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slacks 1939 - OYOUT : (By BERNICE CHIP MAN A LETTER from a...
OYOUT : (By BERNICE CHIP MAN A LETTER from a friend reads plaintively, "It's been a wonderful wonderful trip, mountains, sea and winding rivers—just one fly in the ointment where every prospect pleases—; millions of dollars are spent yearly by women in these United States for Beauty Culture (whatever that may mean). The Lord knows I don't grudge them this expenditure, but I would like consistency, I would like to see results; so tell a mere man if you can, 'Why, oh why, do women wear slacks? 1 And then he enclosed enclosed the following:: Slacks, slacks, how can they wear them? Slacks, slacks, how can they bear them?, Women in slacks, In front of the scenery, No chance to relax amid summer greenery, For looking at slacks Too tight in the backs; For seeing the women Of vigor and.vim—in their slacks. Yet women in sooth are seekers of r beauty; Millions of dollars for the permanent permanent wave; For lotions and curlers to make it behave; Millions for hair-dyes, tonics and tints; Millions again for natural glints; This business of hair, Is a business for fair; The art of hair-dressing Costs sums quite distressing For women and girls Who brush -up their curls, Who take Infinite care Of that glory, their hair And then—they put on slacks— Millions for powder to match tho complexion, Millions for rouge, defying detection. detection. their For lipsticks in hundred that smear, and adhere, Proof against liq.uor, and kiasing, my-dear; Pencils for eyebrows, shadows for eyes ( Allure Is expensive, but well worth the price. They do up their facts In all sorts of places. In spots most poetic, Their .thoughts turn cosmetic, And matrons and maids In mountains and glades From the East to the West, All do Beauty's behest; And then—they pu: on their slacks. Slacks, slacks, how can they wear them? Slacks, slacks, how can they dare them? "Women in slacks, \vhere-ere they are traveling, Alas, and alack, it's a matter for cavilling, All wrong, front and backs, The ill-fitting slacks, Of hundreds of women. • The gay, and the prim—in their 'slacks— They are buyers of Beauty, and shoppers for Charm: Ugliness fills them with deadly alarm, They powder and paint, and work early and late That their facial ensembles shall be up-to-date.. -They look in the mirror, but one strongly suspects. The mirrors reflect them but down to their necks— They can't see below. They surely can't know How thoir queer bifurcations, Arouse consternations: They can't see in the mirror, What's clearer and rearer, That faces "de riguer" Can't offset the figger Of women who put on their slacks

Clipped from The Bakersfield Californian18 Sep 1939, MonPage 11

The Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, California)18 Sep 1939, MonPage 11
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