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1947 movie listings - FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14. 1947 tK New York When docs...
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14. 1947 tK New York When docs a composer composer become a precision engineer? engineer? According to an article 1n the (STARTS I LJ SAT.L3 I Synchronizing Score Engineering Job KAY MILLAND itvr uwiiv I "THE 7 I aCT February issue of Science Illus- Illus- ""I trated, it's when he begins to IWEEKEND pjiiviivjiiiai uta nj tiiiiuiir Willi 1 Hollywood film. Wri'ing the music is only the beginning beginning of the job. It must be fitted with split-second split-second split-second timing. Twj prosaic itemsa stop-watch stop-watch stop-watch and a tape measure are the chief tools for this operation. But the biggest headache comes in revision, say the musicians. A few inches of film trimmed can mean the replaying an entirj scene by the orchestra. LAST OAT WILTDSCTS TKJHMCatM RUM 1M0 1 K9M jr,f a Evelyn Keyes Keenan Wynn "THE THRILL OF BRAZIL" Francis Lederer Ann Rutherford "THE NODONNA'S SECRET" HE'S VERY SKEPTICAL, INDEED Sonny Tufts chap suspects that Betty Hutton girl-fiancee girl-fiancee girl-fiancee is telling another whopper in "Cross My Heart," at Regent, hoetds 'Chase Exciting Feature; Cummings, Miss Morgan Liked By GEORGE L DAVID OAh ran into lusty action ami violence in notli pictures Return of Monte Crist o," tlie former set in the present, and the. latter in 1 lie old cloak and dagger limes, and seeming so. Louis Hayward again plays the TOWN TAXll Safety Senrice Low Rates II Service II ' I Aw Rta II nnir oooo nephew of the original Count of Monte Cristo, and is dashing and daring enough in the extravagant adventures, and Barbara Britton plays the lady worth fighting for. "The Chase is admirable melo drama, working up a deal of taut- taut- nss and excitement. Robert Cum mings and Michele Morgan are co- co- starred, and Peter Lorre, Steve Cochran, Lloyd Corrigan, Jack Holt- Holt- and Nina Koschetz figure importantly. The acting is all that's needed good, workmanlike playing in the leads and Lorre tossing in some sardonic humor with .his sinister vein. Cochran is a finished heavy, and Corrigan registers as a man trying to cover rising fear with geniality. Mme. Koschetz etches in an arresting character sketch. Philip Yordan provided a trim, tight creen script, based on Cornell Cornell Woolrich's "The Black Path of Fear," and Arthur Riplev emptied it of all of its values with expert direction. Seymour Neben-zal Neben-zal Neben-zal saw to all of the production needs with good judgment. The film is skillfully lighted and photo-gra photo-gra photo-gra phed. . The story's development, presents presents the "hero," Chuck ' Scott (Cummings), in two states of mind. In one he is in the midst OfferingsToday At Theaters O wnlnr timr for main fralurr: hllliniirn -K:15. -K:15. cnnniunll v - S lid l-Hlarp l-Hlarp l-Hlarp 10:15, 1:11, 4 :C1R, 7:OS. 10:02. l.orw- l.orw- 11:02, 2:17, 5:32. 8:47. Ontury 11:15, 1:25, 3:35. 5:45 10:00. . Heernt 11:46, 1MB, 3:50, 5:52. 10:00. aploil2:37, 3:43, 6:49. 9:55. Strand 12:3H, 4:01. Little 1:15, 3:20, 5:23. 7:30, 9:40. 8:00, 8:00, Chamber I Kllbnurn Eastman School Mimic Festival. Open to public. ominiinlly Community I'layeri In UtKe It. Here," comedy. 