a bad mistake. So she runs out on him, and takes refuge for the moment in the room of Marvin Payne (Stewart), head of the two-plane two-plane two-plane air cargo line, with Bullets Baker (Albert) as partner and copilot. Her entrance arouses Marvin from sleep. She gives him a fake name and simply tells him that she is fleeing from trouble and needs to hide for a time. She doesn't reveal reveal the nature of the trouble, nor does he insist on knowing. He advises advises her to go home; when she declines to do so, he gives her his bedroom and tries to find rest on a couch. Discovery of her presence by the hotel manager and by Bullets, find ing that she has taken an overdose of sleeping tablets, circumstances that oblige the reluctant Marvin to take her with three other persons, besides Bullets, on the plane to California, Dee Dee's sly winning of his love in spite of himself and his suspicion that she is an em bezzler, and some rather jolting developments, developments, make for a hectic experience experience for the quiet, conventional Marvin. , ( In The Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. Lyell-Mt. Read Shopping Center ( 1 tj rrNrsT or foods beverages h at i) DANCE TO "AL" KEELER & ORCH. ( j "BUNK'S" RONDVOUS I FRANCIS BALLARD 17 offer a series of courses in "THEATRE" Theory and Pracfice Private Lessons Classes Beginners Advanced Students Apply Box XX OFTHE Wtfr- Wtfr- VICTOR MATURE .GOTO niuimivu LiuniL 7 cyn'ifiTi till" ?r; ,o As The 4- 4- pa 1 1 mm i mbhj f ROBERT MITCHUM -BARBARA -BARBARA BEL KODESTCf jffri'f jfcl ' ROBERT PRESTON fl lYjMfi . . r PARAMOUNT coming soon Offerings on Local Screens Today Starting times or main features as announce'! announce'! by theaters: Palace 12:50, -3:50, -3:50, 6:50, 9:50. Paramount 12:45. 3:50. 6:50. 10:00. Iw's 11:30. 2:05. 4:40. 7:15. 3:50. Regent 11:55, 2:05, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 30:00. Capitol 12:19, 3:35, 6:53, 10:00. Strand 12:00. 3.40. Little 1:40. 3:40, 5:35. 7:35, 9:33. tmbassy 1:55. 5:45, 9:35. Palace Victor Mature. Richard Crw:te and Shi-llv Shi-llv Shi-llv Winters in "Crv of tne City" and Gene Raymond and Stephanie PauU in "MilUon-lJoliar "MilUon-lJoliar "MilUon-lJoliar WeeKena.- WeeKena.- Ivw'a Mickev Roonev. Judv Garland June Allyson and Tom UraKe in "Words and Music. Paramount James Stewart, Joan ron- ron- taine and Eddie Albert in "You Gotta Loew's Extends Musical Run That good judgment was shown in holding "Words and Music," the latest of MGM's big-scale big-scale big-scale musicals, for a second week at Loew's. has been apparent in the continued lively interest in the film, says Managing-Director Managing-Director Managing-Director Lester Pollack. The story turns about the noted nmTim:iKr a - lvric -K-ritintr -K-ritintr -K-ritintr -K-ritintr toom " X C , 'j V t Hart, which scored numerous stage and screen hits before Hart, a small, gifted but gloomy fellow died young. Later Hart paired with his present partner, Oscar Hemmerstein II. Mickey Rooney plays Hart, Tom Drake ects Rodgers and Judy Garland, Garland, June Allyson, Gene Kelly, Perry Como, Ann Sothern