1'aiaoe Tyrone Power, C.en Anne Baxter and Clifton Webb Kazor'a KdK." loew' Larry Parks, Evely William Demareat In "The Jolson Capitol James Stewart and JDonna Reed in "It's a Wonderful Ife" and Syrtney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre In "The Verdict." Verdict." Ontury Betty Hutton. Sonny Titfta and Michael Chekhov In "Cross My Heart." IteKent Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and Martha, Vlckers In "The Time, the Place and the Girl." Temple George ' O'Brien nd Heather Angel In "Daniel Boone" and George O'Brien and Constance Worth In "The Windjammer." Little Disney's) "Fantasia." featurt- featurt- Ien"th cartoon. ) late'sum-mer. J. of nf ' K,v"'r " ie BeTte uavis and oipB111 Hnr0j(, peceptlon" and Kilrtie ac-'Hcnn ac-'Hcnn nH Mary Kenyon In "Colorado 'ft;': j'ohn r,rnpld . r,rBl,,,n, Klu. ' fti-rnM fti-rnM fti-rnM In "Nobody Lives Forever" and James Warren and Nan Leslie In "Sunset pH." m-Keenan m-Keenan m-Keenan Wynn and Evelvn Keyes "Jlr ;IrB,r"i!r "i1." 'Br'en nd Temple (FairporO June Haver and of up in his Mur- the and to was girl a as picture, of potential danger to himself, and in the other in desperate flight amid actual perils. The "heroine," Lorna Roman (Miss Morgan) is shown sharing most of his experiences experiences in both states. Chuck is a penniless, dejected ex-GI ex-GI ex-GI in Miami. He finds a wallet in the street and returns it to its owner, sleek, sharp-looking sharp-looking sharp-looking Eddie Roman (Cochran) at his swank residence. He doesn't know that Roman is a ruthless racketeer, and accepts a job as his chauffeur and staying at the place. Gino (Lorre) is there as Roman's bodyguard. bodyguard. Chuck soon meets Lorna, Roman's brow-beaten brow-beaten brow-beaten and fearful wife. Lorna is fearful and asks Chuck to help her to escape to go with her to Havana. They fall in love. Then one sees them stealthily sailing sailing to the Cuban capital. Roman learns of their departure. In Havana they are strangely treated by a cabbie and in a saloon. At the bar Lorna is suddenly killed by a dagger from some mysterious source. Chuck is taken into custody custody by the police and charged with the slaying. He escapes and an exciting hunt for him follows. follows. Then his other state of mind takes over, and one sees unexpected unexpected developments. TONIGHT and ALL WEEK Tonight and Tomorrow Might Members Coupon! Only. U LIKE IT HERE" GENERAL ADMISSION Sun. Mat. and Niqhl Also Tues. and Wed. Nights RESERVATIONS MONROE 1028 Ali SEATS $1 PLUS TAX ssa s BsH HB sjs 1 h iii m wKr v .mmw 11 i P. VottiMW i s m. m sVsV v SHIRLEY BETZ J"oj I'm Tap Dancer HOLLEY LA VELL I'our Lady af Song , -..'i -..'i ; PAUL ROBINSOII. "Muter M. C.'$m DETTY LA nuE Character Dancer GUY LONG'S ORCHESTRA far Daacing 2 SHOWS EVERY NIGHT GRAND PLYMOUTH AVE. AT MAIN ST. Ara Gardner Burt Lancaster "THE KILLERS" Elyn Ankara - Craiq Reynolds "QUEEN OF BURLESQUE" VIfBaBVs SV AUf sU sT I Doors Opaa 6:30 Show Starts 7 P. M. mi Tierney, DA tbb In "The " n Keyes .d d' )lson Story." f COLOK DAVIS Paul HENREIJ DECEPTION" DEAN Mary KENYON COLORADO SERENADE" Cnfm (I If ' ) vi? tomorrow I flyl r 1 If (V) AT 9:30 A. M. I-J-kH) I-J-kH) I-J-kH) I-J-kH) I-J-kH) I r )VrX Sr out penKoxtmtxx only f-OPw f-OPw f-OPw f f(r f w i , -I -I --Xl --Xl --Xl SZS Vaur Favarits Csrtsan Your Favorite Cartoons LITTLE LULU BUGS BUNNY POPEYE TOM AND JERRY LIL ABNER MERRIE MELODIES TERRYTOONS SPEAKING OF ANIMALS PUPPETOONS AND OTHERS X Phil 'Ti 11 Uip Dora Katharin McLerri vo Always Loved You ROGERS Dal. EVANS MY PAL TRIGGER" r DOORS OPEN PALACE SAT. AT 10 A.M. I BidS LucllU f "TV( Skslton Manlyn Maxwell THE SHOW OFF BALL John HOD AK TVO SMART PEOPIE" 3 TTTa" ?io! I m Gartjld. FHzqara f "NOtODY lamas WARREN "SUNSET John Pnyne In "Wake Up and Dream and William Boyd and Elaine Ktley In Devil's Playground." si rand Joan Davis and Jack Haley in "Devil's Playground" and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans th "Son of Arizona." Webstrr Paul Muni and Anne Baxter in "AnKel on My Shoulder" and Keenan Wynn and Evelyn Keyes In '-Thrill '-Thrill '-Thrill of Braill." West End Olivia de Havilland and Lew Ayres In 'Dark Mirror" and Jean Porter and William Mason In "Betty Co-ed." Co-ed." Co-ed." Madison and Monroe Philip Dorn and Catherine McLeod In "I've Always Loved You" and Rny Rogers and Dale Evans In "My Pal Trigger." l-lbertv l-lbertv l-lbertv Red Shelton and Marilyn Max well in "The Show-Off" Show-Off" Show-Off" and Lucille Ball and John Hodiak in "Two Smart People. Lake Pat O'Brien and Claire Tfevor In "Crack-Un" "Crack-Un" "Crack-Un" and Frank Morgan and Ke"nan Wvnn In "Cockeyed Miracle." Rlalto (East Rochester! Alan Ladd and Brian Dnnlovy In "Two Years Before the Mast" and Jean Porter and William Mason In "Betty Co-ed." Co-ed." Co-ed." Arnett Frank Morgan and Keenan Wynn in "Cockeyed Miracle" and Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney in "Return of Frank James." irand F.elmnnd O'Brien and Ava Cardner In "The Killers" and Evelyn Ankers and Craig Reynolds In "Queen of Burlesque." Id John Garfield LIVES FOREVER" Nan LESLIE PASS" HlbfjssBlsHrillssssailsH Keenan WYNN Evelyn KEYES "THRILL OF BRAZIL" Pat O'BRIEN Claire TREVOR "CRACK UP" Sorority, Fraternity Slate Valentine Formal Dance Phi Delta Sorority and Alpha Pi Fraternity will hold their annual Valentine Formal Dance tonight at the Powers Hotel. There will be dancing from 9 p. m. to 1 a. m. Nancv Root and Albert De Buona are co-chairmen, co-chairmen, co-chairmen, assisted byj Mary McLaughlin and Jack White. Tickets are in charge of Joan Chaplin and Thomas Deycarger. . ALUMNAE DINNER DANCE The Alumnae Association of St Mary's School of Business will hold a dinner dance at 6:30 p. m. Monday at the Starlight Roof of the Sheraton Hotel. Miss Mary i Lou Duffy is chairman. Olivia DeHaviland Lew Ayres "DARK MIRROR" Jean PORTER William MASON "BETTY CO-ED CO-ED CO-ED Pal O'BRIEN Claire TREVOR "CRACK UP" Frank MORGAN Keenan WYNN 'COCKEYED MIRACLE Alan LADD Brian DONLEVY Two Yoart Beforo tho Mast Jean PORTER William MASON BETTY CO-ED" CO-ED" CO-ED" f l 9 It vV f . MP. 9 mi ssW f II I M ill If ) hne! 1 7E f II w mi n n n 7 Ma LI m?i- m?i- mm Am dim mi' lAifitt PILGRIM LADY-iWllN LADY-iWllN LADY-iWllN mVcim TYRONE POWER GENE TIERNEY JOHN PAYNE e BAXTER Clifton WEBB Herbert MARSHALL W.SOMtftSCT MAUCHAM S TlieRazor's Edge 2zhm. DOORS OPEN TEMPLE AT 10:45 illA.M. NOW SwtoM,? 7WrM0W June HAVER John PAYNE "WAKE UP AND DREAM" William BOYD Elaine RILEY 'DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND" ROCHtSTEF) THEATRES ft MATINEE ONLY FRI.FER2I2PM.1EH ' -T- -T- -T- vll ' rets must w M,, M' v.""" Robrt Uwary Billy Hal pi ? -

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle14 Feb 1947, FriPage 14

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)14 Feb 1947, FriPage 14
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