and others do roles or appear as themselves themselves in many song and dance numbers. Players Set to Open John Loves Mary The first Rochester performance of the comedy, "John Loves Mary." by Norman Krasna, will be given tomorrow night at the Community Playhouse. The play will run through Satur-j Satur-j Satur-j flsiv .Tan yt (JTfPntintr MnnilavB ! j , , t' r- r- ---..t7 ---..t7 ---..t7 ---..t7 .v. Afternoon and evening performances performances will be given on Sunday, Jan. 16. A mixup in the sweethearts of two overseas GI's furnishes the main line or tne story, which is said to provide a succession of laughs. The play ran for 423 performances performances in New York and a season season in Chicago. Director Stevens emphasizes that the best seats are available for the early performances, beginning on Sunday night. BOB SINGS "BUTTONS AND BOWS' HILLBILLY HIT OF THE YEAR1 .C" 'alefacef OWE Jtne - 45, This Paper &f Gene RAYMOND i i. PAULL-LEDtRIR PAULL-LEDtRIR PAULL-LEDtRIR TFT w SCpOJV' Year's Dramatic Triumph! r sd j USSR ft: I HI ! rmnwmmw 1? Lb p. I . i S If Stay Happy" and Richard Denning and Trudy Marshall in "Disaster." Kesent Bob Hope and Jane RiisseJ in The Paleface." Capitol Edmond O'Brien end Robert Stack in "Fighter Squadron and Dearna Durbin and Edmond O'Brien ia "i'or the Love of Mary." Temple Robert Mitchuzn ana Barbara Bel Geddea in "Biood on the Moon" and Jackie Cooper and Jackie Coogan in 'French Leave." Little Stewart Granger. Phyllis Calvert and Yehudi Menuhin in "The Ma5:-c Ma5:-c Ma5:-c Bow." Embassy Humphrey Eogart ar.d Bruce Mennett in "Sahara" and Edward G. Robinson and G'.enn Ford in "Destroyer." Riviera and "Stat" John Lucd and Wanda Wanda Hendrix in "Miss Tatlock's Millions" and Brenda Joyce aod Robert Shayue in "Shapgy." Oixie Ray Milland and Ann Todd in "So Evil My Love" and Joe E. Brown and Noreen Nash in "Tender Years." Cameo Bette Davis and Robert Mont gomery in "June Bride and Lon Cnaney and Arthur Lake in "Sixteen Fathoms Rialto fEast Rochester John Lund and lions" and William Boyd and Andy Clyde in uangerous venture. - Strand Teresa Wright and P.obert Mitchum In "Pursued" and Joiin Carroll and Vera Ralston in "The Flame." Clinton John Garfield and LOii Palmer in "Body and Soul" and Tim Hoit sea' Richard Martin in "Western Heritage." Temple (Fairport John Hail and. Maria Montez in "Ali Baba and the 40 inieves ana eison tacy aos aosaiina ; rosier m rnar.iom ox in" yjt?: . .Madison and Monroe vv liiiam Holden and. Jeanne Crain in "Apartment for ! Peggy" and Roddy McDowaii and Edgari BaTier in "Rocky. Liberty and Webster John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in "Red River" and William Tracy and Beverly Lloyd in "Here Comes Troub':e." Lake Edward G. Rob'nson and Gail Russe'i in "Night a Thousand Eyes" and Virginia Mayo and Bruce Bennett jn "Smart Girls Don't Talk." Orand Robert Walker and Ava Gardner Scftr and Ann Jeffreys in "Trail Str-et." Str-et." Str-et." ,k Murray Jfhn Wayne and Susan Hay-! Hay-! Hay-! ward in "Fighting Seabee" and Johni-Carroll Johni-Carroll Johni-Carroll ard Anna Lee in "Flying Tgers." IlPSO.N-Lr-I.L IlPSO.N-Lr-I.L IlPSO.N-Lr-I.L IlPSO.N-Lr-I.L IlPSO.N-Lr-I.L Jamea Stewart and John Dall in "'Rope'' and Joe E. Brown m "Tender Y'ears." - West find and Arnett Jane Wyman and Lew Avres in "Johnny Belinda" and Jimmy Dorsey and June Preisser in "Music Man. " TROYER-ROBINSuHl TROYER-ROBINSuHl TROYER-ROBINSuHl THE PADDOCK Presents Johnny Albert's Every Friday & Saturday FISH FRY FRIDAY 60c We Cofer to Portex and Banquets 2264 CLIFFORD AVE. 2 JOM WHD -VfASDA -VfASDA KNDRX mWflTZGlRAW MOHTrWOUSY; SHI Brenda JOYCE Robert SHAYNE "SHAGGY" SMASH HITS! TODAY & SAT. Color by TECHNICOLOR ' Hoddy McDOWALX Edgar BAHHIEH "ROCKY" NOW John WAYNE Montqomery CLIFT "RED RIVER" William THACEY Beverly LLOYD "HERE COMES TROUBLE" NOW Kay MILLAND Ann TODD "SO EVIL MY LOVE" Joe E. BROWN Noreen NASH "TENDER YEARS" NOW Bette DAVIS Robert MONTGOMERY "JUNE BRIDE" Lon CHANEY Arthur LAKE "SIXTEEN FATHOMS DEEP" . 1 GRANGER CALVERT AM : ' J. ARTHUR RANK presents " --fMi --fMi --fMi r ' - , , , ,- ,- - irrml . THE STOYOf THf SllIIANTCOMPOSEr "J j '"''! '' "" -iKTiooycTioN -iKTiooycTioN vau7os--oici vau7os--oici vau7os--oici vau7os--oici vr Jkw f 1 I 1 Villi J VXJN OXirTO O ' y"' Af 1 I I B II II In i ii a j -ysMASH -ysMASH i V rjVVUAr HITS! I . iifHirili now Jane WYMAN Lew AYEES "JOHNNY BELINDA" Jimmy DORSEY Phil BRJTO "MUSIC MAN" iTTrTTTTlTi NOW Edw. G. ROBINSON GaU RUSSELL "Night Has a Thousand Eyes" Virginia MAYO Bruce BENNETT "SMART GIRLS DON'T TALK" m Wanda HENDRIX John LUND "MISS TATLOCK'S MILLIONS" William BOYD Andy CLYDE "DANGEROUS VENTURE" 0 NOW uwaa. - John HALL Maria MONTEZ "AH Baba and the 40 Thieves" Nelson EDDY Susanna FOSTER "PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" LAST DAY Ara GARDNER Robert WALKER "ONE TOUCH OF VENUS" Randolph SCOTT Ann JEFFREYS "TRAIL STREET" 1 TOP FOOD TOP FUN FLOOR SHOW & ORCH. Dancing Every Nite But Sunday Book Your Bamqmrtss with Ut Mike Conroy's GLen. 566 1225 Xidge Rd. W. Held Over 2nd Week JUNE a i te t ALLljUrf PERRY C0M0 TOM DRAKE) CYD CHAKISSEl BETTY GARRETT! JUUT CARLAnU I FNA KuRNE i f;CJt IrfY WtUC rCLL I JANET IEIGH! Marshall THOMPSON UlflrV cnfMlrV lUlUVCI KuUittl rnwimmi ANN SOTnEKN Mel TORMf VERA- VERA- El. I EH M- M- J THE NEW BEAUTIFUL .rrrt: Continuous Daily from 2 f. M. NOW SHOWING The Private Loves of Public Idol Rosalind Russell T eVfLVSr 7VUCH W A FKDCtJCK itlS&ON PIODUCTtOM Leo Cenn Claire Trrror Sydney Grmutrrrt CO-COMEDY CO-COMEDY CO-COMEDY HIT Frankie Carle Edgar Kennedy A Merry Musical Hour 'IE "1 VARIETY TIME 'I' Free Parking For 600 Cars THIS WEEK END J1' JACK NUIJIJ Orchestra and Show with BETTY HEHKEL JIMMY YAM. JERRY VOGT ED MEETH Continuous music and entertainment R I; 2 j 9 to 12:30 3 I Admission j 75c Cents Per Person j Free Bus leares loop at Ik PpCk Gen. Valley Park at ( iYsw 1 ArraBgement ii I s fiesta Boom on II ! . -AT -AT 4 fday Night XJt ill J MAi. 4150

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle07 Jan 1949, Fri[First Edition]Page 14

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)07 Jan 1949, Fri[First Edition]Page 14
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